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Cardinal Pell and Mind Control – Part 5 of Gumshoe’s Royal Commission Series


pell(L) Sacerdos et pontifex, pastor bone in populo, George Pell.    (R) former prime minister of Australia, John Howard.

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD (Politics), LLB

This series of articles derives from Australia’s Royal Commission (‘RC’) into “Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.”  Let us begin with the fact that a Catholic cardinal has been summoned to the Victoria County Courthouse in Melbourne, to give testimony as to why he suppressed information about criminal activity of priests.

I am referring to Cardinal George Pell, who was bishop of Melbourne from 1996 to 2001, and of Sydney from 2001 to 2014.  On December 14, 2015, Pell was expected to rock up and testify. But on Thursday December 10, his assistant applied, on medical grounds, for the cardinal to appear by video link instead. Pell lives in Rome — where he is head of Vatican finances!

Many middle-age persons who survived the priestly sexual abuse as children have been attending the Royal Commission hearings. They vocalized sarcastically when it was announced that the cardinal wanted to be spared from appearing in person. It was up to the Justice McCallum to rule on that request. When he said (in so many words) “No way,” the audience cheered.

What’s the Real Story with George Pell?

Quoting News.com.au of November 14, 2012:

“Cardinal Pell said he understood why senior police officer Peter Fox had spoken out about child sex abuse, but that he didn’t believe his claims of a church cover-up were true.

‘I don’t think there is sufficient evidence for him to say because of the particular problems that he faced at this time or that time, that the church is covering up. Because we’re not’.”

That was three years ago. He wouldn’t be able to claim that now, as hundreds of people have made submissions to the contrary. It’s undeniable that the Church knew of pedophile priests, often moved them from parish to parish, and acted vigorously against any victim who tried to sue.

That said, I think George Pell is, in a certain way, innocent.  I feel quite sure he was mind controlled as a child and thus has always been operating under instructions. From whom? Well, I can only say “from the Powers That Be.” His current position in the Vatican Finance Office gives a hint.

What tipped me off to think he is mind controlled is Wikipedia’s mention of his childhood. Pell was born in 1941 in Ballarat. It’s very suspicious that as a child he had “24 operations to remove a throat abscess.” Hmm, I’ll bet he didn’t.

A lot of MK-Ultra children spent a lot of time in hospital for seemingly non-suspicious reasons, but really it was to give the Sidney Gottliebs of this world – and the Jose Delgados– a chance to experiment on them. And anyway, would a throat abscess ever require so much repair work?

Wikipedia also says of Pell:

“He signed to play with the Richmond Football Club. However, his ambitions later turned to the priesthood. Speaking of his decision to become a priest, Pell once said:  “To put it crudely, I feared and suspected and eventually became convinced that God wanted me to do His work, and I was never able to successfully escape that conviction.”

That is certainly not the way most religious describe the way in which they experienced their calling – “feared and suspected.” So I am proposing, but cannot prove, that George Pell is not a free man by any means. I also imagine he was treated cruelly as a youth.

What Is Mind Control?

Allow me to give my impression of mind control. I believe that we all engage in a little bit of mind control every day. Since our species, Homo sapiens, is social, we have to deal with others, be they relatives, co-workers, or role-players in institutions. It’s normal and natural to try to “change the mind” of a person when we want to get our way.

(If you want to do it when you are two years old, you simply throw a tantrum.)

Quite apart from that, however, is the way mind control has been developed – bigtime — as a weapon for the purpose of squelching critical thought. You really have to hand it to the guys who plot out  “psychological operations.” They seem to leave nothing to chance.

What if you were tasked with finding out how to control a whole population of literate people – what would you do?  You might consider actually shackling them, or having guards force them at gunpoint to do your will. But that’s old-fashioned and would be quite a nuisance.

With today’s technology, there are many ways to control a human brain directly. For instance, you can use electromagnetic frequencies to change the mood of a whole community. Or you could pipe ‘special’ water into every home, or sell food that has been treated with psychotropic drugs.

