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The “Square” Photo of Jahar – Crucial Evidence was “Cropped” in Boston



by Dee McLachlan

You gotta love that FBI special agent Richard DesLauriers who told the people of Boston to look only at the photos he chose. ‘“For clarity these images should be the only ones, I emphasize, the only ones that the public should view to assist us. ” (Said at 2:41 on this video of the 18th of April press conference in 2013.)

I’ve been hooked into the Marathon case for the last ten days, thanks to our two new writers at Gumshoe News, Cheryl Dean and Josée Lépine. They have piles of documents and videos to show me.

Funnily enough I started off being obedient to Mr DesLauriers. I looked at his selected photos, and oh boy, is he going to be sorry that he told me to have a look!

It’s not for nothing that my neuronal pathways have been shaped by four decades of being a cinematographer.

Below are two images (PHOTOGRAPHS) that were allegedly taken at 777 Boylston Street, and appear in the VIDEO (Exhibit 22), entitled, “Boston Bombing – Tsarnaev Trial – Exhibit 22.

These images are NOT frames that occurred within the surveillance video (as is the rest of exhibit 22). Rather, it appears they are still pictures that were – I’m trying not to say “planted” – let’s see what other word I could use besides planted – OK, I think they were inserted.

Let us look at the first picture (the “finger-cap” picture) below. What is strange is that Dzhokhar (“Jahar”) Tsarnaev seems to be the focus here — whereas the background is in soft focus and the runners are obscured.

jahar on video

The resolution of this picture is good — much better than CCTV footage. The camera is about ten feet away from Jahar – and taken about eye height in a PORTRAIT, not landscape, frame.

But take note: We cannot see Jahar’s backpack. Maybe there were other photographs taken – but this one was CHOSEN because a lifted hand from another spectator conveniently HIDES Jahar’s silver-white backpack.

Who took this picture and why?

Picture 2  (the “square”  picture) below is even more interesting.

Again, this is not surveillance footage — with the camera probably about six to eight feet away when the shot was taken. It does show the runners — but they are OUT of focus. No one else seems to be the centre of attention here, except Jahar.

But now I offer my big scoop — take note: The picture is presented as SQUARE.


Cameras usually don’t take square pictures.

I speculate that the photograph, as most photographs are, WAS rectangular. It was either landscape or portrait – but then it was CROPPED.

Why would anyone bother to make it a square? This is my guess:

Recall that the trial was claiming that the so-called pressure cooker bomb was housed in a black backpack carried by Jahar Tsarnaev. As Gumshoe contributors have said over and over, there are many photos (and video) showing that the backpack Jahar wore was white or silver-grey — definitely not black.

The whole case hangs on this bit of evidence.

I suggest that in the “square” photo we’re precluded from seeing the backpack (that is, it’s been CROPPED away).

For clarity, let me demonstrate. The red border is most likely the frame of the original picture.


The ORIGINAL picture would have demonstrated in HIGH-RES that Jahar was lugging a silver-white backpack – and NOT the black backpack that was presented as evidence.

Even the slowest member of the jury would have said — “Hey, the backpacks don’t match up.”

My second Eureka of the Day

I was excited with this find, but a certain friend reminded me that just because I speculate that the square photo used to be a rectangular one does not mean the police sirens should start humming right away towards the home of, say, Carmen Ortiz.

Then it hit me.

The white circle is ALSO CROPPED. See — the circle, like a halo around Jahar, is missing its lower 30%.

It proves that this picture used to be a bigger picture! The bottom would have shown the backpack.

Manipulating the Evidence

I presume the prosecution lawyers were aware of this – and deliberately CROPPED the backpack out of the “square” picture above — and then inserted it as part of video evidence (to disguise its origins).

Is this tampering with evidence? Is the Pope Catholic?

Plainly the prosecution withheld exculpatory evidence which is against the court’s own rules.

This single (cropped) photograph might reveal the major flaw in the Boston Marathon bombing case against Jahar.

Grounds for a mistrial, anyone?

Maybe I’m getting carried away here, but there are a few questions that need to be answered:

  • Who took these photographs?
  • Was this picture taken by a random spectator or a player in this Boston story?
  • Are there more photographs taken around 777 Boylston Street?
  • Why is the focus seemingly on Jahar?
  • Why were the photographs “slipped” into the surveillance video, into Exhibit 22 — and not presented as separate photographic exhibits?
  • Who drew the circle — then cropped the picture?

It appears a crime has been committed in the obstruction of justice.

Richard DesLauriers and his gang presented the jury with a SQUARE photo. Maybe a few of them should be put in a square cell.

