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Ten Most Blatant Things about the Marathon Bombing


boston press conferenceRichard DesLauriers’ press conference on the 18th April, 2013

by Mary W Maxwell

We were unbelievably lucky at GumshoeNews.com on January 17, 2016. The editor Dee McLachlan hit upon some simple proof that the Tsarnaev trial was unfair. Ah, I hear you say, there was already proof all over the place. True, but this was special. It is enough to turn the case around legally.

Dee’s discovery is that a still photo had been surreptitiously inserted into the official video known as Exhibit 22. That video was presented to the jury as evidence that Jahar was the bomber on April 15, 2013.

That’s bad enough – tampering with evidence – but it had been photoshopped. The part of the picture that included Jahar’s back was cropped out. We can only see his neck, not the white backpack.  He needed the missing part of the photo as “exculpatory evidence.” It may have led to an acquittal.

Well, OK, we are feeling happy and relieved to have caught the FBI, or whoever it was. The FBI is well known for planting evidence and hiding evidence. We have caught them in this case – or caught the prosecutor or whoever edited the video. But now what? Let’s review the Marathon situation.

Ten Most Blatant Things (in No Particular Order)

  1. Jahar was accused of carjacking Dun Meng’s car. This was a necessary part of the frame-up of the Tsarnaev brothers, as Tamerlan allegedly boasted to Meng that he had done the Marathon bombing and killed a cop at MIT.

We can put paid to this story now, as Russ Baker of WhoWhatWhy has shown the ridiculous discrepancies. The FBI announced on April 19 that Tamerlan had told Meng he killed the MIT cop but Meng’s story at that point did not include that bit. Anyway there is other evidence that Meng lied.

  1. FBI official Richard DesLauriers told the public to look only at photos that he displayed and NOT TO LOOK at other ones. Can you imagine that, in this day and age? Need we ask! What information did the FBI want suppressed? And why?
  1. There is a video of the older brother Tamerlan being arrested at around 1am on April 19, 2013. He was taken into custody. There is a clear video of the arrest. Tamerlan is lying on the ground and he cries out “Podstava.” That’s Russian for “I am being set-up.”

Yet the media and police have given a crazy story as to how Tamerlan was in a shootout with police, even unto lobbing explosive devices at them. No, it never happened, as anyone can see on the Podstava video.

  1. The media and medical people also gave false reports about the death of Tamerlan. They said he died of bullets and also of being dragged on the ground when his brother ran over him.

On the face of it, the story of the running-over is incredible. There were numerous police, armed with guns who could easily have shot the tires of the car that the get-away brother was supposedly driving. To allege that he actually escaped, by car, is simply preposterous.

Pause To Discuss

Before I continue the list, I should say that most of the Boston residents apparently fell for the story at first. Perhaps the majority of those still believe it. The reason could be that they are emotionally blocked from learning such a terrible thing as their government’s criminality.

On the other hand, many people have been skeptical from the beginning. A high percentage of New Yorkers – maybe half – now realize that the Arab hijacker story is fake and therefore that the ones in charge on 9-11, such as Cheney and Rumsfeld, must be behind the WTC attacks.

The Internet provides many “alternative websites” – that is, alternative to the mainstream media. So any reader searching “Marathon” can find a lot to suggest that it was an inside job. Unfortunately they also find garbage.

I assume disinformation is placed there to waste the time of sincere investigators and also to cause embarrassment. I see much discussion about some of the amputees having been amputees before 2013, but since I have no way of checking I do not get involved in that sort of research.

  1. Jahar is said to have found his way to a boat that was in someone’s backyard in Watertown, and used it as a refuge. He allegedly wrote a confession on the wall of the fibreglass boat. This was probably invented by the FBI as a way of casting Jahar in the role of religiously-motivated terrorist.

There is at least one error in the boat-writing. He states that his brother is dead. Yet at the point at which Jahar (allegedly) ran him over – or as it was later adjusted to: “dragged him in the wheel of he car,” — he could not have known that Tamerlan died.

  1. The two Tsarnaevs are said to have killed a cop who was sitting in his cruise car at MIT, namely Sean Collier. The motive for this very daring act – by two brothers who had not previously been reputed to be violent – was simply to steal the man’s gun.

The nature of the proof used to convict Jahar of this murder was some combination of the putative confession that Tamerlan made to his carjackee, plus the evidence from a surveillance camera. The video from that camera shows, from a great distance, two humans walking to a car (said to be a police cruiser but not visibly recognizable as such). There was also a questionable witness who did not get questioned.