Control the Culture Instead

All well and good, but these days a big focus of mind control is control of the culture. No shackles or special water needed! Just make people want what you prefer that they want by appealing to their “want-control center.”

Granted some things are not very modifiable. Humans want 8 hours sleep per night, companionship of other people, amusement, and jobs or chores that get them motivated and make them feel useful. Don’t try to take those things away or you’ll end up with sick, dysfunctional, or nasty people.

But other wants can be modified. In fact, people are born with a readiness to develop wants that are taught to them by their culture. Think of the boys in ancient Sparta who lived amazingly Spartan lives. What was the key to this? It was the done thing!

A Soviet defector named Yuri Bezmenov shared with us the fact that as a KGB member, he had been tasked with subverting the culture of the US. He said it is surprisingly easy and takes only 15 years. You start with the 3-year-olds and by the time they are 18 they belong to you.

Think back to the way you were trained from age 3 to 18, and the beliefs and values that were instilled in you. That pretty much resulted in what you are today, right?

What Has This To Do with “Institutional Response”?

The Royal Commission has been ordered to look into the illogical behavior known as “the institutional responses to child sexual abuse.” That is, while certain men, and a few women, committed cruel sins against kids, the officials and others who you would expect to stop this, did not stop it. Some even promoted it.

It’s often said that the children couldn’t get help “because people couldn’t see it or believe it.” But the particular persons whom this Royal Commission is interrogating are ones that did see it.  The commissioners gathered a lot of evidence before calling into the witness box the pastors, bishops, etc. They are thus able to nail them, as it were.

In Part 1 of this series of articles, I described how the cover-up worked doctrinally in the Jehovah’s Witnesses religion. In Part 2, I suggested that members of the Catholic hierarchy are employed by ASIO, CIA, or some such group (which means their real boss is World Government).

In Part 3, I proffered Dr Day’s predictions about the Rockefeller-based plan to bring down the Catholic Church — noting that the pedophile priest scandal contributes to the collapse of religion. In Part 4, I was unable to explain the adamant refusal of the Geelong private school hierarchy to admit the truth, but I left open the possibility that “pedophile rings” are involved.

And I now mention that a reader has suggested to me that the witnesses are probably coached on what to say and may be given hypnosis to block their memory.

MK-Ultra and the Central Intelligence Agency

I am fairly well versed in the MK-Ultra project in the US that was in full swing from about 1950 to 1970. For four consecutive years, 2005 to 2008, I attended the SMART conference in Connecticut. The acronym stands for Survivors of Mind-control And Ritual Abuse. Also I was on a Truth and Reconciliation panel, and have stayed in touch with some of the survivors (who are surprisingly strong women).

Learning about MK-Ultra was the cause of my running for Congress in 2006. (Didn’t win.) I felt that if Americans knew how “the nation had been betrayed” – as survivor Carol Rutz puts it – they would deal with this atrocity. Toddlers were taken to military bases and tortured for the sole purpose of breaking their minds.

It is no secret that the US government did this. Senator Frank Church arranged for hearings in 1975 that exposed the goings on. Yes, there was an MK-Ultra program, carried out at 80 institutions such as universities and hospitals. The CIA justified all this by saying that since the big enemy, the USSR, was doing it, we had to keep up. Natch.

See the Extreme Abuse Survey conducted by Carol Rutz and Wanda Karriker, to which over a thousand people replied.

The False Memory Syndrome Gang

Beginning in 1994, there was a state Royal Commission into Police Service, in New South Wales, headed by Justice John Wood. One of its mandates was to look into police cover-up of pedophilia. It must have been quite a blow to the survivors when the False Memory Syndrome gang came riding in to put a stop to revelations.

This is a group of psychologists and others who seek to show that when a child tells all, the child is making it up.  Granted, there are cases, especially in divorce-and-custody battles where a Mom has instructed her kid to tattle on the Dad – falsely.

