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Good News about Bonney’s Petition: It’s Harassment Time!  



by Mary W Maxwell

As of today, January 24, 2016, Cherri’s petition for a Port Arthur inquest has acquired 1403 sigs.  And now she’s got something to show for it – a police response!

As you may know, ever since my November trip to Perth to interview Kevin Woodman (“Shane Gingkotree”) and Cherri Bonney (aviatrix ‘defo in the DNA’), the three of us have been acting as a team to deal with Port Arthur.

Well, as of today, Kevin and I are a bit depressed. This is because Cherri is getting all the attention, and Kevin and I are being treated like “low man on the totem pole.”

Yesterday Cherri had 5 police helicopters buzzing over her house, and today she had one that “visited” her seven times, circling around her home in the arvo.

But Kevin Woodman has had only one helicopter — he’s practically a nobody. It occurred five days ago. The heli circled his property. Its color was “black with red writing.”

Kevin has tried tracking it on the Net. So far, he has found a group called VHPA, Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association that uses the black-red colors.

They also use a black-widow-spider theme (see badges.)  We do not say the VHPA is Kevin’s visitor. We don’t know. Cherri’s heli’s are white and grey; “I checked with binocs, defo Police.”

The GOOD NEWS for us is that our attempt to get the non-killer of Port Arthur out of jail is putting somebody’s nose out of joint.  Yay!  Cherri is going to visit the Perth police tomorrow to inquire about their flights.

In Adelaide I wish I could report food–poisoning, or something suitable for all the work I’ve put into this, but so far nothing. About 10 days ago there was a helicopter over my home in a quiet suburb, at 2am.

I do not, however, say it was harassment.  They could have been spraying for mozzies, or taking a survey, or whatever. You will want to know the color. I ran out to the balcony with my camera but they were gone.

I was “heli’d” twice in broad daylight, when I lived in Concord, New Hampshire, when I was a candidate for Congress. I was proud.

Woodman and I will let you know if we come up a notch or two in the helicopter stakes. Here’s hoping!

Woodman tells me that years ago he went to his state MP in WA with a complaint of police interference and the MP, named Davies, said “Tell it to everyone you know; it’s safer that way.”  Right on, Gumshoe!

Interestingly, that same MP was the go-to man for any police officers in case they needed to confide about something-or-other.  Isn’t that sweet? I am willing to be the go-to man today.

In fact just for the hell of it I hereby offer to stand on the steps of SA Parliament House this Tuesday, Australia Day, at 3.33pm, in case anybody needs to “talk.”

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Cherri now gives me more detail. I quote her Jan 21 email (that is, received in Adelaide in the wee hours of 21 but still Jan 20 in Perth):

“MARY, the Heli today was flying quite low, bout 400 feet up.  It circled 7 times and came in a little closer on the last 2 circuits.  Still at the same altitude.  The prior  5 X  Heli’s on the Sunday were circuiting around my home a bit further out this time. They circled twice then went South bound a little then came back.  Each Heli arrived bout 4 minutes apart, all in sync of course.”  [Later]:  “I just rang Police and they tell me they could have been looking for arsonists today in my area, as many little fires are deliberately lit by dopes!”

Poor Cherri. Imagine having to live in such a bad area where people are mean enough to start bushfires.  Aw.


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  • Mary Maxwell is the author of Consider the Lilies (2013) which is freely downloadable at maryWmaxwell.com.





    • Dear Cherri, Since you are a member of the Gumshoe family and deserve our protection, we would under normal circumstances say “We’ve got your back.”
      But given the unusual configuration here, I think we’d better say “We’ve got the top of your head.”

  1. wow, so this is what happens in Aussieland when you mean business as Cherri does.The powers that be showing some muscle. It’s not likely that helicopters are sent to look for arsonists

    • Thank you, xrbarra, and we should add that the person who is most hell-bent on not letting the anniversary float by is Keith Noble, editor of the mssive book “Mass Murder,” which is a free download.
      He asks that we not fall into the pattern of saying “Anniversay of Port Arthur ” as if it were some nice occasion, but refer to it steadfastly as “The 20th anniverasry of Official Lies about Port Arthur.”

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