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Agitation All Over Australia!



Cherry Bonney’s Martin Bryant petition now has 1937 signatures (8/03/16, 3:00 PM).

Since she posted an article about Stephen Parry and embalming equipment two weeks ago, she has been locked out of the account. However, the numbers are still climbing. The Change.org petition asks the Hon Will Hodgman MP, Premier of Tasmania, to hold an inquest into the 1996 Port Arthur massacre. In a week she will be flying to Tasmania, and will be delivering the petition personally. 

It is interesting to note the following towns are given as addresses of persons signing the petition:

SA – Adelaide, Largs Bay, Windsor Gardens, Berri, Mildura, Mitcham, Blackburn, Ceduna

NT – Darwin, Alice Springs

VIC – Melbourne, Avondale Heights, Maryborough, Ferntree Gully, Warrangal, Point Cook, Blackburn, Oakleigh, Geelong Brookvale, Altona North, Frankston, Edenhope, Rowville, Endeavor Hills, Oldina, Dandenong, Templestowe, Bonbeach

TAS – Hobart, Launceston, Greens Beach, Berriedale, New Town, Cygnet, Margate, Risdon, Mowbray, Natone, Burnie, Devonport

WA – Perth, Doubleview, Albany, Jolimont, Clarkson, Quinns Rocks, Bunbury, Muchea, Beechboro, Busselton, Killarney Hts

NSW – Sydney, Penrith, Wagga Wagga, Berkeley Vale, Bray’s Creek, Woolongong, Mallabula, Willoughby, Wolloomooloo, Merrimbula, Tuckurimba, Port Macquarie, Fairfield West, Blaxland, Lennox Head, Sandy Beach, Ettalong Beach, Suffolk Park, Pennant Hills, Blue Knob, Lismore, Bingleburra, Five Dock, Cessnock, Remo, Glendenning, Marrickville, Winmalee, Nowra, Yass, Monto, Newington, Larnook, Newcastle, Dorrigo   ACT – Canberra, Tuggeronay, Carnwood, Oxley

QLD – Brisbane, Surfers Paradise, Townsville, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Noosa, Redcliffe, Alexandra Heights, Underwood, Toowoomba, Keperra, Logan City, North Maclean, Russell Island, Mareeba, Narangba, Nebo, Bundaberg, Burleigh Waters, Rockhampton, Maleny, Cairns, North Arm, Kuranda, Urangan, Gin Gin, Samford, Brunswick Heads Mermaid Waters, Beerwah, Springwood, Pallara, Anmamoor, Cloncurry, Pelican Waters, Sunshine Acres, Merringadan, Maroochydore, Runaway Bay, Atherton, Victoria Point, Jimboomba, Mt Gravatt, Doonan, Mapleton, Mooloolaba, Millaa Millaa.

Are Comments Now Suppressed?

It appears that now that the account is “locked”, we can no longer view any new comments that come in with the signatures.

It is of some concern that the comments are now hidden, however Gumshoe has stored up some from the past. This is a sample:

Freedom and Justice are due no matter where in the World. This is for humanity — Dwayne Sturge, Round Lake, IL

He is innocent — Bruce Jeffree, Currumbin Waters, QLD

The questions posed in the article seem reasonable. All people deserve to be treated justly. Martin’s Mother should be convinced of her son’s innocence, or guilt, through correct process within the legal system. — Gareth Thomas, Australia

I have always believed that this was a false flag event by the Government to enact tougher gun laws so the citizens of Australia could not revolt against their corrupt ways with force. Too many things don’t add up. This is worth looking into closely and those that perpetrated it brought to justice!!!!!!  — Ross Pearce, Lismore, Australia

Justice is not an option but rather it is mandatory — Roland Gopel, Australia

The truth will out. — Mike Lee, Australia

I believe a patsy was gaoled — Warwick Schneider, Australia

This is agenda 21 in action. Martin is entitled to fair trial. I have never seen any proof he was involved. The shooter was right handed martin is left handed. He has witnesses he was not even there. Howard should be jailed for complicity. It was a total set up. How did he get the guns which were in police hands. He deserves a fair trial. He deserves a Royal commission. Nothing else will do. The people who set him up must be jailed for life. They deserve nothing less. — David Bell, Australia

