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Judge McClellan, Face the Music! — Part 9 of Gumshoe’s Royal Commission Series



by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Dear Justice McClellan, When I discover a good judge I go to any lengths to promote his/her good work.  I have been veritably slobbering over your work since November, 2015. Just search the website Gumshoenews.com to see how many times I have said you are in a class by yourself. And I also admire your offsider, the South-African-accented Counsel.

This is because I thought – and still think, subject to your reacting to Fiona Barnett — that the Royal Commission you are heading, on “Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse” is aiming to answer the Big One. That is, the terrible mystery of why the police are protecting child tormentors.

I think you were fair to ex-cop Denis Ryan, at least giving him the hearing he has been trying for 30 years to get. I like the way you did not let Bishop Finnegan off the hook. In regard to the Jehovah Witness religion I think you got to the heart of the problem.

As you may know, I’ve been running articles – “Gumshoe’s Royal Commission Series” — that meld your work with my own expertise on American-style mind control. I reckon Cardinal Pell was an abused child himself.

Now for my plaint. I learned only yesterday that Fiona Barnett provided you TWO YEARS AGO with essential data. I had known she complained about the fact that the Wood Royal Commission catered to the CIA-based group, the False Memory Syndrome squad. But I hadn’t realized that she accuses you of failing to refer for police action her serious allegations.

Justice McClellan, no matter what your restrictions are (and according to the Letters Patent they are few), no matter how much you are a court of inquiry not a criminal court, there is nothing to prevent you from, and everything to encourage your helping society by grasping the nettle of this pedophilia problem.

I think you will reply that you’re getting to it, and it all must be done correctly. Sorry, that is not appropriate.  Fiona has not only told you the amazing fact that she witnessed many child murders close up, she has told you that the upper echelon of government contains men who are totally out of their minds.

Hasn’t it occurred to you that if they are such law-breakers in regard to child abuse, that they may be doing outrageous things with the reins of government?  That they may happily cause bodily harm to the public? That they may sell Australia out?

Which member of Cabinet has ever stood up to any of the nominated pedophile prime ministers? None as far as we know, right? So does that mean that the grip that some Great Bosses (outside Oz) have on our prime ministers is able to pass down to the next level, and then the next? All our state premiers perhaps?

All our judges?  All our university chancellors? All heads of the medical profession? The diplomatic corps? The export-import people? At Gumshoe we did already figure out that the media folks are in some way enslaved. They can’t even conduct a reasoned radio interview. (I am talking about Jon Faine, Derryn Hinch, Dr Karl…)

Look, Your Honor, I am depending on you. You are holding legitimate authority to ask any question of any Australian. I don’t mean to say it’s your job to clean up the mess. But it certainly is against your job to put crucial matters on a backburner!

Oh, you reckon it’s too embarrassing for us to be caught out internationally with leaders who behave scandalously?  Have no fear. The new prime minister of Canada is the son of a major pedophile, Pierre Trudeau.  The up-and-coming president of US – no matter whether it’s Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush – has been an abused child since Day One, and a perpetrator to boot.

We are told in the 1994 Memoir of First Lady Barbara Bush, (born 1925) that she was forced to leave her newborn Jeb in Texas, in 1953, along with six-year-old George — so she could go off to the Sloan Kettering for 7 months and attend to the death-by-leukemia of her little girl, Pauline Robin.

Barbara is the illegitimate daughter of MI6’s maniac, Aleister Crowley. He boasted – boasted — of being evil.

Oh prestigious Australian, come on, this is the hour, this is the year. Fiona Barnett has turned the tables with her Candy Girl video on Youtube. Don’t cause this thing to flounder – as, pardon me, you seem to be doing. This is a great event and you should be at the forefront of it.

Sometimes I talk a good game about wanting to punish the bad guys.  A recent article of mine asked “How shall I arrest thee? Let me count the ways.”  And you should see my Youtube video at Sydney Harbor that tells the governor of Massachusetts how to call out the troops against the bozos from Homeland Security.

But though I get off on saying things like that, I feel extremely sorry for the bozos.  They did not ask to be where they are today. “The system” pushed them into these jobs. Remember when Hawke went on TV crying, because he found his daughter was a heroin addict? I suspect he had tried to go off the reservation, to shake off the overlords, and they punished him.

Some leaders who weren’t team players had to go: JFK, Robin Cook, Benazir Bhutto, Antonin Somoza, Harry Holt?

Now let me show you how wonderful your work has been. It gave Fiona Barnett the chance to “try again” after her many failures, over many painful years. Thank you for that. And I thank Her Majesty for issuing the Letters Patent, and the Governor-General in 2012, Dame Quentin Bryce, for signing them.

All praises all around. I even thank Julia Gillard for mustering the votes for this Royal Commission.

Moreover, over here in quiet Adelaide today, my watching the Candy Girl video caused me to phone my best consultant on mind control in Canada, Trish Fotheringham. She instructed me to read her “letter to the UN” dated 2004. I did so and by golly I think I’ve found a major tie-in. Let me quote Trish:

“Ritual Abuse-Torture is a reality that continues, unhindered, throughout our “civilized” world. Dissociation and denial must end, the secrets must be shared. Atrocities must be brought to light and made common knowledge. My upbringing included trauma, torture, child trafficking and pornography, sex slavery, torture, ritual abuse, mind control, and medical experimentation.

