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Three Cars and a Will – or – Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way


glove box 2

By Dee McLachlan

You gotta love a good script.

And it seems the same old plot devices are being reused all the time. Someone goes to the glove box, or boot of the car, and whad’ya know – the terrorist has carelessly left his passport behind!

Then, as often as not, the culprit abandons his own working car and hijacks a better looking one – which usually runs out of petrol. And where are those CCTV cameras when you need them? Well, they happened to be out of order that day.

In some movies – sorry, incidents – the “discoveries” are even more elaborate and imaginative, so that the media can identify the culprit before you can practically draw breath!

So as it’s movie awards time — with the Golden Globes and the Oscars coming up — we will focus on nominees for the “Best Set Dressing” of an Abandoned Vehicle.

The first nominee considered for the prize is

Martin Bryant’s Volvo.

bryant volvo

This Volvo was left at the tollgate on the 28th of April  1996, and it is alleged that Martin Bryant’s passport was retrieved from the glove box.

Talk about a minefield of information and misinformation! In the same case, it was a miraculous phone call at 6.30 p.m. to Hobart headquarters from a member of the public that suggested that a bloke named Martin Bryant could be the man holed up in Seascape – as he had an jealous obsession about David and Sally Martin. Along with his passport a combat shotgun, and ammo for the Belgian FN were also retrieved.

Details of the vehicle’s registration came through later – around 8.30 p.m, after Carleen Bryant had been brought into the police station. But coroner Ian Matterson and his team apparently only arrived at the Volvo scene after 9.00 that evening.

So, who found the passport?  We have never been told.

The next nominee for best “dressed” car is:

The Kouachi brothers’ Citroën

citroen (1)

Two masked assassins entered the Charlie Hebdo office on January 7, 2015 and murdered 12 people. The two brothers escaped – but crashed their Citroën C3. Their seamless escape left the trail cold — until the police found that one of the men, Said Kouachi to be exact, had stupidly left his ID card in the Citroen! This finding meant that Paris Police could track the entire Charlie Hebdo tragedy to two guys of Algerian descent.  Allahu akbar already!

As a CNN affiliate BFMTV reported, “It was their only mistake.

Wrong. They made a monumental gaffe, going to (rob) a convenience store the next day, not wearing their masks!

(See my article The Bizarre Actions of the ‘Kouachi brothers’.)

Our third nominee – and winner – for best “dressed” car is

The Toyota at Dulles Airport


Within hours of the 9/11 attacks, Paul Bremer and Jerome Hauer had managed, on live television, to identify Osama bin Laden as the culprit. What a team!

Then, on the afternoon of the 12th of September, a Toyota was flagged as “suspicious,” at Dulles International Airport. It was registered to Al-Hazmi of Lemon Grove, California, and was diligently searched. Among the items found, were:

  • Four (4) color diagrams of an instrument panel for a B757 aircraft
  • One yellow and black utility knife (a.k.a. “box cutter”)
  • One identification card form the Pan Am International Flight Academy, Jet Tech International, in Phoenix, AZ, bearing the name HANI HANJOUR
  • A cashier’s check to the Flight Academy in the amount of $5745 from HANJOUR
  • A travel itinerary for KHALID AL-MIHDHAR and MAJED MOQED on AA Flight 77, specifying seats 13A and 13B
  • A piece of paper with the name “Osama 5895316”

Disqualified Entrant

We should point out that we could not accept the entry from a citizen in Shanksville Pennsylvania.  This was a half-burnt visa paper belonging to Lets’ Roll hijacker Ziad Jarra. It was found in a field amongst other debris of Flight 93. (The essential criterion for today’s award is that the nominee be an automobile.)

Remains-of-Ziad-Jarrahs-visa.Ziad Jarra

The “Special Mention” Category

Special mention tonight goes to something that could have been found in a car, but thanks to a delay by the connecting flight into Boston, it was found in Mohamed Atta’s luggage.

Let’s have a look.

Mohamed Atta (alleged ‘ringleader’ of the 9/11 hijacking plot) was apparently on a feeder flight from Portland to Boston — but his suitcase never made it onto Flight 11.

The excuse mentions was that it was a tight connection, but Atta arrived in Boston at 6:45am and you would think there was plenty of time for American Airlines to truck his luggage out to Flight 11, leaving at 7.45am.  Well, they didn’t.

“Atta was the only passenger among the 81 aboard American Flight 11 whose luggage didn’t make the flight” (Paul Sperry, WorldNetDaily.com, September 11, 2002).

Remember now, this is only being put forward for Special Mention. And how special it was.

The Washington Post describes how FBI investigators found “writings” in Atta’s luggage – a document that was a “chilling spiritual exhortation aimed at the hijackers and an operational mission checklist.” Interestingly in Atta’s bag (recovered in Logan International Airport) were airline uniforms, flight manuals, and other items.

