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Thanking Fiona Barnett



By Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Allow me to hold forth on a wonderful subject. Namely,  why we should feel happy and hopeful in regard to the breakthrough achieved by Mrs Fiona Barnett.

I am referring to her revelations about the “s” cults in which she was brought up, in Engadine NSW. Granted these are not pleasant to listen to (or to watch, on her videos at Youtube), but this information can set us free.

I reckon the biggest change that ever happened in the species Homo sapiens occurred when some individuals learned how to control the brain of other individuals. Not that we don’t all engage in a bit of controlling other people – by indoctrination, role modeling, or anger. We do.

But I am talking about A’s ability to get into B’s motor cortex, say, and have B do A’s bidding without B being able to engage the part of his brain that would hesitate to do it. Nowadays it’s relatively easy to do this if you’ve got  the equipment and training. And it is big business.

To cite a simple example, the mafia now uses mind control to “develop” its prostitutes. One advantage of this is that the girl will not run away or complain; she is not really aware of any options. She “believes” what she is supposed to believe. This is probably done by hypnosis.

Anyway the “s” cults – you know I mean satanic but I prefer to avoid the word – were quite able to turn one local girl, Fiona, into a slave.  Along the way she was also  an experimentee. The Satanists often avail themselves of funding from scientific projects. (They perhaps invent those projects!)

What Should We Do with the New Information?

Mrs Barnett has told us of the darkest goings on, right here in good old Australian society. She has named many names. I will mention only two who are deceased: Kim Beazley, Sr, the father of the Kim who was Leader of the Opposition in the Howard years, and Anthony Kidman, a doctor, who is the father of film star Nicole Kidman.

Naturally one would prefer to chuck the new information into the rubbish bin, as there is nothing palatable about it. Fiona has said that both of those men killed people in ceremonies, before large audiences. She also said that they and the audience members drank the blood of the victims.

Why am I ‘happy’ – if you could call it that – that she has stated her recollections on a video? (See Candy Girl, Part 2.) It is because I was already aware of it in the US and never imagined that it would be believed. I think the way Fiona has stated is very Aussie and will be believed. Thank you, Mrs Barnett.

So we should be able to accept that it is true and then wake up to some amazing facts. Very roughly I think these three facts can be taken on board now.

     1. Capturing Leaders and Potential Leaders

Very powerful persons have enslaved many people and it is likely that they aim at enslaving all officials as well as natural leaders. The consequence of this is that the very persons who we look to for guidance are secretly controlled by “the enemy.” (I mean by definition, such controllers are the enemy of everyone.)

An example could be Kim Beazley, Jr. I cannot say for sure, but the stories told by whistleblowers such as Fiona usually involve many members of a perpetrator’s family. I think it is reasonable to assume that Kim himself was treated horribly as a child. Would he then be able to act in a principled way as a social leader? I think not.

Undoubtedly, by the way, both of the Bush presidents in the US (George HW, from 1989 to 1993, and Dubya from 2001 to 2009) were children of satanic parents. It is often said that both of them, when seniors at Yale, were recruited into  the Skull and Bones fraternity. True, but their mind control must have been installed in infancy.

Just imagine how useful it is to us now to understand, all of a sudden, that many officials (in Parliament, in the courts, in schools) are not exactly “fully present.” This would explain bad policy. Wait till you see how much it explains.

It would explain how a nut like Dr Paul Offit, as head of “the American Academy of Pediatrics” in the US could make the preposterous remark that a child could tolerate 100 vaccines at once – and say it with full confidence.

  1. Explaining the Loss of Humaneness

In the sociobiological view of the human species, we are all primarily self-oriented or self-concerned. The mammal in us prompts actions that are selfish and – where there is opportunity – ruthless.

How then did we end up thinking we are nice?  Well, we actually are nice. Firstly, there is an instinct for altruism, especially towards one’s own kind, and towards those in need. It doesn’t take a sermon to make you be helpful and caring—the performance of the act releases opioids. The motivation is pleasure.

Secondly, there are ideas developed over millennia, by religious leaders or thinkers, that point to ways to increase the pleasure of life by rules of social restraint.

So, if there are mammalian habits that tend to work against us, we can think up ways to sermonize against them. We can pressure, with anger and ostracism, those who won’t follow these nice rules.

In sum, we have been enjoying humane cultures. It thus comes as a surprise, and an important lesson, to find that a significant segment of the population holds exactly the opposite values!  Satanists de-value caring; they are contemptuous of it.

Instead of following a moral god they worship an immoral god. And they’ve kept secret about it! How wonderful – pardon me but it is wonderful – to have unearthed this essential fact.

  1. Re-Establishing Normal Trust in Neighbors

I was born in 1947 and found it normal and natural to trust the community — until around 1980. Then, when Margaret Thatcher was PM in Britain and Ronald Reagan was in the White House, there seemed to be a shift over to believing that “everyone is out to get everyone.”

Thatcher famously said “There is no such thing as society; there are only individuals.” This was incorrect biology – we are one of the social species in the animal kingdom; there is society, Mrs Thatcher. But I agree that it can be unraveled if some hidden forces are determined to unravel it.

And to unravel it, one thing they would need is precisely to persuade us that there are only individuals! If you are but one individual in a huge group, each of whom is struggling to get advantage, there’s no point your holding back to help others —  you’d be silly to do that.

And there’s no point acting on the basis of “duty” much less on the basis of “principle. That is for fools or persons who have fallen hook, line, and sinker for the lies of religion.

