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Mike Willesee on Martin Bryant’s “Artwork”


drawings 4

The sketches, allegedly by Martin Bryant, explaining how he killed 35 people

By Dee McLachlan

Mike Willesee claims to have led an investigation into Martin Bryant. The product was a 46-minute TV show for Channel 7, aired on March 6, 2016. In it, needless to say, the man of the hour was not interviewed. We are never allowed to find out  what the prisoner of almost 20 years is thinking.

But now we are told that there is a side door into martin’s brain, as it were. In the Sunday Tonight program John Avery, Martin’s lawyer, suddenly told Mike Willisee that he, Avery, had been “presented” with a set of drawings done by Bryant.

This appears at 22 minutes into the program. I provide the opening minute of the discussion below.

Martin Bryant had to be at least at least 28 years old at the time of creating these amazing pictures, since the subject matter thereof is the massacre itself.  We see people shot in the café, we see the yellow Volvo (the caption of which is “Volvo” rather than “my car”) and we see the road to Seascape – of course.


The Girlfriend

Earlier in the interview,  Mr Willisee had talked to a woman named Mary who must be 36 years old since she was 16 when she dated Bryant. Mary tells us about a boating trip. They ran out of petrol and Mary described how Bryant was scared and began crying. In the ‘old’ days, people might call a man who cried under pressure a cry-baby.

But moments later in the program we hear how this “cry-baby” killed 12 people (head shots) and wounded 10, all in 15 seconds. Mr Willisee doesn’t question it, or tell the untutored persons in the audience that such skill of marksmanship can only be matched by the best SAS soldiers.

This stuff, which is brand new to us who are weary from the weight of previous fake evidence, has got to be opposed straightaway before it takes hold. Here is my “note to Mike”:

Dear Mr Willesee,

As a citizen I demand that you come clean about these drawings. Who did them? When did you acquire them?  Are there more of them that you are waiting to spring on us?

Mr Willesee, you claim that this was “fun and excitement for Bryant.”  How did you possibly come to this conclusion?

In the program you show Mrs Jones interrogating Bryant. She asks Bryant what he thought of someone who killed 35 people. Bryant answers, “That’s a wicked, awful, horrendous thing…”  That in no way accords with your narration!

drawings 3

The Bizarre Kids Drawings

You, along with Mr John Avery, indicate that these pictures are evidence of Martin’s guilt. You say Bryant took “strange pleasure in drawing the horror he had unleashed.” And Mr Avery says it is “not possible to escape the conclusion that he’s [Bryant] certainly admitting full responsibility for what happened.

The detail in these drawings are meticulous. Details of twists in the road, and even the direction of the bullets and bodies are shown here.

I myself would not be able to draw such a map of streets I use regularly. And Martin says he had not been to Port Arthur for 6 years. Jim Laycock, who had known Martin since boyhood, saw the shooter and said it was not Martin.

You are trying by the most slim means to persuade us that the man has confessed his guilt through art work.

You claim to be investigating, yet you fail to ask the obvious:

When did he draw these?

If he has an IQ of 66, how could he remember such detail?

Did he copy these from police sketches?

Was he told to do them as “therapy”?

When you walked around the ruins, did it not occur to you that these drawings were possibly fraudulently manufactured to frame Bryant?

And do you believe that Bryant was savvy enough to sketch all these out EVEN IF he had done the killings?  I don’t.

Maybe you should have done your due diligence and found who authored the “originals”, and how those drawings were produced.


srawings 3

I believe Bryant most likely copied police sketches. It is also possible that they told Bryant if would help get it “out of his system” and provide relief from any guilt he might be carrying. All done in the name of therapy.




  1. “It is not possible to escape the conclusion that….” Hello?

    Poor Mr Avery. Somebody must have made him say that. We are finding in other trials that people are threatened with harm if they don’t read the scripted lines. THIS MUST STOP.

