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Time To Expose the Control over Australia’s ABC


Q&AHost Tony Jones (L), David Kicullen, and Tanya Plibersek on Q&A

By Dee McLachlan

A week ago I had requested an interview (for Gumshoe) with David Kilcullen. His “people” called yesterday, to apologise that he had no time on his schedule this tour, but that I will be kept on the list for another time. I’m sure they did their research.

However, he did have time to be on ABC’s Q&A, so that we could once again be subjected to the scripted terror narrative.

It is disappointing to see how Q&A is harnessed with bridles and bits — saddling us with the mainstream narrative ad infinitum.

I have written about this on many occasions. E.g., Who Appointed ABC the Keeper of the Official 9-11 Story? And in Australia’s ABC – A Soap Box To Perpetrate More War Crimes? I questioned why the ABC provides a platform to the same old “war” voices — like General (Ret) Petraeus (on the 7.30 report) and then Elliott Abrams was given a platform to push the most egregious propaganda.

These gentlemen should rather have been questioned on their own war crimes – and preferably not be given such a prestigious platform to espouse their long-planned plunder and destruction.

I said back in September 2014, that the ABC and Q&A just refuse to question the major lie in our lifetime: The 911 Elephant in The Room


The truth of 9-11 is avoided at all costs.

A 2013 report claimed that the host of Q&A, Tony Jones, earns $355,000 a year. If Gumshoe had that we could employ 5 people and produce 52 hours of honest content a year. So, Mr Jones, I address this open letter to you:

Dear Tony,

There is a responsibility for those privileged gatekeepers, like yourself, to ask the hard questions.

A poll in 2012, sponsored by Rethink911 found that:

  • 38% of Americans have some doubts about the official account of 9/11, 10% do not believe it at all, and 12% are unsure about it;
  • 46%, nearly one in two, are not aware that a third tower collapsed on 9/11, and after seeing the footage of Building 7′s collapse,
  • 46% are sure or suspect it was caused by controlled demolition, compared to 28% who are sure or suspect fires caused it,

(Despite the mainstream media’s domination over the story.)

Yet you, and the ABC take as gospel the 9-11 official narrative.

Does it not seem strange to that no one in the mainstream media questions why only a few frames were released of “Flight 77” hitting the Pentagon — the most guarded building on the planet, riddled with cameras. Yet the FBI can produce hours of CCTV footage of the Tsarnaev brothers walking here and there, footage of Jahar buying milk at Wholefoods, and then again casually selecting snacks at a gas station while they supposedly held Danny Meng “hostage.”

It seems that the mainstream journalists have been subjected to some form of Institutional compliance to not question the official narrative. Or perhaps you were hypnotized?

And Tony, maybe next time you have a “terror expert” on the show, you should ask him or her about Retired General Wesley Clark’s revelation of the “Destroy SEVEN countries in FIVE years” memo. He was made aware of it in 2001, in the Pentagon.

The invasion of Iraq was pre-planned and deliberate.

For Clark, his expose was only a blip, he’s back to writing propaganda for USA Today. But why not go to my article here and glean at least 17 questions to ask the next “terror expert.”

Maybe you should subscribe to a few alternative and independent news and information sources to broaden your topics and questions. It is simply outrageous that the ABC ignores us — a sector of the Australian public that understands the manipulation of the news and facts.

James O’Neill, a barrister and Gumshoe contributor, wrote this as a comment on my Kilcullen article (extract):

“Kilcullen was on Q&A last night. It was quite instructive on a number of levels. It is clear that Q&A has a defined outer limit as to what constitutes accepted comment and/or criticism. There is a narrative that needs to be protected, as for example in any discussion on ISIS. Commentators are allowed to say how terrible/bloodthirsty/primeval etc they are, but never to suggest that they serve as instruments of the foreign powers that create and sustain them.

“Thus, one questioner asked why was it that Israel had never been attacked. The stock Israeli apologist on the panel claimed that Israel had been attacked, albeit indirectly. He must have sensed the audience’s derision at that absurdity. However, Tony Jones did not raise the fact (as did nobody else) that wounded ISIS fighters are being treated in Israeli military hospitals on the Golan Heights — as even the Israeli government has admitted.

