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Mulling Over Gumshoe’s 2015 Stuff



by Mary W Maxwell

Dee McLachlan has asked me to ‘rank’ a few of the things published at Gumshoe in 2015. The first one that comes to mind is James O’Neill’s piece comparing JFK’s death to 9-11. I usually cannot stand the regurgitating of Dallas ’63, but in this case, yes it is important.

As for the things Dee and I wrote about, I note that Dee considers her exposing of the Aussie mainstream media to be of top importance, but I rarely have my nose in a newspaper, or an ear to the radio, so I can’t share her enthusiasm.

(Dee has alerted me to other things, though, and eventually I always come around, so most likely she’s right about that one, too!)

Law, Law, Law

As for what the reader may expect me to rate highest in my bailiwick, I’ll bet it would be the articles about Martin Bryant and Jahar Tsarnaev. But, no, I don’t think these are of top importance. Many men in prison today should be set free.

Oops, Cheryl Dean will be shocked to hear that I’m not particularly distressed about Jahar. And Christopher Brooks may be aghast at my claim that Martin doesn’t move me. But I’m honestly not thinking of those guys when I write about the way court treats them. I’m thinking about the way the court treats them.

My many harangues about law, at Gumshoe in 2015, can be summed up like this:

We now have rule of law. We are losing it rapidly. And once it’s lost, there’ll be one thing we can’t use as a means of getting it back. And what be that, Mary? Why, rule of law of course.


Hmm. I’ve just noticed that I can combine Dee’s obsession with media, Bishop Williamson’s superb advice about 9-11, and my fuss over rule of law, as follows:

1. Listen to the media’s non-stop lies. 2. Accept the ridiculous official tale of 9-11, and thus arrest every Muslim as a terrorist. 3. Bring the police-state into being in Oz, US, UK, etc. 4. Let the Gestapo enter your home and destroy your family (heck, why not?) and 5. Having become adjusted to slavery and humiliation, admit that you love Big Brother.

Malaysian Airline Flight 17 on July 17, 2014

There are too many 2015 topics for me to visit in this wrap-up. I’ll just cover Dee’s MH17 stuff and my sociobiology stuff.

Of course the crash of that Malaysian flight was an event of 2014, not 2015. Trust me, Gumshoe’s editor jumped on it bigtime in 2014, but 2015 was the point at which the Four Nations were supposed to “tell the truth” (oh barf, barf) about how the plane happened to fall.

So why am I ranking this so high? Isn’t the plane crash of MH17 a false flag just like any other damned false flag? No, it is special because – maybe – its purpose is to start a WWIII.

Oh, didn’t 9-11 start a lot of wars? Well, yes it got a “coalition of the willing” to invade and ruin numerous Middle Eastern nations. But this one is supposed to pit the two main players of the world, with all their mighty armaments, agin each other.

Those two would be, allegedly: NATO and BRICS. That’s Brazil, Russia, India, China, and a country beginning with ‘S’ that I can’t think of at the moment. (You know it’s not Sudan.)

War and Orwell and/or Tony Sutton

Personally I can’t take seriously that there will be a genuine playoff between two superpowers. Yes, they may engage in war soon, and yes, Australia’s skullduggery on the MH17 talks – if skullduggery it was – may help that to happen. But I got burned on the Cold War. “Fool me once….”

My whole damn adulthood was skewed by the false belief that the US and the USSR were actual enemies. Antony Sutton’s books set me straight on that. Anyway, we should have known it from Orwell’s 1984. Orwell clearly shows how the “warring nations” are only carrying out the wishes of the one big boss.

Sorry, that is an aside. Just don’t want anyone to think I take the part of Putin when we are discussing MH17.  It’s my guess — and I could be very wrong — that the Russian leader is just as much doing a scripted thing as anyone else.

(If he is a real breakout, wouldn’t a little something have been put into his cream of broccoli soup at the G-20?)

Excuse me. I should not joke. This drumbeat for war is the most serious problem we are facing – if you don’t count the wrecking of the planet.  By the way, I do count the wrecking of the planet as Numero Uno. 

Gumshoe and the MH17

I unabashedly sing the praises of Gumshoe. The MSM has always promulgated the line that the planning of the crash was done by “Ukrainian rebels.” (That means persons in Ukraine who side with Russia, rather than siding with Ukraine’s new-found friend, the US.) How awful that 283 passengers would be pawns.

Is Gumshoe able to determine that the blaming of rebels is not correct? Does Dee McLachlan read tarot cards or something? Actually it was Gumshoe’s best stickybeak, Christopher Brooks, that got this going. He went to Canberra to see what was up. A bureaucrat MISTAKENLY gave him info, in writing, that said our government was going to keep its mouth shut.

