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Bomb Threats, School Evacuations, Nervous Parents – Add to this a Russian Name and Iran


 school lockdown

By Dee McLachlan

Waves of school bomb threats across Australia have now been blamed on overseas hackers. The Sydney Morning Herald (SMH):

“Sophisticated, unknown hackers based outside Australia are believed to be behind the waves of bomb threats sent to schools across the country.

“Since Friday, schools in NSW, Canberra, Victoria and Queensland have received the same automated phone message warning of a device on school grounds.”

News reports:

“A group of hackers called Evacuation Squad claimed responsibility via Twitter…

“The international group told Mashable there were more to come, with Evacuation Squad member “Viktor Olyavich” claiming his squad was made up of six people and mainly using servers in Russia and Iran.

“Nick O’Brien, the associate professor of counter-terrorism at Charles Sturt University, told news.com.au the aim of their game was disruption and spreading fear.”

But this is not only happening in Australia.

There was this report on Yahoo (29/1/2016): “20 French, British schools evacuated over bomb threats, ” with six prestigious schools in central Paris and 14 schools in Britain being evacuated on Tuesday following hoax bomb threats.

There was also a bomb threat at the British school in Gausel, Norway, plus the British International School of Stockholm, Sweden.

300 Schools

SMH reports that “Viktor Olyavich” claims this Evacuation group had targeted 300 schools in the US, Norway, Britain, France, Japan and Sweden. One of the members had a “particular bias” for attacking schools in Massachusetts because he lived there before returning home to Iran.


It may seem quite logical that some crazed revengeful group would get its kicks hacking schools across the Western world. But I’m suspicious.

The Washington narrative, to which Australia is still obedient, requires Russia as the foe. So why the name “Viktor Olyvich”? This reminds us subliminally that Russians are being subversive and disruptive, and anything with a “vich” on the end should not be trusted.

And it is reported that one member is returning to Iran. (Take note: Iran is last on the list of countries to be “taken out” in the destruction of “seven countries in five years” Neocon memo disclosed by Ret. General Wesley Clark). The powers that be want us to see Iran as our adversary.

Is there legislation in the wings — waiting to further clamp down and restrict the Internet?

Scaring tens or hundreds of thousands of parents and their children is an excellent way to gain support for such restrictions. We all naturally want to feel safer.

The bomb hoax could easily be centrally organised by the shadow government or through an intelligence operation. That is a typical “Problem — Reaction — Solution” scenario.

We need to be watchful.






  1. “97. There was a discusion on terrorism. Terrorism would be used widely in Europe and other parts of the world. At that time it ws thought that terrorism would not be necessary in the United States. It could become necessary in the United States if the Unites States did no move rapidly enough into accepting the system. Along with this came a bit of scolding that Americans had had it too good anyway and just a litle bit of terrorism would help convinve Americans that the world is indeed a dangerous place, or can be if we don’t relinquish control to the proper authorities.
    [ page 108. ‘Truth in Journalism..” by Dee McLachlan and Mary Maxwell. “Recollections of Lawrenc Dunegan, MD, of a lecture he atteneded in 1969. Page 95. The speaker was Dr. Richard Day, MD sourced from from the article/s; ‘NWO Exposed by and Insider March 1969’]
    CREATING FEAR is the modus operandi of the fascist control freaks, not likely Iran…………look it up SMH journalists and how about looking up all the reported historic ‘false Flag’ killings and events carried out by governments. Operation Gladio, The Lavon Affair, The USS libery in 1967 etc., would be a good start.

  2. Yes, the “evil” Russia,Iran, Syria,China meme is becomingly exceedingly tiresome.But the “sheeple” will lap it up. Hell, Putin shot down MH-17, didn’t you know. Just yesterday, I was reminded by my brother how thoroughly bamboozled the “sheeple” really are. He STILL is convinced that 19 Arabs with box cutters pulled off 9/11. And wouldn’t hear ANY debate to the contrary. He’s living proof (as Huxley said) that the people will learn to love their servitude.

    • Phil, I’ve got the same problem with my relatives. Crikey, they embarrass me that I’m from the same gene pool.

      Ned, “sell me a bridge” – LOL

      You’ve got to wonder about the ‘sheeple’, the movie ‘Enemy of the State’ (Will Smith, Gene Hackman) came out in 1989 and showed various NSA capabilities AT THAT TIME, what’s it now? Yet, the sheeple can still believe that that those sneaky hackers just can’t be located.

      As long as the MSM is pointing a finger at the nasty Iranians, here’s a recent video showing what an evil, morally degenerate and selfish people they are (don’t expect to see this on the MSM) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2LEgowbzSc

  3. One day in 2011 somebody “stole my identity” and sent out requests in my name for a donation of $1200 (as “Mary Maxwell is being held at gunpoint in Madrid”). One friend of mine sent the $1200 to the requested address.
    After he found out it was a joke he asked the Qld police to help him get the money back. The police said they couoldn’t trace it. That is 100% unbelievable. They can all trace every hair on our head. (Pardon me, every strand of DNA in every hair on our head.)

