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Playing Bingo for Martin Bryant – Old, Old Questions


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By Mary W Maxwell

Tomorrow, March 7, 2016, Chanel 7 in Sydney will wow us with a documentary about Port Arthur that has been 20 years in the making. With hard-hitting investigative journalism, I think they will be able to answer many crucial questions. We offer thanks in advance to the media for whatever they can do.

Let’s have a pen and paper ready to jot down the answers that the TV show will give us. The first person who hears a satisfying answer to my first three questions below, and notices any other 5 good answers, wins BINGO. You must, of course, send a comment to Gumshoe when you think you’ve scored.

  1. Why did the DPP not allow Wendy Scurr, who was at Port Arthur all day on April 28, 1996, to provide a statement?
  1. How did the fire start at Seascape cottage on the morning of April 29th?
  1. Who lit it?
  1. Did Martin Bryant’s guardian (reportedly Perpetual Trustees) advise the police that they were his guardian?
  1. In what room of Glenside Hospital, SA, was Martin imprisoned in 1988?
  1. Wikipedia says that Martin tried to swallow a razor blade to kill himself. Did he really do that? How far did the razor blade get?
  1. Risdon said that Martin refused visits from his mother. Is that true? Why would a lonely person refuse company?
  1. How about the 21 guns that were found in a white piano at Martin’s house? How was that piano ultimately disposed of?
  1. Which member of the Tasmanian parliament decided that December 31, 1996 would be the day that the Coroners Act 1995 would come into effect?
  1. Why did Ray Groom step down from the premiership, with no provocation, six weeks before the massacre and take up the portfolio of attorney general?
  1. The Psychiatry Department of the University of Melbourne was started by Tavistock. Do they still run it?
  1. According to Ian Matterson who was coroner in 1996, the foresight of Ray Charleton in obtaining a large mortuary truck before the event was much appreciated. Why did he think it would be needed?
  1. Why did Anthony Nightingale (said to be an ASIO man) shout “Not here” when the gunman started shooting in the Broad Arrow Café?
  1. Jim Laycock saw one of the shootings that day. He had known Martin as a boy and as an adult, and he said Martin was not the shooter. Did this constitute evidence of Martin’s innocence in Judge Cox’s eyes?
  1. When the SAS came over to Tassie on the ferry a few days before the massacre, where did they camp?
  1. Why did a female psychiatrist, Dr Ireland, take Walter Mikac to see the bodies of his wife and children on the morning after they were killed, still lying on the road?
  1. What about the newsman who doctored the eyes in a photo of Martin to make him look like a maniac? He said he did not intend this result – it was accidental. Did he ever change that story to be more in keeping with reality?
  1. Maurice Bryant, the Dad of Martin and Lindy, was found in a dam, having suicided. Why did he leave a note on the front door saying “Call the police,” but not leave a goodbye note for his wife?
  1. Terrance Hill said he had confiscated Bryant’s gun before the massacre. So why did Damian Bugg hold up another gun as belonging to Martin?
  1. What of the fact that there would have been easy proof of the gunman’s identity via fingerprints on the Solo can, but his tray was ignored by police “forensics”?
  1. Is it true that Tasmania passed special legislation to remove Martin’s assets, thus depriving him of money to hire an attorney?
  1. How did psychiatrist Paul Mullen, who interviewed Bryant in hospital May 5th 1996, come to be living in Aramoana, NZ, in 1990 when a 33-year old man, David Gray, shot 13 neighbors dead and set a house blaze?
  1. What is the connection, if any, between the shooting at Dunblane in March 1996, and the shooting at Port Arthur?
  1. Why couldn’t Port Arthur Historic Site employee Stephen Howard get the authorities to answer questions about his wife Elizabeth’s death in the Broad Arrow Café?

— Mary W Maxwell is author “Fraud Upon The Court: Reclaiming the Law, Joyfully” (2015)




  1. Q25: How many of the journalists that reported on the Port Arthur massacre were already in Hobart (for the alleged media conference arranged for the Monday)?

  2. Number six.
    Since when was a razor blade used to shave?
    Let alone, how he allegedly obtained one.
    I think we can forget channel 7.

    • By golly I never thought of that, Ned. My spouse once received a razor blade as payment for physician services during rationing in Scotland (and he was might happy to get it). But I haven’t seen a razor in years.
      I have a quote from Paul de Bomford (on Background Briefing in 1997). He said “Martin tried to swallow a rolled-up toothpaste tube.” I don’t believe that one either, do you?
      And if it did happen, what treatment did he receive for his depression?