Total set up by the Authorities in my opinion. — Esprit Marine, Bowen, QLD

I suspected when it originally happened, that a man of such a low IQ and childlike mentality could NOT have undertaken what occurred. Quite coincidental that Howard used this to bring in the gun buy back scheme? Australians were baying for blood and coupled with the media’s relentless calls for his death; of course the setup worked well! Naturally the judicial powers-that-be knew the truth! To this day they keep the monstrous cover lie going. People who have nothing to hide – hide nothing! So why refuse a Coronial Inquest? — Kareena Harwood, Australia

He was a ‘government stooge’ and has been lead to the slaughter by a pm that had only one thing on his mind, and that was to disarm the people so they cannot defend themselves against a tyranous ‘government’ — Graham Girolami, Australia

Bryant has been setup, was a ploy to take our guns away — Yodren Brekalo, Australia

If you are going to punish anybody for any thing, then you MUST get all the facts and especially not just take the word of an idiots confession as fact that they actually did it! — Paul Kruger, Hervey Bay, QLD

No gunshot residue on his skin or clothes, no DNA of his victims despite shooting them at point blank range, not his fingerprints and not his DNA on the cutlery the real shooter ate from at the Broad Arrow Cafe before getting up and opening fire, not his fingerprints on the shell casings, his car wiped clean of fingerprints when parked at the scene, no forensics linking him with the crime scene at all, eyewitnesses in the Broad Arrow Cafe signing affidavits saying Martin was not the shooter. How much more do you want. This case has to be tested in a Court of Law in front of a jury of his peers. Everyone has that right no matter what they did. or did NOT do. — Richard Hopkins, Australia


Any person complicit in this terrible injustice and cover up needs to repent today and make amends for what you have done. Every day is judgment day, and you never know when your last day will come. — Bev L Pattenden, Grafton, NSW

I want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. — Colin Wardrop, Australia

We need to know the truth. If he is innocent the guilty need to be exposed. If Martin is innocent he deserves huge answers and forgiveness — Tina Lockett, Australia

The government has killed far too many to go unnoticed. They kill for money and power. A fool could see that one man alone could not of done this, a fully trained man would be hard pushed to achieve what they say Martin done alone. Too much evidence is fiddled with to manipulate the public into believing lies! — Linda Rolls, Hobart, TAS.

I don’t believe Bryant is guilty! — Bob Johnson, Australia

Because there has been no trial no info no nothing — Steven Grives, Australia









  1. Goody. All hail, Queensland! I guess we should have known they would be the heavy hitters.
    It is good to see Hobart in there, too. And of course that does not mean only one person from Hobart signed among the 1937 souls.
    My “fodder note” at Youtube is also hetting a lot of hits….

  2. “she has been locked out of the account.” Has there been any reason given as to why she has been locked out of the account?

    • Thank you for the link to Nelson’s, Maree. I note that the mentions of Elvis and Princess Di seem to have been wrongly placed in the left column.
      Unless there is sonmething here that we are not being told.

  3. No comments about Martin’s own statements in the police interviews shown? The scene where he thought the camera was off and pointed to himself and said “me” wasn’t true enough for you all? It’s clear he was the shooter. It’s not clear why Channel 7 via their guest head shrink, didn’t mention Bryant been to Tavistock in England prior to the shootings.

    • Ed. Great that you pointed that portion out.
      I watched that portion with great interest. There could be several options here: As the cops claim, he was looking for fame. Well then why plead innocent for months? There are many strange conversations in the transcripts – where he seems he is most disappointed that they won’t be coming back. He started “relating” to them.
      IN that clip:
      He says “I’m sure you’ll find the person who has done this….” pause… “me” “I don’t find that a funny statement” “you should still be recording” “we are recording”

      We have absolutely NO context. Was he playing a IQ 66 game with them? Was he fooling around? Was he admitting guilt to them? Was he “playing” them – so they would come back for more visits?

