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Was Martin Bryant Mind Controlled? Our Lives Are Run by Tavistock


rockefeller bryantLeft: David Rockefeller, Right: Martin Bryant at age 11

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Was Martin Bryant mind-controlled? Undoubtedly yes. He was a Tavistock patient. That is evident from the fact that he was treated in 1983 by Dr Eric Dax. Both Dax and Dr Fred Emery were living in Australia experimenting with mind control for Tavistock.  Dax was involved with the Deep Sleep fiasco at Chelmsford Hospital.

Did the Powers That Be make Bryant into a Manchurian candidate — as they often do? I don’t think so. He did not kill anyone that day. (He may have been directed to put a man in the boot of a car – in order to engender guilt.)

Possibly they set out to mess up his life, including perhaps killing his Dad, or even killing Helen Harvey. He would then be usable as a patsy or in some other role. The media would able to plant him in our minds as a fearsome being!

CIA’s Mind Control Stuff Is Not a Secret

The argument of this article is that all of us are being ‘treated’ by Tavistock. That’s the name of an Institute founded in London in 1920 as an educational charity. It is run by the Big Daddy intelligence agency MI6 — the force behind most or all of modern terrorism.

Note: we’re not in Conspiracy Land when we talk about CIA mind control. In 1975, Senator Frank Church held Congressional hearings that revealed all the important parts. There have also been court cases such as Val Orlikow’s and Frank Olson’s in which the CIA paid damages.

There are many proofs – pleas see my video on Mind Control at my Youtube channel “Mary W Maxwell.”

But it’s not just individuals that they play with. These creeps endeavor to design our very culture. They have a mandate from their bosses to destabilize society and to busy everyone with worry about debt and health issues, as well as about the great threat of “terrorism.”

Planning the Future of Humanity

Suppose you received an assignment to plan the future of the human race for the next 200 years. How would you proceed?  You might first take stock of what’s out there.  That is, you’d look at human nature, and inventory the various cultures’ ways of coping.

To make the plan for the future, you might ask folks to comment on what makes them happy, and what distresses them.  Your goal would probably be to design practices or structures aimed at increasing the happiness and decreasing the distress. The great creative potential of humans is something you would also try to tap.

Audacity, Thy Name Is Tavistock

Maybe you think it audacious, even for a nice person like yourself, to presume a right to design the future! But Tavie (as I call Tavistock) has been doing that for over a hundred years. And believe me, it was never their goal to increase happiness or decrease distress. Rather they need to control us.

Look around at the fruit of their social engineering.  The Australian mind-controller Fred Emery “predicted” – in his 1977 book, Futures We Are In — that people would develop “dissociation” such that they could not tell reality from fantasy. At Gumshoe, Fair Dinkum has lamented precisely that!

Note: Emery also said people would lose their moral judgment.

My Sociobiological Theory of Tavie

I look to evolutionary biology to find the fixed parameters of our species. I compare us to other species. I believe H sapiens exhibits the well-established (though not universal) mammalian pattern of male hierarchy-formation.

Ever male individual unconsciously seeks a place on the available ladder of status. Only a few can attain top position; the rest automatically resign themselves to a lesser status. When the alpha gets weary-looking, a new challenger overthrows him.

Centuries ago, some humans sort of beat the system by developing ways to attain – and keep – the top positions by deception. Miseducating the population is their tool.

I have stated before and now wish to clarify, in relation to Tasmania’s Port Arthur tragedy of 1996, that the persons at the top who think up such ‘missions’ as the massacre, are nut jobs, clinical cases.

I also believe that the men at the VERY top, who, of course are not the ones doing the shooting, worry 365 days a year, that they will be ousted – or even just “outed.”  In nature, a mammal alpha can never hold the whole group at bay. He has to sleep at night, and someone will get him.

World Government

My sociobiological theory is that the formation of a World Government could be predicted by anyone who understands hierarchies. The only way the alphas can stay at the top is by suppressing all rivals. A human must conquer every nation – just to be on the safe side. (Julius Caesar interjects: “Tell me about it.”)

I can see how today’s top bananas would start to believe they could do anything and everything.  I estimate that they are desperate in the way that an alpha has to be.

And, being human, they will also engage in that wonderful human practice known as self-deception. The alphas believe what is comfortable for them to believe, just as we all do.