“Over the years, I have gleaned insights from knowing about a dozen people with “Dissociative Identity Disorder” (formerly labelled Multiple Personalities), as well as several men convicted of murder, and many, many pedophiles, and R.A.-T. perpetrators, all of whom had suffered Ritual Abuse-Torture in their formative years.

“They had backgrounds as varied as the KKK, Jehovah’s Witness, Hell’s Angels, CIA experiments in the U.S., LSD experiments on prisoners in Canada, actual Satanic Cults, Pedophile Rings, Child Porn Rings, the Government Foster Home System, and more.

“Ultimately, I came to understand that people usually believe the Ritual Abuse-Torture they inflict is performing a worthwhile service, such as “cleansing”, “teaching”, or “disciplining”.  Sometimes, they use Ritualized Abuse-Torture to condition, train, and gain control of the mind of their followers. In these cases, it is common to encounter other criminal acts, such as gang-rape, murder, blood-letting and drinking, human sacrifice, dismemberment, and cannibalism.

“These widespread, but scattered, “Believers in Rituals” frequently have connections with one or another aspect of Organized Crime.  Whether they realize it or not, once they are connected to Organized Crime, they become potential tools for a network of a few wealthy, internationally influential people who form a Secret Organized Crime Hierarchy.

“These powerful few (from a distance and through minions) dictate the activities of various other Organized Crime Groups such as biker gangs and pedophile rings. Their agendas are aimed at increasing their own profits, power, and pleasure.

“They traffic in drugs, weapons, sex tourism, child porn, and snuff films, not to mention unpaid labor. This trade includes regular secret shipments all over the world, to and from Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

“Ritual Abuse-Torture is a world-wide, global form of Organized Crime which screams for credibility.” [Emphasis added]

Screaming? Yes, Sir, and the screaming is in your ear. You can’t let us down. I know you are a rolled gold Aussie and a real man.  I have already seen you grill many people at the hearings of the current Royal Commission. I know you’re not trying to have an itty-bitty duna day.

Come on, the crowd is waiting for you. This is IT. This is when we all get free of something that has been going on for centuries. (Ask Rabbi Marvin Antelman about the Sabbatean sect in the Jewish religion. He has fits over it.)

Oopsie, I had better admit that I have endangered the life of my friend Trish Fotheringham by quoting her on the subject of Ritual Abuse. Still, nothing happens if we don’t take risks, and she, like Fiona, has taken many, starting in 1991.

I know Trish will want me to end with the last paragraph of her 2004 Letter to the UN. Here ’tis:

“A great many children need to be protected and adults healed, and a shockingly large number of people with power and authority need to be brought to account for their despicable actions. I leave you with the certainty that the loving human spirit is capable of triumphing over virtually any circumstance or adversity, and that every one of us can help in some way to make this a better world.”

Please see the abridged Youtube video by Fiona Barnett. (In her longer version, Sydney University is the venue for human sacrifice.) I don’t recommend it to any viewer who has no prior awareness of these things.

Justice McClellan, the Tim Minchin song has had almost a million hits in just a few days. Australians apparently want to hold Cardinal Pell accountable.  I am sure you don’t mind that I want to hold you accountable.

Her Majesty instructed you as follows:

“NOW THEREFORE We do, by these Our Letters Patent … appoint you to be a Commission of inquiry, and require and authorise you, to inquire into institutional responses to allegations and incidents of child sexual abuse and related matters, and in particular….

c.what should be done to eliminate or reduce impediments that currently exist for responding appropriately to child sexual abuse ….

AND We direct you to make any recommendations arising out of your inquiry that you consider appropriate, including recommendations about any policy, legislative, administrative or structural reforms.”

I believe it is well within the terms of reference for you to call in for questioning two prominent citizens whose fathers killed children, and see what you can glean – a lot, I’m sure – about how our government is actually run.

That would be Kim Beazley and Nicole Kidman. And then all our living former Prime Ministers.

I implore you not to let this once-in-a-century opportunity go by. The Royal Commission is scheduled to spend a half billion dollars?  It will be worth every cent — and will help the whole human race into the bargain, if you but do your duty.

— Mary W Maxwell lives in Adelaide. She is co-author, with Dee McLachlan of two Gumshoe-based books: Truth in Journalism, and Port Arthur: Enough Is Enough.



  1. I found this item on the comments section at the website of singer Tim Minchin. I had never imagined that any priests died over this business:

    “Tim. You have spoken for the voiceless and stood up for the persecuted….
    In addition to the thousands of victims, can we just take a moment to remember the good priests, the whistleblowers, who were also treated abominably, excluded, made pariahs for daring to speak against the abuse. A parish priest I knew, Father Maury Crocker DID speak out in defence of victims in the Wollongong diocese. When asked if he would betray a brother priest he answered “No pedophile is a brother of mine”.

    “Maury was found hanged in the boxing gym he founded for troubled youth. It is said he committed suicide after depression over the Church’s refusal to deal with the abuse. Maurie would NOT have killed himself in the gym where his boys might find him. There were other whistle-blowers, let us remember them too.”

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