  1. As mentioned, the FBI asked for the public’s help in identifying who did the bombing. Even when they showed a photo of two suspects whom they labeled “Suspect 1 and Suspect 2,” they pretended they did not know the two guys in these pictures.

But immediately the mother in Russia said that her older son had been in contact with the FBI for years. (It is likely that he was an FBI informant. Many persons who are not US citizens get roped into serving the FBI and are even used in sting operations.) Eventually the FBI had to confess that they did know them. Yet they were not held accountable for lying.

  1. There was a roundup of all Jahar’s friends. Several of them were arrested and jailed. Their crimes consisted of lying to the FBI, stealing from Jahar’s room in the college dormitory, and hiding evidence – all crimes that the FBI did themselves.

An odd feature of the case is that at least one of the friends was tried in July 2014, for hiding goods belonging to Jahar. Since Jahar had not yet been tried and could of course have come out of the case as innocent, why assume that the boy down the hall in the dorm was a knowing obstructor of justice?

Another aspect of the roundup is that it included a boxing buddy of Tamerlan, a 27-year-old Chechen in Florida, Ibraghim Todashev. The FBI killed him point blank at home.

  1. When aunts and uncles came to the US in order to give character statements about Jahar at his sentencing hearing, they were greeted at the airport by FBI and kept under control, not allowed to talk with anyone. They had to wear uncomfortable ankle bracelets. They could not socialize with “the prisoner” which is simply unheard of as they are his family.
  1. One aunt who was in Russia when the “defense team” came to talk to Jahar’s parents, prior to the trial, has reported that she and others tried to get these lawyers to look at exculpatory evidence – such as the Podstava video that proves there was no shooting of police by Tamerlan in Watertown.

They looked away. This aunt, Maret Tsarnaeva, says also that a social worker named Charlene, who attended the visit on the payroll of the US, said “We all know he is innocent but we have been told to advise Jahar not to resist conviction.” The stated reason – and Maret has signed an affidavit to this effect and sent it to Judge O’Toole – is that there was pressure from the highest levels of government.

Commentary: My Opinion of the Case

I am a Bostonian who has watched this from a distance.  I knew from the minute I heard about it that it was a false flag.

Of course that can only be an opinion. My reasoning was that it was an outdoor event, the Marathon, where people are supposed to feel the safest.  It is wholesome family recreation.

That made me think of the bomb at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996. For a while, a man named Jewell was blamed (he was a security guard at the stadium) but the case was dropped. Then it was decided that Eric Rudolph did it. This was because he avowedly blew up an abortion clinic and a lesbian bar.

Rudolph was tried and significantly his publicly assigned defense attorney was Judy Clarke, the same person who defended Jahar. She had also defended the Unabomber (who may well be innocent), Ted Kaczinsky. He, admittedly, was put into the MK-Ultra program at Harvard when he was 17.

If by any chance Ted and Eric did what they got convicted for, they must have done so as Manchurian candidates, that is, CIA-programmed assassins.

The Purpose of the Marathon Bombing?

We know that Boston’s Emergency Medical Service Officer Richard Merino gave a lecture 5 years before 2013 on the subject of a Marathon bombing. I assume it was in the planning stages long before Tamerlan or Jahar were chosen as the patsies.

I think the purpose of the event can be discerned from the themes that the media pushes when the event occurs. They pushed the new idea of “sheltering in place” which is tantamount to martial law. This I think was meant to condition people to seeing military trucks on suburban streets.

Yet at the same time the excitement of the bombing and the suggestion by the authorities that people should stay indoors also serve the purpose of causing mass shock. The Powers That be want people to panic. We do this when we invade a foreign nation – as with “shock and awe” in Iraq. It’s fashionable.

Another purpose has to to with divide-and-rule.  Choosing Muslim boys meant the fear of religious extremism could be stirred up. This plays in with the narrative about Syrian refugees taking over Europe and establishing Sharia law in place of Western law. It gets us ready for war.

It seems to me that there was also a major plan to mock the law. The behavior of the defense saying of Jahar he did it (“It was him”), the behavior of the prosecution, emphasizing the gory injuries and using fraudulent videos; and especially the behavior of the judge, sealing up the records that presumably would have prevented a conviction, was a wonder to behold.

