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Who Appointed ABC the Keeper of the Official 9-11 Story?


media gatekeepers

by Dee McLachlan

I remember when my flat-mate called out, “A plane hit the World Trade Center.”  Then we watched the second plane fly into the South Tower. Moments later my friend uttered – spontaneously — “That’s got to be CIA.”

I pondered that possibility for an hour, but by the next day I had “settled” into believing that Osama Bin Laden had orchestrated the attack. This was obviously as a result of the firm declaration by leaders — which the media repeated OVER and OVER and OVER again.

This accusation against “the Arabs” remained the foundation for everything Western governments did for the subsequent decade and right up until today. It resulted in wars, the death of millions, and the rise of the security-state industries.

The media’s “first-in” strategy, and a “repetition-blitz” had succeeded to a spectacular degree.

It was only years later that I managed to reverse my “Bin-Laden-switch” and started thinking logically. It also resulted in me feeling depressed for many weeks after my discovery that “governments” kill their own people.

Then, when I started to challenge others about 9-11, I faced vacant stares, or a quick changing of the subject, and often enough an accusation that I was a “nut-job.”

So how do sane, intelligent people see nothing wrong? Is it like a magic trick — or a trick on the mind?

What exactly happens? Gumshoe has been talking about mind control lately, especially Mary Maxwell’s writing about Doublethink.  Let me see if I can pin down the 9-11 reportage thing, and as an example, see how Jon Faine, radio host of Australian Broadcasting Corporations’s 774 show, becomes a gate keeper to information.

The First Explanation

As the song goes “The first cut is the deepest...”, the FIRST explanation has the best chance to embed into the brain.

On the morning of 9-11, ‘experts’ like Paul Bremer pointed to Bin Laden within hours. This paved the way for leaders to apportion blame – with almost miraculous speed — on 19 Muslims with box cutters.


The next important ingredient is repetition. We were told over and over who was responsible. Spontaneous reports from the street, that it was “like bombs going off” – which conflicted with the official story — were never played again on mainstream television. Quickly, hosts and newsreaders began to toe the line.

Imagine on that night of September 11 if news readers were instead reporting that “Building 7 looked like a demolition job…. the towers looked like they exploded… witness heard bombs… boom-boom-boom… like a demolition job”, the world would be a different place right now. Our minds would have pursued other answers.

This means that some very powerful people orchestrated the mainstream media to be complicit in this deceit.

Who told newsreaders, television hosts, and reporters to stop reporting on bombs and other anomalies that conflicted with the official lie? Surely they WERE told!

Blind Institutional Allegiance

Television broadcasts of these events are being used as a weapon against the people. The “controllers” know they can numb the population into a mindset — very easily. Is it all part of Tavistock’s control? They know how human nature works, how the brain works, how each emotion can be accessed and manipulated.

I wrote about Blind Institutional Allegiance in my “The “Stupid And Wrong” Syndrome – And The Expulsion of A Geelong Grammar Student” article. The VICTIM of sexual abuse was expelled from school for reporting and speaking out. The school’s hallowed reputation deserved blind obedience. Meanwhile, the abuser continued in his job, protected.

It’s no different in Canberra. Politicians, too, suffer from Stupid and Wrong Syndrome — they threaten whistleblowers with jail time.

How can this be?

It must be that people are capable of holding two opposite beliefs at the same time.

Cognitive Dissonance

Remember Leon Festinger’s theory of cognitive dissonance? People often hold two conflicting beliefs, and they must go with the one that is easier at the moment if the two cannot both be called on.

In other words, your mind tricks you into the easiest and safest explanation, so you can get on with your day — blissfully.

And there are people that consciously know the truth — but are happier to “let sleeping dogs lie.”

All of this business is subconscious. Individuals adjust their perception of reality in order to achieve consonance — or a manageable balance. (Note: we adjust our perception of reality all the time, it’s a mental facility that generally helps our lives.)

Shaming Alternative Voices

I think some leaders might not be fully cognizant of what is really going on, but they are so managed that they blindly follow the script. They are absorbed by the importance of their destiny. And so leaders quickly shame anyone questioning “their” version.

But what is worse, is that television and radio hosts come to be the zealous guardians of the official story.

