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73% of Australians Now Classified As “Sheeple”


sheepleAustralian Sheeple – trans-humanism in reverse

by Dee McLachlan

Australia is the world’s largest exporter of mutton, but today Australia proved its primary industry is sheeple.

The ABC headline (today): “Donald Trump: 73 per cent of people in poll say he should be banned from entering Australia.”  Assuming the ABC is reporting truthfully, it claims:

“Almost 10,000 people have voted in a poll asking if Donald Trump should be banned from entering Australia, with a whopping 73 per cent of them saying he should be denied entry.

“The Lateline poll came after a petition in the UK attracted more than 570,000 signatures calling for the American billionaire to be banned there because of his so-called hate speech… The Republican presidential hopeful called for a “total and complete shutdown” on all Muslims entering the United States and he also claimed that Muslims in New Jersey were cheering after the September 11 attacks.”

I’m no a fan of Trump, but this proves that:

1. The mainstream media (MSM) do brainwash the public (well at least 73% of them), and

2. The Washington “club” don’t want him in the White House.

3. The MSM and Australian politicians conceal the actions of the real criminals.

I remember clearly when President George W Bush’s visit was celebrated in Canberra and only one lone politician — Senator Bob Brown — dared to shame the president for his actions in Iraq.

Let us be clear. The US Neocons and the US political machinery persuaded the West (and Australia) to invade Afghanistan, then Iraq. This war was planned long before September 11, 2001 — as revealed by Ret. General Wesley Clark in 2007, and by presidential nominee and film producer Aaron Russo.  This was premeditated destruction and murder on the grandest scale, and has resulted in global division and hatred.

So why do the Australian public tolerate these “war criminals” that are given the red carpet treatment here — and then want to ban Trump from Australia?

The MSM — which includes the ABC — has been successful in numbing the population into a false reality.

Donald Trump

the_apprentice_logoTrump became (more) famous as a result of 14 seasons of the reality show, The Apprentice. It is now up to the (rigged) voting system whether he gets hired or fired.

I am highly suspicious of Trump’s success and reported before on his spectacular rise. The in-house counsel at the Trump Organization claims Trump bought the leasehold of 40 Wall Street (now Trump Towers) for $1 million in 1995. This building is alleged to be valued at between $490 – $550 million, before debt. How did he get such a leg-up?  And who is Trump beholden to?

The Washington political establishment appear to be opposed to “Sir Donald’s” entry into politics, and with the help of the MSM, seem to be trying to remove him from the race. I suppose they want the pretense of their democracy to continue.

But Trump’s straight-talking and promise to “make America great again” has been popular with those who have felt ignored by the political ‘club’ in America. But he is surely just another faction of the Corpratocracy.

The Australians That Want Trump Banned

Let us look at why he has garnered such anger in Australia. This is probably culprit #1:

“Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” — in a campaign press release in December 2015. [Considering how Australia deals with refugees, this is like the pot calling the kettle black. Don’t forget Australian medical staff are threatened with jail if they tell the true horrors of offshore detention.]

This is my favourite Trump sound-bite:

Trump frequently declares that former Hillary Clinton should be prosecuted and jailed, AND “I hear he [Kerry] wants to run for president if Hillary gets put in prison, that’s what I hear.”  [Hilary Clinton has broken the law on many occasions and should also be investigated for the Benghazi incident that resulted in Ambassador Christopher Stevens’ death.]

What else has Donald Trump said? (Many of these have been sourced from the 32 Worst Thing Trump has Ever Said.):

“Build a wall with a big beautiful door for legal immigration.” —GOP Debate, August 2015 [Sounds like Tony Abbott]

“Our leaders are stupid, our politicians are stupid… ” —GOP debate, August 2015

“NBC News just called it ‘The Great Freeze’ — coldest weather in years. Is our country still spending money on the Global Warming Hoax?” Twitter, 2014

“I am being proven right about massive vaccinations — the doctors lied. Save our children and their future.” Twitter, 2014, AND “No more massive injections. Tiny children are not horses — one vaccine at a time, over time.” [Many Australians wanted to ban Dr Sherri Tenpenny from talking about vaccines.]

“An ‘extremely credible source’ has called my office and told me that Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a fraud.”[Probably correct]

On Gaddafi: “He paid me more for one night than the land was worth for two years… I don’t want to use the word ‘screwed,’ but I screwed him.” [At least he didn’t plan the destruction of Libya]

“One of the key problems today is that politics is such a disgrace, good people don’t go into government.”

The Guardian reports Trump saying:

The US needs to focus on fixing itself rather than on “nation-building” abroad, and has long questioned the use of military force abroad to promote democracy. He vocally condemned the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

How did Australia become such a nation so unable to grasp the realities around us?

I find it incredulous that Canberra justified the Iraq war — even glorified it. At most it was an embarrassing mistake (as former prime minister John Howard declared). That is horrendous.

I think Trump has said some awful and inappropriate things, but now our ABC is inciting the public’s view on whether to ban him from Australia.

Thank goodness some Australians wrote back to the ABC with:

“Sigh the results from this show the disturbing state of discourse. Not agreeing with Trump isn’t really a reason to ban his entry…

“As though one sermon from Trump is all that Australia needs to rise to it’s full bigoted potential. As though it wasn’t already.” — Pearce Hayward

“People who support free speech complaining that people are exercising their right to free speech by voting ‘yes’ in this poll.

“Omg!!! Majority of Australians are morons. God help our nation.” — Tim Butler

I say — just start prosecuting some political war criminals to reset the balance. The list is long.






