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“Blood On Our Doorstep” – The Media on the Terror Business


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by Dee McLachlan

“At least seven people were killed and dozens injured when the militants attacked a police post near a shopping mall in an affluent area of the capital [Jakarta], and set off multiple blasts including a suicide bomb near a Starbucks cafe.” (Herald Sun)

The Herald Sun (Editor’s Opinion) today writes:

“It’s happened again. Blood has been shed for no rational reason, and anger and fear return. It was only this week we were warned by security experts the forecast for 2016 will be more indiscriminate terror.

We’ve been told to expect another September 11.” [emphasis added]

Would this editor please oblige us, and inform us who told him that we should expect another catastrophic event like that of 9-11?  Detail please.

Why not remind your audience what the The Project for the New American Century wrote back in 2000. The neoconservative document described that the transformation to create a dominant force was likely to be a long one, “absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.”

The Herald Sun opinion piece continues:

“Internationally, the world’s media brought focus on to what was quickly assessed as yet the latest terrorist abomination. The first question asked, as it always is, is who was behind it this time? Are they linked to or inspired by IS?”

Even presidential hopeful Donald Trump is pointing fingers. He claims Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama of being responsible for the rise of Islamic State. But maybe The Herald Sun should print James O’Neill’s article in Gumshoe entitled: “ISIS, Syria And Australia’s Confused Foreign Policy.” O’Neill, a barrister, writes:

“ISIS leads a charmed life in many respects… (and how) Wounded ISIS fighters are treated in an Israeli military hospital”

But let us discuss terrorist abomination.

What about the designed plan to decimate SEVEN countries in FIVE years (see the video on Wesley Clark or Gumshoe reports). The leaders of the US, UK and Australia coordinated a terror war on the people of Iraq. They destroyed the country, killed its people and now it is broken. The result is hatred and radicalization.

Seven people died in Jakarta yesterday – but over a million were killed in Iraq.

That is terror.

Enough is enough. Start printing the facts and the not the government fictional narrative.

It seems you have been tasked by the warmongers to scaremonger.

“We’ve been told to expect another September 11.”  What whispers are you privy too? Are you just making up another potential giant Murdoch-killer-bee story of blood and terror to frighten the Australian public into further subservience and dependency? Or are you just trying to sell more of your propagandist papers?

terror h sunThere were two double spreads in The Herald Sun on the Jakarta bombings

You might not know where to go, but some of us do. We need to make Western leaders answer for war crimes — and go to jail if need be.

To continue, the Herald Sun opnion:

 “The dogma behind such extremism knows no logic. And so this seemingly endless war on terror grinds on. [That’s the plan]

“What we do know is we can’t give up the fight for decency and freedom.”


Aaron Russo (presidential candidate, filmmaker and music promoter) explained the War on Terror, and the agenda towards global governance in his last interview.  This is a short extract of the interview. (Full interview here)





  1. So they say there is going to be another 911.
    So the ‘government people’ who planned, framed innocents and did the 911 massacre to justify killing a couple of million and destroying half a dozen countries are going to do it again?
    But they will need the controlled mass media to cover again with lies and more misinformation.
    Sick lot are our mass media journalists and editors.
    The style of another false flag ‘attack’ is something to speculate on.
    One theory is something to cause a conflict in the world. More killing? Boring!
    How about a cyber attack on the banks and fiscal systems in the the world stuffing up all financial records?
    Dear oh dear journos, then you will all be as broke as a Greek.
    But it might wake you lot up when you realise that then the banking fascists really own you and your families.
    ‘Heil’ corporation masters
    Please SIR, more porridge.

    • Sorry, forgot.
      What really happened on 911?
      Two planes crashed three buildings that then fell down due to fire!
      OK, believe that if you wish to reside under a mass media and shock jock mushroom with your politicians and mass media friends.
      No. What really happened?
      The SEC closed for few days.
      That enabled the mad corporate criminals to launder billions of undocumented transactions through the system. For more, read up on E.P. Heidner: ‘911 commission report revised December 2008’ (three reports) also look up the Supreme Court of NSW and the wining action by Wingercarribee (sp?) Council against S and P. Too much to cover here.
      One interesting part of the Heidner report is that Cantor Fitzgerald (and other banks ?) Practised downloading their records in January 2001 in case of such a 911 event.
      Now look up how banks have been practising for a cyber attack event over recent years.
      So if it happens and the bank teller claims: ‘Sorry Mr Murdock, we have no record of you being a customer. (Piss off we have your money!) then ‘stiff go ask Malcolm for some money’.
      Wake up do your research.