  3. Thankyou
    I never realised that there were that many unanswered questions attached to this case!
    The trouble is, most of the sheeple who will watch this, will never be aware of there being ANY unanswered questions!

  4. Number 9 gets a bit complicated. What I really want to know is: when someone in Parliament drafted the Coroners Act in Ninety Five, and said “This will come into force on a date to be proclaimed” why didn’t he or she just say “Will come into force on [say] January 1, 1996”?
    I assume it can’t be that he or she was not sure the bill would get the vote of both parties, or would get royal assent — as any bill has that doubt built-in to it.
    Dying to know what he or she was thinking. Maybe it’s in Hansard.
    Oh, the point is this. The then-extant law, from Coroners Act 1957, is the one that said a guilty plea overrides the work of a coroner. So one wanted that law to stay in force until a guilty plea was — pardon me — “achieved.”

    Please God don’t make me work on this case any more. All the bits and pieces are so OBVIOUS.
    Hey, anybody for storming the Bastille?

  5. It was during the talk by Andrew Mc Gregor and Wendy Scurr at the Devonport RSL I learned Wendy was in charge at P.A. that Sunday because the senior staff had been called to attend a meeting at Orford. It seems there never was any meeting.

    • Kevin, I must add that to my list of questions: “Who planned the meeting for senior PAHS staff?”
      Also, a while ago I read that the Broad Arrow Cafe was privately owned but the Tas government bought it before the massacre.

      Sorry to make anyone vomit but the satan-religion stuff uncovered by Fiona Barnett could be relevant to all of this. See her Youtube video “Candy Girl Part 2.”
      Persons who walk among us, indeed who hold high office, may think private murder is totally acceptable. “Devil made me do it.”

    • A meeting involving the senior management of Port Arthur on a WEEKEND the busiest time. The meeting involved getting on a bus and going somewhere else away from PA. There was no information about what was to be discussed. When they got there, they were informed a massacre had occurred back at PA and the ‘meeting’ was cancelled.

      • Oh, and then there was the only two policemen at PA being lured away from the site to attend an anonymous call about a bogus bottle of ‘drugs’. The massacre began shortly after they called in that it was just a bottle of soap powder.

        It took them a while to get back as they were on the other side of the peninsula when they got the word.

    • Also, a helicopter was dispatched to the site supposedly carrying an SOG or SWAT team or some such thing, but when it arrived only two women police officers disembarked. someone could probably corroborate this item.

      • Yep, and they were both DISARMED when they arrived.

        I forget the actual times, someone could go back and find it, but here was the biggest criminal tragedy in Australian history and a substantial police presence was DELAYED by something like four (4) hours. Are you shitting me? What was that all about? Have you ever heard of such a thing in any other police response?

        Serve and protect? Give me a break. Hey, how about allowing the perps to get in position without any resistance and the corruption of evidence of the crime scenes – yeah, that works.

        Another ‘funny coincidence’ – the Port Arthur site was notorious for no cell phone connections. However, within minutes of the massacre starting, people were able to use their cell phones. Obviously a relay station had been brought into position well before the massacre, but someone forgot to tell the operators to wait until the police actually arrived at the site (it might look kinda suspicious otherwise) .

    • I didn’t watch it. When I was a barrister and some SOB was lying, at least I could rip into him in cross-examination. However, to sit there in front of the TV and passively let them lie to me was more than I could take.

      I got an email from Stewart Beattie (he couldn’t finish watching the program, it made him ill) and he mentioned the ‘confession’ of Bryant about abducting Glen Pears in the BMW. For crying out load, was that the ‘high point’ of the show?

      That was the ‘triggered’ commentary from his record of interview where he tells a story to the police. It is the second time he told the story. The first time was at Seascape on the phone to the police negotiator. He really stuffed up the story the first time, but after spending time with the police and reading statements, he got it a little bit closer to what happened. – Here’s the thing, a story is more reliable the more contemporaneous it is, that is, the closer in time it is to the actual event. That is when the recollection is the best. – Not with Bryant, the first story within hours of the event is a complete cock-up, but much later it does get closer.

      How close? Well, he still managed to get the firearm wrong (the .308 was used, not the .223), he got the location wrong (the BMW was taken at the tollgate), he got the car wrong (Glen Pears and Zoe Hall were in a white Toyota), he got the people wrong (four people were killed at the tollgate and there never was a lady with a child), he got the event wrong (Zoe Hall was shot 3 times with the .308 while sitting in the Toyota).

