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Australia’s Political System – “Fundamentally Wrong And Rotten”

Sam-Dastyari--010Labor Senator Sam Dastyari 
by Dee McLachlan
Australian Labor Senator Sam Dastyari was born in Iran in 1983.

Did you know, Sir, that your country of birth was the seventh country planned for destruction by the Neocons in 2001 (before 9-11)? This was revealed by Ret. General Wesley Clark in 2007, two years before you became a Senator in 2009.

Senator, I cannot be more delighted that your pub-speech was recorded.

Finally some politicians are informing the public of what is going on in Canberra! Some of the mainstream media are reporting on the speech that Senator Dastyari made to a pub audience.

The Canberra Times reported:

“…I joined the Labor Party when I was 16. I took over my first branches by the time I was 17 … [so] I thought I understood the brutality of politics simply by my time in the NSW Labor Party and my time in the NSW Labor machine.”

“[But] none of that braced me for an understanding of just how concentrated, brutal and aggressive a handful of businesses operate [in Australia], and the real corporate power where it actually rests in this country,” Mr Dastyari said.

He claimed that 10 companies wield the most incredible amount of power in Australia, to the point where it has stifled proper democratic and economic progress.

They have “unprecedented concentration of corporate influence” in Australia, he said.

“The entire political debate has become so dominated by the interests that they’re pushing, and the agenda that they’re pushing. And [we’ve] ended up with this complete crowding out of a proper political discourse in this country because there is one sectional interest that is so much louder than every other voice out there combined.”

We we all know that, but it is good to get this confirmed first hand.

The next step is for Senator Dastyari to inform the Australian public of how foreign intelligence operations have disrupted our sovereignty.

Senator, we wait eagerly for your next disclosure.




  1. Strange!
    Is Dastyari the only politician who has a grip on reality?
    Seems that he may be the only potential realist in Canberra worth feeding.
    Watch it Malcolm, julie, Warren and Bill, the Australian sheeple and the world may be waking up to you lot and your banker mates and why we pay millions in interest each week to finance entities like Goldman Sux.
    Oh the Greens! Controlled opposition, you lot are sprung as pretenders. Rhiannon, tell parliament how it was explained to you about the collapse of building 7. You have a problem with gravity?

  2. Ahh, Wrong and Rotten, but are we helping create this paradigm? Are we upholding our duties as electors?

    Could i suggest that “WE” the people read this 34 page book YOUR WILL BE DONE (A simple, non-technical, beginner’s book of the true legal functions of the Queen, Governor- General, State Governors, Parliament, Parliamentarians,
    and the People.) written by ARTHUR A CHRESBY who was a Research Analyst in Constitutional Law, and formerly Federal Member for Griffith in the House of Representatives.
    It can be found here: http://www.peoplesmandate.iinet.net.au/your_will_be_done.pdf. Then once read, understood and then applied pass the link onto friends, family and all other acquaintances alike.

    I have used this information with increasing frequency lately.

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