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Victims Want Cardinal Pell to Face The Music


Tim Minchin’s song inviting Cardinal Pell to come home to Oz to face the music has been making the rounds in Australia. We post his song for the benefit of overseas readers.



  1. Local ABC 97.7 played the song and made a lengthy story which included interviews with long time campaigners against Pell and his corrupt role in dealing with sexual abuse in Australian Catholic institutions.
    My point would be how consistent and objective is this intense focus on Pell by the media and Tim Minchin?
    Minchin is not exposing the money trick or defending justice for Martin Bryant.
    Now that would take real courage!
    Minchin is playing the “court jester”.
    The serious deeper consequences and context of our political and moral reality is safely contained with a narrow focus and lampooned as entertainment which satisfies the mob.
    Pell is certainly deserving of scrutiny and criticism but he is now a soft easy target and the issue and responsibility is complex and far beyond one man.
    Our whole society has abdicated genuine accountability to be informed and stand up against crimes of power and the mass deceptions that are many magnitudes greater in effect than the the terrible crimes of sexual exploitation that are rightly being uncovered in the present Royal Commission, and hopefully prosecuted in due legal process.
    Bella Dodd, former American Communist Committee member, who related the infiltration of the Catholic Church way back in the 1930’s might be relevant to the condition of Catholic institutional integrity in the present but the populist manipulated mob baying for Pell’s blood have many self serving credibility problems similar to the blind compromised errors they accuse Pell.

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