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We Challenge Dr Karl’s “War on Misinformation”


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by Dee McLachlan

We have all been fooled. Fooled so completely, in such grandiose and mundane ways, for so very many years, that we simply can no longer tell our fringe falsehoods from our mainstream truths.” That’s from an article about Dr Karl Kruszelnick.

BRAVO. Congratulations, Dr Karl! You’ve hit the nail on the head. The public has indeed been fooled.

Today Dr Karl will deliver a “secular sermon on misinformation.”

I learned this from  yesterday’s Age,  — in an article by Konrad Marshall. Marshall writes:

“It is a history of willingness to accept misinformation…

Dr Karl, our unofficial Mythbuster​ Laureate, has written 38 books trying to counter the crazy stuff we choose to believe. Now he is ‘getting philosophical’ and asking why we are so easily fooled…”

Dr Karl’s central thesis is that we have to high quality information, but we look right past it. The article goes on:

“We believe the first link in every Google search – despite knowing its engine caters to our taste. We absorb a counterfeit reality through clickbait​.”

You’re dead right. If you type into Google “today’s news” – these will be the first links you will come across (in Australia):

People do just believe the first links they come across – and adsorb the scripted propaganda news as the truth.

So Dr Karl, I applaud you on your war against misinformation. I suggest you start searching for more truthful reporting here on WhatReallyHappened, or here on Informationclearinghouse, and here on Gumshoe in Melbourne.

You have taken the first steps across the precarious bridge to the other side – but keep going. Please don’t turn back.


The mainstream media is awash with lies and falsehoods about all sorts of things. So let us discuss your “war on information.”

But I’m not sure where to begin. Every day there are pages and pages of bull**** in the mainstream papers. Even our beloved ABC has us fooled.

I asked you before, Dr Karl, in a Gumshoe article, “Dr Karl, Please Explain Building 7,” but you didn’t give a real answer. You replied with this tweet (which kind of shocked me): “Already explained in Y1 Engineering” (28/12/2014).

Sir, there are over 2,000 engineers, architects and scientists who completed Y1 who don’t agree with you – but would love to hear your expert explanation.

But let us cover a few more potential “falsehoods” propagated by the mainstream. So Dr Karl – PLEASE EXPLAIN:

1 – Dr Karl, do you think an untrained shooter who is mentally challenged (allegedly with an IQ of 66) can shoot can shoot dead 12 people  – with 17 rounds in 15 seconds?

2 – There are 270 tube stations in London, and 365 days a year. There have been 14 terrorist attacks on British soil since 2000 (mostly IRA). As Peter Power reported on the radio: There was a bomb terrorist drill going on at several tube stations — and then actual bombs went off at these exact stations. This is known as the 7/7 London bombings. Dr Karl – what are the odds of this happening — that the drill exactly matches the real thing?


3 – A mushroom cloud was created during the collapse of both towers in New York on 11/9/2001. Huge chunks of the building/s were thrust horizontally for hundreds of feet. When one watches other buildings collapse, this does not happen. Can you explain where the energy to project parts of the building – some ten to hundred tons in weight – comes from?

tower 911

Do you think the above building is collapsing or is doing something else?

4 – Satam al-Suqami was allegedly one of the hijackers on 9/11. The plane he was in smashed into the tower and created a massive fireball. His passport was found on the streets below and handed to an FBI agent. Dr Karl could you explain why it was hardly damaged?

I want to thank you again for saying “We’ve been conned.” And the “School of Life” was just the right place to give that lecture.

I, as a taxpayer, ask that you in your role as ABC’s “Explainer”, PLEASE EXPLAIN the above.


— As founder of Gumshoe, I have not previously identified my specific articles. But as Gumshoe has now many contributors, each article will identify its author.  




  1. Dee, the last two articles — yours on Dr Karl and Barra’s on Climate Change. They have so many layers of sarcasm that it is hard to know Who Flung Dung.

    I do realize that is the whole point.
    Wow, To think Karl could send you such a dismissive tweet and accept a public paycheck, AND call himself a scientist.

    I’m drowning, I’m drowning.

  2. I’m amazed how terrorists are real sticklers when it comes to paperwork. They have no problems with killing and maiming innocents, but the won’t travel anywhere whithout that passport. No river or field crossings late at night for these guys. They do it by the book and cross smiling with passports in hand. You would think the passport would be left behind in some locker instead of in his back pocket, just in case he got caught. Is it just me, but I would think a passport would be the last thing on a terrorists mind before he does the dirty deed. You can say what you want about terrorists , but they always have their paperwork in order.

  3. Hilarious article, so Dr. Karl is becoming philosophical. He is at an age now to be confused with misinformation.
    On that aspect our Piers Akerman in today’s Sunday Tele is a hoot. Page 34.
    Headline ‘blood on the hands of Islam’s apologists’.
    ‘The terrorist attacks on the US wtc and the Pentagon of September 2001 forced many westerners to think about Islam for the first time in their lives’
    ‘………….. the atrocities were just the latest in a series of attacks against those who disagreed with their interpretation of Islam’.
    Poor Mr Piers; misinformationalist supremist
    The poor fellow needs to do some research.
    If anyone has blood on their hands then it is most certainly the globalist lying corporate mass media with its 911 official unscientific conspiracy theory.
    Mr Akerman, fails to mention ever, the pre 911 plans to take down 7 countries in 5 years as exposed by General Wesley Clark to Amy Goodman.
    Now Mr Akerman: Blood on whose hands? Must we presume that the 2 mill or so dead and maimed in the Middle East did not have blood? Perhaps those people only have oil in their veins, so far as News Corp and its staff are concerned.
    Dr Karl, now there is some misinformation for you to philosophise upon.
    What are you going to do about Akerman’s and the Murdock misinformation?

  4. If Dr Karl ever wakes up he’ll be so confused his head will explode!
    Probably grinning from ear to ear today over the Big Lie that is Climate Change, disguised by the UN as a must be truth, conning all the World leaders into signing up to it!
    Australia voted against this Labour and Greens rubbish, only to have Abbott flicked for the Leader who always advocated a form of tax re the issue, and thus announced this morning by the UN and Wests puppet – Julie Bishop!!

    • Agreed Davo, the last word i ever needed to hear from this celeb type was that GMO are perfectly fine and Fluoride in the water supply was also perfectly safe and haven’t listened to another word since! But this was probably about 4-5 months ago and i actually don’t know if he has come to his senses since then but it had me cursing at the car radio at the time!

      • Rick, we have got to put our thinking caps on and come up with something other than cursing at the car radio.
        I did not know about the 2 things you mentioned, GMO and Fluoride. Incredible.

  5. I would be questioning Dr Karl on……..
    The science of Money
    The science of “fossil” petroleum

    Does he have a regular radio guest spot?

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