  2. The drawings would normally have been done during a record of interview if given to the police, so there would be such a reference in any transcript.
    If ‘presented’ to Avery by Martin, it would be in conference which should , (is) privileged between solicitor and client and only published with consent by the person with the privilege, i.e., Martin. Was consent given?
    Some matters to be resolved there.
    Avery is keen to have no doubt that Martin did it. Why? Martin was convicted and sentenced, so why question/confirm the matter? Perhaps to stifle any other current debate and views?
    Be interesting to read Willisee’s reply to the article.

  3. This is definitely being done now to stave off a possible swelling movement to re-open the case. The words were written on the drawing by someone who spells very well, which I expect would be beyond Martin’s capability, along with the detailed drawings. The people behind these drawings really must think people are stupid. They’ll really do anything to try to control the mainstream perspective.

  4. Yes, the Willesee “expose” on Port Arthur was a disgrace. How desperate they must be to cover their sorry arses. Too many people have too much to lose if the public awareness over what really happened at Port Arthur ever gets out. But their “tried and tested” methods of propaganda seem to be failing them lately. The more they try to confirm the official lies, the more people are waking up to their bullshit.
    Willesee is a pathetic joke. And so is our media!!(and our govt) If it wasn’t so serious, it would be hilarious watching them all scramble for the lifeboats..

    • Let the scrambling begin!
      Latest developments in petitionland: the past 48 hours saw 72 new signatures. That’s 36 per day or 1.5 per hour, round the clock. If anyone reading this knows of sources of action other than Gumshoe, pray tell. We do not mean to say we are the engine room, just wondering how the 72 most recent signers found out that there is a petition.
      Dee, that’s a clever article. That TV show is such a give-away.

      • I’ve been punching it all over facebook as well, 9 likes and 3 shared in 1 day. And the sheeple have suddenly gone quiet in their attacks on me as my friends count rises. The Crazz Files has also been pushing.

  5. I really hope Mike Willesee enjoyed interviewing the convicted felon ( spent 3 years in goal) called John Avery! (Marytn Bryant’s court appointed lawyer). And he even pretended to believe what this proven fraudster said……..I just can’t stop LAUGHING at this absurdity.
    Oh of course, I forgot this was broadcast on Channel 7 whose chairman is none other than the Mr Kerry Stokes AC. Mr Stokes are you responsible for Mr Willesse’s presentation?
    Here’s a challenge—– present the evidence that challenges Martyn Bryant’s conviction if you dare.
    Mr Willesee’s presentation is such unquestionable propaganda and as journalism is a disgrace, nothing but a disgrace.

  6. My such great detail, and the use of colours like Bryant in BLACK the dead in RED and yellow lines to show how he moved around.

    The overhead views appear to done to almost draftsman like quality. I’d bet that Bryant couldn’t do an overhead view of his own goal cell, yet he captures the entire interior of the Broadarrow Café, including doors in rooms he didn’t visit.

    Here is a mentally handicapped bloke with an IQ in the lower 2% of human cognition – and he allegedly has the intellect that he can conceptually view a scene from a perspective he has never experienced. – Here’s a test for all of you, try to draw an overhead floor plan of your own home from memory – just try it!

    “It is not possible to escape the conclusion” that Bryant had HEAPS of assistance to prepare the drawings.

    • Terry –“including rooms he didn’t visit” ? Martin didn’t visit ANY rooms. He was thoroughly AWOL. Didn’t you hear what he told police? He had not been inside the grounds of Port Arthur for 6 years.
      It’s hard to believe Willisee and Co have given us such gorgeous ammunition. What’s the matter with these people?

      • Yeah, I know – he was at Seascape the entire time. However, I was making the point about the absurdity of the drawings.

        Please, take the test I proposed. Make an overhead floor plan of your OWN HOME from MEMORY. Just try it and you will probably figure you have a lower IQ than Bryant.

        After you stuff up that drawing, then try to draw, say a restaurant you visited several months ago.

    • Just a sec Terry, i have to find my black, red and yellow pens to do your test/s.
      Mike wil have them in his pocket no doubt and I can borrow his.