Per the General Law of Massachusetts, Section 13E (b)

(b) Whoever alters, destroys, mutilates, or conceals a record, document, or other object, or attempts to do so, with the intent to impair the record, document or object’s integrity or availability for use in an official proceeding, whether or not the proceeding is pending at that time, shall be punished, by (i) a fine of not more than $10,000, or by imprisonment in the state prison for not more than 5 years…

Update: 3:00 pm

The resourceful girls up north have now added to my knowledge about the square picture.  Josee Lepine sent me the larger photo, of which the one I talked about is a cutting.

But the same logic applies. I would say the lower part of the picture, which would reveal the white backpack was cropped.

I now update my ‘accusation’ to say that only a small portion of a large photograph of the Marathon was used in Exhibit 22. But that doesn’t get anyone off the hook.

Your Honor, may I draw your attention to the full picture. It, too, is almost square. This is most unusual.  Photos don’t generally look like this. An average rectangular frame is 480 x 800 for example. (And why point towards the buildings and cut people off at their necks?)

I hypothesize that the original photo revealed MORE legroom (as displayed by the red border in the photo below). This would have displayed Jahar’s backpack.

Again — the white circle was probably drawn on an original rectangular portrait (i.e., vertical) picture – then CROPPED afterwards.

jahar wide shot with circle




    • A tear to my eye, Dee. I feel I can go home now and all will be well in America.
      No doubt this is a touch premature (I mean O’Toole hasn’t even been arrested yet) but it’s truly how I feel after watching the halo effect, if I may call it that. The halo frigging effect.

      You done caught ’em out.

  1. The unsolved mystery has been solved by Australia. BRAVO. However that mystery should in fact been solved by the people that were most affected in the case – Bostonians!
    Thank you Dee I can now work on something else. I was so tired of looking at those pictures Richard DesLauriers did not want me to look at. It made me feel like a disobedient child. I wish I could go to Boston and make citizen’s arrests.
    There are a few people that said they brought their digital camera to the FBI to show them the pictures they had taken at the marathon. Two said publicly the FBI DELETED some of the pictures from their camera. Why did the FBI see fit to delete pictures? If they had done that to my pictures I would have sued them.
    What really infuriates me is that the defense team knew that the pictures in exhibit 22 were concealing exculpatory evidences and they did not stand-up in court and properly cross witness about it. We now know that the Judge precluded the defense from asking certain questions. I can tell you that if I had been on the defense team I would have defied that Judge to protect my own integrity.
    As per the General Law of Massachusetts, Section 13E (b) – I guess DESTROYING Officer Collier’s cruiser within weeks of his murder qualifies.

  2. Way to go Dee!!! Your article says it all! Thank yo so much for proving to be true, what many Bostonians cannot or do not want to see or hear. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is innocent! Thank you!

  3. I’m not sure why people are constantly surprised by the immoral and flagrantly illegal choices made by those in power, as well as the enthusiastic cover-up of said wickedness by those seeking to preserve or increase power (or wealth,which is synonymous). Liars lie. Criminals cheat, steal, cause harm to person and property, and will even kill to get what they want. The US is no more immune to such deceit than any other place on this little blue marble we call home. The revolution may be televised, but the true causes will not. “News is that which someone, somewhere, does not want revealed. Everything else is advertising.”

    • The USA. Corp, is a Hollywood movie now playing in real time, Jack Bauer (24) anyone? Only real people are really dying throughout, but hey we are all Adam now!

  4. Thanks for keeping the Boston Marathon Bombing fiasco from fading into history. The lack of a defense in this case was beyond comprehension. Especially with the non matching backpacks, 2 extra people running from the Collier murder scene, the extra shootout locations, the pre-knowledge of the suspects returning to 89 Dexter ave Watertown, and much much more.
    It is also important to note that the white rectangle on the black backpack in the FBI photo is most likely a passive RFID self adhesive tracking label. These labels are the updated version of the bar code.

  5. it’s true, who would be taking a fairly close pic of Dzhokhar, for what purpose? To use later to help convict him? I think so.