And it’s a simple fact of life that we all misremember some events. Also, if you’re constantly fed a story about what you did when you were five, you might take it in and treat it later as if it were real. But the stories of the MK-Ultra victims are real. Just as it took decades for the truth to come out about the church-based sexual abuse, the rest of the story is coming out now.

Note: I seem to be concentrating here on the mind-controlling of victims but, as I have suggested, the hierarchy themselves may have been mind-controlled. Personally I think we should view them as victims, too.

Visiting Cardinal Pell in Rome?

As for the current state of play concerning Cardinal Pell’s testimony, he has been given a chance to appear in February, 2016 in Australia. But I see from the relevant legislation — the Royal Commissions Act of 1902 — that taking evidence overseas is possible if the host country, in Pell’s case, the Vatican, agrees to it. (And why wouldn’t they?)

Section 7B of the Act says:

“Where: (b) arrangements have been made between Australia and another country in relation to the taking of evidence in that country by the Commission;

the Commission may, in that other country, subject to any provision of the arrangements and to the laws of that other country, administer an oath or affirmation to any person appearing as a witness before the Commission and take evidence … [and it] may be used by the Commission in Australia for the purpose of the performance of any function, or the exercise of any power, under the commission.”

So far, the commissioners and lawyers who are interrogating religious personnel have done so in a notably respectful way. It’s hard to picture how they will talk to Cardinal Pell if and when he takes the stand.

By the way, I’ve been delighted that each witness at the Melbourne hearings is asked if he prefers to take an oath or make affirmation, except that when it’s a priest, Justice McCallum doesn’t ask. He just says

“Father, put your hand on the Bible, please.”

— Mary W Maxwell is the author of “Fraud Upon the Court” (2015) and the star of some videos at the Youtube channel “Mary W Maxwell.”









    • Dear Fair, I’m sorry to be a party pooper, but I never know when Derryn Brown is being serious. I also don’t think this is a case of NLP. There is a Wikipedia entry for Derrryn in which he is quoted thusly:

      “I am often dishonest in my techniques, but always honest about my dishonesty. As I say in each show, ‘I mix magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship’. I happily admit cheating, as it’s all part of the game. I hope some of the fun for the viewer comes from not knowing what’s real and what isn’t. I am an entertainer first and foremost, and I am careful not to cross any moral line that would take me into manipulating people’s real-life decisions or belief systems.”

      Two persons whom I trust at Gumshoe, Dee McLachlan and Terry Shulze, both think Derryn Brown’s ability to attack a person’s mind is legit. Definitely there is a way to do it. I think there is much more of this going on in society than we realize. But I can’t let Derryn be my guide.

      Too Cautious for Her Own Good

        • And Mary, if you don’t believe in the power of suggestion, how come it took you till 2005 to actually see the 9-11 towers exploding? You must have seen the videos on television many times before 2005.

          Anyone can see the pieces of rubble being thrown UPWARDS AND SIDEWAYS. We all have DROPPED things and know how gravity works – they go DOWN. We have also thrown things and we had to apply energy to overcome gravity to make them go UP and SIDEWAYS.

          So how come so many people couldn’t see what was right in front of their eyes?

          • Hello? Did I say I don’t believe in the power of suggestion?

            Terry, I hesitate on DERREN BROWN himself, not on the subject of mind control.

            How did it take me 4 years to see the towers exploding? I didn’t see them. I paid no attentiion to the matter. I believed what I was told.
            Hell, I even believed in the Cold War.

            In my book “Prosecution for Treason,” I reprint Allen Dulles’ letter to J Edgar Hoover dated April 25, 1956 re “Russian” Mind Control. So for 60 years there has been clear understanding of how to do it.

