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The Fodder Note — Stunning Exculpatory Evidence for Martin Bryant


fodder letterThe “Fodder note” 1988

By Mary W Maxwell

Anyone can present a show at the Adelaide Fringe – you don’t have to audition. I decided to present, comically, “A Pardoner’s Tale” and do as Chaucer’s Pardoner did – sell some pardons. This would mainly involve Port Arthur, but with Dee’s help it meant that 9-11 would get some attention.

By luck, I came into possession of an exculpatory document about Martin Bryant. I call it “the Fodder Note.”

This item changes everything for the fate of Martin Bryant, in my opinion. Just as Fiona Barnett’s video “Candy Girl” is going to create the biggest change Australia has ever known.

Why does this Amerigo-Oz girl, Mary Maxwell, think she is so specially positioned to deliver important information? It is simply, as I have said in the past at Gumshoe, that I hold the Rosetta stone to everything. And what might that Rosetta stone be?  It is the MK-Ultra program of the 1950s.

I heard about it through the Internet and then tracked down any books and articles I could find. Eventually I attended a conference for survivors, as discussed in the Fringe video.

The subject of CIA involvement has been open source since Senator Frank Church’s hearings in the US in 1975. I do not yet know what the ASIO connection is.

Please take the Fodder Note seriously. It is not signed, thus it would “have no probative value” in court. That’s not a serious roadblock, however. For one thing, there is no court case going re Martin Bryant, is there? For another thing, we have the man – we habeas the corpus, so to speak — right there in Risdon Prison. He can verify the fodder note.

And we have you, the faithful public, ready to help him.

All is well.



  1. I dont want you to name names.. but how many letters in the first and second names? what letter do they start with? what does the name rhyme with? …

    why you still no put hashtags when you tweet? 🙁

    I wonder if this post will go through, i tried posting a comment twice in the water post.. no show.. maybe too many hyperlinks..

    • See if you like this, Fair. It popped up on my computer.

      “This week, Harney County Fire Marshall Chris Briels resigned after discovering undercover FBI agents posing as militia members near the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, which has been the site of a standoff for weeks now. According to Briels, he found FBI agents who were impersonating militia members lurking around the town’s armory. When he inquired about the undercover operation with county Judge Steve Grasty he was told to back off.” — John Vibes

      Fie on such a judge. We just can’t live like that.

  2. Electroshock and tranquilizers, hmm, I wonder if he ever had a stint at Chelmsford. Although I seem to remember him making trips to England (Travistock?) This rabbit hole keeps getting deeper.

    I don’t know if you could call the document ‘exculpatory’ (not like the lab report from the tray in the Broadarrow), but it does build on the evidence that he was being manipulated and being set up.

    The earlier gun control psy-ops (Huddle Street, Queen Street, Statfield Mall) all had evidence of mind control of the perpetrators. Considering this document is from the same time period, Bryant may have been chosen for a different task. He was obviously too clumsy to use as a killer, so they may have just set him up as a clueless patsy for the ‘big show’ in Tasmania. After all, “there won’t be gun laws in Australia until there is a massacre in Tasmania” – Bryant, Tasmania, how convenient.

    If any case ever screamed out for a Royal Commission, it would have to be the Port Arthur Massacre. – And make the terms of reference REALLY, REALLY broad.

      • Terry, can you think of any jurisprudence on this, from either of our two countries — person is set-up and we can prove at least that much, What is the legal implication?

        Was not the blind sheik set up, but he is still in jail re the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center basement. I really have in mind the fact that the FBI kept saying — on global TV — that they had no awareness of Tamerlan and Jahar, but later admitted it.

        I don’t think it would take a major Aristotle to work out a logic on the matter of the person’s innocence in any sting operation, if the person got the entire crime plan from his stinger.

        OK maybe not innocence but very diminished culpability.

        • How about Martin Bryant is declared INNOCENT. He not only recovers the money that was stolen from him by the Tasmanian government through their specific legislation for his assets, but also compensatory damages.

          Everyone who was injured at PA, and yes, PTSD is an injury, gets compensation. Wrongful death suits filed by the families of the dead. Property loss claims for Broadarrow and Seascape.

          Then there is all the conspirators going to goal. Perhaps even have a national referendum as to the death penalty for the conspirators – I’d vote public hanging. The money saved by not incarcerating them can be used for PA compensation, the health system and the old age pension.

          The Firearm Legislation was based upon FRAUD. Hell, it’s even worse, it was based upon MURDER. Everyone who has had firearms confiscated can file a claim for compensation. Anyone convicted under the firearms law can seek to have their conviction reviewed and compensation awarded for damages and goal time.