The Media Police Are Media Personalities

I can provide a perfect example: ABC’s 774 radio host, Jon Faine. (I had asked Mr Faine many years earlier to narrate a documentary that I produced — which he kindly and professionally did. It was only later that I began to question 9-11. So apologies, Jon, but you are the perfect example.)

I emailed him a few years ago suggesting that he interview Richard Gage from ae911truth.org. He emailed back:

“I confirm that i am not interested in sept 11 conspiracy theories.  It is an insult to the dead to play with this.  jon”

I would hope that Mr Faine would change his mind after listening to Bobby McIlvaine or Matt Campbell — but I doubt it. (They lost a son and brother respectively in the towers, and they are one reason why I continue to write about 9-11.) Matt Campbell has asked that the inquest be re-opened.

Mr Faine began his professional career as a solicitor — and is intelligent and extremely articulate. There is a reason he has a $300,000 taxpayer-paid salary at the ABC. In local and state politics, he displays an investigative and sharp mind. But when it comes to 9-11, Mr Faine shuts down. He loses all sense of logic, ignores evidence, and stops listening.

When discussing 9-11 with Kevin Braken (Victorian Trades Hall president) he could only argue back by making derogatory comments about Mr Braken. My article and the videos here. He again displayed this technique when interviewing former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser on the USS Liberty.

And when I brought some Gumshoe articles to Mr Faine’s attention, he wrote back:

“And your point is…… That the internet is full of rubbish? And this is more of it”

Mr Faine is a lawyer. Surely he should understand that the evidence precedes a conviction. But he refers to anyone questioning the official story in the most derogatory language. In his “discussion” with Mr Braken he went on with descriptions such as…  “lunatic fringe,” “absurd nonsense,” and “…debate whether or not the earth is flat.”

I remind Mr Faine that on the tenth anniversary of the attacks, for a period of four days, experts in Structural Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, and History (obviously the lunatic fringe???)  gave well-researched testimony to an international panel of distinguished judges. (It’s known as the Toronto Hearings.)


So what is happening here?

I experienced the same “brick wall” when I spoke to Jonathan Barnett who was a consultant for FEMA. (My article on mind manipulation here.)

Derryn Hinch displayed the same angry response to contributor Christopher Brooks when questioned about Martin Bryant’s part in Port Arthur. Read my article “The Dairy Farmer vs The Shameful Australia Media.” 

I have am now more fascinated than ever on how easy it is to manipulate an open mind.

Something is not only blocking these people from seeing reality. They are now POLICING the official story. And they shame intelligent and investigative researchers from questioning the evidence.

We need to call each and every one of these media personalities to account. My guess is they have no clue what they are really doing. But they have become the gate keepers for criminal activity and false flag events.


  1. two favs of mine – Corbett report’s 9-11 follow the money (trail)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3xgjxJwedA and
    architects and engineers ae911truth.org specifically building 7 BBC news report (announcing the collapse 20 mins before it happened with bldg 7 still standing in the background)
    http://www1.ae911truth.org/en/news-section/41-articles/682-how-did-they-know-examining-the-foreknowledge-of-building-7s-destruction.html of course media’s a direct service gov’t department with ‘repeaters’ not investigative reporters, providing the daily drip of their feeding tube to the ‘sheeple’s conditioned, programmed minds… a conscious self-initiated thought (if such a random awakening experience could divinely intervene and occur) would have nothing to grasp onto between their ears – picture leaky ‘sieve’ with tangled webs full of lies and deceptions forming limiting beliefs in complete vacancy…
    thank goodness for forces of evolution and karmic wheel butt kicks! you may enjoy this what goes around, comes around here.
    in spite of everything, these are the days of transparency and it’s all going to be coming out anyway, news or no news… http://www.universalhub.com/2016/chechen-immigrants-sue-michele-mcphee-news-outlets?nocache=1

  2. Some time ago I read a poem on ‘Mind Control’. I can’t remember much of it or who wrote it, but I did write down the last two lines of the poem –

    Are you willing to break the chains that bind,
    or, are you a prisoner of another’s mind?

    And that’s what it comes down to, being a prisoner of someone else’s mind. Your thoughts are not your own, they are someone else’s.

    I mentioned before the exploding towers of 9-11. Everyone has the experience of dropping something – it goes DOWN. The force of gravity pulls an object down, it does not go UP. We also all have had the experience of throwing something, we must add additional energy to first overcome the force of gravity and even more energy to make the object go up and/or out – we have all done this, it is our experience over a lifetime.