  6. ladies take a collective bow – again. it was apparently always going to be, or certainly is now anyway, 11th hour inexhaustible insight, effort, fearless activity and the unstoppable Heart of a globally unified family of emotionally and IQ intelligent, enlightening everyday women, to expose the profane masculine ‘war machine’ that has ravaged our dear world and human family for long enough – tipping a balance back into forward and acting toward a vision of upholding kind and fair regard, sanity, harmony, unity, respect, honesty, integrity, cooperation and finally, humour and fun to life and a freer new way to be in it. every one of your factual findings are revealing these war mongering trumped-up atrocities and bringing them into the light for all to see and know – to awaken people to action on behalf of the real victims, all those we know who have been intentionally targeted, attacked, and vilified as ‘the perpetrators’ while the real perps, the global govt/ military ‘complex’ war machine, attempts (feebly I might add, as in not the brightest bulbs) to hide their deeds of empirical fanaticism and delusional addiction to power, wealth, and war profit at the expense of people. these Innocents will have served their part as the ‘davids’ bringing down that ‘goliath’ of resident evil, and they deserve our infinite gratitude for it. deep-hearted thanks to you for compiling the exculpatory evidence, that with unbiased eyes, will be freeing Jahar. crimes against humanity is my guess for the charge once the govt/ military is fully exposed and found accountable – not if, but when…
    ps could you pls compile and share a list of websites or orgs you know, that are taking initiative for freeing Jahar? now that the kangaroo court is done, bought and sold o’TOOL’ denying a new trial, and no defense team arguing for (which would have been redundant anyway) – it’s our time to truly begin to unify and organize the vehicle that will actualize and accomplish our common goal.

  7. Brilliant everyone its all so refreshing and you all need an applause i applaud you all particularly you Dalia, i love what you do and have so much respect!

  8. real sad part–does not matter what evidence can be presented for a non guilty verdict —Government selects from many crooked judges—guilty,no matter what evidence produced. Recall that Jewish appointed judge that handled all the 911 cases? Hand picked by GW Bush-it

  9. Those boys were watched by FBI all the way down Boylston. And don’t get me started on the guy in the blue helmet who hung around behind Jahar before the blasts, then returned to remove evidence from beneath the mailbox!

  10. Glad to see you’re still plugging away. Two places more, among many: any of PeekayBoston or Peekay22 videos’ on YouTube, He’s taken the case apart. Look at a few of his photos and you are convinced. And, he has hundreds. Also, he fact that Dzohar has a 3 on his cap in some shots, a 7 in others. The best giveaway, though, is bomb site #1. People standing next to the “bomb,” unhurt. Hero Carlos doing none of the things he claimed to do, but dipping his hands in fake blood. The ridiculous “Pink Lady,” conducting the drill and laughing after her stretcher ride. A man running away with the smoke machine. Ripped clothes before the bomb goes off. Ripped clothes but no tissue damage under them. The “Hulk” ducking into a trailer to change into his photo clothes. The lying groups of families who keep coming back for interviews(the Brassards, for one, though there are many of them) yet the video stills show them unhurt. (see Youtube, PlasmaBurns’s channel. I think it was a fake Dzokhar at the trial anyway. Look on Youtube — Fox reports from the court he had a heavy accent. but he had no accent at all. He’s listed at 5’9 in all early reports, but a local reporter said he was “surprisingly tall” and said it twice. There may have been a small, real bomb at site # 2, and there may have been real casualities, but I’m not sure. But it was a drill.
    Oh, and after that, check out Sandy Hook, maybe “Exposing the Big Three” group on Facebook or “Sandy Hook Hoax. on FB, or Youtube.” Start with the Super Bowl photo videos. They are the same kids. The “victim” photos were simply old photos of these kids. The school wasn’t in use — it was an absolute, abused dump. Sandy Hook is as blatant as Boston. This isn’t “Grassy Knoll” stuff — it’s photos of dozens of people at both events caught red handed in fakery.

    • Dear Delta Rodgers,
      I hold an unpopular opinion: I think the children did die at Sandy Hook.
      I see most of the clever Youtubes exposees on these things as being provided by government.

      Within a short time there were persons giving us “the scoop” on fake behavior at the finish line on April 15, 2013. I’ll grant that much of that commentary is believable on the face of it.

      My best guess is twofold: 1. that there was some fakery, and 2. that the people offering us the scoop are part of the same enterprise. The object of it is to “teach” us that all is fantasy.

      Here is the main reason (and maybe it’s not a good reason) why I don’t set much store in the Peekay-type Youtubes. It is that these persons do not give their full name or their background. Also they appear to come out of nowhere with much insight.

      If you look at Peekay’s exposee of the Ottawa Parliament House shooting, you will see that he claims to know which corridors in that building connect to which. But he (Peekay) is in Australia. And he posted it before the ink was dry on that shooting. That does not sound to me like the kind of slogging research that I do.