  7. Good to see the Tasmanian and Federal governments come out and say “we told you so” or maybe they were busy advising Ch 7 to come up with some more ‘substantive’ or ‘believable’ evidence.

  8. Is it just me or are these sketches not plausible! Like the bulk of the bulls hit i see from the mind control box these days i cannot believe that all those and others apparently were happy to stand around in that space and wait for this “shooter” to load another round, move across the room aim and fire without missing, and rinse and repeat over and over? Or is the excuse that they “all froze on the spot in fear”, um right, yeah that sounds plausible! Since when is it legal to do this on a national television network, this display of shear idiocy and corruption is beginning to get downright frightening on so many levels!

    • Rick, is that all you can say? that it is getting frightening? of course we are all frightened.
      The issue is what to do about this situation. What do you plan to do about it? Gonna “stand around in that space” to get hit?

      • I would like to do a lot about it however i am still in the middle of gathering what i need to take on the Government for destroying my home and business over 5 years ago, when my wife and our two young daughters and i lost everything because of an incompetent institution (Government) who has admitted to my face when no one was around “hey mate we are the cause of this mess, but we will never admit it and you will have to fight us, but remember we hold the public purse and your fight would be frivolous” So, i would love to do more than read and post intelligent comments to lend at least something to this one cover up, but i have one of my own that not one soul on Earth has time to help, and the family is all that is left, because our lives have been turned on their heads, so sorry, got my hands quite full just surviving, thanks!

      • Cant see anyone else make such an observation but it appears to me that you want to have a dig at me rather than discuss the observation that i did make, or am i just in a bad mood, thats happens more often these days!

        • I apologize, Rick. I did not mean to attack you. I’ve just re-read your descrition of the events in Broad Arrow Cafe. I thought maybe you were saying the people would not have stood around waiting to be killed.

          Rick, just get a load of how we are all standing around! Last Sep 2015 George Brandis, “QC” arranged a tyrranical piece of legislation. We did nothing. Now we sit mesmerized waiting for the next “Enabling Act.” That is human nature — we don’t know how to get on the high horse.

          No, I didn’t ‘pick on’ you. I do it to eveybody, whenever i sense an opportunity. And I’m really sorry to hear about yr troubles. An American, Bill Winsdor, has been going around collecting stories like yours. He has outed many judges. It’s a hard road.

          • A hard road “in-deed”! As hardly anyone knows how much i contribute because i have great difficulty with the collective, and feel like im on some distant plain to the socisociscoisomething around me, i arrive at forums like this one to find my tribe. I have experience first hand what most, fortunately don’t have to experience first hand themselves. Im not supposed to bang on about it because that’s considered whining etc. I write to all manner of institutions almost every day in my new found pursuit (autonomy etc) and to date have achieved some things that would be hard for my fellow trance d species to believe, simply because they had no idea that the crimes (so bloody subtle that they are) were even taking place! One example, i hammered Turnbull for months until i got a reply, about the Geo-engineering and since he acknowledged the receipt of the high powered report i sent, hey presto, no spraying since April 2015, one week after acknowledgement. I tend to work alone, less excess weight, an unconventional approach, Ive been stung badly, and i mean business, but it is a personal battle for me, and if i spend any energy on a strike, its usually founded on a personal drive from my personal observations. On the subject of Port Arthur, i have sent a number of solid and informative emails to the SSAA, as this is a subject they are more than interested in as it effects them seriously. They are a powerful body, and yes i sent a link to this site too! I cant come here and report all that i do so i just do it, i don’t give it a second thought. I will carry on Mary, i don’t have a choice, im am so awake now, and this genie refuses to go back in his bottle. By the way, i have never been notified of new comments here? Is there something im missing, or maybe im being blocked by the AI?

          • Rick, glad someone is contacting the SSAA. I tried for years to get some traction with that mob and all I got for it was static. Guys like Bill Shelton (National President) and Roy Smith (NSW President) would head for the doors when I started to talk about Port Arthur. They didn’t want to know.

