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Free iPhones, Drowning in Debt, and Human Husbandry



by Mary W Maxwell

About 10 days ago there appeared on my laptop screen a small box that said “Want to get e free iPhone?” I knew better than to say Yes, but there was no way to delete it. I even tried turning the computer off, and put the power point off and on, but the little pop-up box survived!

So, to get rid of it, I tapped “OK.”

Since then, my Inbox is deluged with emails that seem, from the subject line, to be aimed at folks who gamble or are in debt.  For instance, there is often an offer of a free credit card, or a ‘gift’ from Myers. (I don’t mean Myers is to blame. I have not opened the emails — perhaps somebody else puts Myers in the subject line).

Why Put People in Debt?

Yesterday a very savvy business lady told me the same thing happened on her iPhone – an ad appeared which she couldn’t get rid of, and had to say ‘OK.’ That suggests that “they” are sending it to everyone – but this would defeat the purpose of targeting only the type of person who is vulnerable to debt.

Who is vulnerable? And what is the point of drowning folks in debt? I hereby make the unsubstantiated guess that “they” want to harm as many of us as possible and debt is just one more way of doing it (other ways being to feed us bad food, or give our kids a lousy education).

College admissions offices in America are overly ‘generous’ to the incoming student, lining her up for some amazing loans to pay the four-year tuition. As soon as she finishes her degree she has more than $100,000 debt staring her in the face.

And what is her solution?  If she can’t get a job with which to pay it, she is offered the chance to get an official deferment of the payment – by becoming a postgraduate student. For this, she will have to sign up for further loans!

In Oz, it is not so bad (yet) as the HECS debt does not come due UNTIL the person gets a job. And not just any job, but one that shows up on his income tax return as a salary of more than $52,000.

What Did Dr Day Foretell about Debt?

It’s usually instructive to go back to the 1969 predictions of Dr Richard Day. He said (speaking as a Rockefeller Insider):

“People would be encouraged to use credit to borrow and then also be encouraged to renege on their debt so they would destroy their own credit. People would have credit cards with the electronic strip on it and once they got used to that then it would be pointed out the advantage of having all of that combined into a single credit card, serving a single monetary system….”

(Of course that prediction came true very soon after 1969. Before that, most people had credit cards for particular department stores, rather than a ‘mastercard.’)

Day also mentioned:

“The next step would be to replace the single card with a skin implant in a place that would be convenient to the skin; for example your right hand or your forehead.”

The next thing you know all the debt-burdened people will be physically recognizable by their ‘chip.’ Will being a debtor render him more likely, or less likely, to be ‘bumped off?’ There is a plan to disappear certain people. I quote again from Dr Day’s lecture, as reported by Lawrence Dunegan, MD, in 1988:

“When the new system takes over, people will be expected to sign allegiance to it, indicating that they don’t have any reservations or holding back to the old system. ‘There just won’t be any room,’ he said, ‘for people who won’t go along.

We can’t have such people cluttering up the place’ so such people would be taken to special places, and here I don’t remember the exact words, but the inference I drew was that at these special places where they were taken, then they would not live very long. He may have said something like, ‘disposed of humanely.’”

Maybe instead of bumping off the debtors, the plan will be to selectively spare them. Once the overlords know who has the self-confidence to stay out of debt, they may wish to get rid of those ones, and keep the more docile ones around as servants.

Human Husbandry

Funny, isn’t it, to think of our overlords (the cabal) having to face the task of deciding what kind of people they want as their co-inhabitants of this Earth. Do they want simpletons? Do they want adults who cannot tie their own shoelaces?

I have often thought that for all their brilliance, the master planners seem to have skipped class the day the biology teacher explained the evolution of talent. It goes something like this:

In the farmer’s method of animal husbandry, you can artificially select some traits by keeping a record of individual traits. You want long-haired alpacas? Breed from the ones with long hair.

But this does not work for humans. Many talents appear randomly in the population. You can’t tell who is going to be a fabulous dancer or a whiz in mathematics.

You may try to bump off all who have a certain trait — or just prevent them from reproducing — but you’d still find some of that trait in later generations. You could bump off all the fabulous musicians and yet new ones would crop up. You could bump off all the debt-prone individuals but fail to weed out that trait.


This dilemma caused me to try to picture some decision-makers in the eugenics department (if that’s what they call it) actually specifying the kind of humans there should be in the middle of the 21st century. Just imagine it.