Other lawyers around the country must have absorbed the message “Courts are no longer interested in justice or the rights of citizens, much less do they want to pursue truth. Due process is for members of the bleeding hearts club.”

What To Do

It’s the plan to destroy law that gets me. We can’t live if law gets destroyed. I wish to tell everyone to watch out for what the Bozos are doing. They are very sick people. And they are clever. But I am clever, too. You are clever, too. The Bozos are extremely outnumbered. We must reject their designs on us.

In three of my books I have written at length about what to do.  Those books are: Prosecution for Treason (2011), Consider the Lilies (2013), and Fraud Upon the Court (2015).

Here I’ll list only the steps that can be taken legally in regard to the Marathon case and the fact that a 22-year-old Jahar is no doubt in danger of death in Supermax Prison in Colorado. All of these may take persuasion of the public and I am not optimistic about that. But I ask law professionals to jump in and act. Set an example. Don’t be shy. Just do your job!

  1. Lay charges with police, or report to state grand juries, any illegal acts that have been committed, such as the aforementioned tampering with video evidence.
  1. File for injunctions to stop the continuance of behaviors such as the persecution of Jahar’s family in Russia (which is a specialty of the FBI – ask me about the family of Malcolm X).
  1. Have the Massachusetts legislature, or the Boston City Council, set up an investigation sufficient to get subpoena power to summon persons such as the carjackee Dun Meng to answer questions.
  1. Encourage laypersons to set up a Truth Committee to act as receivers of information or confession from anyone. For example, it was said that the FBI seized many person’s videos. We want any such person to come forward and report what was done.
  1. Act on behalf of the Tsarnarev family by filing two civil rights suits — a federal one for Jahar under 18 USC 242 “Whoever under color of any law…subjects any person to the deprivation of any rights…” and a state or federal suit for the wrongful death of Tamerlan who was killed in custody.
  1. File a complaint with the relevant Bar Association for the disbarment of any lawyer who has acted wrongly in the trial of Jahar, or earlier in the piece.
  1. Investigate the foreign control that is placed on the US government in such a way as to cause members of government to forget their oath of office. If bullies are intimidating us, we need to publicize this maximally.
  1. File a writ of error coram nobis with the US District Court of the District of Massachusetts for the fraud perpetrated by many members of the court in the trial of Jahar. This will lead to a setting aside of the April 2015 judgment and will free Jahar immediately.
  1. Seek from the House of Representatives an impeachment of Judge O’Toole and the US Attorney General for outlandish SAM’s placed on Jahar due to his being a “Muslim terrorist.”
  1. Encourage citizen’s arrest, if the police will not do their job (but I’ll bet they will) re the arrest of any and all of the persons who have committed crimes in relation to the Marathon bombing.

As for which crimes are worth considering, my fave is treason.  Let’s recognize that treason did not come to a halt in the nineteenth century. It is being committed every time persons within the US, who owe allegiance to the US, act to harm the population. I would say it is clear the FBI official Richard DesLauriers committed treason by telling people not to look for evidence in a major crime case.

Happily, there is no statute of limitations on treason.

–Mary W Maxwell lives in Adelaide and writes for Gumshoe News. Please see her Youtube videos at her channel, Mary W Maxwell.






  1. Great article Mary! It’s good to see things in a condensed way. Your 10 steps are interesting and could possibly work. I don’t really agree with #7 though. I think it is the US who tries to control every other country. I see them as the bullies of the whole world, trying to make everyone else obey and join in on their “war against terror” propaganda.

      • Ahem. I have been informed that my essay on Somersaults went up today and then disappeared. That is because Alexander Haig is in charge here, while the Editor is sunning herself at a “remote reserve” whatever that means. I have no clue how to retrieve the item but when Dee returns in a few days, fine.

        She says she can’t be reached by email. For all I know she may be in a Faraday cage in the bowels of Melbourne. Anyway I consider my present article to be the main course. And when the somersaults item gets published, its name will instead be “The Exculpation Waltz.”

        Also in Haig’s lost files are a furious essay by Cheryl Dean and a new video that Dee made re the Marathon, which is a hoot.

    • I don’t want to stick my nose into a two-person conversation, but it seems important to know that the people who are ultimately responsible for these types of false flag events and fake media events are operators in a multinational operation. There are operators in many, if not all countries, both hemispheres, and both north and south of the Equator, who do the bidding of the leaders, which may be living in or even born and raised in the U.S., the U.K., Israel, Germany, France, or several other countries. I can’t say about all of the minions, but the leaders have no real allegiance to any country. Their only allegiance is to their agenda.

