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The Port Arthur Case in a Nutshell


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by Mary W Maxwell

Starting around 1972, the WG (world government) folks introduced the idea that Arabs are terrorists. The “Arab” factor initially dominated over “Muslim;” later it was decided to refer to “Islam,” and it has now evolved into IS, an “Islamic state.”

Any other group could have been chosen instead but, oh well, this one was sufficient.  Then all WG needed was to have its employees recruit (or simply dress up as) Arabs, and help them conduct various dramatic scenes, particularly in airports.

From my own personal memory of these things (in America)  it still was not a big worry – it was far away from our habitat. Nevertheless, the busy bees were getting legislation ready in Congress. A law was passed in 1996 that should’ve had any Constitution-minded citizens up in arms – literally if necessary.

The first big explosion was at the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995, at which many children died in the daycare center.  I am sure this building was chosen for that reason. Indeed it’s likely that the federal employees had been given the daycare thing years earlier with an eye to this event. (Deaths of children are very important in a tragedy.)

Some Iraqi immigrants in OKC were to take the blame (so US people could get a local flavor for the “Islamic problem”) but at the last minute it was decided to blame a lone nutter.  The New Yorker magazine gave us an “insight” into how Timothy McVeigh’s lonely life in a small town had led to all this. Really, though, he had been mind-controlled in the Army to do whatever.

By March of 1996, it was decided that a roomful of school children would be shot dead. Dunblane, Scotland was chosen, as its police were well controlled by the Masons. Much of the Inquiry is under seal. (Why? There was no foreign invader.)

Six weeks later there was a wild massacre in a café in Tasmania.

The media monopoly was fully in gear to blame a 28-year-old who had been mind-controlled from an early age, whose father and best friend had been (likely) killed in 1993 so he would be alone. His name, Martin Bryant, became a household word as the story seemed to be complete, and as he “pleaded guilty.”

The magistrate Ian Matterson of Tasmania was coroner at the time and he conducted an inquiry from the day of the event, April 28, right up until the Supreme Court convicted Bryant in November, 1996. Matterson was then told to toss it in, as the law forbade him to make findings that conflicted with the Supreme Court ruling of guilt. Just imagine that nonsense.

Many local people tried to get answers to questions about the 35 deaths that occurred. One man, Walter Micak, was often seen on TV with Prime Minister Howard as the face of the tragedy – he had lost a wife and two children to the shooter. But he was not one of the ones asking for more data. He told people they shouldn’t stir up the tragedy again. We fell for it.

Australians (including me) settled into the belief that there was no real issue. The mental case, Martin Bryant, had done it.

Well, no he didn’t.  The WG people did it. They control all sorts of secret groups in Oz, especially connected with police but also with Parliament, medicine, and the Church. Perhaps they run every state Parliament and all Governors-General. Do you ever hear a politician speaking up about these things?

The alternative media for which I work, GumshoeNews.com in Melbourne, got coaxed into looking at the Port Arthur case. We found the above. The current state of play is that we think someone will kill Bryant in prison, any day now, so there will be no cause left for people to press on about Port Arthur. Wrong-o. We will press on. We are not, how you say, stupid.

Dee McLachlan and I have just completed a book entitled Port Arthur: Enough Is Enough. If you would like a free copy, please write and tell us that you are interested in this vital matter.

Here is a list of twenty legal actions that should be looked into. I would appreciate corrections on these:

Legal Actions to Turn the Port Arthur Case Around

The first ten items can be initiated by any individual:

  1. Seek a restraining order to stop the move to kill Martin.
  2. Apply to be guardian for Bryant and sue on his behalf.
  3. Contact Risdon Prison’s Official Visitor and ombudsman.
  4. File a writ of error coram nobis based on the fraud-upon-the-court that occurred when DPP gave the judge false information.
  5. Organize a lay Truth and Reconciliation body, inviting anyone who knows what happened to come forward.
  6. Require of federal Parliament that it provide data as to the SAS’s exercises in Tasmania in the week of the massacre.
  7. Apply for a pardon for Martin Bryant from Her Majesty, via the Governor of Tasmania Professor Kate Warner.
  8. Complain to the Tasmanian Integrity Commission online.
  9. Request de-registration of bad doctors and bad lawyers.
  10. Ask Governor-General to rescind gongs as appropriate.


  1. Hold a new inquest into Port Arthur’s 35 massacre deaths.
  2. Amend the law to forbid concentrated media ownership!
  3. Seek indictments for perjury and obstruction of justice.
  4. Look into David Everett’s being beaten up in solitary and his alleged wheelie-bin prison escape, relevant or not.
  5. Find out why Australian Press Council’s Weisbrot did not adjudicate Newscorp’s libel of Bryant. Get him sacked.
  6. Investigate deaths of Maurice Bryant and Helen Harvey.
  7. Arrest for murder and/or treason the persons who did the massacre, and who were accomplices and accessories.
  8. Charge Murdoch media liars with crime of cover-up of the massacre, and the crime of incitement to murder Bryant.
  9. Ask any state Supreme Court to cancel ‘QC’s’ as appropriate.
  10. Hold a Royal Commission to investigate the massacre, with all powers of summonses and subpoena of witnesses.

We have no time to waste. This is the moment to stop all the nonsense.

— Mary W Maxwell is a law graduate of Adelaide and has a PhD in Politics. She was pleased to be an ‘artist’ in the Adelaide Fringe last week and has amazing plans for her Fringe show next year if the WG folks (World Government) don’t give her the basic heave-ho in the meantime.


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