As Australian philosopher John Passmore once said, when confronted with the notion that cloning meant there could be 98 exact copies of one person, it makes you want to go behind a tree and give up your dinner.

Imagine people like David Rockefeller (100 years old), Henry Kissinger (92), and Rupert Murdoch (84) having the power today to decide what a human should be.

Now see, boys, you shouldn’t have sent me that gambler’s message on my computer.  It has made me think more carefully about what you are getting up to….

– Mary W Maxwell can be found at her website, maryWmaxwell.com




  1. These days it is not known who is drinking or who is paying.We have been told lies and the lies are just getting bigger and bigger. The richest prime minister ever in the most expensive country in the world. Since when has wealth greed and bombs replaced compassion and equality. $30,000 to go to a private school, in Sydney, per year. Meanwhile in W.A. CCP students have been offered free university education. What is going on? When we wake up we will realize that ” our children have become homeless in the country that their grandparents built.” Globalism is the steel capped boot crushing our lives. Unless we get rid of the reserve banksters all will be lost.

  2. I like to think the self-appointed “overlords” will either soon die naturally or will be made impotent in every way so that they will no longer have any influence over any of us.

  3. Well let us see what Dr. Day reported on this, that the complicit mass media and our traitorous pollies will not discuss.
    Perhaps; per favour of the editor/s of GS a suitable link might be provided for Dr Day’s pages 94-111 in the “Truth in Journalism’ publication produced by Gumshoenews.com for the benefit of the ignorant and uninformed? (By their own wish)
    Perhaps the pollies and jouros might even be informed of the fascist futures for their children planned by the psycho control freaks and their supporters and get off their fat bloated annus and use half their peanut brain and become alarmed.
    OKAY DIMWITS Take note; in short:
    Page 108. Para. 98.
    Inflation would become predominately credit. (Invent money by the controling bankers who get it for nothing and make you pay interest to them)
    Page 109.
    Para. 99.
    Records of all purchases kept. ( now you know why the pollies have ‘metadata man” that you pay for)
    Para. 100.
    Saving will be limited. (So you will be limited by a financial noose around your neck)
    Para. 101.
    Having no savings people will be encouraged to borrow and many will renege on the debt. (So you will be hung out by the neck and hung out to rot)
    Para. 102.
    There will be a single card giving complete control over you at the whim of the fascist freak controllers. (It can be turned off at whim and cards like your opal transport card dumps you where it ‘don’t work’ and they will know ‘where you is’. Then the chip will be implanted in your wrist. Beats some tattooed numbers which may be unsightly?)
    Add to that there will be no cash, already cash transactions are being curtailed in some countries. Ony fiance you will have will be in a bank account which might be needed for the bank bail out when the bank needs some money. Remember, money you give to a bank is then not yours, it belongs to the bankers. They can control what you take out and what they may take at any time. If they go down and you want some finance to buy spuds, you may as well whistle ‘Dicky Smith”. (As a current exxample. By the way, the original Smith has nothing to do with it)
    So pollies and journos, this is what you traitors to humanity are enabling because you miserable running dogs continue to deceive the sheep for the fascist globalist freak show.
    Ever heard of slicing off your noses just for a slurp in your mass media bosses trough? Enjoy it and remember: when you ,ot have drained the trough your kids will be mere slaves to perennial debt owed to the bankers.
    Recall President Wilson after he allowed the bankers to set up the private US Federal Reserve Bank lamenting that he was a very sad man, he had ruined his country. Well people now 100 years on we know that to be the case.
    So Mr Turnbull what is your government policy to save Australia and our people from the fate ordained by those who really run the country?
    So mas media, you with the people or for the bankers and fascism.

    • Is there not one mass media murdockit gnome who will reply to the above?
      Have they not heard of the EU legislation commencing first January 2016 providing for citizen”s ‘money/deposits’ in bank accounts to be utilised, oops, ‘stolen’ by the bankers to cover the banker’s derivative gambling habits, designed to loot citizen’s piggy bank savings and superannuation, planned for their retirement.
      Time to move to Iceland where they know what to do with bankers. Look it up and appreciate how they are now safer than a bank!
      Not to worry, it can be all cleaned up with another banker’s world war being worked on presently.
      For some insight see at http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/

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