    Yet, when you show the brain-dead the exploding towers with the pieces of cement and steel girders flying up and outward from the towers – they deny it, some go into a rage of denial.

    All their previous learning experiences over a lifetime are discarded, any logical ability that may have existed in their minds is suppressed – someone owns their mind and they don’t even know it.

  3. I disagree with many of the comments here, particularly the ones blaming “mind control”. From where I sit, all these people, (unless they have experienced war first hand) none have ever faced the fact, that they may be living in an alternative reality.
    Every soldier who has faced events in a war zone, can verify that the laws/rules/standards that they have learnt from the cradle as the authoritarian governing motivator for their entire lives, DOES NOT APPLY, in their new found situation.
    Events people need to face when confronted with such a reality are devastating, and are the root cause of much of our PTSD we suffer from returning from the battle field.(On my return from the battlefield, I quickly learnt that people were not the slightest interested, in our experiences, and when someone did express an interest, when we described things, their eyes simply rolled back in their heads, and they walked away in disbelief.)
    How does an individual once exposed to the LIES and HYPOCRISY they have spent their entire lives living, then deal with the REALITY that it’s all a LIE ????? Does not apply in a war zone, where the reality is a lot different.
    How do such people then return from their experiences and are expected to fit seamlessly back into the FALSE REALITY that they were living in previously ?
    For this very reason, many WW 2 soldiers kept their mouths shut, drank themselves to death, committed suicide, or turned their backs against society in their frustration because if they dared tell anyone what they have discovered, they’d be sent off to the lunatic asylum ?
    With the above in mind, now consider a society again, from the cradle fed these lies, and living to the standards that society tells them is the accepted way to live.
    All of a sudden, an event occurs that proves everything they have based their lives upon, is a LIE. That their own Government does not care one whit about them, and is in fact, quiet happy to off as many of them as required to fulfill their agenda.
    How do such people then deal with such a situation ? How helpless would such people then feel ? Moreover, if they cannot TRUST their own Government who is ALLEGEDLY charged with looking after that society, and then turns around and OFF’s a few thousand to achieve it’s aim of World hedgemony, how do the people deal with such a betrayal ?
    Easy, pretend it didn’t happen, all’s well in the lunatic asylum.

    • Hi Eddy,
      It is really another version of the 1998 movie with Jim Carey called the ” Truman Show.” In the end exposure is the only option in survival and this is what each person needs to do, to overcome what you call “helplessness”.
      Fear of fear itself is the issue, of course. It is up to the individual!

  4. The answer to the question.
    The same freak controllers and killers and their abettors, who have bribed and/or threatened every member of our Australian Parliament to be providing aid, comfort and protection to mass murderers. (Be it unwittingly and/or due to cowardice and deceit)
    They will be remembered in the history books for what are with their mass media spivs and it now appears, as assisting in creating a possible WW111 with the taking down of ‘7 countries in 5 years’ falsely justified by the 911 false flag mass murders.
    Congratulations mass media spivs; Saudi Arabia and Turkey are to be in action in Syria next. Turkey is now shelling Syria bating Putin.
    If our PM is to be now suckered like Howard, then Malcolm, send your son to die for your banker mates and leave ours out of it.

  5. Dee, Mr Faine is a former solicitor, so presumably at some stage of his legal training/career he would have come across criminal law. It is after all a compulsory component of law degrees. In the course of his study he would have been introduced to the crime of conspiracy. A conspiracy is an agreement by two or more persons to carry out an illegal act.
    The US government version, faithfully parroted by the Australian media, is that Osama bin Laden and his fellow plotters planned to hijack four aeroplanes and fly them into buildings. They allegedly undertook several steps to give effect to this plan.
    Ergo, we have a conspiracy, which is exactly what the US government, the 9/11 Commission, the Australian media and others claim happened. So the question for Mr Faine is this: There are competing conspiracy theories about 9/11. Which one do the facts best fit.
    It is not rocket science to work out that the official conspiracy theory is so full of the proverbial holes that it cannot possibly be true. Even a passing acquaintance with the basic laws of physics destroys what the US government claims about WTC1 & 2. You might also ask Mr Faine why did the 9/11 Commission report not mention WTC7? It came down at free fall speed for about one third of its demolition time. Even Shyam Sunder admitted that was impossible without explosives removing floors that would otherwise slow the descent (law of the conservation of momentum).
    As Mr Faine, were these alleged Muslim hijackers so clever they could defeat the laws of physics?
    He will not of course wish to engage in rational discourse because there is a fundamental truth underlying your article: we do not have “news” served up to us on ABC, SBS et al. We have “perception management”.
    Once one grasps that basic point there is no reason to rely on anything purporting to be “news” in this country other than perhaps to catch the sports results and the weather.

