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MH17 Documents Sealed In Perpetuity?


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Perpetuity is a long long time.

Dear Ms Julie Bishop, You signed the secret deal. Could you please explain why it might be necessary to seal any of the MH17 investigation?

We, the people, are meant to have faith in our politicians, who believe they have the right to seal (in perpetuity) some details of a multinational murder investigation. This does not make sense, and it smells of foul play.  Dee McLachlan. 

(1:46 “Another question that was raised over why documents relating to the downing of MH17 have been sealed and aren’t being allowed to be shown to parliamentarians or investigators and in fact these documents have been sealed for good that being said – sealed in perpetuity.”)




  1. “This does not make sense, and it smells of foul play.”


    The prey does not question the predator’s motivation. It just is.

    • Shades of the Reynolds case (1953) in which the US gov’t invoked secrecy wrongly. A comment from Professor Lou Fisher:

      “A ‘state secret’ refers to any information that, if disclosed publicly, would be reasonably likely to cause significant harm to the national defense or foreign relations of the United States. …I would prefer to add a second sentence to the definition: ‘The assertion of a state secret by the executive branch is to be tested by independent judicial review.’ Concerning ‘immunity’, I would like to see a third sentence added to the definition: ‘The “states secrets privilege” may not shield illegal or unconstitutional activities’.”

  2. Dee, you have asked Julie to come clean, but just in case she doesn’t, I offer the 4 reasons people use secrecy:

    1. Privacy. I don’t want you to know my age or my income.

    2. Economic advantage. I don’t want to publish the recipe, as then customers won’t bother to come to my restaurant.

    3. Bonding. We have a little secret in our group that no one else is privy to.

    4. Crime. If they find out what I’m doing they may arrest me.

    I don’t think 1, 2, and 3 are looking very likely in this case….

  3. How stinking obvious do these corrupt entities need to be before people awake from their fluoridated trance and demand the truth, on innumerable issues? We have become domesticated to the point that life has the meaning of a sack of meat and bones, its not the government i fear, but the dumb ed down zombie citizenry that walk among us. Gumshoe, you are a beacon of light in the minds of the cave dwellers, a strike of the mach that offers glimpses of light in an unbelievably rogue and disconnected chosen cliche of psychopathy drenched mob, the mafia has nothing on what i see in the corporate governance cancer infesting this country. I am a witness to this as it has come after my family and destroyed our home and business and the LOCAL GOV OFFICER literally laughed in my face and said, “we have the funds provided by you to destroy you, so you wont win, the community are too dumb to come to your rescue”. That was over 5 years ago and forced me to begin studying law, well what i discovered is demented and dangerous!

  4. Have to love the public realtions spin put forward on behalf of the foreign minister; all sweet and ‘white’ reclining full length on a couch, clothes/woman of style etc. and a man bag to go with it.
    That is far as one would one should look, underneath we have a representative of the people who apparently poseses within, a cruelty that would deny the realtives of MH 17 the truth and serve out deceit to them in their grief.
    At least there are some representatives of the Dutch people who have the backbone to seek the truth behind the killing of so many.
    The same obfuscation was applied by the US also on 911. Where are the recordings for all the security cameras at the Pentagon that would expose what crashed into the Pentagon?
    Now what about flight 370?
    Anyone who believes our poilticians is skating on paper thin ice.

    • Ned, I think I saw an artlcle, maybe from the Straits Times, that the citizens of Malaysia are not putting up with the secrecy about MH370.
      We’ve got to think up a name for the syndrome whereby people say “The families don’t want the case to be investigated.” Any suggestion from any quarter will be appreciated. It is a serious stumbling block.

    • Dear Mr Umbrella, That is terrific material. I quote:

      “Miss Kenke is the only family member to have lodged a case charging the Ukraine Government with culpable negligence at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). An 11-page application was filed as early as November 17, 2014. And if you didn’t hear from in the corporate media, it might be because the ECHR has imposed a blackout covering all details of the case, which also prevents website access.”

      Like Noah said, Now I herd everything.

  5. Dee, I must have missed Ms Bishop’s announcement. Before I venture a comment can I ask what it is she said is being sealed in perpetuity?

    • James, the “sealed in perpetuity” seems to have come from the Dutch. It’s all the same investigation. I’ll write to Bishop’s office for confirmation

      • Thanks Dee. I have been following this investigation closely and have already written two articles about it. I recently received a copy (in translation) of the letter sent by Fred Westerbeke to the families of the Dutch victims of MH17. Mr Westerbeke’s letter was in effect an update on the investigation, but it contained some important new information that contradicted not only the dutch Safety Board report, but also newspaper reports about the DSB Report. Typically, and Australia was no exception, those reports were either superficial, misleading, or both.

        I have written to the AFP asking for comments on Mr Westerbeke’s letter, and specific questions that I put to them. To date there has been no response.

        I was unaware of any “sealed in perpetuity” statement by the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) that is the five nation group investigating a possible criminal prosecution of the perpetrators of the MH17 shootdown. According to Mr Westerbeke’s letter they expect to be in a position to prosecute or not by the second half of this year.

        One especially interesting point to emerge from Mr Westerbeke’s letter is that the Americans have released their satellite data which recorded the shootdown, to the JIT. One issue will be whether they can use that information, which is classified, in a form to support a criminal prosecution.

        My preliminary view is that if that data showed the missile being fired by the so-called “separatists” as alleged by the usual suspects, it would have been broadcast long and hard. The fact that the information is suppressed leads to a reasonable inference that it does not support their case.

        The real culprits are in all probability the Ukrainian armed forces, but that does not fit the geopolitical narrative of the day: “Putin’s missile” etc. Whether we will ever hear the truth is a moot point.

  6. Spooky, but nice spooky: the numbers are climbing more quickly on Cherri’s petition. A couple of hours ago it was around 1892 sigs and now it is 1915. Say 10 per hour. Hope it continues.

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