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Chidings of Great Joy  (Boston Marathon Case)


mother xmas  The Vladimir Mother of God, a 12th Century icon that has brought miracles.

by Cheryl Dean

My recent “Open Letters” – to Loretta Lynch the US Attorney General, concerning SAM’s for the prisoner, and to Carmen Ortiz, regarding her prosecutorial misconduct – may have left the impression that I write very formally.

Not always. Last June when I sent a letter (below) to Judge George A O’Toole, I resorted to a more gloves-off approach. I now offer it as Christmas gift to any reader who wants to feel the emotion:

Judge O’Toole,

I have been following the case of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev since the day of the bombing. I couldn’t wait for the case to go to trial so that the truth could be revealed and justice would prevail. However, I was so sorely disappointed.

— I began to notice in the pre-trial status conferences and in the motions filed, that you sided with the prosecution almost every single time, and continued that throughout the trial.

— You denied the defense to speak about Dzhokhar’s horrible injuries at the hands of law enforcement.

— You denied the defense information about the Waltham murders, but allowed the prosecution to leak untrue information about that case.

For you to be called “Your Honor” is an insult to decent judges everywhere.

— You did nothing about the continuous leaks in the media that poisoned the people of Boston, including the jury, inciting hatred towards Dzhokhar.

— You allowed the prosecution to exploit the dignity and privacy of victims, including a deceased child, Martin Richard.

— You allowed the prosecution to make their case based on the pain of the victims, which has absolutely no bearing on who caused their pain, or who committed this act of violence.

— You went along with the prosecution in hiding the most important exculpatory evidence, the fact that Dzhokhar had a silver/white backpack, not black.

— You let the prosecution get away with presenting as evidence a backpack that was not Dzhokhar’s backpack. Unbelievable!!

— That evidence is now in the public domain and cannot be ignored.

jane collins

I’ve never in my whole life seen anything as disgusting and unjust as this trial was. You are not impartial or fair enough to be a judge over a pie-eating contest, let alone a trial of this magnitude.

— You didn’t want to hear the name Tamerlan in the guilt phase, but you had no problem with the prosecution using the name Tamerlan.

— You are so arrogant and prejudicial you denied an Amicus brief from the ACLU.

— You denied a well-written, honest, pro se filing by Maret Tsarnaeva. But it’s posted far and wide in the media for everyone to see.

— You allowed the prosecution to bash the Muslim religion in every possible way. In case you don’t know, Nasheeds are the equivalent to Christian hymns and the Muslim flag is like a Christian crucifix.

— You never said a word when certain jurors fell asleep.

— You never gave the jurors the proper instructions when it came time to deliberate in both phases.

— Your absolute bias and alliance with the prosecution was disgraceful.

— You never allowed the defense to delve into the conspiracy charges against Dzhokhar.

— You made a mockery out of the US Constitution and “justice” system.

On June 24 you will once again allow the prosecution to put on another theatrical production. We have already seen and heard more than enough of that. Dzhokhar has already been given the death penalty, so what is the point of listening to victim impact statements when that’s what the whole sham of a trial was about?

Why did you do all this and much more, Judge O’Toole??

— You did everything in your power to ensure that Dzhokhar would be found guilty and receive the death penalty!

— You have conspired with the FBI and the prosecution to ensure the silence and death of Dzhokhar.

— You have absolutely no integrity and no concern or regard at all for the life of a 21-year-old!!

The world sees you as an embarrassment to the “justice” system and a self-righteous, inhumane person.

You may wonder, who am I to say such things. Well, I am a decent, honest, hard- working, law abiding citizen and I live my life being compassionate and merciful to all in my path, as I try to make the world a better place. That’s who I am.

You likely will retire soon with lots of praise from the government for happily doing their bidding in this case.

Although there is little justice in this world we live in, because of people like you, there is always true justice in the afterlife. Dzhokhar, who has already suffered immensely, if guilty, will be forgiven by God, as he was only a teenager, but you will be judged harshly by God and punished for all of eternity, and rightly so.

Sincerely disgusted,

Cheryl Dean






  1. Cheryl Dean, our newest recruit at Gumshoe:
    You are worth your weight in gold, frankincense and myrrh.

    (Have to speak metaphorically like that, as Gumshoe’s real “gold” budget has not yet come through.)

    • Thank you Mary! Sometimes I have to just say it like it is with no obstacles in my way, to freely tell the whole truth. This entire case is just so disturbing, so cruel, and I can’t tolerate that or be quiet about it. No one should.

  2. Boston scene, 33 seconds, posted at youtube only a day and a half ago and has had a million and a half hits. Huh? Is that even possible?
    We need help getting the Marathon message out. If you can help please advise.

  3. Thank you Cheryl! I agree with your sentiments, except that it’s clear that Dzhokhar is not guilty. It’s really wonderful to know that there are more people who feel this way. I hope there are many, many more who feel the same. It’s almost unbelievable that these frauds continue to pretend to do their jobs every day. Justice must be done!

  4. Congratulation…Cherry Dean Thais support Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is innocent God bless congratulation for matéria marathon Boston ( Fbi ) false actores….freedon for Dzhokhar !! Tanks Sra Cherry Dean

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