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Protecting Australia From Free Listening


david icke borderProtecting Australia from unsavoury characters?

By Dee McLachlan

David Icke has spoken all across the world, and two previous speaking tours to Australia. But the authorities don’t seem to want him back. The government is using calculated visa delay tactics, presumably to “discourage” Icke from speaking in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane this summer.

Icke encourages free thought. But he is a “dangerous” individual, for example, exposing the British “establishment pedophiles” (like ex prime minister Ted Heath) decades ago.

He talks of peace and love within the human family — not war.

Yet the government and its various departments have the audacity to make him jump through hoops with regard to his visa application. And on Icke’s previous visits, he was “pulled aside” at Customs.

How hypocritical are the actions of the government when war-mongers are flown in and given the “red carpet” treatment.

It is shameful and deceitful.

Let me cite an example of a foreign guest brought in to speak at the Lowy Institute’s signature event in September this year.

Retired General David Petraeus.

Petraeus_2007Photo taken in 2007

The General was also given airtime on ABC’s 7.30 Report. And this is what the Lowy Institute had to say about him:

“General Petraeus is one of the most outstanding US generals of recent times. He commanded coalition forces in both Afghanistan and Iraq with great success….  one of the leading thinkers about geopolitical developments and America’s role in the world.”

“Great success” says The Lowy Institute, which charged $350 per-plate for the dinner. (His speech.) They just don’t get it. The war in Iraq was, and is, an unmitigated disaster. This is insane.

Petraeus not only encouraged Australia to join the coalition air strikes in Syria, but has also been advocating that the West support the al-Nusra Front – an al-Qaeda offshoot – to beat ISIS.

No wonder the world is in such trouble when you have “leading thinkers” celebrated like this – and attempts to block out thinkers like David Icke who are speaking out against the madness.



  1. You may recall a year ago Dr Sherri Tenpenny had to cancel her lecture tour of Oz. But it was not because she was refused a visa. She tells us here:

    But I see a website that says this:

    “I’d like to acknowledge the tremendous efforts of everyone who campaigned against this tour going ahead in the interests of public health and evidence-based medicine. A special shout-out goes to Matthew Berryman and Peter Tierney. Congratulations to all.”

    Now seriously folks, if you want to put Tenpenny down, the normal way to do it is attend her talk and demolish her argument if you can.

    That’s if you can. OK?

  2. I’ve listened to David Icke for around 20 years. His talks have always been in one form or another about expanding your ‘consciousness’. We’re a consciousness having a human experience, yadda, yadda – What, the PTB now consider that a threat?

    Well, he has gone on about the Rothschilds, Illuminati, paedophilia, debt slavery, etc. – maybe he’s no longer ‘fringe’ and starting to have a discernable effect on the control system.

    It would be interesting to hear why they want to jerk his chain at this late stage. Probably some dumb reasoning the bureaucrats came up with, perhaps the excuse would be, ‘he doesn’t like lizards’ LOL

  3. So the Australian government wants to close down any chance of Icke appearing on the ABC on Q and A?
    Oh well, we can have Malcolm again? Lump it Australia.

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