            It was shocking sometimes, they would have rallies and seek money for a ‘court case’ – and then nothing. The money just seemed to disappear, I don’t know where it went, but there was never any challenge let alone even an article on Port Arthur in their monthly magazine.

            Like you, I ended up working alone. There’s way too many people that will compromise what you are trying to do.

          • Terry i hear ya loud and clear! The problem with the SSAA, is its extremely political, (what isn’t these days) and it takes a rather private and very cordial chat to get any of them to drop their guard even enough to get the message that they cant get too close to certain issues. That’s not to say that if the individual, the independent, the single UN-affiliated wants to just drop something solid at there feet and say nothing and just walk away, that they wont take a peek! Are ya catching my drift? “In a world of deception, telling the truth is seen as a revolutionary act” ah George, you’ve done it again. The only thing left that can gain access to the rudder of the ship called Australia, and pull on it with enough mite to steer it away from the approaching storm, is the individual. But they first need to be informed, armed with knowledge, and a sense of fu%k it ill do this myself if i have to, and when these come in large numbers, with no perceivable connection, the controllers loose their collective nerve!

  9. After being a fence sitter on this issue, now after watching Willisee and this joke of a program I am convinced of Bryant’s innocence. What surprises me however, is how no one has commented on how Avery openly admitted to using Bryant’s handicap and fear of looking stupid against him!. Avery tells us how smart he is, whilst Willissee salivates at the mouth, on how this deceptive manipulation convinced Martin to plead guilty

    Is that not perverting justice? Remind me never to hire that dude as my lawyer, disgraceful.

    • It’s not just a question of your not hiring him, Peter D. The man committed a crime: “perversion of the course of justice.” Avery can be indicted for it. Honest!
      If you (pr anyone else) wants to join moi in a complaint to police please write to mary@prosecutionfortreason.com

      However the shades of night are falling fast. Dee and Cherri Bonney have already had their email accounts messed with and I may be next.
      Thank you for landing on the right side of the fence. Peter D. Pretty funny that Mike Willisee did the trick for you.

      • “Dee and Cherri Bonney have already had their email accounts messed with and I may be next.”

        It can be more than just your accounts, back in 1996 I had the spooks edit my emails in ‘real time’. I think I know who the bloke was that did it, a certain Barrister/spook that worked for one of the media outlets. It took a while to track him down.

        I was corresponding with Joanne Eisen in the U.S. on the gun control issue/Port Arthur and they started editing our responses with ‘clever’ commentary for us to read.

        In other words, if you send an email to someone, you should have no expectation that what you send is what they get.

          • I won’t say ‘caught’, just figured it out. He’s getting ready to retire and has talked about writing his memoirs. I hope he does, it looks like there is some interesting things he could write about.

        • Mmm. Very interesting Terry. My emails back on line. Almost a day gone AWOL. I complained to Telstra saying that I think I’m am being intercepted by gov. He said impossible. There you go – you have it from an authority. The tech guy from Telstra. No need to worry – our “privacy” is safe. (Yep)

          • LOL, it is all a ‘conspiracy theory’. Crikey, you would have to spend some time at the coal face to see what goes on (keep rocking the boat and you may get your chance).

            Australia has one of the highest intelligence officer to population ratios in the world. It beats out many of the South American and Middle Eastern countries easily.

        • Terry its incredible what we live in ‘law’ and this corrupt system, let alone sorting someone like Avery and Willesse out. Yes my emails and phone are constantly watched, have now an encrypted email, hoping its safer now….
          Oh and your right! drawing the plan of my home had me thinking 😉 great test

  10. As an aside, Willisee has had some interesting reports.
    I recall back in the early 2000s he did a report on a lady suffering from stigmata. Ron Tesserrio (sp) assisted him. Not heard much since but the history is still there to be found with a search.
    Not sure, but a relation (father?) Don Willisee as foreign minister signed the Lima Declaration in 1975, commencing the destruction of Australia’s manufacturing industry. A search of the Lima Declaration 1975 will bring up a ten minute video on the betrayal of Australia by our pollies and continuing.
    The Willissee lot seem to be very ‘selected’.