      If he has a magical talent, OK, good for him. But unless I can understand his way of discovery I am going to assume that he is on the payroll. For sure there is a big Orwellian move afoot to make us lose common sense and believe absurd things like “War Is Peace” “Love is hate,” etc. I am resisting this.

      And now may I ask you this. If you think that woman speaking to Johns Hopkins Commencement is a fake, what will you do about it? Will you write to Hopkins to protest? Will you run for a seat in Congress or your state legislature? Whatcha gonna do?

      • Mary: as I re-read your post, I am trying to figure if you are saying that Peekay is controlled opposition and he’s one of the bad guys? I’m confused, then.

        To answer your “Whatcha gonna do? question, my answer is that I have a family to protect. . They fired Jim Tracy for speaking out. Several people close to Sandy Hook have died, including the leading investigative officer. All of Dzokhar’s friend have been charged with crimes. His friend was killed by the FBI. I am trying to help spread a wave, along with a few thousand other people, that’s all. People leading charges like this get killed or, like Wolfgang Halbig, harassed into profound distress.

        If anyone thinks Sandy Hook happened as it was reported, you just haven’t looked at the information. Period. If we literally had a photo of a shooter on the Grassy Knoll, no one would believe Oswald acted alone, would they? Both Boston and Sandy Hook are more obvious than that, because the evidence is dozens of photos, faked scenes, green screens, bizarre “grieving” behavior, professional actors, all traceable and clear to the naked eye –completely overwhelming and the government narrative completely unsupported. Jim Fetzger is anti-Jew, which hurts his credibility a great deal. But his 300 page book is a good place to start. “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook,” which is free online as a .pdf because Amazon wouldn’t sell it.

        Peekay isn’t always correct. But it’s the easiest trick in logic to knock down one argument and walk away. No one in the government dare address evidence in even one of his videos.. Their strategy is to bury it with cynicism, trolls, a main-stream media boutght and paid for, and the incredulity of fairly intelligent people who simply can’t process that the Big Lie isn’t true, and that our government would never do this. ( Not blaming anyone, per se. The Big Lie is psychology, not argument. And it works: has since Hitler, as you know.

        • Delta, you say that fake scenes and “bizarre grieving behavior” prove that no tragedy happened.
          I say it’s quite possible for the tragedy to happen AND for the Orwell squad to provide us with all these intriguing Youtubes.

          If I were Orwell that’s how I would do it. I would aim to have the public walk away from issues because “It’s impossible to know who is telling the truth.” Pretty soon truth will stop being a value that is taught to children. Yay! I’d be a very happy Orwell once the little kiddies did not even know there was such a thing as fighting for the truth.

          This is why I bother to try to pin down at least a few of the “incidents” with the help of Gumshoe. I firmly believe it is quite possible to get at the facts.

          My best method — should I patent it? — consists of showing that when the court procedure, or official inquiry, is not done according to Hoyle, the authorities are the miscreants.

          “Dunblane Unburied,” by Sandra Uttley, proves this perfectly.

          And now, in the above article, Dee McLachlan has got her mitts on the “truth” item that shows who did the Boston bombing. Namely, the cropped photo submitted by the Prosecution proves that the government did the bombing.

          Bewdy! Now let’s arrest them. Then your family will be much safer. (If we don’t arrest them we must be masochistic.)

  11. Well done if finding and pointing out the wrongful photographic evidence, there is just so much of it the only just measure would be to declare a mistrial and then to stay all charges if Tsarnev is still alive.

    The only institution protecting the people from the state, which may act on a scale from benevolent to genocidal, is the judiciary, incorrupted and administering just laws in a just manner. Anything else is a dictatorship on some level acting on the scale mentioned. Thoughts of Rocco Galati, CDN Constitutional lawyer paraphrrased by me here.

  12. AS Evidencias comprovam (videos e fotos) que Dzhokhar Tsarnaev e seu irmão Tamerlam foram vitimas e que é preciso libertar Dzhokhar dessa maldade de condenação foi tudo montado por algumas pessoas de Boston, liberdade para jahar eles não tinham motivos para essa falsa e as mochilas falam por si somente. a brança de Jahar r a que expoldiu era preta
    o mundo precisa saber Por favor ajudem a libertar Dzhokhar para sua mãe e Pai.

    • Google translation: AS Evidence proves (videos and photos ) that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his brother Tamerlam were victims and that must be liberated Dzhokhar this condemnation of evil was all set up by some of Boston, freedom to Jahar they had no reason for this false and backpacks speak by itself only. the White Jahar r that expoldiu was black
      the world needs to know Please help to release Dzhokhar to his mother and father .

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