    So, Dee, why is there any mystery at all as to who instigated these shool terror messages? They can’t trace it?

      • Well, then, Professor Ned, the persons reporting the story in the media are knowingly making a false scare, right?

        Dee, you have not got enuf mileage out of your Bella Vista discovery. This is the key to everything — the ability of “TV” to tell us what the reality is and not be accountable when caught in porkiesville.

        Here they are engaging in terrorism, if I am not mistaken. In the US it was always said that yelling “Fire” in a theatre is not covered by the First Amendment.

        Come to think of it, tho, it may have been OK to yell “Iran is starting a fire!”

        • ‘false’ scare. Not necessarily so.
          Have mortgages?
          Of low intellect?
          Short term vision, cannot plan?
          Missing vertebrae/s to complete a spine?
          Morals of an alley tom cat?
          Unable to locate cut outs of msm print on a four inch nail on a backyard dunny door?
          Could not give a stuff about the futures of their offspring or our democracy.
          Psychopathic tendencies?
          Have no concept of reality?
          Could not handle jury service to consider the facts and obey court directions,
          Take you pick.
          Basically they are what Dr. Day and ‘they’ planned.
          Oops! Are we talking about journalists or our Federal politicians, maybe I am just an old muddle head professor?

  4. The news this evening is reporting that the “BOMB THREATS ARE LIKELY TO GO ON FOR MONTHS”
    Who told them that – and who predicted these bomb threats to go on for months?
    I am now more suspicious

    • No doubt the threats will target soft targets like schools to scare the populace of mums and dads.
      When they concentrate on hard targets like parliament etc., we might suspect that there is some foundation for false flag bs.
      Be interesting to see if threats against political fund rising venues surface.
      To be effective that would be the ‘terrorists’ most effective avenue.
      Won’t happen too often!

          • Fair, I went to your link to Matt Barrie. He say:
            “It is now illegal to buy a bottle of wine after 10pm in the City of Sydney because not a single one of us is to be trusted with any level of personal responsibility. Apparently there is an epidemic of people being bashed to death over dinner with a bottle of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc that we have all been blissfully unaware of.”

            What the hell’s going on? I know nothing of the Lockout laws.

          • I went walkabout to escape winter.. and I was passing through Cooktown last year.. and pulled into the local Thirsty Camel as I wanted to stock up ( we spent most of our time out bush, and only occassionally saw civilisation ) on a slab of cold tinnies for myself, and a box of some Château Cardboard Shiraz/Cab for the Mrs.. only to be told that I couldnt purchase the 4 litres of wine until after 4pm.. ( this was about 1 pm ) as if that would somehow thwart the locals that couldnt be trusted to not buy a box before lunch and have none left before the sun went down.

            I thought they were taking the piss. but no, they were deadly earnest, and at other establishments, it was impossible to buy a 750 ml bottle of whiskey, though I could buy the smaller bottles.. and I guess there was nothing stopping me sending the wife in after to buy some more… but the rules from place to place, were neither consistent, or sensible.

            It must have been my looks of bewildered incredulity that elicited the condescending explanations that these measures were needed to protect our indiginous brothers and sisters, from the evils of alcohol, and so as not to appear racist, must be applied equally, regardless of how pale I was becoming.

            I used to enjoy riding a pushbike.. I dont think Ive ever pedalled the bitumen since they introduced mandatory helmet laws..
            Im not saying its a good idea.. but in some countries, you dont even need a helmet to ride a motorcycle.

            Somewhere along the road to no more choice, freedom, personal responsibility, there was a point of no return, I think we passed it many many miles back.. before we crossed the border into the state of cluelessness.

          • Good golly, Fair, I knew nothing about those closures.
            You’d better move to Adelaide.

            We eat when we’re hungry
            We drink when we’re dry,
            And if moonshine don’t get us
            We’ll live till we die.

  5. on the topic of false scares still.. i just wanted to mention how they are trying to make us believe that the zika virus, for which there is now an urgent need for another new vaccine.. because they say ( without scientific evidence ) it is “likely” linked to the extraordinary increase in cases of microcephaly in an area where GM mosquitos were released years ago…

    do you want to know who OWNS THE ZIKA VIRUS?

    and did you know you can BUY YOUR OWN?

    VIRUSES-R-US! wow! add a couple of them to your shopping cart and then check out all the other assorted pox, virus, disease you can add to your swag. Ha! who knew? 🙂

    It’s hard to keep up. but im not even sure what kind of world I live in any more, perhaps I mean it’s hard to keep down?

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