    • ‘Perception management’.
      How quaint that ex lawyers and media spivs should be adopting the modus operandi of the Hitler regime after they set up the destruction of the Reichstag and rounded up all the commies for it.
      Then we had operation Gladio murdering about 80 travellers at Bologna railway station and that was to blame the commies as well.
      Faine, Hinch, Liebmann et al. should look up some history. Do not forget the Gulf of Tonkin and the dupe, John Howard on his Iraq Weapons of mass destruction that killed over 40 of our boys.
      The mass media spivs are toast!

    • Yes, former terrorist and now grandfatherly soccer loving personality Frank. Of course Frank was besties with “Lucky” Larry Silverstein, who of course bought the then-condemned WTC precinct in 2001 and promptly insured for acts of terrorism. Damn those Amish Eskimos are so clever and insightful aren’t they.

  6. I’m sure from what you’ve said that Mr. Faine is an agent of an organization similar to the CIA in the US. Most, if not all, mainstream media in the US are agents, which means that these organizations are in the business of spreading propaganda for the globalist agenda. The prominent individuals in the media are well aware of this fact.

    It seems a pretty simple thing to realize that our governments are no longer our governments, if they ever were. We must expect them to lie to promote their own interests, which are counter to our own. They are not our friends and they certainly are not benevolent.

    They can put on all sorts of dog and pony shows but once we have this fact firmly ingrained, we can understand the daily happenings in the world much more clearly.

    • Actually, that is an idea worth pursuing. In the US it was known as Operation Mockingbird and it would be interesting to know to what extent the same infiltration and corruption of the msm exists here.

      • The title of this article by Dee is:
        “Who Appointed ABC the Keeper of the Official 9-11 Story?”

        I tend to think she asked it rhetorically, but Speculator has answered it factually. By the way, a thank-you to Jahar Tsarnaev for causing Speculator to join us Down Under. This cross-fertilization is quite something!

        Personally I had always thought of the Oz press as being run by Murdoch. I didn’t think ot it being run by um… oops I guess Murdoch is…um… wow, was I thick.

  7. Mind games, media misrepresentation, theories on 9/11, speculation, lay person opinion remain the best closed circuit false flag movement in place since 9/11. Look for yourself at Dr Judy Wood’s Wed site, then look and laugh at the groups that try to debunk her with personal comments only…… The truth is that we don’t know yet what really happened that day, unless you believe in Disneyland and Father Christmas….

    • Not quite sure what your first sentence means, Con — or is that “Con”? — but Gumshoe ain’t no false flag.

      Roughly what happened that day is: we were presented with a false story and the American public from that moment gave its elected “representatives” and “senators” the chance to enable bad people to do brutal and stupid things both at home and abroad.
      I recommend, instead of Judy Wood, Neils Harrit, for scientific explanation of the explosions.

      • Mary, to Niels Harrit I would add some further recommendations. David Ray Griffin has written a number of books on the topic, all of which are worth reading. Also the website for architects and engineers for 9/11 truth.

      • Hi Mary,
        I looked at Neils Harrit presentations today. He is a Professor of Chemistry you know. He also is quoted that “he presented NIST’s explanation of the 9/11 collapse”. If you read the complete NIST report…..PS: you cannot because NIST won’t release it all ( !), but at least if you read what they presented to the official “9/11 Commission”, NIST categorically states that it was not their mission to explain the 9/11 collapse, but to advise on what can be done to prevent another. I think presenting a report in this light reflects badly on the presenter, don’t you?
        Dr Judy Wood has credentials a mile long in materials, structuires and building. She does not deal with “I think” or “I believe”, she looks at where the evidence takes you. She is the only person to take NIST to the Supreme Court only to be rejected to proceed on a technicality.
        By the way I was named Con by my parents. It does not stand for confidence trickster but is short for Constantine.
        I like Gumshoe News as it fearlessly looks at many issues and I would never suggest it is a false flag. Only individuals are the essence of flase flags and they can infiltrate anything.
        Look out for them….they usually promote their opinions as fact without evidence. 🙂

          • Hi Mary,
            I don’t belong to any broad church, nor have my thinking restricted by such limitations. I do believe in truth, even if it hurts!
            Mary this is not about fruit; 9/11 is about world wide catastrophe. Please don’t call it fruit! It isn’t lovely!