          I could go on and on as to the wrongs that need to be made right, but do you really think this Australian Government and the Australian Legal System would allow anything like the above? Not a chance – and that’s why there will never be a full inquiry into the Port Arthur Massacre.

          If they do anything, it will be a ‘fiddle’ of the system. Perhaps Bryant released because of prosecutorial misconduct and insufficient evidence. Not a hint of ‘not guilty’, a pardon or apology – just go away, count yourself lucky you’re still not in goal.

          • Terry, except for the fact that Ned bawled me out on the one previous occasion when I asked Dee to do a bit of censorship, I would ask Dee to censor your last 2 paragraphs. The first 4 paragraphs are more fun than a barrel of monkeys and it’s a shame to weaken them.

            As to your first sentence (of course I mean ‘sentence’ with reference to English grammar), How about we gather enough souls who firmly understand that MB is innocent and simply DECLARE him innocent.

            Thanks for the terrific idea. Gumshoe has already got on record at least 7 souls who have said Martin is innocent (you, Chirstopher, me, Dee, Cherry, Kevin, Keith Noble), and many have said it — though few with identity confirmation — at the Change.org site.

            Vying for chronological priority, Kevin Woodman says he told his neighbor in Port Sorell about 48 hours after Martin was accused ‘he didn’t do it.”

            During the years that I was trying to help Troy Davis, every time I heard a campaigner say “End the death penalty” I responded with “You’re kidding, right?”

            Perspective! We need perspective!!!

  3. Fair, i won’t be drawn.

    What if it rhymed with Brzezinski? What good would it do you to know? The Court in Italy concluded that the Gladiolas did the Bologna Railway explosion. No one was punished. The Boston Globe has made up utterly fictional reports of a carjacking in the trial of Jahar– just as the Atlanta Constitution did in the trial of Brian Nicholls. Everybody says “Oh, well, who gives a stuff.”

    What if his name rhymed with hashtag?

    • what good would it do me to know? Id know who to avoid walking down the street, and then i might set up a twitter account, with his name as a hashtag, so it goes viral, so everyone knows.

      • That makes good sense, Fair Dinkum, O Custodian of the umbrellas. But i am trying to play it cool. i wish I had gone to law school. Oh, wait a minute, I did go to law school.

        Terry doesn’t think my Fringe gig is exculpatory. But there was no real inculpatory, so who needs exculpatory?

        • watching your video, and being a crow eater, its all a little disconcerting. knowledge is power, i just wanted more power.

          ive been abusing the search engines since i saw this post, and you probably already know about this site.. he names names.. http://www.mcmurrayreport.com/ – im shocked.. more so because the more i look into all this stuff, the more i realise how little power i have. Not sure how much power im able to stomach.

          • Will you stop going on and on about your powerlessness. Is that all you can think of? The reason the Bozos are coming out in force is because we have got them. Poooooor idiots.

          • I wasnt being all pessimistic this time.. 🙂
            I was ( trying to ) saying, knowledge is power.. and i was shocked by how much knowledge ( aka power ), i didnt/dont have, still a lot to learn. I didnt mean to imply I was completely powerless.. doh.

            I am though, through you, getting more powerful ( knowledgable ) just not sure how much more I want to know. Its sickening. If you say we have got them, Im happy to trust you on that for now, and await my edification.

          • Tim Minchin’s song “Come Home, Cardinal Pell” has now reached a million hits. I think that means there is a quorum of angry Aussies. Granted it is a clever song with a good beat, and granted some of the victims will have watched it more than once, (like 25 times) but still impressive figures in only a fortnight.

            I wish Tim had not called the cardinal ‘scum’ and, as I said, I’ll betcha ‘Georgie’ was tortured as a child. The government ought to give Pell immunity from prosecution right now in exchange for the dirt. If this Royal Commission lets us down it will be a huge shame.

  4. Glad I gave this paper to you Mary, as the mass NEED to know that satanic or not this is going on. I’m sure this was happening to Martin even earlier! They say to have a child phy-op by the age of 6, and of course keep them maintained in older years…There are some dirty rotten scoundrels out there that need to replace Martins position in Risdon and then we shall see whose the FODDER….everything to do with PAM is a major crime!

    Thanks Mary
    Cherri 🙂

  5. I dont like it at all, – I wish I was more shocked. -maybe they were preparing to waco the refuge.
    Fie – I learnt a new word.

