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Devoted Cop Andrew MacGregor Finds the Canberra Connection for Martin Bryant’s Case


macgregorAndrew MacGregor (washing dishes)

by Mary W Maxwell 

Here is a word of praise for police. Many of them live up to the public’s expectations of them as protectors of society. A certain number of them also care about the law and endeavor to carry out procedures according to Hoyle.

Australia is blessed with a cop, now retired, who loves being a cop and loves getting it right. Andrew MacGregor of Victoria.

Early on, he saw that proper police procedure had not been followed during the initial investigation of  1.the killings at the Broad Arrow Café, 2. the interviewing of the mother and girlfriend of Martin Bryant, and 3. the handling of the purported “hostage situation” at Seascape Cottage.

Luckily, MacGregor’s work is online at loveforlife.com.au, at hiddenmysteries.org, and at southeastasianews.com, plus many Youtube videos.

Looking for the Major Enchilada

Among the subjects of his ‘counter-investigation’ are the psychiatrist Ian Sales, whom MacGregor sees as a virtual coordinator of the day’s events, and Michal Dyson, an SOG cop who may have been inside Seascape with Martin (some have said Martin was reading scripted lines).

Remember, Andrew’s a cop. So he knows what the law is re terrorism, hostages, and all that nonsense. And as we will see, part of the police thing on April 28-29, 1996 involved federal anti-terrorism units.

I will argue here that the entire massacre was run by a national, not a state, entity. (I imagine it was higher than national, too, just as I think the 2014 Sydney siege was controlled by outsiders. But we Australians do not need to look any higher than Canberra.)

I realize I am making an extreme statement, but I go where the research takes me.  This week I was reading Andrew MacGregor’s 7-part speech “Deceit and Terrorism,” and found out some of the pieces. Note to Kevin Woodman: I can now even explain what the SAS was doing in Tassie that day.

Dear Reader, it might be a good idea to have your smelling salts handy.

The Birth of an Anti-Terrorism Office in Oz

As we all now realize (see my 2011 book Prosecution for Treason), there was a great, effort made in the 1970s to teach all Westerners that Muslims are terrorists and thus we need new laws, internationally, to protect us from that, as surely such baddies are bound to attack us.

Quel crock.

Australia started at the time of the Hilton bombing (which was run in tandem with a Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting, known as a CHOGM), to prepare for terrorism.

As is true of America, the police power in Australia belongs to the states, not to the feds. Each Oz state was given help, by Canberra, with training and equipment for special operations.

In Tasmania the relevant police unit is actually called “Special Operations Group,” SOG, and the same is true of Victoria. In South Australia the equivalent thingamajig is the “Special Tasks and Rescue Group.” In NSW it’s the “Tactical Operations Unit.” You get my drift.

During the ‘hostage crisis” at Seascape (I kid you not, it was called a hostage crisis, as of course it had to be, to justify federal police involvement), the locals, i.e., the Tasmanian police, first called Victoria for help. There is an agreement that any state will pitch in if another suffers a terrorist attack.


Canberra, by which I mean the Commonwealth government, had already created a SAC-PAV. “SAC” stands for Standing Advisory Committee, oh so benign-sounding. As for the PAC – want to guess? It, in perfect Orwellian fashion, stands for Protection Against Violence.

I know I will already be causing people to say “Mary, if we need protection we should have it.” Sure, but we already have an army, and police, don’t we?  This new stuff allows two things, namely, a meddling in local police by higher-ups, and a general secrecy as to the identity of the players.

Note: in America this has gotten completely out of hand. And in America – maybe soon in Oz, too – there is quite a folding in of private security personnel. Let me say at the outset that all of this could be the perfect preparation for a violent takeover.

Activity in 1995 and 1996

As stated in my article, “Unexpected Gift from the Attorney-General of Tasmania,” Cherri Bonney obtained some info from Vanessa Goodwin about the original coronial inquest at Port Arthur.  Most of us had been ignorant as to the existence of that effort by Coroner Ian Matterson.

Goodwin also provided a document known as Seminar Papers from a “Lessons Leant” meeting in Melbourne in 1997. Here is a quote from that:

Joe Paul the Executive Officer, Tasmania State Disaster Committee, said:

“Several exercises have been conducted since 1995 that have been designed to assess the emergency services response capability to an event on the Tasman Peninsula, which includes Port Arthur”.

