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An Open Letter to the Trustees of the Boston Public Library


boston library2Green lamps for reading, in Bates Hall, Boston Public Library

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Dear Trustees of the Boston Public Library:

Chairman Robert E Gallery, Vice Chairman Evelyn Arana-Ortiz,  and Board Members Zamawa Arenas, Cheryl Cronin, Laura DeBonis, Carol Fulp, John Hailer, Paul A La Camera, and Byron Rushing.

Greetings from the Antipodes!

By chance I read something online today that struck me as sacrilegious toward the BPL. I want to call your attention to this matter. It is an item appearing in the Cape Cod Times of Dec 21, 2015. It reports that a man and wife from Brewster have engaged a sculptor named Sean Egan to make two crystal works of art in memory of persons who died at the Marathon.

As I am sure you know, the bombing that took place outside the Library building on April 15, 2013 was done by a covert agency — not by the Tsarnaev brothers as is so cruelly portrayed in the press.

The Brewster man, Ralph Ingegneris, said it broke his heart when he heard about the death of the child, Martin Richard. He said “What made me sick is that they left the bomb right next to him.”

Some day when word reaches the Ingegneris’s that the “they” who left the bomb are persons on the government payroll, I imagine they will take it very hard. At the moment I shall not attempt to persuade them, or even contact them. The majority of Bostonians—incredibly, to my eyes – seem to have accepted the official story about the Tsarnaevs.

I grew up in Dorchester where my father, a Boston Public School teacher, took my sister and me to Boston Public Library once a week. Sometimes he took us to Copley Square but more often to the Coddy or the Addy (in Dad’s parlance), i.e.,  the Codman Square Branch and the Adams Street Branch.

I never got over my love of books and have authored eight of them myself. Four of them, published by university presses, are right there in your stacks. Oh, I can smell the stacks now. Oh I can taste freedom of thought and expression. How lucky we Bostonians are!

So now to the business at hand.  The Brewster couple said that one of the sculptures will be of Sean Collier, the deceased campus cop, and thus will be housed at MIT. The other does not yet have a home but may do so by April. They said State Rep Timothy Whelan is “eyeing” the Boston Public Library.

Please, you can’t accept this. I mean you could certainly accept it and display it as part of a teach-in to show the truth about the Marathon bombing. E’en tho’ I be 10, 000 miles away, I would show up at your command to assist in that effort. And there are many like me, including Emeritus Professor of Biology Moti Nissani, and Cheryl Dean, a citizen who has followed the legal machinations of the case with absolute commitment to bringing out the truth.

Indeed, now that I think of it, the decision as to whether the BPL should house the sculpture could itself be the occasion for some much-needed soul-searching in Beantown. For starters, it could bring about a lively debate just on the subject of free speech. You must have noticed a falling off in borrowers at your library. This happens when the public is inundated with propaganda in the form of info-tainment.

Sure it’s a sad thought that some naughty group has committed such crimes as 9-11. I see that the percentage of doubters in New York is about to hit 51%, making ‘conspiracy theory’ a more orthodox position than the official story. That will be quite a relief, and may turn the tide for the other ‘conspiracies.’

Please, the library has got to be at the forefront as regards the Boston conspiracy. Even if we were to speak only of your traditional responsibility to guard the knowledge of the past, that would well encompass the task related to sorting out the Marathon problem. There is many a book on your shelves that could be used for this. But the point of this letter is to say that, at the very least, you must not take part in the deceiving of the people.

I mentioned “sacrilege.” For the sculpture to be displayed at the Library, with a general understanding that the bombing was done by Tamerlan Tsarnaev (who was in fact subsequently murdered by the FBI) or by the younger brother Dzhokhar who is presently on Death Row, would be a sin beyond sins.

Let Fenway Park take the sculpture. Let it stand on Boston Common.  Let Widener Library at Harvard house it. Anywhere but the Boston Public Library.

Your sincerely,

Mary Maxwell



  1. Mary – your integrity, intelligence and clarity of critical thinking regarding the distinction of actual fact from propagated ‘fiction’ in written word is such an uplifting joy to read – a joy knowing that others too, from your articulate efforts, may begin awakening to the staggering level of ‘hoodwinking’ they are, as we were once, subjected to. I too love reading, adore libraries and myself attended grad school in human psychology in Cambridge MA. my professional training taught me to look deeper, beyond any surface presentation to get to the truth of any situation or story.
    It would be a trumped up tragedy for BPL (not to mention certain future embarrassment) to endorse such ‘hoodwinking’ of the US Govt via their media department regarding this military and Hollywood produced ‘terrorist drill’. I still wonder why Steven Spielberg wasn’t nominated and/or awarded for his participation or co-production of the ‘event’, along with the crisis actors, the known female Hollywood choreographer, Craft and their famous heavily weighted black backpack with the white square etc. (if only people actually looked at photographs. One would think that librarians might be among the last vestige of those who would fall into mass ‘group think’ or plain old fashioned propaganda. But of course Hitler managed quite well in the same fashion swaying the populus against Jewish people, exactly as the US Govt and media are doing to the american masses regarding Muslims today – all while they themselves are the perpetrators. Thank you for writing this and for speaking up for us all that are awake and aware, and for being part of the solution rather than the problem regarding the mass insanity and complete lack of common sense in the world day. I too ask BPL to engage in a little soul – searching before blindly putting a rubber stamp on this one. One day in the future, they’ll be glad they did…

    • Jana, are you game to write to one of the BPL trustees, Ms Laura DeBonis? I see she holds another helpful role (I mean helpful for dissidents like us) :

      “Yesterday, the President announced his intention to appoint Laura A. DeBonis and Solomon B. Watson IV to each serve three-year terms as members of the Public Interest Declassification Board. You can find a link to the White House press release announcing the appointments. The members of the PIDB look forward to working with Ms. DeBonis and Mr. Watson as they continue their efforts to improve declassification and modernize the classification system.”

      Go, declassifiers!

      • Jana, this is getting better. Another trustee is the Majority Whip in the Mass. Legislature. Please contact him (age 73, I bet he has held a few books in his hand). Wikipedia says:

        “Byron Rushing serves the Ninth Suffolk district in the Massachusetts House of Representatives representing the South End neighborhood of Boston. A Democrat, first elected in 1982. Representative Rushing’s priorities are human and civil rights and liberties; local human, economic and housing development; environmental justice and health care.”

        Hmm, maybe he’d like my little talk about Mass. constitution:

  2. Thank you, Jana. A couple of years ago the head of Adelaide Writer’s Week said — (why the hell did she say this?):
    “A child who is six years old today will possibly never hold a book in his hand.”
    Hello? Isn’t it time for a good hiding for any parent who would allow that to happen?
    Jana, do you know that some branches of the BPL have already announced they are removing books from the libe? Yes I read that 2 years ago.
    But then, that is perfect Orwellism:
    Peace is war. Library is no-books. Cat is dog, etc.

  3. Personally, I don’t believe there were any real injuries at the Boston marathon “bombing.” Sure, the “bombs” made a lot of noise and big puffs of smoke, but it seems to me there were multiple stagings of the so-called “injured” for photographic opportunities. I didn’t see a single picture or video that convinced me there were actual injuries, and I spent months and months watching videos, looking at pictures, and reading articles.

    Sculptures of such type located anywhere would be objects of propaganda designed to give credence to the blatantly false official narrative. Surely there are “ordinary” people in Boston who know the whole thing was a travesty and would not be in favor of these sculptures, at least I hope there are. I would hope there are many such people who would speak up loudly in opposition.

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