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Getting a Judge, Part 4: The Missing Instinct


Lavoy Finicum shotLeft, Lavoy Finicum raises his hands, then the FBI close in and shoot him (right) on the 26th of January, 2016

by Mary W Maxwell

The human body is geared up to motivate you to do the needful.  If there is an infection in your lungs, the body makes you cough, to cough it up. If you are a new Mom and hear the baby cry at 2am for a feed, you wake up eager to satisfy its needs. If you’ve had a few beers, you’ll get a little pain, enough to make you seek the men’s room, which will save you from bursting your bladder.

God’s got everything down pat. Animals’ bodies have the full range of what is needed, both for the individual and – in social species – for the whole society.

When I ran for Congress in 2006, one of the planks in my platform was “No women in the military.”  Pardonez moi but I don’t see what was wrong with having an all-male military as we did for centuries. The male body is ready to fight in ways that the female body is not.

So, what have soldiers, 2am feedings, and coughing got to do with the Boston Marathon trial?  Why, everything of course. This is Gumshoe where we mix current events, high principles of law, satire, conspiracy and evolutionary biology.

So Why Didn’t You Act, re Todashev?

By now you may have seen the January 26, 2016 video of a man named Finnicum who was working for American freedom. He gets out of his van and raises his hands – the famous “Don’t shoot me” pose. Nevertheless the FBI shoot him dead. End of that man’s life and his important work.

What can you do? Well, first of all, if you are American, I blame you that it happened at all.  You should have made an almighty stink when the FBI shot Ibraghim Todashev and ADMITTED TO DOING SO.

They were testing to see if you would stop them, but oh no, you said (in effect): “Carry on.”  And now, feeling their oats, they have gone further.

Clearly it’s in your interest to have fussed about the death of Todashev. And as I said, your body knows what to do in various situations (e.g., coughing the infection up, and caring for the child). Why wasn’t there an automatic coming together of citizens to confront the bad guys?

I think the answer is the one I gave in Part 3 of the series on “Selfishness and Human Dependence.” The shape of our ‘natural’ society, and thus of the evolved behavioral traits, is not in good accord with the large populations of modern times. As EO Wilson says, “We were jerry built on the Pleistocene.”

The Instincts We’ve Got – and Not Got

We have instincts to protect our self and our family. We have instincts to protect persons in need, and to be extra generous in a crisis. We have instincts to band together against an invader of our group’s territory.

We have instincts to follow the leader. We have instincts to fall in love and bond for life with a mate. We have instincts to be creative in art and language. We have instincts to jealously guard our property. Etc.

What ain’t we got? We ain’t got an instinct for contacting people like ourselves to ask for their help AGAINST AUTHORITY. The FBI guys wear uniforms and have marking on their vehicles that imply they work for the king. We are supposed to love the king!

Status Is As Status Does

Our brain switches into the wrong mode. (And of course the planners know this). By the way, we not only love authority, we all have ways of kicking those below us – yes you do, even if you deny it– and adoring those above us.

A recent study claims that men about to leave their parking space, in a crowded parking lot, will pull out deliberately slowly if they know another car is waiting. It’s a territorial instinct. (Girls don’t do it, they scamper off, they want to assist the incoming parker.)

A male does not want to let the invader in. But there is also another instinct involved. If the waiting car is very expensive, the man does hurry to leave. Of course he has no awareness that he is being deferential to Mr Porsche! Much of our social interactions are subconscious.

Turn It Around

I think we can overcome the problem of our lack of instinct for joining together against bad authority figures. What it would take is re-labeling them.

It may take a long time to dismantle the offending groups – NATO has certainly got masses of equipment and many trained “sleepers” who will rise up against us. But changing the label of FBI from “Protectors of Society” to “Badge-wearing Criminals” is a needed first step.

The right label would release the right action. Emotions are motivators. I said earlier that Mom is eager to help the baby at 2am. Her experience of that moment may be the emotion of joyful love, but its evolutionary ‘purpose’ is to see that the baby gets fed. Emotions motivate.

During the recent Balaclan explosions in Paris, I spoke to a French friend of mine. I asked “What do you make of this elaborate event?” He said “It’s a patriotism enhancer.”

In other words, he shares my cynical view that domestic crises (the Marathon for Bostonians, the OKC bombing for America, the Bali bombings for Australians) are produced in order to make us think outsiders are attacking.

This puts us subconsciously into a mood of loving our country and being grateful to those who saved us. Another part of this subconscious framework is that we feel anger and disgust toward anyone – Mary Maxwell, for example – who would try to show that the accused person – Jahar in Bosoton or Martin Bryant in Australia — couldn’t possibly have carried out the attacks.

Good Old Doublethink? 

My mother used to say “No man can serve two masters, for he will love the one and hate the other.” I don’t think Mom knew that she was quoting Matthew’s gospel (6:24).

That always sounded reasonable to me. But — I’ll have to say — Matthew apparently did not know about Doublethink. Plenty of people do serve two masters, even for a whole lifetime. And it isn’t always the case that they love one and hate the other. I think they love both masters!

Humans have a great capacity, as Dee McLachlan says, to live in parallel universes.

In the Moakley Courthouse in April, 2015, it looked like the educated people of Boston were all living in parallel universes. One side of their awareness is reasonable and devoted to truth and scientific accuracy; they openly praise these values. The other side has the gullibility of a three-year-old.