Brooks handed this to the tarot card reader, and she thus knew that all the hoopla on MSM about those ‘rotten rebels’ must be to hide the facts. The likely thing is that NATO did the crash in order to… well, you know, like 9-11, Port Arthur, etc. To fool citizens into supporting whatever the top Bozos want.

What Do the Top Bozos Want?

And now we switch, in this wrap-up, to Mary’s 2015 stuff. It is my theory (and I’m sticking to it until I get a better one) that our species ought to be looked at the way a zoologist looks at any species. I say we mainly do what our DNA is there to do.

Oh, but isn’t that overcome by the fact that this species alone has culture? I don’t think so. I have learned that what we do is mostly unconscious. We are predictable. Mostly kneejerk stuff. (How else explain, say, peeps’ unwillingness to look at 9-11 or Port Arthur? They are emotionally prevented from thinking.)

Undoubtedly the Bozos are streets ahead of us in recognizing these uncritical parts of human nature. A simple example:

As soon as the Boston Police (by which I mean the FBI, by which I means the cabal) informed us that a car had been hijacked by Tamerlan Tsarnaev, they had the carjackee of the day tell us that Tamerlan had BOASTED about his crimes.

Do We Boast?

This was a guy, Tamerlan, who had carjacked a car in order to escape from the law (supposedly). He blurts out to a stranger “I’m guilty”?  I don’t think so. But nary a word of skepticism in the papers. That’s because it’s human nature that a young man will go in for bombast, and the Bozos’ media slaves knew that folks would accept that part of the story – uncritically!

Look how many synonyms the thesaurus offers for “boast”:

Nouns: vanity, glorification, flourish of trumpets; braggart, braggadocio, bombast

Verbs: boast, brag, vaunt, puff, show off, strut, swagger, four-flush, bluff, crow over, throw up one’s cap; talk big.

Note: our culture may teach us not to boast, may say bragging is impolite. But the Bozos ignore what we accept culturally and go for kneejerkism. We should do likewise. This is urgent.

My Series on “Selfishness and Dependence”

I quote from my November 6, 2015 Gumshoe piece:

“The three preceding parts discussed: the fact that we are a species like any other animal, the basic selfishness of the human (seen in extreme form in sociopaths), our evolved traits for kin altruism and reciprocal altruism, the formation of values, our need to look up to leaders (the Uppies) for guidance, and the difficulty of trusting strangers.

The problem to be ‘solved’ here is: What should we do about our rather new situation, in which we are dependent on many persons including some whose names we do not know?

I won’t repeat my findings now for this end-of-year summary. I just want to stick up for sociobiology. That academic discipline is indispensable today. I say again: the Bozos are using it to harm us. We should use it to harm them, and to better understand ourselves.

Three Easy Pieces

Please see three of my non-series essays that made good use of the basic tenets of sociobiology. My December 6 article, “What’s a Soldier To Do?” was a major putdown of so-called IHL — International Humanitarian Law (as in the Red Cross). A man in battle for his nation does not want to help the other side! Deal with it.

My November 22 essay entitled “Why You Will End Up Loving Big Brother” argued that humans are naturally predisposed to give in to anyone above them. That doesn’t absolutely assure that biology is destiny. We can and do use the old noodle, at least occasionally, to stave off an undesirable fate. But we are NOT presently using the old noodle. We obey anyone who cracks the whip or who has an impressive title.

On November 15, I penned “Did Machiavelli Write the Protocols?” Again, my theme is that we always act predictably. Men wanting absolute control over their society behave as though to a textbook formula, even if they never knew of that textbook: it is predictable human nature.

I quoted from a 1505 book:

“After these murders, Oliverotto, mounted on horseback, rode up and down the town and besieged the chief magistrate in the palace, so that in fear the people were forced to obey him…. He …strengthened himself with new …civil ordinances.” Well, son of a gun.

The ‘Elders’ and the List of 25 To-Do’s

I then proceeded to ‘risk all’ (ask Fredrick Toben) by referring to a 1905 document that sounds a lot like the 1505 one except it is attributed to “Zionists.” I happen to think the attribution is incorrect, but what does it matter? Humans predictably do the 25 things I listed. I said:

“Everyone should get a load of the Protocols posthaste. We are in dire trouble. Consider just the fact that the protocols say that inoculation will be used to spread disease. I am certain that the original smallpox vaccine was dispensed for the purpose of causing disease, not curing it.”


I also quoted these in the list of 25 (which spingola.com claims were produced by Mayer Rothschild in Frankfurt in 1773):

“Choose candidates for public office who will be “servile and obedient to our commands, so they may be readily used as pawns in our game.”

Use the Press for propaganda to control all outlets of public information, while remaining in the shadows, clear of blame.