      • I fully agree with you Speculator (and there are no two-person conversations going on here — with the possible exception of me and Paul on his perennial topic). I imagine it is kind of a good thing that all nations are run by one clique, in that it means we are not really enemies.
        (If only we could get rid of the clique, and I think we can. Offer them a golden parachute.)

        The best explanation for war is found in Orwell’s 1984.

        By the way have you ever heard that Ho Chi Minh was CIA? It is reasonably argued by Dreyfus that the Ayatollah Khoumeni was CIA. Apparently he was put in as Iran leader as a way of deposing Shah who had stopped obeying the clique.

  2. from le Nouvel Observateur, talking to Z. Brzezinski in 1998:

    Question: The former director of the CIA, Robert Gates, stated in his memoirs that the American intelligence services began to aid the Mujahiddin in Afghanistan six months before the [1979] Soviet intervention. …You therefore played a key role in this affair. Is this correct?
    Brzezinski: Yes. …

    Q: When the Soviets justified their intervention by asserting that they intended to fight against secret US involvement in Afghanistan, nobody believed them . However, there was an element of truth in this. You don’t regret any of this today?
    B: Regret what? That secret operation was an excellent idea. It had the effect of drawing the Russians into the Afghan trap and you want me to regret it? …

    Q: And neither do you regret having supported Islamic fundamentalism, which has given arms and advice to future terrorists?
    B: What is more important in world history? The Taliban or the collapse of the Soviet empire? Some agitated Moslems or the liberation of Central Europe and the end of the cold war?

    Q: “Some agitated Moslems”? But it has been said and repeated: Islamic fundamentalism represents a world menace today…
    B: Nonsense! It is said that the West has a global policy in regard to Islam. That is stupid: There isn’t a global Islam.

    I (Mary) have to admit that an American, namely Zbigniew (and I blame his Mom for giving him that name) had an American hand in starting the violence knwon as Islamic terrorism. It should be called Zbig terrorism. But I don’t charge “the US” with his sins.

    In fact, the sociobiologist in me can never charge any entity other than a human being with making decisions or evaluating a policy. I can never say “France did this” or “China wants this.”

    Only people (not abstractions like The US or The Labor Party) can think and decide. I strongly suspect that it is the people in the cabal who created all the garbage of which the Marathon bombing is an example. They did it as individual men and they are sooo pathetic. It’s time we dealt directly with them.

    Hence I am saying to my law colleagues: be aware of your power. Why let somebody else design our culture? Do it yourself.

  3. So I looked at the photo at the beginning of this article and thought the lady looks like Ortiz, but she wouldn’t be present at an FBI press conference, right? So i popped over to the original
    and sure enough it is her very self.

    What do you estimate is the total body mass of the people in this press conference — and yet not a word of common sense coming from any of them.

    (Ortiz is a US Attorney and prosecutor). Nice pearls though.

    • Do we know who all of the others in the picture are? I only recognize the police commissioner guy Ed somebody, Ortiz, and DesLauriers.

      • Speculator, have you tried this one? It was made within hours of the event by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, who himself used to be a US Attorney, like her nibs. (In this video, Ortiz, the pearled one, says “We don’t want to add to the misinformation.”) I guess she means “We don’t want anybody messing up our rather tenuous false story.”

        No I can’t identify the body-mass people, but I feel sure some of them must have been sad and ashamed to be required to stand there like goons. At least I hope they were ashamed.

        At 13 minutes the blue shirted one says “This is what Americans do – they come together in times of crisis. “
        And that is what I am asking them to do, re the crisis of the total assault on the legal system by the US Atty Clowns.