Thus, dozens of people sat there, without giggling, as statements were made that a black backpack was the vessel holding the offending pressure-cooker. (Can you imagine, in this day and age, a Twenty Something lad even knowing of the existence of the old technology called “pressure cooker”?)

None of them jostled about in their seats, or even cleared their throats, when Ortiz showed a video and said “Here he is the accused, wearing the black backpack” — which to all with normal eyes would appear to be a silver-white backpack!

They didn’t even send furtive glances around to check on fellow liars (because in Doublethink you don’t know you are lying) when a guy named Nathan Harman got up there and testified that he saw only one man at the door of Collier’s cruise car. Everything was just fine.

Parallel universe. Whatever the authorities tell us, in an official setting, is good.


We have a major problem, allowing FBI types to kill citizens for no apparent reason. The real reason is that they – and many “Law Enforcers” today – are our enemy. They work under instructions from persons who intend to enslave us and degrade us. What a situation!

In order to explain why we have not acted sensibly here, I invoked evolutionary biology. I listed the instincts that came about for our benefit and noted that we are missing any kind of an instinct to be angry with those in government.

This makes sense: in the past, a leader did what he or she could do to help the tribe. But in modern times the “leadership” position is an office that can be filled by anyone – no man or woman on his way up to that office need demonstrate caring. Isn’t that crazy?

If we want to insert a needed instinct today, we can’t use DNA for this. We have to use culture. We have to talk to each other and reason about such things as the Finnicum murder or the Laurel street lies. We have to be able to say “Junk in the Boston Globe is just not acceptable.”

This is the penultimate part of the 5-part series “Getting a Judge.” The topics so far were: impeachment, the stunning affidavit of Aunt Maret, disbarment and codes of ethics, and instincts.

The final part, Part 5, asks: Will Carmen and George ride in the same paddy wagon?

— Mary W Maxwell lives in Adelaide. She served on a Truth and Reconciliation Coalition on mind control from 2010 to 2011. Her website is maryWmaxwell.com.





  1. Killing unwanted and annoying people is US history. JFK, MLK, etc, over 50,000 US kids in Vietnam with about 550 of ours, heaps of Vietnamese and recently over 14 years, over a million plus in the Middle East as they march on to take out ‘7 countries in 5 years’.
    Look up the war history of the US since about 1776 and work out how many years they have been demonstrating that they are born killers……for the bankers!
    Nice to know that our media and politicians are so tolerant in support of the art of killing and hope to be regarded as civilised moral ‘uprights’.
    The US will keep us safe, just obey.

    • Years ago I was on a forum and many of the members would depreciate guys like me that wanted to expose the 9-11 psy-op. They would go on and on about ‘America right or wrong’, ‘love it or leave it’ yadda, yadda.

      I told them Americans were like a ding-bat that married a thug – “Yes, he takes things, but he’d never take anything from me”, “He can be a bully, but he’d never hurt me.”

      Then one day the ding-bat shows up with a black eye and a story about walking into a door.

      Maybe by now those ding-bats are starting to wake up, but I doubt it, they probably just engage in further denial.

      • Terry, when I was researching my cancer book I was surprised at how people get fond of thier bad-luck spree and do NOT want to be relieved.

        I imagine we all have an innate proclivity to accept our death, after all there’s no avoiding it. But when it comes too early and unnecessarily, the individual is into “acceptance” and won’t listen to perfectly good cures.

        Perhaps this acceptance extends to acceptance of loss of the rule of law.

        What dopes we mortals be.

        • When I got diagnosed with prostrate cancer, I thought – cool, I’ve never had cancer before. Some people die from it, others beat it, this is going to be interesting.

          I beat it. Kinda boring actually…

        • Read David Schwartz: ‘your souls plan’ or a similar title.
          We are all here by choice to have fun and appreciate why we are so blessed…., over time.

  2. Pge 271 of Elias Davidsson’s book, “Hijacking America’s MInd on 9/11” (a title which, by the way implies that America HAD a mind prior to 9-11, which I certainly agree was the case):

    “On November 21, 2003, two [office] employees of United Airlines [a CIA proprietary] who received phone calls from flights UA 175 and UA 93, were interviewed by staffers of the 9-11 Commission. The interview was attended by no fewer than three United Airlines lawyers. What was the purpose of their presence if not to intimidate the interviewees into keeping silent about ‘certain facts’?”

    Terry, UA 93 is the Let’s Roll item, maybe equivalent to the docudrama by National Geographic about Jahar on the boat.

    • Saw this on an Amazon review of the book “ISIS IS US.” —

      “I just started reading Mr. Lenard’s book “Isis is us” and from what I have read… I leaves me in a very uncomfortable space. You see cognitive dissonance is the order of the day. Americans are living in a state of denial. They just want to believe in “Apple Pie America” they just want to go on believing that we are living in a free country, and that justice prevails.

      “What’s contained in this book is shocking to Americans still in cognitive dissonance. So shocking that many will pass this book by for something more cheerful and entertaining. But there is a small cadre of humans of fine character even in Wiemar Republic America who are willing to open their eyes.”

  3. Mary, I sure hope Carmen and George ride in the same paddy wagon, but there is still a ways to go before that happens. What a good article!

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