So they can never say, even to themselves, “Oops, we’ve bit off rather more than we can chew.” In fact they have bit off far, far more than they can chew.  They certainly cannot run 7 billion people’s lives.

(Bozos, I’m talking to you. You have no chance of succeeding. Start looking for an amnesty. I will support you in that. Wouldn’t I mind if you find happiness after all your killing? No. I do not care one way or t’other. I want the killing to stop. I want the planet to be not wrecked!)

These boys infiltrate every government, every religion, every academic group. They have caused a mess in science. They have managed to poison the earth, and this not by accident but as part of their drive for control.

They want to control everyone’s thoughts. I mean is that puerile or what?

Tavistock, as Explained by Daniel Estulin 

Daniel Estulin is famous for trying to crash Bilderberg meetings. (Thank you, Daniel.) I quote from his new book, Tavistock Institute — the entity that pretty much owns psychology and psychiatric medicine.

“What I have described… as horrendous and unbelievable it may seem… is a hideous reality: the encroachment of fascism with a democratic face. It was devised at the Tavistock Institute with… help from the Rockefeller family going back to the beginning of the 20th Century. This ‘reality’ which, if faced as reality,… can be wiped off the face of the earth.

“However, if not dealt with up front, then within a relativity short period of time, everything else we do as people, every hope we have for a better world, will come crashing down… It is the Tavistock Institute or us… There are no other alternatives” (page 37). [Emphasis added.]

Well, that’s saying it!  Here are some more specifics:

“The development of the CIA has been essentially directed to the systematic infiltration of all principal existing institutions, with the help of some of the leading families, such as Dupont.

Allan Dulles is a prototypical Eastern Establishment figure, is a perfect example of the invisible confluence of fascist interests around the creation of new imperial dominion controlled by Rockefeller through CIA-Tavistock corporate interests.”

“For instance, Dulles was put in charge of the CIA’s Bluebird mind control project. Allan and John were senior partners at Rockefeller Standard Oil’s chief law firm, Sullivan & Cromwell, a notorious CIA front with links to the most important financial houses on Wall Street (pages 50-51).”

Now See Estulin’s Take on Sesame Street

“The first thing a child sees is a show dominated by animal-like creatures with human charateristics, the famous Muppets. Malcolm Gladwell [of Tavistock] said ‘Sesame Street was built around a single, breakthrough insight, that if you can hold the attention of children, you can educate them’.”

What about adult brain washing? Daniel Estulin shows how nostalgia is used to set you back into the comfortable state of your youth:

“TV producers put you in touch with the most infantile and banal emotions, and make you nostalgic for them. The hidden message; in these difficult times cherish the memories and values of your infantile past. Television is a big eraser, wiping away your real memories of the past. The Tube superimposed a twisted view of that reality by appeal, not to your mind, but to your infantile emotions.” (page 172)

Rockefeller Is One Hundred Years Old

Isn’t it time we admitted our mistakes and our human weakness in having fallen for all this garbage? Rocky plans to live to be 200. Should we continue to support him?

Should we let Tavistock come to beautiful Australia and train our police and military, by way of State Secrets, to kill and maim and change the brain of any or all citizens?

Huh? What do you think? Come on, rustle up some grey matter and think about this.

Dear Reader, we got took. That’s a fact and we cannot change it. The Port Arthur massacre was one great big fun day for some persons who themselves were probably lost from kindergarten onwards. We ought to wake up to these sordid and amazing facts.

Of course it may be difficult for us to make the needed changes. But it will be a lot more difficult NOT to make them.

— Mary W Maxwell is author of Morality among Nations (State University of New York Press, 1990) and, under the pseudonym Fortunata Fifi, is author of Teen Etiquette with Feeling: How To Make Life Beautiful with Time-Tested Rules of Relationships (2015).









