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Operation “Kangaroo ISIS Suicide Bomber”


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Are we ready for all this excitement?  Yesterday’s ABC headline:

The ABC headline (28/1/16):

Teen planned to pack kangaroo with explosives and let it loose on Anzac Day, court hears

That truly sounds like a creative and diabolic plot. Maybe the court should have placed a suppression order on this — so as to not give anyone else the idea.

The article says:

“A Melbourne teenager discussed painting a kangaroo with the Islamic State group’s symbol, packing it with explosives and letting it loose on police as part of an alleged terror plot on Anzac Day, court documents have alleged.”

Well I have shot many a film of animals in the wild, and I can tell the ABC for sure that if a wild kangaroo is released it does not head for the police. It will bolt for the most open, and least populated area.

The teenager’s work would have been a self-defeating exercise.

That aside, what is disturbing about this report, is that the mainstream media are presenting this as a “planned operation.”

“Sevdet Besim, 19, from Hallam, in Melbourne’s outer south-east, pleaded not guilty to four charges relating to planning a terrorist act over the phone and Internet in the lead-up to Anzac Day in Melbourne last year.”

This is the summary The Age provides of the telegram communications allegedly between two teenagers, that was presented by the prosecution, detailing a conversation about using a kangaroo as part of an attack.

“Communications resume in the early hours of Thursday 20 March 2015 with an image being sent by BESIM with a comment of ‘look what I got ahaha‘,” the court documents said.”

(that’s a quote from court documents.)

“The conversation continues with BESIM detailing what he did that day and they have a general discussion around animals and wildlife in Australia including a suggestion that a kangaroo could be packed with C4 explosive, painted with the IS symbol and set loose on police officers.” [emphasis added]

Besim was 18 when he was arrested and has been in custody since 18 April 2015. (My God!) Back then, 200 heavily armed officers swooped on the city’s south-east, and arrested five teens. (This is Melbourne please.) They also seized knives and swords. I’d like to see the swords.

This was my article when they arrested Besim last year, called: “‘Operation Rising’ Averts Melbourne Terror Attack With ‘Edged’ Weapons.” Now it has a “Skippy” twist. It was then a month later I wrote about the “Mothers Day Plot” being foiled. Rudimentary devices (apparently butane canisters used by camping stoves) were found by Australian Federal Police and then rendered safe following controlled detonations. My article, “The Timing of the Additional $450 Million To Fight Local Jihardists,” pointed out the timing of these arrests and the allocating of huge sums of money to fight terrorism.


We must be grateful that the police are arresting potential terrorists, and stopping people from planning horrendous acts. But the public are not being informed on the reality.

What the mainstream media do not provide — is context and perspective. 

I can imagine disgruntled (possibly drunk) teenagers exchanging ludicrous and stupid plots in jest. And the bomb in the jumping kangaroo, painted in ISIS colours, sounds like one of those. Were these teens planning murder — or were they joking among themselves?

The “ahaha” is most telling.

We need the whole story now.




  1. Unbelievable how the talking heads on the idiot box can say things like “A Melbourne teenager discussed painting a kangaroo with the Islamic State group’s symbol, packing it with explosives and letting it loose on police as part of an alleged terror plot on Anzac Day, court documents have alleged.” – with a straight face, and not be expressing increduality at the sheer outrageousness of it all..

    at the risk of being arressted on terror charges, might i suggest we collect a few crows, bang a few bungers up their collective cloacas, and give them explicit instructions to fly into all the offices of our elected officials.

    fair bloody dinkum.

    • Operation Crow sounds fairly dinkum but I am more interested in your remark about the ability to say these things straightfaced.

      What I can’t even guess at is: What proportion of our population can do the straightfaced routine?

      Or, since this is a court situation: What proportion of the legal profession can discuss the roo scenario smirklessly?

      Truly it baffles me. Can anyone venture a guess?

  2. Mary, for a straight face and ‘smirkless’ challenge read outloud Henry Lawson’s acccount of ‘The Loaded Dog’. Easy to find with a subject search.
    Now that is an account of a successful ‘terrorist’ that even a simple fair dinkum crow would would appreciate.

  3. O.M.G. What am I going to do with my butane canisters stored in my gardens shed that I sue on my camping trips ??
    Will I be arrested as a Terrorist for having them in my possession ??????
    Since when has it become an offence to own and store such items ????
    Crikey, I even store diesel and 9Kg’s of gas for mu BBQ, will that also get me a stretch inside ??????
    W.T.F. is wrong with our Federal Police and moronic Government, are they so hard up to justify their jobs, they need to concoct pathetic charges like this ? Get a real job people.

  4. Ned, I dedicate this song to Kevin Woodman who was 100% link challenged when he came to Gumshoe, but was so keen to share his conspiracy stories (and he has some humdingers) that he took a TUTORIAL.

    • Nah,
      Forget camels they stand out and only forage in the NT.
      Aussie fair dinkum crows are too smart to be caught out, unlike our ABC, shock jocks and mass media.
      Use a greyhound dog and the RSPCA will impound you.
      Can’t beat a feral pig/s let Lose, armed, primed, wild and deadly.
      Unimaginable gihadist irony!

  5. ‘THE LOADED DOG’. By Henry Lawson.
    As promised. (cut and Pasted!)

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