Make the masses believe they had been the prey of criminals. Then restore order to appear as the saviors. [my fave– MM]

Create financial panics. Use hunger to control to subjugate the masses.”

So would you like to hear the 25th on the list of 25?  It’s one that makes me feel guilty that Gumshoe ain’t done enough about the imminent tragedy known as the Transpacific Partnership, the TPP.

Here’s why you, too, should feel guilty (and worried and depressed, etc) about failing to jump at the TPP:

This is from “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” of 1905:

“Twist national and international laws into a contradiction which first masks the law and afterwards hides it altogether. Substitute arbitration for law.”


— Mary W Maxwell extremely thanks all who helped her at Gumshoe. That includes persons who helped her 2015 Adelaide Fringe Show, such as Craig Arnold and Alex Andrade, and those who helped organize Gumshoe’s book, “Truth in Journalism” — including Diana Taki and Max Tyler.

She thanks Kevin Woodman for inviting her to Perth so he could talk turkey re the SAS. She is grateful to Paul Craig Roberts and Jack Graham for shining light on the Tsarnaev case. She blows kisses to all the Commenters, especially the ones who fought her tooth and nail – you know who you are.

Of course she thanks Dee for video-ing her in front of the Taj Mahal – that was a great day with the flies – and for providing her with steady ‘employment’ (a term used here in the loosest possible sense).









    The most enlightening item for me, in 2015 Gumshoe, was Greg Buck’s video on How Greece Can Escape the Euro Debt Problem. I want to say it is an example of Gumshoe turning out something important for the world but we do not have the resources to beam it anywhere.

    Then I went to the comments and had forgotten that there was a fight over Climate Change. Very good sample of how fights are conducted at Gumshoe, none of your name-calling nonsense.
    That same item had a typical Brooks-Yells-at-the-ABC letter. Here is what Christopher said re the Greeks:

    “Their wealth is abundant, they only need to stop the looting by the ‘Banksters’ who have ‘odiously’ hijacked their lives.
    The ‘Internationalist’ Monopoly board thugs know that if Greece escapes their control, their power and fear game might become totally exposed out into the light of popular understanding.
    Other countries might follow with courageous and honest leadership and the Dragon Mafia money printing cabals could become deeply wounded.
    Iceland is prosecuting and jailing their Banking Mafia.

    “History teaches us that World War, nothing less if needed, will be inflicted on mankind to protect the Global Mafia power base and reorganize the political landscape to destroy opposition with the deadly distractions and chaos war brings to those sucked in to that murderous activity.
    Only the sanity that flows from truth can rescue the situation.”


  2. Are there any msm journos who work as hard as Mary?
    Are there any msm journos who are as honest and as eloquent as Mary?
    If so, would love to know who.

    • Dee won’t mind my giving another website a plug: PressforTruth.ca.

      The host, Dan Dicks, did an interview with Aunt Maret Tsarnaeva in which she was scared to death that the secret police were going to kill her right then and there — IN CANADA for Pete’s sake.

      Well, I suppose if they can do it to her nephew Tamerlan in Boston they can do it to her in Toronto. But for now she is safe in Russia.

      Thanks, Dan, for making me find oot aboot Aunt Maret in the first place.

      I see you are selling a beaut men’s Tee shirt that says “Investigate Bilderberg.” Great idea. I also see that you’ve got an original article on a Swiss referendum to ban the banks from creating money. Things are lookin’ up!

    • Did not forget you Dee, just waited to see.the input.
      May your web hits spread and embarrass the msm deceivers who are merely NWO spivs with bloodied fingers and grubby nails.

  3. Excellent Mary! I think you are doing a great service for humanity. I am so pleased to have corresponded with you, gotten to know you a little. I’m grateful to you to now have a place to let my voice be heard. I Thank you and Dee, and may 2016 be a fine year, reaching more people and uncovering the truth which is essential for life itself for countless people.

    • For the record: The names may be similar — Cheri and Cheryl — and the ‘tude is definitely similar — they are fighters who have put my fighting instinct into high gear (and yours, too, I hope) — but they live on opposite side of the planet.

      (Readers who don’t know the score: Cherri Bonney is Free Martin the hell up, and Cheryl is Free Jahar the hell up.)

      Go, Cherri and Cheryl. You are BOUND to win.

      • To all on Gumshoe news and the great believers in JUSTICE for all, I thank you. Mary YES is a strong lady and is standing for the rights the suffering needs….go Mary!! ♥
        Ps: MARTIN BRYANTS song ‘ I WISH I KNEW HOW TO BE FREE’ will be recorded this
        weekend. More news later…
        Cherri Bonney

  4. To Mary & Dee
    Thanks for giving us the facts and no tripe this past year!
    May there be less to expose in 2016!
    Seasons Greetings to you both and a great New Year! xx

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