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The Marathon Carjacking Nonsense, Part 2 – Bloopers and Wardrobe Malfunctions



by Dee McLachlan

Josée Lépine, a new contributor to Gumshoe, is running a series of articles about the ‘carjacking’ that was used to set up the Tsarnaev boys in the Marathon case. She permits me to present some pictorial moments, not all of which are about the carjacking.

The Backpack

Possibly the most shockingly dishonest evidence in the case has to do with the backpack. Special security people near the finish line were wearing bulky black backpacks, while Dzhokhar (Jahar) Tsarnaev carried a not-so-bulky one. The color of his is indisputably grey-white, not black.

And that is one of the many matters on which the “defense team” did not even challenge the FBI’s story.

Tsarnaev backpacks don't match up!

This one fact demonstrates that they are NOT representing their client.

Taking the Time to Exchange the Milk

According to the MSM, on the day of the bombing (April 15, 2013, not to be confused with the day of the carjacking, April 18) Jahar went into the Wholefoods shop just 20 minutes after he supposedly bombed the hell out of Boston.

Was he in search of some whiskey or brandy to calm the old nerves? No, just milk, thank you. On Youtube you can see him doing the shopping and taking all the time he needs to choose the right milk.  But when he got into the car, there is obviously a discussion. “Wrong kind. Go back.” So he dutifully retraces his steps, asks the cashier, and then exchanges the milk.

jahar in storeJahar leaving the bomb area (L) and coming back to exchange the milk (R)

The narration on one TV media report was “…as his victims lay bleeding in Boylston street…(he) calmly entered a grocery store to buy milk.” (You’d think the narrator may have questioned whether the calm walk of the accused, and the return to exchange the milk, was a possible indicator that maybe he might not have set off the bombs.)

The White Cap Switch

And now, on the evening of the 18th, the boys’ boldness exceeds even their April 15th boldness. They allegedly kill Officer Collier who is parked at the MIT campus, for the sole purpose of obtaining his gun.

And this is when they do the carjacking and then allegedly just “drive around” for a while.

According to the media story, which seems also to be the police’s story – the brothers carjacked Danny (Dun Meng), and being thieves as well as bombers, apparently, fleeced Danny of his money by using his ATM card.

Below, on the left, we see Jahar in the white-yellow cap, making the withdrawal.

boston cap switcherooContinuity error.

Minutes later, the brothers and Danny arrive at the gas station. Oops! Wardrobe malfunction. Now it’s the older boy, Tamerlan, that is wearing the “ATM” cap! In filmmaker land, this would be termed a “continuity error.” Note Jahar, in the lower part of the surveillance photo, rugged up in his hoodie.

The Gas Purchase That Never Happened

And part of the carjacking scenario – which is crucial to the whole fantasy – is that they stop for gas.

Danny in court claims that Jahar went into the store to pay for gas.

Danny: “…Tamerlan told the defendant today [that means Jahar] to put $50 in for the gas. And he also said super. Super. The super grade. And so the defendant today, he went into the store to pay for the gas.”

But what do we see on the “definitive video”? We don’t see any of the three male persons pumping gas.

You would think that if you had just killed a cop, you’d be in the mood to — once again — get the hell away. No. Jahar strolls around the store selecting items — just taking his time. To the best of my knowledge no purchase of gas actually took place.

They didn’t follow Danny’s script.

The Double Dancing Keys

Danny alleges that in the carjacking, that Tamerlan insisted on driving. Then, as the (testified-under-oath) story goes, Danny sees his chance to escape from the car when Jahar goes to pay for the petrol.

Having done a dramatic run (which involved unbuckling his seat belt), Danny ends up in the Mobil Station across the street to seek help. In the photo below he is talking to the manager.


Here’s where it pays to be “on the case” as Josée Lépine devotedly is. She spotted the fact that he is wearing his keys near his back pocket. Josée asks: Who carries two bunches of keys?

Did Danny keep a double sets of keys? Maybe he’s just that kind of guy. My guess is he knew he was going to lose the car, so separated the keys in advance. (We do know that the car still had a key in the ignition as the SUV drives off shortly after Danny runs away.)

Luckily Josée has the original video, in which the keys are well-defined.

Yet It Is No Laughing Matter

Tamerlan is no more. Jahar awaits death. By the end of Lépine’s  series of articles we hope to have every reader trying to figure out what can be done.

A total fiction has been foisted on the (lazy or scared) public. It is not the least bit funny.

However, this is a lighter look at Danny’s “getaway.”


  1. Around 44 seconds, Meng should be peeing his pants.

    Must ask Ms Lepine if they brought any wardrobe evidence to court in regard to the big pee.

    I mean we all remember the blue GAP dress, don’t we?

  2. Thank you Dee, there is so much to be told about Danny and as a matter of fact about all of the events that took place during that week. As MSN failed to tell the truth we are left to do it for them. So we will.

  3. I am adding your site to the bibliography of my book about the bombings. Confessions of a Conspiracy Nut by LauraW. (It’s print-on-demand, so I can make changes whenever I want.)

    The book lays out all the lies told by law enforcement in this case and also addresses larger issues of the U.S. wars and the flawed justice system.


  4. I have to wonder why you never attended the trial. Nor do you every read the early papers of his attorneys. And lastly, if you think you know what happened, they why do you not have interviews that were personally involved who can testify and who can back up Jahar’s own words of his guilt. He has never said he was innocent, he didn’t say it in the hospital and his legal team knew it too. Why, because he felt it was important to be truthful. What was the point of lying, especially he is so religious and you can’t hide from Allah. That is how this man thinks so you spend endless and useless time trying to change the narrative, but you will not get far, except to publish in a sit like this. Shameful that you refuse to come to terms with this situation.

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