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An Injection and Reflection of 2015 Moments


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by Dee McLachlan


Gumshoe did several articles on US anti-vaccination campaigner Sherri Tenpenny — the osteopath who had infuriated doctors by linking vaccines to a range of disorders. She was was going to run a series of seminars in Australia, but cancelled her tour after “continual, anonymous threats of vandalism and violence.”

A strange twist to this saga was anti vaxxer Frankie Vazquez (Article here). It had the whiff of a set-up of sorts. This guy apparently threatened to bomb and kill people — but police NO action was taken against him. However, if you are a young Muslim lad with a knife — you are a real danger to the public.

We know former prime minister Tony Abbott in November 2006 (as Federal Health Minister) said: “I won’t be rushing out to get my daughters vaccinated, maybe that’s because I’m a cruel, callow, callous, heartless bastard but, look, I won’t be” — but then he changed his mind when he became prime minister and supported the “no vax, no play” legislation that comes into affect January 1, 2016.

The ABC hosts Michael Rowland and Virginia Trioli also “put down” much admired cartoonist Michael Leunig when he was interviewed on ABC News Mornings, insisting vaccinations were proven to be absolutely safe.

Maybe the ABC should interview Christopher William Savage who served with the Queensland Police Service. In a 2012 declaration he confirmed that the police were writing off cases of possible vaccine injury as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and that the police were falsely accusing parents of manslaughter and Shaken Baby Syndrome. (Gumshoe article here)

The ABC should also take note that the medical profession know vaccines do harm. There is now a call (November 15, 2015) for a Vaccine Injury Compensation Scheme.

I found this on australiandoctor.com.au, but cannot access the article. Only health practitioners can register for access.

vax injury2

Its a strange world we live in when a mandatory activity has along with it a injury compensation scheme.

The Trump Reality Show


But talking about vaccinations and politicians, presidential hopeful, Donald Trump spoke out saying, “pumping massive amounts of liquid (vaccines) into a child” could possibly lead to autism.

The presstitute media attacked: “Donald Trump Spouts Dangerous Anti-Vaccine Nonsense. Ben Carson’s Response Is Worse.” (Forbes) They write:

“Donald Trump used the latest Republican debate as an opportunity to express wildly inaccurate anti-vaccine claims, embracing the thoroughly discredited position that vaccines cause autism… It started with a now-retracted 1998 study by one of the great villains in medicine, Andrew Wakefield…”

Paul Joseph Watson did a report on a PhD immunologist and vaccine proponent that recently admitted (during a conference) that baby shots are worthless and are to ‘train the parents’.

I can’t close 2015 without putting forward my photo of the year.

The Photo of 2015

My favourite photo of the year has to be Cheney, with his FOOT ON HIS DESK, watching the twin towers burn (at 9:33 am).


Several photographs shot on 9/11 were released in response to a FOIA request, and they show people reacting to the horror of the attacks. Interestingly, they mostly focus around Vice President Dick Cheney. (My Gumshoe article here)

The sequence of Cheney relaxing while “Rome was burning” is shocking. The photographs were shot when the footage indicated 9:33 – 9:38, thus they were most likely snapped later in the day. I mean would the vice president have his feet on the desk when he knew America was being attacked — plus posing for a photographer?  Around this time — according to Norman Mineta (US Secretary of Transportation) — Cheney was in the bunker ordering a stand down.

And so this inspires me to re-post the cartoon I adapted.

Ruben L’s Charlie Hebdo cartoon had two planes flying into two pencils. I added a third — a shorter pencil — to reference BUILDING 7, the skyscraper that “collapsed” at 5:20 pm on September 11, 2001. The building was demolished.

2 planes 3 pencils

And talking about sharp pencils.

I have been truly amazed that Gumshoe is at the pointy end in the “discovery” of two important cases — Martin Bryant and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Congratulations to all those unraveling the lies.

Wait till you see what we have planned for each of those cases, very soon!

2016 will be quite a  year for Gumshoe.

And now, to you, our dear readers and behind-the-scenese supporters: Happy New Year





    • I turned this video on, and immediately put off by the unctuous tone of the narrator. Wondered who he was. No sign of any self-identification. Now why would anyone produce a film and not want to get credit for it?

      So I clicked on his channel and saw that he has some other videos. Began to watch the one about Jews. (Well, I would, wouldn’t I.) He described a doctor named Rachel Yehuda, saying that she claims that the trauma of Holocaust victims is passed to their offspring (“making it possible for future generations to claim reparations from German government”).

      That sounded like Lamarkism to me, and I wondered if it can possibly be true that Lamarkism is finding favor in medical circles. (Per Lamark, contra Darwin, the giraffe got the long neck by trying to reach tall foliage and passed his stretching to his son.)