But most intriguing was a copy of his will. (In Arabic, of course.)  This proves he didn’t expect to die on that flight.

Ergo, it proves Mohamed Atta was a patsy!!!!

And here it is, for your inspection:

Will_P1The English version translated by the FBI and first reported in Der Spiegel



  1. Dee, when I saw your photo of Ziad’s half-burnt visa, I thought right away of Elias Davidsson’s book “Hijacking America’s Mind on 9-11.” Elias gives a hilarious picture of the “official” reports of things found at the crash site. But that made me go to Amazon to see how many reviews his book has got. Only ten, but OK, could be worse.

    One of the reviewers said, as I often say at Gumshoe, that when you see the courts doing the wrong thing, that is a huge tip-off. This fellow says we should look for instances where “Normal procedure is not being followed.” That would come down to an acronym: NPINBF.

    Do you think that’s catchy enough? Will this term spread like wildfire, to help us talk about the issues?

    I am going to try it. NPINBF! NPINBF!

    • Great article. These psy-ops are getting so predictable that it reminds me of TV plots that keep playing over and over – first do it with cowboys, then with soldiers, then school friends, then….Same old story, just different location.

      About Bryant’s Volvo, there was a picture that the media took of his Volvo at the gatehouse from behind that showed the rear window.

      The first reports were that the rear window was shot out, then there is the picture with the window – what’s going on?

      Then one of the investigators noticed a ‘smudge’ on the rear window at the top and blew up the picture to see what it was – it was a UHF antenna that they had tried to pixel out. It appears they wanted to stay in contact with the killer as he made his way through PA. Probably got messages like ‘forget the woman and kids, find someone else for a hostage’ stuff like that.

      Here’s the funny part of the ‘cover up’. Bryant was a mental retard that had bolted a freaking SURFBOARD to the top of his Volvo to look ‘cool’. It would have been entirely consistent for him to put an antenna on the back window to also look cool. Probably nobody would have even given it a second thought

      All they did by trying to pixel out the antenna is draw attention to it. They put their guilty state of mind on show.

    • thanks for ringing the truth so loud and clear with all your articles. if you wish to see the flag-ship (all pun intended) of NPINBF look no further than the Boston fiasco from start to finish against the Tsarnaev brothers and the court circus proceedings vs Jahar Tsarnaev, the university scholarship student in solitary confinement with a death sentence – the ‘david’ that I see will finally bring down this ‘goliath’ (they’re not evil per se. they’re just the ‘slow’ ones. we all knew them). there’s no court case for 9-11 (but where is all that nano explosive dust they carted away? I digress). some enlightened, fearless ones are taking the US Govt to court over this blooper of a job. as I’ve said many times, the cia, fbi, not so ‘secret service’, govt. alphabet depts incl. media and their ‘special’ (ya, really special) ops and military robots perpetrating these ‘event’s for arms dealing and w-a-r sales profit are an unimaginative bunch by nature – repeating same old, same old m/o over and over. it’s gone from the ridiculous to the sublimely ridiculous. and we who know it? everywhere in the world, we’re growing in numbers day by day. a reassuring thought. pls keep it up – you whistle a great tune 🙂

  2. You can add a couple more to your impressive list here. The Tsarnaev brothers were driving along in Dzhokhar’s car when the decided to pull over and carjack someone who was just sitting in a car parked on the street. Maybe Tamerlan just wanted to drive a newer nicer car, so he allegedly car jacked Dun Meng in his shiny mercedes SUV, and Dzhokhar just nicely followed behind. I guess 2 cars are better than one. And then later after the alleged gunfight with police, guess what was found in the back seat of Dzhokhar’s car, low and behold, Tamerlan’s high school diploma, and his drivers licence, I mean why carry it in your wallet when you can just throw it in the back seat of the car, and you never know when you might need your grade 12 diploma for something.

      • Notice to any Bostonians reading this site. It is mortifying, simply mortifying that people in that most educated city of America would accept the story of the high school diploma traipsing around in the back seat of the car.
        What WOULDN’T you believe?

        • Dee, what was the final disposition of Hani Hanjour’s “cashier’s check to the Flight Academy in the amount of $5,745”?
          No doubt the 9-11 Commission tracked it down.

          (Oh, if only they knew how to do a thorough job like Australia’s Royal Commission….)

  3. […] 5:53:  A security camera at the Portland airport security checkpoint records Mohamed Atta on route to Logan International Airport, in Boston. In Atta’s luggage is his will — to be transferred onto American Flight 11 at Boston. [Why would he take his will with him if he thought he was going to die and be incinerated.] Point 9 of his will states (translation by the FBI here): […]

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