So see? To discover that the Thatcher-Reagan doctrine was part of a plan to ruin trust in our neighbor is a great step forward. Did I say thank you, Fiona?

What’s Next?

Having found out the amazing practices of the cults, we need to clean them out of our community. I won’t attempt to map a plan. I think it should be obvious. It would probably help if every parent would tell the kids about it.

— Mary W Maxwell can be reached at her website prosecutionfortreason.com.





  1. I knew things were crook, but I could never have imagined how disgustingly evil the powers running our society really are. It makes me want to vomit!!
    Having seen Fiona’s videos, nothing presented to us by our government officials, the media or corporate big-wigs rings true.
    Goldman Sachs(Turnbull) runs our Federal govt. Deutsche Bank(Baird) runs NSW, the London School of (Fabian) Economics runs QLD, Rolf is already in gaol for paedophilia, Pell is in the spotlight, the Federal Senate President, Steven Parry had something to do with the Port Arthur massacre and the 7 Network just recently did a “stitch up” job on Martin Bryant,(along with 60 Minutes “confirming” then lie that the Russians shot down MH-17 …..bloody hell, is anything in this filthy little backwoods country not sick and twisted????
    Might just be about time for flaming torches, pitch forks and guillotines!!

  2. Happy Days?? my arse. Time to wake up and focus on the “S” problem!! I have long suspected that there will be an employment boom for savage, incorruptible, determined prosecutors..

      • From the department of “There’s hope” comes this:

        “Nobel Prizes given to discredited UN global warming spin machine and former U.S. Vice President, Al Gore have triggered an investigation by a Swedish government department. The ‘eco-warriors’ are accused of promoting climate alarm with lies and junk science.”

        well i’ll be chiggered.

  3. That change in 1980 was what I experienced as well. It seemed obvious to me, although the people I knew didn’t notice it. Learning about all of these horrors that have taken place are sickening and they enrage us at first. But then we just want to have this whole era or epoch over with so that we can find our own true nature again without the interference of these “others” who have taught us so many lies and have all but destroyed our world. After a while, we feel so grateful to know like minded others.

    • Dear Speculator,
      Thanks for your support re “1980.”
      This year I found a love letter that I wrote to my husband dated November 3, 1980, the day before presidential election. Under the date I had written “Please God not Reagan.”

      Actually Poppy Bush ran the two administrations of Ronald Reagan (who was “out to the cleaners” at all times, per his daughter Patti Davis). Then he ran his own one term and probably the two terms of his son.

      Poppy is an avowed Satanist. Just imagine it. He was director of CIA before he entered the White House. (Ask me how he had got elected to Congress years earlier.)

      Speculator, I think I have seen your comments on some Boston websites. Would you agree with me that the cases of Jahar Tsarnaev and Martin Bryant are virtually identical? Aussies are beginning to see that the handful of such cases we have had (known as Hoddle St, Strathfield, etc) are also tellingly similar.

      Please see my book, Prosecution for Treason, for comparison of so-called serial killers or spree killers such as Ted Bundy, Charles Whitman, and even Richard Speck. None of them were persons who simply got angry and killed. They were directed.

      It didn’t take much for the satanists to deceive us, as they know everything about the human brain. They know we are embarrassed to “stick out.” I daresay that trait explains practically everything.

      So please continue to stick out. Anyway, if there are enough “like-minded,” you won’t be a sticker-outer for long. The numbers of Cherri’s petition are climbing fast. Oops, I just checked. The figure is: 1980. Very funny.

      • I just found this reply to my comment today after reading the post about the new lady you interviewed for 6 hours and needed to come back and remember who Fiona Barrett is. (I keep forgetting to check mark the box that asks to be notified of new comments.) And, yes, I agree that the two cases are virtually identical. I will check out Prosecution for Treason as you suggest. Do you suppose Jeffrey Dahmer fits into this category as well? It’s impossible for me to believe that a person comes up with and carries out such hideous actions without lots of “influence” from others.

        I stuck out so much during the Tsarnaev trial that I got bumped off or kicked off of Twitter. They just hate it when people tell the truth in the middle of their hoaxes. Unfortunately, the timing has not yet come for these innocent people to be freed. But it will come. In the U.S., the Innocence Project is doing good work on getting innocent people released, but they can only do their thing when convictions are based on DNA evidence. The Boston marathon and Port Arthur cases, along with the cases of other convicts (I’m thinking of all of the people incarcerated at the Florence Supermax Prison in Colorado), will require more complicated work.

        It seems like a good time to tell you how much I appreciate what you, and others at Gumshoe, do and I have the feeling that the movement we’re all a part of is coming along — not snowballing exactly, but progressing. Thanks!

  4. Speaking of our generally poor record of (not) banding togther (against anything other than a foreign invader), I found this on Fiona Barnett’s website:

    “Many victims of the same VIP pedophile network that I described to police have contacted me in the past month. Not one of the stronger capable group of these people have publicly supported me by joining me and speaking out. Consequently, the pedophile network have severely targeted me. I believe my life is at risk because the police and Royal Commission have failed to support me with witness protection.
    4. I am exhausted. I have no other means of protecting my family other than sharing the information that places my family at risk as long as it remains a secret. It is out now – perhaps now my husband and children are safe.
    5. I share this information so that other victims may recognise their own abuse experiences and know that they are not crazy, not alone – that YES this did happen to them.”

    Must find out what the Royal Commission’s mandate is, re witness protection.

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