      So I goes to look up the work of Dr Yehuda. She said NOTHING like what the maker of this video said. Boy, am I sick of all the disinfo on Youtube. Here is my way to determine if an exposee video has any validity, especially if it is high-budget:

      Look for the author’s previous work. If he hasn’t been a slogger for several years, he is not the Real McCoy. He is on the Payroll. Ignore him.

  1. Paraphraphrasing, from recollection about 9-10 years back, Norman Mineta’s testimony to the congressional 911 coverup inquiry:
    ‘I went to the bunker and the VP was already there, we were working out the situation, one crash could be an accident but two …… we had to get the planes down. During this time a young man entered and reported to ths VP ‘incoming’ about 50 miles out. He left. He returned and reported ‘incoming’ 30 miles out. He left. Soon after he returned again and said to the VP; ‘incoming’ 10 miles out, do the orders still stand’? The VP snapped his head around and replied: ‘of course they still stand have you heard otherwise’?
    Hey mass media and ABC: look up Mineta’s testimony and Mr Faine of the Australian Broadcasting Commission; explain how it was that some aircraft hit the Pentagon soon after, even though the pentagon defences were not used.
    How about asking why the US government will not release the security videos to accurately identify what hit the Pentagon and conveniently wiped out the ONI bean counters in their new Pentagon digs, trying to trace the missing 2.3 trillion dollars as announced by Rumsfield the day before.
    Mass media, you lot are either as dumb as or complicit in preventing the exposure and prosecution of mass murderers and those who are responsible for the plan to go kill and thieve in 7 countries in a scheduled 5 years. [Per General Wesley Clark to Amy Goodman in March 2007 which you still hide from the Australian people]
    Now where are we 14 years later with a couple of million dead, countries destroyed and thousans of ‘refugees’ ‘invading’ Europe and now with Russia now in on the game?
    Criminal liars or idiots? You lot chose, either way, have you lot not spread enough blood and misery that cannot ever be forgiven by the families destroyed by your mass media lies?

    • Well said Ned—-the lazy MSM and their cohorts don’t even have took it up. Here it is:

      Flight 77 crashes into the western side of the Pentagon – 9:37:46:

      What an absolute scam the mainstream media is. They are defunct and acting criminally

      • For decades institutions have hidden disgusting paedophiles.
        Now for a Royal Commission in due course to expose those who have covered for mass murder and warmongering killing.
        Sleep right mass media but do not be confident that your ‘days of Pell’ will not surface.
        In the meantime ensure that your diaries are complete with notes of those who prevented you from doing your jobs.

          • Evidence dear Mary, evidence!
            In due course; watch the media rats consume each other and their political controllers.
            As one 911 Commissioner opined; ‘it will take 20 years for the truth to be exposed”,
            Well ABC, mass media and shock jock shills, you have six years to gather hay, then you will be consumed by George’s ‘pet goat’ fantasy and proceed therefrom according to the laws of nature to be consumed by honest useful worms.
            Sorry about your children’s education expenses!
            Not to forget the misery you lot enabled in the Middle East which is now at your children’s doorstep, as planned by George Soros and Co.
            Idiots and dupes are the msm!

      • And as criminals, should be tried, convicted and gaoled,
        placed in a cell alongside Ivan Miltat who only murdered about half a dozen innocents..

    • For completeness I should add that I had many hours of discussion with Lt. Col. ‘Bob’ Bowman (rip) who is recorded at http//www.patriotsquestion911.com as stating that the official account of 911 is ‘HOGWASH”,
      He, with experience as a interceptor pilot stated that the US airforce was ‘stood down’ on 911, Bob explained to me that in july 2001 the protocols for intercepting wayward aircraft in the US were changed from military control to the US executive. IE., to Bush. But Bush was off with kindergarten boys and girls discussing a pet goat. So Cheney at the time of Mineta was ‘the man’.
      After 911 the intercept protocols were returned to the military control.
      An invitation from me to Malcolm Turnbull to meet with Bob was not acknowledged. So for our politicians who send our boys to be deceived with serial lies and sent to their fate, whilst the politicians massage their egos with ANZAC day platitudes with msm devotion.
      Coincidently, it would seem, one Mr. ‘LUCKY’ LARRY SIlverstsin in about July 2001 took a lease on the asbestos riddled WTC twin towers to combine with his existing interest in building 7.
      There is much more. We await and observe our freedom loving, investigative and diligent mass media do as good a job on 911 as they have accomplished with exposing paedophiles, their patrons and worker’s union thieving spivs.
      Fat CHANCE!! They want to further deceive our boys to go get killed in the Mddle East so they can soak up a gullible populace to finance their media fraud with misguided patriotic BS, just to sell papers and flog off advertisements.

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