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Twinning: the Cases of Martin Bryant and Jahar Tsarnaev



by Mary W Maxwell and Cheryl Dean

Lately, Gumshoe News has published numerous articles about the man convicted, at age 29, of the Port Arthur Massacre, Martin Bryant, and the man convicted, at age 21, of the Boston Marathon bombing, Jahar (Dzhokhar) Tsarnaev. They have so much in common:

  1. Both were set up to commit a big terrorist event.
  2. They didn’t commit it. A very experienced team did.
  3. Both were vulnerable young men, unlikely to win big public support — M because he is not the full quid, and J because he is from a little-known ethnic minority.
  4. Both have a Mom who was pushed into urging them to confess. Pushed by you-know-whom.
  5. Both have a bereaved Mom. M’s lost her husband 3 years before Port Arthur. J’s lost her son Tamerlan.
  6. The media has demonized both boys. (Perhaps M takes the cake here.)
  7. One had Damian Bugg as prosecutor; the other had Carmen Ortiz. What more need be said?
  8. Both were in solitary for a long time.
  9. M changed his plea from innocent to guilty after a time in solitary confinement. J first pleaded innocent and never actually changed it, but after his conviction he gave a scripted ‘apology.’
  10. Both were described as gentle by friends who knew them before the ‘incident.’
  11. Immediately the media was ready with a complicated presentation of the tragedy.
  12. The Australian event led to gun control; the Massachusetts one involved lockdown.
  13. The real murderers attempted to kill M and J at the point of capture.
  14. M had no trial. J’s defense lawyer started the trial by saying “He did it.”
  15. Both are allowed no visitors in prison. (Why not?)
  16. Both judges put some of the documents under seal. (Why?)
  17. Both on the day of the event did additional crimes, e.g., M set fire to a car and kidnapped someone; J robbed a carjacker’s bank account and killed a campus cop.
  18. The defense team was in cahoots with the prosecution.
  19. Media never mentions that intelligent persons have raised reasonable questions about the event.
  20. Both J and M were severely injured and hospitalized.
  21. Persons who showed skepticism were accused of disrespect for the victims.
  22. In each case there was exculpatory evidence but it wasn’t presented. For M, the fingerprints of the real gunman on the tray at the Broad Arrow Café, and for J, the white backpack.
  23. In both cases the judge deviated wildly from normal practice.
  24. We hate to say it, but, in both cases, most folks in the local population were willing to assume that the media reports of the case were true.

Got any ideas of how to get around these awful problems? Write to us at Gumshoe. And please see the petition to get a coronial inquest “for Marin Bryant’s sake and all our sakes.”

Thank you!

— Mary W Maxwell lives in Australia and Cheryl Dean lives in North America. They have not met each other but are singing from the same hymn book.



  1. Come to think of it, who needs that long list? Number 19 is more than enough:

    “Media never mentions that intelligent persons have raised reasonable questions about the event.”


      • I feel the lower MSM employees deserve more credit. What I mean is, when they make up a clever story, they don’t get to use their real name. Even their Mom doesn’t get to say ” Wow you’re so talented.”

        I wish one of them would get so furious at the unfairness that they would get in touch with us at ol’ Gumgum. We could help them re-group. That goes for low-level FBI informants, too.

        (I know you’re going to whack me for that, Ms Bonney, so I’ll be waiting for the whack.) Or maybe it was Cheryl who whacked me last time. Can’t help it — I feel sorry for those guys.

  2. CNSNews.com –
    “In an interview on Fox, GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina said the U.S. government has used the wrong “algorithms” to search through intelligence metadata, and that intelligence failure has led to the U.S. not picking up on terrorist plots like the Boston Marathon bombing and the San Bernardino shooting massacre.
    “When we miss with all the metadata collection we’ve had, the San Bernardino couple and the Tsarnaev brothers, what that suggests to me is that we are using the wrong algorithms to search through all this data,” said Fiorina.

    Dear Fiorina, Please do an algorithm to search through the data on the Colier shooting. If you come up with the right answer, I will think of you when I’m in the voting booth next November.

  3. If you haven’t already seen it, I think you should all watch: Illuminati Wife Tells All – Part 1 – 4. over Xmas. Beans all over the shop. I’ve got through 3 of them so far.

    • If you mean Kay Griggs why not just read about her in my book Prosecution for Treason which is a free downlaod. Or go to the Youtube where she gives a 9-minute summary for starters.

      I believe every word she says. Thank you Kevin for the lead.

  4. I love this Mary! You’ve hit the nail right on the head. How could 2 crimes be so much alike, especially the treatment of the alleged criminals by just about everyone, not just those involved.
    People should start to believe that anything written about in the MSM is just not true. Start there and find the answers for yourself, and very soon your eyes will begin to open and the fog will clear.

  5. Mary, does it not cease to stagger you that most people, when presented with lucid comment about the facts surrounding the whole Port Arthur case, just present a blank stare? As the yanks say: ‘a deer caught in the headlights’ look, followed by: “but they got Bryant for that 20 years ago, I remember it on TV” or similar inane comments. I regret that I have lost friends when I rebuke other’s acceptance of the official story. It is as if, when the truth comes up and slaps them in the face, some still prefer/choose to believe lies, rather than upset their easy life by questioning things.

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