  1. There’s papers to prove Martin was dealt with by a psy-op group in South Australia, and is still practiced today!

    There were sightings/reports of Martin being in Perth not far from myself prior to the massacre, alone and quite-actually charming to the staff-
    He was talking to a Journo from Tassie prior to the massacre on a plane sitting next to her, from Launceston to Burnie/Wynyard, he seemed to be ok according to her….then found on the west coast Roseberry-Tas- still ok in mind, no harm to any-one…

    I do have more up dates in the last 2 days of very disturbing accounts- one from Risdon and another account related, I wont reveal these as yet, they must be investigated and heard, BUT let me say this! on one of these accounts involves the infamous MR.JOHN AVERY 2 YEARS after the Massacre, 1998.
    The tell all wont be that long! Avery might find himself behind bars again-good thing-
    I can say also the so called GOVENMENT/ Political help for our citizen’s is nothing but a mess-with only a few good eggs left–

    https://soundcloud.com/cherribonney/wish-i-knew-how-to-be- free-cherri-bonney-music


  2. Here’s an interesting little article on the history of the Tavistock Institute: http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/tavistochumanrelations.htm

    And here’s a much more involved, very informative article: http://members.iimetro.com.au/~hubbca/tavistock.htm

    If this is indeed what happened to Martin, it seems unlikely that these evil crooks of the world are going to allow his freedom until they lose their own and no longer have any power over any of it.

    Why do you believe this organization is not already deeply enmeshed with the Australian government?

      • Speculator, thanks for the links. At the second one i found this:

        “It has become an accepted practice for high level NATO military personnel to be implanted with mind-control programs.”

        Wow. General Stan McChrystal explained in one sentence!
        GEEEEEZ. I will ask Dee to print my commentary on the congressional hearings re death of Pat Tillman. Thanks!

        • Dear Speculator247, What you call “ugly claims” is the full official story. That is what the DPP said and the judge accetpted. Martin first went to visit an elderly couople and bumped them off, then did his job at the cafe (which is inside a 19th century Convicts Transported prison that you really must visit someday) (I mean if Oz lets you have a visa after all your naughtiness on this website.) oh and then he killed people on the road and took a hostage. I think the last item was so police could invoke terrorist laws, way back 5 yrs before 9-11.
          In other words the narrative about Martin is on a par with Oswald killing JFK, Hani Hanjour flying ito the Pentagon,Cherif and Said Kouachi doing the Charlie Hebdo slayings, all formulaic.
          I hasten to say that in 1996 I absorbed the Martin story just like everyone else. Of course I absorbed Oswald too. But by Hani Hanjour time I had woken up. And defo by Marathon time.
          PS, what are you hoping happens very soon?

        • That is a find. Stunned to read this (written in 1997)
          “The Bryant case provides some guidelines on how to rip up this Tavistock capability, before the next atrocity is unleashed.”

  3. Here I go again (in reply to speculator 247) at the risk of being boring, and of course at the risk of being wrong.

    Spec refers to the men as “evil crooks.” I say most of them are ordinary nice people. This is an important point. If they were evil crooks we could catch them and everyone would be comfortable about seeing them in handcuffs. But no one wants to arrest or even “defame” the mayor or your grandmother or anyone else.

    Then there is the matter of mind control of lawyers. I have said at Gumshoe that I am sure Judy Clarke, the defender of Jahar Tsarnaev, is an MK-ultra victim. (Use the search engine above for “surreal”). I also think John Avery “sounds like it.” Though I cannot prove it.

    You really have to congratulate our masters if they have taken care to staff the defense teams — and the jurors? — with mind-controllees. Wow. That means we can’t use the justice system as our helper.

    But Cherri Bonney’s new song will help, and the commenters at Gumshoe help. They are the voice of society. Even tho’ the Tavie guys are trying to be the voice, 100%, they just can’t make the grade.

    So it’s a futile effort on their part. But a lot of us are going to get badly beaten for opposing them.

  4. Duncan Lewis, ASIO Director of Security said, 30 Jan 2015:

    “The shocking and terrible acts of violence we have witnessed in Australia [the Sydney siege], Canada [man shooting in Ottawa Parliament House], the United Kingdom, and most recently France [Je suis Charlie] emphasise the gravity of the threat posed by terrorism [not to be confused with the threat of the total loss of Rule of Law, or, say, the threat of fracking].

    “These tragic events, as well as the turmoil in Syria and Iraq,

    [swearda god, turmoil]

    illustrate the disturbed world in-which security intelligence and law enforcement agencies are currently operating in. [I’ll say!]

    “We deal with people with no regard for the law, with no regard for community, and often, with no regard for human life.”

    My question is, does the speaker know whom he works for?
    On what criteria was he chosen to be an ASIO director?
    What is ASIO?
    And can his own “regard for human life” come into play here?

  5. Surprising how the Tavistock has the ability to function after so many have exposed this institute as a criminal organization, it shows the power this has in money and politics.

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