      He had spent hours and hours discussing all sorts of things, casually answering that he hadn’t been to Port Arthur for years. Saying he was innocent.

      Now the cops answer is telling… “that’s a funny statement” – For heavens sake – why do they say that. Surely, they should immediately follow up on it. Why not ask — “So you saying it was you Martin? etc etc.

      To digress: I saw a investigative shoe the other day. They interrogated a young girl (19) for 6 hours. She pleaded for 78 times that she was completely innocent. She was broken exhausted and to make the interview stop she admitted that she threw the baby – which she did not as there was a witness. She’s still in jail as they appeal.

      It is easy to break vulnerable people – play with their minds – strange things happen. Especially when someone is mentally slow.

      A trial was needed.
      Fingerprints should have been forthcoming.
      All the evidence should have been presented.
      And as you mention – put forth his medical history?
      Where was his guardian / defense ?

      • Well, well, so the video of the interview did survive. 20 years ago they said the video equipment failed and they only had an audio of the tape. The only thing that got released was an alleged ‘transcript’ of the interview. Except, when you read the transcript there appeared to be pages missing. There may even have been some ‘improper transcribing’ as was illustrated by the few clips from the siege tape that Bob Munro and Terry McCarthy managed to sneak out.

        If we ever get a proper hearing, then we now know we can find out if there were parts of the interview missing, what actually went on and what was really said.

        I wonder why they said the video equipment failed 20 years ago? Hmm, makes me curious…

      • I respect how you all have open minds, but please open them a bit more. Bryant was in a car crash that killed his lady friend – the one with all the money. Bryant caused the accident by reefing on the steering wheel. It wasnt the first time he’d done it. Witnesses recall the lady telling them the same day how he done it earlier. The land he inherited from her had a dam on it. That land had exotic animals on it Bryant and her were collecting. Air port search of Byrant’s bags coming back into Australia revealed bestiality videos. Bryant and the woman were obviously into bestiality. His father was trying to get rid of the animals as he would have known what his son was doing with them. Bryant drowned his father in the dam for interfering. His mind is fried. Even an innocent 11 year old child would have willingly come out of Seascape the night of the fire, but Byrant wouldn’t. It’s time to admit we’ve been wrong about Bryant. Yes the government and Tavistock are also involved. Two clowns from Tavistock moved to Australia and were handling an already fruit looped Bryant. My sources: http://www.cecaust.com.au/main.asp?sub=info/mobes/atl&id=ncarticles/Martin_Bryant_Sp_Rep.html

  4. There is actually two petitions for Bryant, I signed both, my comment only appeared on the other one, not Cherrys’, also the recent comments on Cherrys are being deleted..

    i also only received an email to help promote the other petition, not Cherrys.
    also having bother commenting here.

    hey spooks! lick me!

    • Presumably the other petition organizer, Raymond Smyth (or possibly “Raymond” “Smyth”?) is meant to siphon off some browsers at Change.org.from “our” petition.

      But that’s OK.
      The Lord works in mysterious ways.
      And even if Cherri never gets more that the 1961 signers, I’d say that is way more people than we thought were savvy about MB.

  5. My thoughts on the show (which I watched in its entirety):

    Why did it take until about the last 2 minutes of the show to mention that John Avery had been struck off as a lawyer and had gone to prison for stealing clients’ money? Those of us who have followed the story reasonably closely, at least in the past couple of years, know this, but I’ll bet the average punter does not (at least those outside Tasmania). The viewer might take anything Avery had to say with a bit more than a grain of salt if that had been mentioned at the outset.

    Also, am I the only person concerned about Avery’s breaches of legal professional privilege? He was happy to recount things Bryant can only have told him in confidence as his lawyer. Avery still owes Bryant that duty even though he has been struck off.

