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One Giant Leap for Mankind – Out the Door of Risdon Prison



by Mary W Maxwell

I first heard the expression “There is nothing for it” when I came to Australia. That was 35 years ago; I don’t think I have ever deployed the phrase.

Till now.

Today I say: There is nothing for it but to let Martin Bryant and Jahar Tsarnaev out of prison.

Going merely on what has been published at GumshoeNews in the last three months about these two men – not to mention the evidence supplied by other researchers — both Martin and Jahar were set up.

For nearly three years, since the Boston Marathon of 2013,

Jahar has been in maximum-security prison — maximally secure, that is, against the public finding out what he might reveal!

Martin has done almost 20 years at Risdon Prison in Tasmania, with part of that spent in a medical facility   (Oh, is he ill? What made him ill?)  He is not allowed visitors, undoubtedly for the same reason as Jahar. What other reason could there be?

I contend that both of the publically terrifying acts – the murder of 35 people in Port Arthur in 1996 and the explosions near the finish line of Boston’s famous race – are but typical actions of World Government. This secretive force has control of police, of politicians, and saddest of all, of the judiciary, worldwide!

The two prisoners should be sent home immediately. We cannot foresee the consequences of their ‘emancipation’ but we can definitely see the consequences of not emancipating them. Evidence grows every day of the running of our world by gaggle of maniacs.

There is nothing for it but to stop this nonsense.

I now invite you to hear Cherri Bonney’s new song, written for Martin Bryant, entitled “Wish I Knew How To Be Free.”

Go on, see if you can withstand it without feeling shame as an Aussie that you have kept this man in prison since 1996.

Cherri’s song.

There is nothing for it but to send the boy home NOW.

— Mary Maxwell lives in Adelaide.  Cherri Bonney lives in Perth.  Cherri wants this song distributed everywhere. And please get your mates to sign her petition at Change.org.




    • Thank-you Terry, just saw your comment and can say between nearly 40 radio and paper personal, not ONE reply so far! can only keep trying I suppose? the stats however are climbing quickly….
      Thank-you again Terry 🙂

  1. The song is beautiful Cherri! Congratulations! You have already accomplished so much in this case. I can see why Mary adores you. Let’s all keep trying until Martin and Dzhokhar are set free.

  2. Bloopers at the Astralodge (a motel in Perth).
    A few minutes before this interview was filmed (by my camera, perched on the microwave), I started the interview wrongly with “Good morning Bonney” instead of “Good morning Cherri.”
    So we giggled and stopped and then Cherri looked around the room for a Gideon Bible (easily found inside the air conditioner) to use as a way to raise the camera a couple of inches so I would not cut her head off.
    Voila the results:

    Ah, the power of a piano.
    Postscript: On the day of the interview, November 26, 2016, we still believed that there had been no inquest. Gumshoe later corrected that. (Search “Vanessa” for notice that Ian Matterson did run an inquest for several months until Martin pleaded guilty!)

  3. Cherri’s petetion got its 1,550th sig today, Valentine’s Day.

    I see that someone else has started a Change.org petition” to get a trial for Martin Bryant.” Possibly intended as a confusion. No worries, every bit helps.

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