    • Just had a minute to look Mike up at wikipaedia and note he received rhe ‘bent spoon’ award from the skeptics association for his stimata report.
      Well, one has a problem with the ‘gullibe’ skeptics association, after all, they had professor Clive Williams, our foremost terrorist expert, in awe when he likened 911 truthers to other weird and irrelevant weird theories. The learned professor’s address to the canberra gullibles was broadcast on the ABC program: ‘The Drum’. (The ABC has been complicit in protecting mass murderers for a long time ……… thus supporting so much killing and destruction in the Middle East)
      After his ‘Port Arthur” program, perhaps he now has really earnt the ‘bent spoon’ award?
      And Senator Don was his father.

  11. Why is it that when DOCUMENTED evidence is shown and it means you are all wrong, you all go and say it is FAKED, but ANYTHING that suits your needs is NOT? This comment won’t even show up, I bet! All you people want to hear is that it was a setup and it is incredibly biased in the face of evidence! I don’t see one person actually mentioning the fact that DNA evidence was actually found at Broad Arrow on the hunting knife that was used on David Martin and that the DNA was CONSISTENT with Martin Bryant’s! He voluntarily admits taking a hostage for goodness sake AND the gold BMW! How the hell do you reconcile that??? He’s innocent? You know… it would be a travesty to convict an innocent man, but these sick people with hidden AGENDAS that want a mass murderer free, are what the REAL conspiracy is about. The FALSE FLAG is what they are doing. I ask you why? What do some of these people get from this? Who is REALLY behind these people who use lies to control all of you that bought into this. Do you NOT think these things exist? To gather all you people together and then give the government the best possible way to keep track of you?? The conspiracy IS the conspiracy and they used the one thing you people will flock to and you ALL fell for that. Seriously, they use the one thing you don’t suspect and you all followed like rats to the Pied Piper. It was too easy sheeple. If you think I’m crazy, then ask yourself what YOU would do, if you wanted to gather info on anyone involved in seeking to expose government control and lies? Ever heard of a honey pot? You fools are looking at one RIGHT now and you all are buzzing around like little bees.

    • You are absolutely right “Dick Muncher”. Of course bees are attracted to the honey pot. And here we have to be on guard continually for disinformation “agents”. And of course we understand that we are being “:watched”. Well that statement itself means we live in a kind of “stasi” state. I was brought up in a police state – so I know what it smells like.

      With regard to your comment: “ask yourself what YOU would do, if you wanted to gather info on anyone involved in seeking to expose government control and lies?”
      Is there anything wrong in keeping government on check – if there is possible government wrong doing?

      Are you advocating for no persons to question anything about government?

      I have never said anywhere that Bryant is innocent. Others may have. I say – give him a trial – let us HEAR THE FULL EVIDENCE. And let him face the full consequences of the law after a trial and an appeal if there is new evidence.
      What is concern is the apparent and real deviation form normal justice

      Strange comment you made the other day: So
      1. What files did you see — FILES ON ALL OF US
      2. Who do you work for?
      3. Strange that you use the name “Dick Muncher”

      Possibly you are paid to waste our time?

  12. Don’t hold your breath for any replies from Mike Willesee, or the likes of the Australian Crime Commission. These people are too arrogant to reply to mere mortals, those that pay their exorbitant salaries, for not fulfilling their duties. I speak from experience on both counts.

  13. Rick, sorry to hear life has not been kind. I am glad though that you are a fighter and more importantly a thinker. There are possibly 0.1% of the Australian population, being thinkers, know some of what is going on, in what was once a great country. Unfortunately, come election time we are beaten before we start.

    A vote for any person who stands under a political banner is a vote for a lost cause. Any person who puts their name up for a major political party does not have the benefit of Australians or Australia as their aim, or they would not get the endorsement of that Party. The Political Parties exist because they agree to following the instructions of the Global elite. (That is the one world government).

  14. Martin Bryant should be allowed to be heard and be represented by someone who is honest.
    John Avery was not an honest person.

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