    It appears Avery made no attempt to investigate any defences Bryant might have (eg alibi – wasn’t he having a coffee miles away when the first shots were fired at Seascape?). He said something about the evidence against Bryant being overwhelming. I’m not sure what – the identification evidence was flimsy at best, and the forensics practically non existent. It appears Avery was hired for one reason – to convince Bryant to plead guilty. And why were his 2 previous lawyers not even mentioned, let alone interviewed? Perhaps Willesee might have spent his time with Avery asking some probing questions to find out what his real agenda was. He certainly was no defence lawyer.

    The impression of Bryant from the interviews depends on your willingness to be open minded. Those who are convinced Bryant did it will say the interviews show him to be a half crazy cold blooded killer. I’d say he is shown to be what we know he is – a man-child, a 66-IQ man with the mental age of an 11 year old, who says inappropriate things at inappropriate times, and laughs inappropriately.

    Also, there seemed to be no comment on the show as to why the police interview that was shown took place on 4 July, more than 2 months after the horrible events. Could earlier interviews have shown Bryant to be some poor bugger of extremely low intellect who really had no bloody idea what was going on, and that did not fit the story channel 7 wanted to get across? Maybe that was his first police interview, I don’t know, I know he was in hospital for a while, but it seems an awfully long time after the event.

    I don’t have a firm view on Bryant’s guilt or innocence. For many years I like almost all Australians accepted the “official” version – after all, he did plead guilty. But having found out about the fact that Bryant was under some sort of guardianship order, that he had plenty of money to instruct top senior counsel but seemed to be denied access to those funds, that he was a left handed shooter of no known renown when the shooter in the cafe shot from the right hip, all the strange coincidences with the managers’ meeting miles away on a Sunday, presumably Port Arthur’s busiest day of the week, the surgeons’ convention in Hobart, the journos’ convention in Hobart, the local cops being lured away on a wild goose chase, and numerous other strange occurrences, one thing is for sure, the story we have been led to believe for 20 years is, at best, incomplete, and, at worst, a fabrication. I have learned that people, particularly vulnerable ones, can be “persuaded” to plead guilty to the most horrendous crimes that they did not commit.

    Only a properly conducted Coronial enquiry, or a Royal Commission, can possibly give us the answers to the questions posted in an earlier post on this Blog, and others.

    The families of the victims, as well as Bryant himself, deserve nothing less than that.

    • That’s a good roundup, Colin.
      Have you seen the 2.15 hour lecture by Andrew MacGregor made in 2001?
      I tried it a while back but didn’t last more than 20 mins. This time I started at 1 hour and 35 minutes and found many juicy tidbits.

      You might like it.

    • I got an email from Keith Noble. He had contacted the Greens in Tasmania about Port Arthur. One of the ‘representatives of the people’ sent him back a request to remove her from his email list.

      Good Lord, the Greens really got taken for a ride on this ‘gun control’ issue. As Mark Twain said “It is easier to con a person than to convince them they’ve been conned.”

      If they had any sense, they would put up as part of their platform a pledge to have a Royal Commission into the Port Arthur Massacre. They don’t have to touch the ‘gun control’ issue, just go for the Royal Commission. You know the major parties would never do something like that and the damage it could do to the major parties would be more than significant, it would shake up the whole system. They would probably pick up tremendous support.

      If anybody has a ‘Green’ representative, they might send the suggestion to them.

    • I tried to contact them via the webpage to have them take a look at this site. Unfortunately, there was no link that would work on my computer. If anyone else can get through to them and furnish a link to this site, please do.

      Slowly the word is getting out…

    • Greetings to “Roo and Ditts for Breakfast.” Thanks for calling a spade a spade re the Channel 7 show.
      Come visit us at Gumshoe. just click on “Port Arthur” at top of homepage.

      • Thanks Mary, I hope you get through. Now maybe someone could contact the ‘independent shock jocks’ like Brian Wilshire and Alan Jones.

        Wilshire never responded to my communications, but at least Jones did – he said “where do we go from here?” Gee, I don’t know Alan, I thought you were interested in this kind of independent news.

        Apparently some independent news is TOO independent – like, you know, NOT TO BE DISCUSSED on Australian news systems. Glad to see that Triple M has breached the confines of the MATRIX. Good on you guys, keep it up.

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