  4. A couple of fine points…
    – The “shootout video” actually appears authentic, and in it the boys are heard to shout repeatedly “We didn’t do it!”
    – The timing of the arrest of Tamerlan comes later. In addition to videos of a man pinned to the ground – a man who never came forward later, although they said it wasn’t Tamerlan – there is a video showing a handcuffed naked man with his build and coloring up against a wall then being put into a squad car and taken away.
    – The aunt, Maret, was not in Russia. She was in Toronto, and still is, I believe. She is a lawyer, and she was in fear for her life because she was evidently getting threats, so much so that she was too afraid to be seen on camera. She filed papers after the trial was underway and then when it was over.
    – The family didn’t have direct exculpatory evidence that I heard about and I was following very closely. That’s not to say there isn’t such evidence; I would guess that there was.
    – The video of the supposed murder of the police officer is very murky and there is a cyclist who passes by the car very closely, too close, given the space available in the street. He could have shot the officer.
    – Tamerlan was personally acquainted with that officer; they belonged to the same boxing club. There is some evidence of calls from his cell and his brother’s cell that were deleted; many believe that the brothers – realizing they were now suspects and still in the area, which itself raises doubts, as if guilty they would have left immediately – had sought out the officer for help, either to turn themselves in or to seek advice.
    – Nobody stole the officer’s gun, contrary to FBI press releases. It was locked into his holster.
    – The FBI changed its story easily four or five times a day. At one point they said the brothers robbed a convenience store but that turned out to be false.
    – The most suspicious fact of all: the murdered officer’s squad car disappeared from where it was stored by local police, a virtual impossibility, yet it was gone! I don’t recall when this came to light but by the time of the trial it no longer existed.
    Despite the fact that the authorities took cameras and phones away from people – on the ground and even at the airport! – here is an abundance of inexplicable counter-evidence from start to finish that serves to refute the official narrative. The back-packs, the bomb(s), and most of all, the alleged motives, just do not stand up to scrutiny in the least. The Tsarnaevs wanted to stay in the US; Tamerlan married an American; his little brother went to an elite high school, and his close friends were a mix of Americans and eastern Europeans. He was well-liked by teachers and coaches. The idea that he became radical has no support at all in the evidence. It is so tragic that his brother was murdered and his guilt taken as fact, then used against him. He was permanently disfigured by the special ops squad that beat the crap out of him and he was not even 21; his life is ruined through no fault of his own. 🙁

  5. Musing on your suggestions… no offence, but I just have to comment on them!
    1. Not gonna happen. This is a terrorism case and nobody in local police can or will touch it.
    2. Where do lawyers in the US file for such injunctions to be enforced in Russia??
    3. Do you realize the Massachusetts courts are now trying Tsarnaev for further offences? And do you realize that it would be political suicide for anybody in the state legislature or the Boston City Council to even question the official narrative? Boston Strong is VERY popular! So this suggestion and others like it are simply out of the question.
    4. A Truth Committee sounds nice, but not likely. The whole community of Watertown was subjected to multiple violations of the Bill of Rights in a show of force not seen around there since the Revolutionary War. They are way too traumatized to bring any suits against any of the ten different local, state, and federal troops that busted into their homes and shot holes in their cars and in one case, desk chairs!
    5. The civil rights suits would be awesome, but for the same reasons stated above, lawyers are too afraid to do such things. If they were even inclined in this direction, ask yourself why they didn’t act in previous cases – like the 43 or so terrorism cases that turned out to be staged by the FBI, by preying on muslim men of below-average intelligence? Many more cases of entrapment and outright lies weren’t exposed and there are dozens of innocent men sitting in supermax prisons in solitary right now. Governor Chris Christie made his name as the Attorney General of New Jersey by sending five innocent brothers to jail this way!
    7. Maybe you should file a complaint with the Massachusetts Bar Association; nobody else is going to risk their career or more by doing that. And it would be very surprising if the complaint led to an investigation.
    8. How easy do you think it is to “investigate the foreign control that is placed on the US government”? And why assume that members of government forgot their oath of office? More likely they knowingly acted in breach of it.
    8. Who do you imagine would grant a writ of error coram nobis? Definitely not the the US District Court of the District of Massachusetts. Isn’t that where Jahar was tried? There is an appeal going forward, but it’s very unlikely to succeed in setting aside the April 2015 judgment. This is political and strategic. We will never know what threats people face.
    10. See numbers 1, 3, 4, 5, etc. Nobody in the House of Representatives is going to risk their political careers seeking impeachment of Judge O’Toole and the US Attorney General. SAM’s have also become so common nobody blinks an eye anymore.
    11. Citizen’s arrest? Don’t be silly. Even if persons who committed crimes in relation to the Marathon bombing could be tracked down and their guilt ascertained before a trial, any citizen other than a highly trained black ops member would be an idiot to tangle with them, and even if such a citizen succeeded in detaining the guilty persons, the authorities would immediately release them and charge said citizen with kidnapping!

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