        • Con, I would be very cautious about Judy Wood. She has among other things promoted space beams as a cause of the collapse of the WTC towers. She is also endorsed by Jim Fetzer which is another reason for caution.
          Harrit has been a strong promoter of nano thermite as the cause of the buildings demise. It is true that nano thermite was discovered in the rubble, but my understanding is that it was not enough of itself to create the observed effects.
          The known facts best fit a mini nuclear device being used.
          The known facts also comprehensively demolish the 9/11 Commission’s fantasy version.
          Perhaps the important focus today should be on the way that 9/11 has been used to wage wars, invade and occupy countries, and systematically erode what is left of our civil liberties.

          • HI James,

            If you read Dr Judy Wood’s book- Where did the Towers Go, Ed: 2010- which is her scientific assessment of 9/11, you will find find no reference to any” promotion of space beams.”

            This assertion has been promoted by all who criticise her in an attempt to make us laugh. A great technique used to distract and defuse sound argument….iie: a lie.
            Nano-thermite is essentially Iron & Aluminium….. What do you think was in the 110 stories of each Twin Tower???
            Nanothermite cuts……..it does not cause implosions….research it!!
            Mini Nukes cause blinding light to be produced & heat….. 9/11 showed none. The light in the sky was blocked out, no heat, minor fires….just disintegration of visible matter.

            We must find out what happened./ It only when we know HOW that you can work out WHO. And then you can work out WHY.
            Not the other way around.

            As for Jim Fetzer ( ex USA Military man) who co founded “Scholars for 9/11 Truth” & invited Dr Judy Wood to join…. She resigned in 2006 declaring the organisation was doing more to cover up truth rather than find it. She has nothing to do with it!

            LOOK at Dr Judy Wood– read the book 3, 4 5 times— look ONLY atb the evidence. The USA has a lot to hide…..an awful lot!. The corporate mainstream media will discuss NONE of this. Now THAT is the conspiracy!

          • “We must find out what happened./ It only when we know HOW that you can work out WHO. And then you can work out WHY.Not the other way around.” I disagree Con.

            It is like someone is murdered by poison. And they can’t work out what poison — they still proceed with the homicide.

            If the official story is a lie. Then one must prosecute that 19 Arabs did not do it and start interviewing /questioning people that were in control. Even then the real perpetrators maybe shielded behind multiple layers of protection.

            I have had an email – which i can’t publish – re: that it was mini-nukes of a kind. It could have been multiple weapon systems.

            The most important thing is to make it fact that the official story is nonsense. Then the detail.

          • I agree with Dee. Con is confused about a number of issues and reading Griffin would help, not least because he is trained in philosophy and able to think rigorously.
            I am not a scientist, but I know enough about the basic laws of physics to recognise a scientific impossibility when I see it. The official story re 9/11 is BS from beginning to end. We know that the outline of the 9/11 Commission Report was written by Zelikow before they had their first hearing. Not a genuine inquiry then, and that is in my view the essential starting point.

          • Hi Mary & James,
            I understand your opinions but I would like to show you why they do not follow logic:

            1. Mary, you refer to someone who is poisoned….. Already you have assumed that a body that has been discovered has died from poisoning. You can’t make that sort of assumption: it is basic Detective 101 training. FIRST you find out WHAT happened.

            2. How can you even suggest that prosecution of alleged perpetrators be carried out when you can’t even describe or prove the crime…..????? Please don’t tell me two planes with fuel can carry out 9/11. You don’t know Mary, you just don’t know~!

            3. James , can you clarify what exactly you believe I am confused about. You didn’t mention anything. But did I help clarify your earlier beliefs re nanothermite, mini-nukes and Fetzer,.
            4. James, have thoroughly read David Ray Griffin’s books: ‘The Mysterious Collapse of WTC 7 Ed: 2010’ , and The ‘9/11Commission Report Omissions & Distortions Ed: 2005’. They provide constructive criticism of the events AFTER 9/11.
            Neither provide a scientific analysis of WHAT happened.