          • One cannot know if one does not read the bloody 500 pages.
            I printed it all out in 2009 and carried it around for a week.
            The legs are there, as a start, one appreciates the short reference to the Nugan Hand Bank and what apparently was/is not known by Heidner about ex prisoner; ex chief magistrate of NSW, one Murray Farqhur. (And his mates!)
            Read the bloody thing and forget the ‘even if’.

          • Remember, Cantor Fitzgerald suffered a direct hit! Missed the executives, they had a golf match. (No, not a appointment with a dermatologist)
            Other private info is that preceding the hit on CF the staff were wiped out ‘manually’. To be sure.
            Look up the double B truck load of gold bullion hampered by a falling ceiling and the drivers scampering.

          • I would be interested to know if the manual pre-attack wipe-out took place that day, that week, that year, what?

            Do you know that CF has major presence at the Pentagon, not as arms merchant but as money merchant? At least it says that in Thomas Barnett’s 2006 book “The Pentagon’s New Map.” In the map, many countries are missing. They will not survive.

            Barnett is a CF employee and to my mind his book is a plea for help. His baby daugher was being kept in very unusual circumstances. Read the bloody book, Ned.

          • Your reference to building 5 and 6 and Dee’s “guilty knowledge” appears unecessarily mishcievous.
            I have never raised 5 and 6 before on this site.

          • I recall now that it was Ned who got me in trouble about a year ago. I went to look up the Heidner thing and, since it was presented on “9/11 Commission” letterhead, (remember letterhead?) i thought it was the Real McCoy and quoted from it.

  2. Another 9/11? Bring it on! Im sick of waiting!
    For their sake, they had better have learnt how to cover their tracks a little better.
    This time around there will be more people watching, we know their MO.

    Maybe if it is a little closer to home, might wake a few people that are still asleep, finally. One of these days they are going to go to far.. and then comes the pushback..


  3. OK, Ned, Just to oblige you I have copied this from Heidner. I am unable to comment on its accuracy:

    “This decision was meant to stop multiple money laundering investigations which would have traced illegal money laundering operations …With a decision being made in 1998, the attack on the WTC was probably delayed until September 11, 2001, to allow the Bush Family and Russian Mafiya to cover the settlement of the fraudulent Durham/Brady Bonds .
    2. The group which probably planned and set-up the attack on the World Trade Center was most likely a mix of Russian/Israeli Mafiya, ex-KGB and Israeli secret service, with the assistance of David Kimche (Mossad agent), Meir Dagan (head of the Israeli Mossad), Adnan Khashoggi and Sheikh Kamal Adham (former head of Saudi Intelligence), Richard Armitage and Richard Secord.
    Kimche, Armitage and Secord are the only field intelligence operatives identified in the world press as having field management responsibility for Al Qaeda mercenaries.
    Khashoggi is documented to have coordinated similar types of false “terrorist” attacks in Russia, with the participation of CIA and Israeli agents working with Chechen Mafya (with its participation of CIA and Israeli agents working with Chechen Mafya (with its strong linkages to the Yeltsin Family.)
    3. The group that probably arranged for operational cover in the US, and intelligence support the operation required most likely consists of re-united participants in the Iran-Contra dealings of the 1980’s.”

    • The Wikipedia entry on Richard Armitage says this:

      On July 1, 2010, Armitage was appointed an Honorary Companion of the Order of Australia, Australia’s “for eminent service to strengthening the Australia-United States bilateral relationship”. He was invested with the award at a ceremony at the Australian Ambassador’s residence on October 13, 2010.

      On June 6, 2011, Her Majesty the Queen appointed Armitage an Honorary Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit. He was appointed in recognition of his services to New Zealand–U.S. relations.

      On December 15, 2005, Armitage was awarded a KCMG and became a Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George (honorary).

      The President of Romania conferred upon Armitage with Romania’s highest civil order, The Order of the Star of Romania with the rank of Commander “for … [and] the support of our country’s efforts to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization”.

      Fancy that.

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