  6. TERRY
    I agree 100% with all paragraphs, to think that Aus Government has gone this far is bad enough, they know they don’t have do anything as they choose too, which is obvious! But let me say Mr. Stephen PARRY Tasmania is going deeper into the Sh__t as we speak!! Now this is great news especially for our fraudulent Governments, and secrecy, recently finding out PARRY KNEW and ordered the embalming requirement from NELSON BROTHERS Vic for the PAM. Soon I feel Martin will get what he rightfully deserves, his life back!

    Stay tuned

    • Cherri, the other morning I woke up with this G&S tune, but I’m not sure if it was inspired by Tsarnaev or Bryant (hey, maybe both)!
      Taken from a county jail,
      By a set of curious chances
      Liberated then on bail,
      On my own recognizances….

  7. I am no Port Arthur expert, just curious.
    Curiosity of course ultimately led me to a study of 911 and I was able to form the opinion that the 911 official conspiracy theory is BS but still maintained by our politicians and mass media resulting in a couple of million being killed in the Middle East.
    So for them: They willingly provide comfort, aid and protection to mass murderers.
    That means of course that evil prevails at high levels.
    As for Port Arthur?
    I read the Wikipedia report. So much ‘precise’, detail! Where did all that come from?
    I note one part when a victim, about to be shot exclaimed: ‘not here’.
    Strange comment (instruction? surprise?) during all the shooting, killings and mayhem! going on in the cafe at the time!

  8. Seems that my comment has not been received.
    So again.
    I am no Port Arthur expert, but have been curious for many years.
    Curiosity led me to form the opinion that the official 911 government and mass media conspiracy theory is tin foil hat stuff. Resulting in 15 years of killing in the Middle East with more to come it seems.
    It must be realised that government and media have ‘form’ in lying, aiding and abetting murder and are happy to give aid comfort and protection to terrorists who are officially sanctioned.
    Therefore it is reasonable to suspect that government and mass media with our ABC and SBS have a propensity to be evil by deceit and support more killing.
    I read the Wikipedia account of the Port Arthur murders. There is much precise alleged detail and one wonders how it was accumulated without a official coroner’s inquest.
    However, I did note that at the start of the shooting and killing in the cafe the report refers to a victim addressing the killer and instructing/exclaiming ‘not here’.
    A very curious comment/exclamation/order when looking down the barrel of a killer.
    I have the impression that the instruction was based on authority, expectations and knowledge.
    So who was he and what was his function? (From memory: He is named)
    How was it that he was so ‘calm’? and authoritative In all the circumstances of the mayhem.
    Very curious indeed!

      • I was aware but held it back for confirmation. Ta.
        Now what about a report of a $100.000 ex gratia payment by ‘a’ government to his family that i noted back about 10 years somewhere?

      • Mary,
        The ‘hey buddy’ reference, if accurate is curious,
        Presuming Nightingale was Aussie, it is even more curious, ‘buddy’ is rare in Oz, more likely a US idiom. (A plain expression to a non Aussie)
        In the circumstances one would have thought ‘ hey (f’n) arsehole,,,,’ would be more in character if Nightingale was adressing a ‘presumed’ Aussie
        I need not elaborate, now do I?

        • No, no, sorry, Ned. I should not have said Hey Buddy — I was paraphrasing. The apparent interpretation of his telling the shooter “Wrong place” (I am paraphrasing again) is that the shooter was supposed to be doing his shooting on the boat. See my new artilce re Isle of the Dead.

          • Well Mary, my ‘Buddy’ observations seem pertinent.
            You paraphrased and used a US idiom that I questioned, as not being ‘Aussie’ in the cicumstances.
            Ta for the clarification and I note your origin.
            That being sorted out, neverthless the exclamation; ‘not here’ survives for the record.
            Very curios indeed!
            Now what about the reported $100,000 exgratia payment to Nightingale’s family?
            Any other victim’s families receive similar payments?

          • Ned, I heard that 2 other families got paid. I presume it is in Keith Noble’s massive book, downloadable, called Mass Murder.

            I realize this means there were secret service (or whatever) personnel arsing about.
            Ha, in Boston it was called Craft Scurity or somesuch. I still say it is impressive that any would dare to make a lst-minute change.

            Unlike many researchers I do not give a hoot about any of the particulars of that day’s actions, or even of the question Was it ASIO, was it SAS, etc. All I care about is the current governmental — and cultural — response. We were not cluey in 1996 . We are very cluey in 2016. So let’s get movin.’
            By the way to anyone reading this, Gumshoe would seriously appreciate ideas you may have for any sort of ‘action.’

  9. Be interesting to observe if the wiki account is mysteriously amended?
    People might wish to take a screen photo or print it out.
    Wiki has many interested international teams editing content for self interest agendas.

  10. You are all being tracked on here. I have seen the files personally. You are all in DANGER! They are coming for you

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