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When I Was in Solitary, North of the Border


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by Josée Lépine

I don’t know if you remember the earlier days of the reporting of the Boston Marathon bombing but it was on the news on a permanent basis, even here in Canada.

Allow me to say why I got interested in this case. It was mainly a shocked reaction, that my neighbours had been hit by what President Obama was the FIRST to call ‘the worst terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11’.  Although I live far away from Boston, I was scared like most people around the world.  So I listened to the news and, like you, I read about everything that I could lay my hands on.

On April 16, 2013, I was relieved to learn that the investigation was going forward and very well. FBI Special Agent in Charge, Richard DesLauriers told us that that morning:

“‘it was determined that both of the explosives were placed in a dark-colored nylon bag or backpack. The bag would have been heavy because of the components believed to be in it…”

Then on April 18, at a “joint Law Enforcement” press conference, DesLauriers revealed the images of the two suspects! This FBI man told us to view various images, in particular a video that was posted on the FBI-Boston website.  (That’s at FBI dot gov, slash Boston!)

So I did as he asked. If I was shocked on April 15, let me tell you that I was panicking on April 18. The first thing I noticed was Jahar’s backpack that was not black but quite light.

I could not believe that the US Law Enforcement authorities – “LE” — were about to make a huge mistake. Plus, I believed the evil killer was still out there. Of course now I know that evil killer is still out there – it’s just not the one I had imagined. (Ah, back then, at age 57, I was so naïve.)

So, truly, I became interested in this case because of Jahar’s backpack. I couldn’t believe that the written media said zip about it.  I dare you to find one article.

To this day, when ‘the trolls’ are trying to convince me that Jahar participated in such an horrific act of terror, my brain immediately digs back to the image of the backpack.

So while waiting for the trial, I read any court documents or status conference transcripts that were available on the Net, and purchased the ones that appeared on the docket but were not available on the Net.

Prior to the trial I was able to read 361 court documents/status conference transcripts, but 529 were not released to the public. To this day those are still under seal, and many more are now suppressed.  How’s that for suspicious?

I even subscribed to TV stations from Boston — Fox News, CNN, ABC etc., because I did not want to miss the trial. Well you know what happened! The “trial of the century” was not going to be televised. WHAT?

At one point I decided that I needed to see that kid, so I went to Boston. Nice city, lovely people, but the ugliest court room I’ve ever been in. It was a highly emotional day, seeing Jahar, so thin, skin and bones, hearing his soft voice.

The journalists were going crazy when they weren’t sure if they had heard him say ‘very much so’ when the judge asked him if he was satisfied with his defense team.

After my return from Boston I was feeling overwhelmed, until someone introduced me to Twitter. I made this my companion and discovered that others were searching for truth also, thank God.

freezer meals

I cooked enough meals for 2 months and froze them so I could be ‘available’ to follow the trial. It felt like I was in solitary confinement, shackled to my chair and computer, eating defrosted food and “allowed one phone call at night”. This went on from January to the end of June, 2015. But what I’ve I learned from those “trial tweets”! Naive no more, m’dears.

I remember at the end of each day being so happy that nothing had been proven during the day. Oh was I happy! — until that famous day when the jurors returned a guilty verdict. They agreed to every one of the prosecutor’s 30 counts, plus sub-counts. I couldn’t believe it, really. What happened in the deliberation room is a mystery to me. I am hoping to ask Juror 83, who is not maintaining cold silence.

If you only receive information from media outlets, I can assure you that you have been lied to and I intend to correct that!  Having purchased the trial transcripts, I can publish what really went on during the trial. You’ll see that the government never proved its case against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. (Well, that’s the understatement of the month.)

You will see what lengths the unscrupulous Carmen Ortiz (US Attorney) went to, in bashing the Islamic religion. I am not Muslim and I would defend my own religion without hesitation. Therefore, I cannot stay silent on Carmen Ortiz’ action. When something is wrong, no matter how you look at it, it stays wrong.

I’m prepared to argue that the prosecutors were malicious and manipulated evidence to suit their narrative.

I am seriously working at exposing this case to the world. I am looking to discuss the content of my research with people who have this case at heart like I do. Let’s not ever let a government act this way.

We have to unite in a real force, be strong and expose.  We are the power here, not them. Think about it — if we didn’t vote for them, they wouldn’t be in power. WE granted them that power and WE can retrieve that power.

Josée Lépine lives in Canada and is preparing more articles for Gumshoe. We are delighted that she is no longer in “solitary.”





  1. Josee, that’s interesting that the judge asked Jahar if he was satisfied with the defense team.
    You say the reply sounded like “Very much so.” Maybe what he really said was “You think I’m nutso?”

    • that’s a good one Mary! pretty sure Jahar’s inner dialogue and outer were completely split during that trial due to his knowing that ‘they’ set he and his brother up as the ‘cover up/ postava’ for their own dirty deeds, killed his brother, attempted to kill him, and threatened his family – nothing THOSE nutsos wouldn’t do. and why all that and nothing but that coercive power will knock any staged validity of that kangaroo trial to the moon. I’m very grateful Josee. ladies, I post every one of your bmb articles on the fb group Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is Innocent #FreeJahar. we’re all right with you…

      • Thank you so much Jana. I post the articles on my facebook page but as I am computer challenged I did not know how to post them on the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is Innocent #Freejahar. So I truly appreciate your help.

  2. Ordinarily you are not suppose to speak during proceedings but the journalists were so stunned, perhaps it was not in their pre-scripted scenario.

  3. this is a great article Josee, so honest, so interesting. I am with you all the way and I clearly understand what you went through. Can’t wait to read all of your future articles. The world needs more people like you, a person with integrity. This fight to uncover the truth is really just beginning, but looks very promising. Thank you!

    • Oops, I’d better get in here with a correction before Cheryl Dean lowers the boom on me. She will remind us that Jahar DID NOT plead guilty.

      Hmm. Maybe that colloquy thing is de rigueur and so the judge does not want to have to give it (to Jahar), so they had to design the thing a bit differently. He pleads not guilty, and then his Lady (Judy Clark) gets up and says “He did it”.

      Cheryl, consider this: Jahar really did plead guilty. Maybe not technically, but for all practical purposes if he let the “Defense” trash him. Probably most Bostonians think he pleaded guilty.

      In fact Aunt Maret’s affidavit says the defense team visited Russia and admitted “We ain’t gonna be able to help your son.” For whatever reason, he accepted that. —– But WE reject it. So we have a big fight ahead.

      Josée and Cheryl, you are completely on the right track, which is to ignore all the chicanery and speak for truth and NORMALCY.

  4. Thank you dear Josee for your valiant efforts on behalf of the innocent Muslims of the world, and Jahar and his brother in particular. And as you know, the 9-11 attacks, also blamed on Muslims, were also false-flag attacks as have been all the wars fought since, and even ISIS is a false-flag. We are dealing with a very badly corrupted system and I am not sure how to use it to bring down the real perpetraitors since they will just pull-off another bigger and nastier false-flag to cover their bloody tracks before a critical mass of awakened minds discovers the truth. But we must persevere no matter what! So thank you again. I truly admire your courage and veracity. And thanks to Gumshoe News for all the great work you do for the cause of Freedom!

    P G Phippen

    • Gee, what a great blog title — Wake Up and Smell the False Flags.
      Yes, they do tend to upgrade the nastiness, to cover their tracks. I heard that the Lockerbie plane crash was done to get rid of one CIA whistleblower who was aboard. Maybe it is not true but it certainly fits their modus vivendi. Their “ethics.” God help us.

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