            I am science trained and abide by the basic principle of using observation and gathering of evidence before making any finding. That is ANY finding .

            Read Dr Judy Wood’s book— if you don’t understand it, look at her internet presentations.

            Don’t do a “George W Bush in the United Nations”:
            “We must speak the truth about terror. Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th; malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists, themselves, away from the guilty. To inflame ethnic hatred is to advance the cause of terror.”— (http://www.americanrhetoric.com/speeches/gwbush911unitednations.htm)

            We all know what a liar he is. Yes a liar. ( remember….weapons of mass destruction….. Just weren’t there!! )

          • Con, this is Dee here.
            I think we are into semantics which the powers that be want us to be. The investigations can take 10 years and tens of millions to sort out what happened – taking accounts of witnesses, affidavits etc… I agree with you – you have to gather all the evidence. But in this case it requires an army of people. The evidence is complex, so much of it (destroyed too). I just don’t get your argument. You mean nothing is to be done until an independent person proves what happened? How does one know that they’re right? We can easily see from visual evidence that the official lie is kinda nonsense though. Must all the experts assigned to the task should come to the same conclusion too? – but maybe this is so multi-layered its going to near impossible to get consensus

          • Hi Dee,

            Thank you for acknowledging that the United States official version of 9/11 is false.
            Now one only needs the people of the USA to realise this!
            They are the ONLY ONES that can get the NSA, CIA, State Department and of course the Pentagon to reveal what their involvement was. But without the corporate media to support such exposure, the majority of the citizens of the USA remain in hibernation, brainwashed with government propaganda.
            In essence we need another Edward Snowden from these government entities to blow the whistle. (That’s what I hope will happen) and guess what, it didn’t cost millions to do, nor take years…just a phenomenal interview in Hong Kong… Wow!!!!
            The people of the USA love him, the guilty fear him.

            Yes, he, she or they will be sacrificing their lives, but for a very good cause- truth and for the innocent millions of people killed by the military machine of the USA.
            Look NOW, at how the world looks at the governance of the USA, with abhorrence! Hope they’re reading this👀
            Grand scale exposure , Dee… That’s the answer…
            Do you understand me now?

        • Neils Harrit actually took 9/11 to the Danish High Court..

          I think also, a technicalitty prevented progress, not allowed to present evidence if I remember right.

  8. Unfortunately , most of the elite , are groomed from the masonic halls . They stopped thinking in their youth . They are all repeaters that cannot be reached . With them logic is a waste of time . Money corrupts absolutely and the killing of innocent people has become big business . The only way for love and truth to survive is by non compliance . This 2 party system, as in all western demoncracies , is pure evil . Please pray for peace .

    • This is what the USA can do do it’s own people and then use it as the reason to invade Afghanistan, I can only shudder at what they will do in the future to their own and to their ‘allies’, remembering Australia is also in their firing line. Just read what Julian Assange’s Wikileaks has printed in “the Wikileaks Files” Ed: 2015. which exposes amongst the millions of emails that Chelsea Manning handed over (on a CD!!!) to Wikileaks that the USA has been instrumental in war and deception for decades upon decades.. Their newspapers ( New York Times, Washington Post have published a handful only in 10 years and the majority of the highly respected foreign affairs international journals have published NONE!)
      -Our own national newspapers ( self proclaimed as being independent) stand by,. GUILTY as accomplices in their unbelievable inaction and most of our elected politicians are only there for the ride….not for their country.
      It ain’t lovely, it’s murder, most severe, with intent and preparation, and definitely no remorse. Citizens of every country in the world should boycott and ostracize the USA ( aka US Empire) governance at every opportunity, the USA’s own citizens demand it of us. They need our help 👪

  9. Why would I care to be published in your blog?
    Integrity comes from deeds done standing up for truth and reason. If honest people can not stand against deliberately perpetuated fraud what chance does truth ever have?
    Cole has practically admitted he is a fraud where is your indignation, and anger at a known Liar and Huckster representing himself as a lead spokesman for your movement?
    Deeds say more than words ever will do you fear telling the truth for once?

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