“For the ABC and the Australian mainstream commentariat generally, that would raise too many uncomfortable questions so the issue is avoided.

“Kilcullen is completely in this tradition. You will never hear from him and his ilk the role played by the US in fomenting terror at least since WW2 as an instrument of state policy. The words Operation Gladio (Europe), or Operation Condor (Latin America), or Operation Phoenix (Vietnam) never pass the lips of Q&A panelists….

If our major media outlets exist simply to manage perception and never discuss the real issues or even simply inform their readers about what is going on, then we are doomed to repeat the errors of the past.” [Emphasis added]

Read a sample of James’s articles here and here or here.

Greg Maybury (poxamerikana.com), another contributor to Gumshoe, wrote (extract):

“…I’m sure I’m not the only one becoming increasingly concerned — indeed, frustrated — at the unwillingness of the our beloved “Aunty” aka the ABC to give equal air-time to both sides of the narratives concerning some of the big issues of our time… Last night’s Q&A was another glaring example of that lopsided public debate…

“It seemed also that Q&A audience members and any potential questioners are vetted carefully before being selected, all seamlessly engineered so as not to spook the ‘anti-Aunty horses’ in the government, the conservative opinionocracy, or Rupert’s minions over at The Australian and its devoted, albeit deluded readership…”

Ned wrote:

“I noted that Killcullen was a guest so I went to bed, not worth considering as the usual BS of ABC would prevail. Slept well. Just sell the ABC to Murdoch, pay off some debt and save a billion per year.”

Terry Shultze, a retired barrister, wrote this about Kilcullen:

“What a crap merchant, the bloke’s definitely a ‘player’. I ran into so many of them in the Army – just a self serving POS that will play along with even the most absurd lies in order to work his way up the ladder.

“He’s probably got a chest full of fruit cocktail that he never earned to go along with all his other notorious ‘positions of importance’… He’s a symptom of the Western military mindset, BS over substance.”

Gumshoe contributor, Christopher Brooks said on combating the mainstream lies:

“The most dangerous threat to monopoly power is when individuals combine with “CORRECT” political strategies of social dynamics, armed with “CORRECT” evidence and information, and practicing exacting abilities in “CORRECT” critical thinking, reasoning and logic.

Tony, to justify your taxpayer-paid salary, maybe you should use your privileged position honestly — and ask your producers to inject some informative panelists into the midst of your regular guests.

I have written before in my articleThe Dairy Farmer vs The Shameful Australia Media“:

“What is crystal clear, is that Christopher, a dairy farmer, is more astute, judicious, perceptive, and more rational, enlightened and informed than the best of Australia’s media personalities (…all put together).”

Any of the above mentioned persons could provide a stimulus towards reality and truth on Q&A. And as Maybury commented, “You could do well to also include a few more flies in the ointment…”

It is plain-to-see that the ABC is completely controlled — and does not represent ALL the people of Australia. Anyone questioning the official narrative to 9-11 or other major issues are persona non grata by default — resulting in any hard questions being quashed, even before they’re asked.

It is a disgrace.

Tony, it really is time to turn things around. Your new boss will soon be Michele Guthrie. Having worked in several Murdoch owned businesses, she might not have the fortitude to step up and allow the ABC to gain a truly democratic voice.

But you are well thought of, and popular. If you start asking the right questions (which Gumshoe’s contributors would happily provide) you would suddenly find support you never expected.

Your chance to shine and change Australia for the better, is now.



  1. Well Tony, what is your reply?
    Media Watch, what is your reply?
    7.30 Producers, what is your reply?
    Jonathon Faine, what is your reply?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tE3pMPObcGU
    Dateline Producers, what is your reply?
    Dear Derryn, you have anything to say?
    Steve Liebmann, anything, considering your attack on Kevin Bracken on 2UE on or about 20-21 October 2010.
    (taken off 2UE site!!)
    Josh Frydenburg MP. Federal Member for Kooyong, anything to say considering your shamefull question to PM Gillard in the Australian Federal Parliament on 20th October 2010. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CVLZgUA2QM (….as offensive as most right thinking Australians …..) Problem Mr Frydenburg with someone expressing a reasoned proposition or asking a question? What about Donald Trump’s recent reference to the 28 unpublished pages of the 911 Commission Report…………..allegedly involving Saud Arabia in 911?
    All other shock jocks, anything to say? Enjoying a good war over the last 15 years?