            Speaking of Allen Dulles, he harmed my friend Blanche Chavoustie in the 1940s and now she has been missing since 2011. I am ashamed of myself for not doing anything to try to help her.
            Even tho she is now 77, I suspect she is alive and being mistreated by those creeps. Any suggestions on what to do?

          • While looking to reconnect with Blanch Chavoustie I bumped into this crazy information. She was my daughter’s therapist from approx 1986-89. I also did some sessions with her. She was super smart and an excellent therapist and friend. Do you have any further information abut her whereabouts? She had a daughter that would be in her late 40’s?

        • Terry, I agree. Even when people see the towers exploding — their mind does not equate that with some form of explosive force.
          I remind readers of my interview with FEMA investigator Jonathan Barrett (and referred to Derren Brown). This fire “expert” just cannot see any form of explosion or demolition. Just extraordinary. The only option is mind manipulation.


    • I dont consider you to be a party pooper Mary 🙂
      I probably shouldnt post a video without any sort of accompanying comment, as to why I am posting it, but I thought it was slightly relevant to mind control, and I always look forward to your responses, and in this case, I didnt want to plant any suggestions subliminally that might make you respond in any certain way 🙂

      I probably couldve picked a better video for NLP, than one that used a trickster/entertainer.. I saw an article about this NLP technique a few days ago, and its use during law enforcement interviews.. hadnt even heard about it until then, im not even sure if it is a thing, and remembered the title of NLP it when i saw this article, did a search and that video popped up. I agree though, this particular example could probably more accurately be described as entertainment along the lines of stage hypnosis perhaps, rather than a legit example of NLP – whatever that is.

      really though, even if that was more entertainment than anything else, all I wanted to say was, even without MKULTRA, it seems we are quite impressionable animals – easily manipulated it seems – at the hands of experienced and competent operators..

      It seems a story on the TV is enough to convince some people that black is white and vice-versa. I still have people try to explain the twin tower “collapses” to me, citing the pancaking theory.. even though that particular version is not even ( no longer ? ) supported by NIST.

      With the right ingredients and the correct method, who knows what evil a diabolical chef is capable of cooking up.

      I’m sorry about your friend.

      • Funny you should mention it. I just saw an item in the Boston Globe saying Jahar will be relieved by death — it’s his best option — as he then won’t have all the pain of guilt that he now has!

        Surely the Globe put that in so that’s many of its million readers will be more happy with, or less concerned about, seeing him fry.
        (‘Fry’ is the standard terminology, as I recall.)

        BTW, Fair Dinkum, take it from those who know me: I AM a party pooper. I mean couldn’t you tell, the way I’m such a broken record? Perhaps it’s like Jahar. Death will relieve me from the guilt of not getting enough hits on my Youtube channel.

        • I’d have a drink with you any day.. you sound like a blast.
          I have some who know me too, who would accuse me of forever trying to pass on information ad nauseam, for their edification, regardless that they have absolutely no interest in it .. I see it as my duty, to be honest to myself, despite any incredulity.

          Theyre good friends mostly, but Im sure they snicker behind my back, “it’s not his fault, he’s diabetic you know, his needle must be stuck… stuck…stuck…” or something similar.

          not sure how much relief any victims of institutional abuse would get from seeing the likes of Pell “fry” – but unlike Jahar, and 9/11 and port Arthur etc etc etc.. at least there is some sort of legitimate (?) investigation.

          maybe, a flicker of optimism in me, that even for the hundreds of thousands that have perished on the back of the lies we are fed, by the hands of the evil that holds the reins, the truth, one day, will finally set their spirits free.

          Play it, Mary. (and Dee,) For old times’ sake. and truth, and justice, again. and again. and again. and again. until it sinks in. cheers.

        • Those at the Boston Globe are sick, sick, sick CIA employees (I assume). I couldn’t possibly take anything they say seriously after making the idiotic statements and opinions they’ve posted about the Tsarnaev case. Won’t they be surprised when they’re finally held to account for their slanderous lies.

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