  1. If Australia is full of sheeple, the rest of the world is too, especially the US. The gov plan to use the media as their propaganda machine, works very well. It’s disturbing to say the least that people will believe anything the main stream media tells them.

    • Cheryl therein lies the problem. We are all individuals and “allegedly” living in a Democracy, wherein it is “alleged” our views matter and our power lies at the ballot box. However, as a veteran, I can assure you, Australians are nothing of the kind, or at the very least, a minute number, do actually use the brain God gave them and can actually think for themselves, this small number are far outweighed by the folks who responded to this ballot, in their stupid uninformed manner.
      I don’t give a rats for the this stupid filthy rich Yank, or the crap that flows from his mouth, but if I believe in Democracy, as the dictionary describes it, then I am OBLIGED to allow this guy to spout his rhetoric and even give him the right to visit our country.
      Folks trying to forbid him entry, are DENYING him his Democratic right, I’m amazed they cant even see that for themselves, but then, there’s a lot of that stuff going on these days, and IMHO, it’s certainly going to come around and bite us all where the sun don’t shine.

  2. I think most people would speak their minds if it was not for high personal debts and low job security. This is all according to the elites plans. We are all being fleeced big time. Europeans and North Americans stopped coming here decades ago because this place is a total rip off that is modern slavery.

    • Fair Dinkum, Apparently there are people today who are so swept away by the “Marathon Is a Hoax” type videos that they have let all barriers down — as was the intention of this psy-war!

      They are now actually subscribing to websites that say The Earth Is Flat and You Have Been Fooled. etc. Please let us not discuss this at Gumshoe. We have to put all our resources into dealing wih reality, which is quite easy to deal with.

      I am grateful to Miss North-of-the-Border (Josee Lepine) for personally guarding the transcripts of the Marathon trial.

      As Cheryl Dean shows, in her article on Fife, we can come to some understanding of whether the boat scene was fake by comparing Sean Murphy’s photos with the testimony of FBI man, DJ Fife. The two things do not match up. This need not lead a person to say “The earth is flat.” or “I need a psychiatrist.” It leads me to say “Call the Police.” (Yes the po-lice.)

      By the way, ever since Cheryl Dean told us there was a docudrama by National Geographic (i.e., CIA) re the boat scene, I am inclined to think the entire boat scene was made for that purpose.

      So why didn’t Jahar speak out in court and say “For God’s sake, People, willl you knock it off?” I don’t know. My guess is that he has been threatened, maybe with violence toward his family.

      One more thing: the story that Sean Murphy tells about his being a police photographer who then quit or got fired (and gave, or sold, the pix to Boston magazine). Sell me two bridges!!!

      • I wasnt after a discussion on the flatness of the earth Mary, I was just trying to point out extreme absurdities of what people can believe in. Maybe that link I posted is also part of the Psy-War.

        In reality, I believe, you have already exposed plenty of reasons Jahar should be free, should never have been on trial, if the police were working for us, they shouldn’t need to be waiting by the phone, the real criminals would be the ones on death row.
        But you know me, always the optimist.. 🙁

      • Don’t forget that popular Jon Faine of ABC’s 774 program declared that debating 9-11 “conspiracies” were equivalent to debating whether the earth is flat.

        That is hugely revealing. Would be easier to convince Faine that the earth is flat or that governments (or parts thereof) planned to kill their own citizens.

        It demonstrates the extreme mental blocks that are on many people.

        • Dee, I am presently working on an article about Tavistock’s control of Martin Bryant. He was a patient of the mind-control psychiatrist Dr Eric Dax, so it’s no problem to say that his brain was ‘got at.’

          But how do the brains of others, such as Faine, or parliamentarians, get got at? For the last ten years I have been looking with astonishment at the silence of the academy re 9-11. The very bread and butter of, say political scientists, is to talk about these things. But when I gently bring it up, the person changes the subject.

          That person does not look uncomfortable; he or she just moves smoothly to another topic. This gives me the idea – but I don’t know if I am correct — that there really is a method like the one Derren Brown describes (but I don’t trust Derren Brown).

          He says you can make a gesture to someone that puts them in a trance and then they obey you, as in hypnosis.
          If that be true, then I myself may have the trick done to me soon. So, Faithful Readers of Gumshoe, if you notice a sudden ‘conversion’ of me to a new way of thinking please know that I have been got at.

          Dee, you ask a great question re Faine, and it makes me wonder if the trance-message could be something as simple as “Our government would never harm us.”

          • Ned, you got It! His present ‘existence’ depends on adhering to the tribe – without that backing, he quickly becomes nothing.

            Sad, really. A man can be born into this world to learn lessons that can develop his quality of consciousness – and then throws the whole experience away by being trapped by some BS ‘chosen people’ garbage that prevents his development.

            Oh well, maybe he can do better the next time around. I sure don’t want to interact with him on this time line.

          • He is a sad person.
            One cannot live by serial lies and be a pseudo normal civilised member of the human race. Eventually psd will overcome them as their lies drown them.

  3. Well that poll was taken a while ago and he’s president now and he’s building a wall and he’s stopping immigrants of extremist islam. Shall we go on
    But there’s more n more agreeing with the Trumpster so we’ll soon see

    Foe one i welcome President Trump with open arms, maybe we need one to

  4. Bilderbergers and Washington elite have opiated the masses so well that they don’t want to wake up. Consume be silent die!!!
    If Trump forms a new power brokerage with China and Russia could it be any worse than the current charade we live and call freedom and democracy???

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