  2. QUOTE ” It is plain-to-see that the ABC is completely controlled — and does not represent ALL the people of Australia. Anyone questioning the official narrative to 9-11 or other major issues are persona non grata by default — resulting in any hard questions being quashed, even before they’re asked.” Unquote.
    What, it took al this time for the light to finally come on in your head on this ????? Really ?????
    I watched a tiny segment of this show, and when the comments regarding Assad gassing his own people came out of the mouth of Kicullen, once again, I knew the whole thing was again an orchestrated show and changed channels.
    And then of course we also have the latest White Paper release wherein once again (becoming quiet normal these days) mouth pieces were pushing the agenda of following in the U.S.’s foot steps to aggravate our biggest trading partner China, even advocating placing our troops in a provocative posture simply to please their masters in Washington.
    In today’s World, such behavior is being accepted by the populace as normal.

    • What is considered normal by the populace is the result of abominable deceit by our politicians and mass media, including the ABCBS and SBSBS departments.
      No doubt the Germans regarded it as normal to invade Poland based on Hitler’s lies regarding a false flag
      ‘attack’ on a German radio station by prisoners dressed up as Poles.
      Well we know from what height the German government Liars and killers were dropped from in due course.

    • The lovely Juie Bishop gave this speech to the Brookings (CIA) Institute in January, 2015:

      “The Alliance between the United States and Australia is a central pillar of Australia’s foreign policy and national security. Today I will speak on a broader theme,… I will address the importance of the nation state itself and some of the contemporary challenges –…

      Indeed, in my first speech to the Australian Parliament in 1998, I spoke about the pressures I then saw facing the state, largely brought about by globalisation. The revolutionary social change sparked by the digital revolution (and this was pre the wifi, iPhones. The rapid expansion in unrecorded intra-firm trade across national borders, making it harder than ever for states to regulate – and tax – corporate activity. [I wasn’t aware of any state regulating ‘corporate activity,’ were you?]

      It was my view then that the challenge for the nation state was to adapt, to harness the great possibilities of globalisation. But today pernicious forces have come to the fore and wield greater power than ever that threaten to undermine the nation state. {yes, yes, Julie, go for it!]

      To globalisation’s opportunities, we must now add transnational threats. [So far so good, right? Now for the let-down]: Foreign terrorist fighters claim caliphates – a mediaeval construct form of fiefdom that is a platform for further territorial conquest. [Jeeeeez]

      Groups like Da’esh – also known as ISIL – claim territory, engage in extortion and people smuggling, yet impose taxes and purport to provide services. This business model is being emulated by other groups – a franchise of terrorism.”

      Ask Fiona Barnett aboiut terrorism, OK? Go on, ask her.

    • Wow, just look at all these assets the US Empire has in Australia… our national broadcaster, our Foreign Affairs Minister ( our equivalent of the the US Empire”s State Department).
      And they bask in this light, or should I say darkness.
      Just can’t wait for the Wikileaks cables to reveal the connections there.
      With 1400 military bases around the world, who needs diplomacy eH??
      Eureka !!…. I’m getting a bumper bar sticker…. not the one that says ‘ happy wife happy life’ (which is really a given), but one that says “US Empire = profit over people”. ( Noam Chomsky)
      Might work like Narcan to our people.

  3. Come on, do you really think there is any point communicating to any of the mass media puppets? They have either been hand picked or compromised into the aristocrats system. Tony no doubts attends regular nightly “meetings” and is far more scared of his occult bosses than of the public or anything else. The ruling families, groups and individuals are the ones to be dealing with. Not the tiny little puppet mass media shills or the tiny little politicians be they prime minister or gov. gen. Most people will vote more corrupt politicians in every election. This cycle can’t be stopped by dealing with the puppets.

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