      Although Martin Bryant is not a reliable witness, there was a very reliable witness to this event – Jim Laycock, the former owner of Seascape. He knew Bryant from before and he was watching from inside the General Store while Pears was being abducted and Hall was being killed. – Laycock said it wasn’t Bryant.

      So, once more the sheeple are fed a bunch of BS on the MSM. Glad I missed it.

        • I already knew he had to push Bryant into pleading guilty. Avery admitted it shortly after the sentencing in an article in the Hobart Mercury newspaper. I wrote an article on it.

          That SOB was working WITH the police. He’s the guy that tried to get Terry Hill to admit he sold Bryant the firearms, when in fact it was Hill that had confiscated Bryant’s AR-10.

          Even if I watched the program and found heaps more of inconsistencies with the police case – what good would it do? The public will never know.

          Beattie stopped watching when he became ill. I refuse to watch until I puke.

          • OK, don’t watch it, Terry, but kindly just give us, again, the barebones of the govt intimidation of Terrance Hill. As I recall, it is very incriminating of the intimidators, and in writing!

          • They were trying to set up firearm dealers for civil litigation. Bryant came in with the AR-10 and put it down on Hill’s counter. Hill removed the loaded magazine and cleared a live round from the chamber. He then confiscated the firearm from Bryant. That was 34 days before the massacre.

            The conspirators then had to find a replacement for the center-fire self-loading rifle, so they sourced an SLR from some unknown armoury. It was a Belgium SLR.

            There were three rifles that were the object of the firearm legislation. Self-loading center-fires were the main target. Also, self-loading rim-fires (.22) and pump action/self-loading shotguns. Although Bryant did not have a self-loading rim-fire, he did have the .223, which to the uniformed public was still a .22. He also had the Daewoo self-loading shotgun that was in the boot of the Volvo.

            Anyway after Hill confiscated Bryant’s rifle, the conspirators now had two problems, one they had to find a self-loading center-fire rifle and they still had to set up Terry Hill for the civil litigation. The letter of intimidation from Avery was the solution to both problems. Hill could be the source of the SLR and get his ‘indemnity from criminal prosecution’ (which would then leave the issue still open to civil litigation). Hill absolutely refused to go along with the government intimidation. He stood his ground and was put out of business by the police (lost everything).

            Hill was not only completely innocent, he had confiscated Bryant’s AR-10 as a matter of public safety. He was a good-guy that got shitted on by the whole system. He was also the person that had started the Sport Shooting Association of Australia (SSAA) branch in Tasmania, so he would have been a prime target – even the SSAA deserted him.

            Later that fool from the Coalition for Gun Control in Tasmania tried to sue Hill for providing the guns to Bryant. He was out of the loop on what had really happened and ‘someone’ pulled his reigns back in real quick. If it went to trial, then Hill was going to open the whole can of worms, probably call Bryant as a witness. The Coalition for Gun Control withdrew from the case, but not before paying Terry Hill’s legal costs.

          • One more thing about Roland Browne from the Coalition for Gun Control. There was just a ‘skeleton’ crew for the ABC on duty that day. When the police vehicles came past with their sirens on, the crew knew something was up and they rushed over to the police media center. Nobody called them, they just went when they heard the sirens.

            Surprise, surprise – when they arrived at the police media center, there was Roland Browne all ready to push the gun control agenda. They commented that they were actually surprised, however if the media had been connecting the dots all along they wouldn’t have been surprised.

            Browne was probably privy to the talks about suing Terry Hill and he just went ahead with it without realising the whole gambit had been compromised. – Just think, it could have been the Coalition for Gun Control that could have blown the whole Port Arthur Massacre operation! LOL!!

  6. #12 – Charleton needs waterboarding!
    This was the one thing that stood out for me around the time of the masacre- who told him to have built such a funeral truck, for Tasmania, of all places?
    What an astute business man!!

  7. Precisely one six-pack and two tinnies short of 1900 signatures on the Change.org petition. Send your cousins and employees over. Oh, and my fodder note video from Fringe has 227 views.

  8. That innocent poor soul has been locked in a prison cell for twenty years. I truly believe the day will come when he is set free. Questions that I have are at what point did the real shooter get Martin’s Volvo and how was Martin transported to Seascape? He is not the one who kidnapped Glen Pears in the BMW. Was Martin drugged and put into another car that took him to Seascape? Hopefully someone sees this post and can enlighten me.

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