Also, at a meeting in Launceston in 2004, Andrew MacGregor noted that Geoff Easton, a former police media liaison officer in Tasmania (who was formerly based in Canberra as a “communications officer”) said:

“Just the fortnight before I had spent five days in Western Australia on the anti-terrorist SAC PAV Exercise, ‘Top Shelf’.” (I think he means the fortnight in April 1996, I am not sure. I got the quote from AdelaideInstitute.org – MM)

MacGregor also noted: “On 22 and 23 April 1996, five days prior to the tragedy, an Aviation Seminar was held at the Police Academy. The seminar considered Tasmania’s resource capability to cope with a domestic aircraft accident and identified the support available from other states.”

Hats Off to Kevin Woodman

My involvement with this case really began when a retired electrician in Perth, Kevin Woodman, phoned me to say he wanted to tell me something. Why me? Because I had written up my Adelaide Fringe thing at Gumshoe, and he had been looking for years for someone to whom he could pass his ‘secret.’

His secret, as I have previously described, was that he had lived in Tassie at the time of the massacre and noted that about 5 days before that terrible day the SAS had ferried over from the mainland. He saw a tiny notice of this in the paper. It said they had come over for “training.”

So a few hours ago I perused the Wikipedia, which is so generously provided to the whole world by the CIA (Thank you, CIA!) I saw this paragraph (in article on Police Tactical Groups):

“PTGs are civilian-police SWAT units established to respond to high-risk situations which are beyond the scope or capacity of everyday policing. (I’ll say!) PTG officers directly support operational police in incidents such as sieges with specialist tactical, negotiation, intelligence and command support services. Aside from internal, inter-state and international training and courses the tactical assault group of the Australian Special Air Services (there’s that word ‘special’ again!) conducts annual training courses [for] each state.” [Emphasis added]

You can’t make this stuff up! I guess Kevin was spot-on. You may recall that he also figured that SAS marksman David Everett was more likely than Martin Bryant to have been the shooter. That is pure speculation and poor old David is no longer alive to discuss the matter.

Note: claiming that Canberra officials ran the Port Arthur massacre is not a pleasant thing, but how about we all take it as a baseline now and decide what to do next. It could be a very wonderful future for Australia I do believe.

— Mary W Maxwell is one of GumshoeNews’s main gumshoes. Not a career she wanted, but it beats washing dishes. Please see her latest book, Truth in Journalism, co-authored with Dee McLachlan. It sells at Amazon for $15 or contact us in Melbourne for a cheaper local copy.



  1. Here is my interview with Kevin. Note: we were interrupted by a knock at the door, but it was just the housekeeper (at the Astralodge in Perth). Kevin has pointed out to me that the ferry would have records of the troops arriving in Tas circa April 22.

    • “Note: claiming that Canberra officials ran the Port Arthur massacre is not a pleasant thing, but how about we all take it as a baseline now and decide what to do next.”

      Oh yeah, it was definitely orchestrated out of Canberra and beyond. The Australian Institute of Criminology was cooking the books as far as the actual statistics – and it was all being done via instructions from the internationalists. I documented that in the ‘Gun Runner’ article.

      I remember giving a speech out in Cobar to a packed club on the gun laws shortly after Port Arthur. Michael Tate MP was suppose to arrive and speak, but when he was advised that I was going to speak, he backed out (I was already a person of interest). After my speech a lady stood up and asked what we could do. I said that before any gun laws were passed we needed to have an inquiry to find out what was going on. They sent a petition around and collected something like 300 signatures asking for an inquiry into the gun laws and Port Arthur. They gave the petition to Tate the next day and he virtually told them to stuff it, the decision had been made.

      Some of the politicians were in on it and others were out of the loop. Guys like Tate and John Howard appeared to be in on it. However, the Attorney General, Williams, (who was the patron for the Western Australian branch of the Coalition for Gun Control) appeared to be clueless. He had the task of implementing the ‘new’ (on the books) gun laws. Eventually, someone got the information to him about what was going on. It broke him and he retired from politics at the next election.

      Like in every other psy-op, the MSM was ramming the propaganda down everyone’s throat and steam rolling over any person that questioned what was going on. The Government, the legal system, the media, the intelligence agencies, the police – the whole system were participants. Most people find that too incredible to even contemplate, it completely turns their paradigm of reality upside down.

      • As I said, Cherri Bonney and Kevin Woodman had helicopters trying to scare them as recently as a few weeks ago. I think we can be big boys and girls now and admit that this occurs in a well orchestrated way.
        Thank you for standing up against it, Terry. Thanks for all you did in the past, too. See? It wasn’t wasted.

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