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Getting Chipped for a New Caste Sytem, Anyone?



By Dee McLachlan

I was at a dinner function the other night. In fact an old school reunion. One of the guests, living in Inner City Melbourne, has sold his car and uses Uber and public transport to get around. He delighted in telling how he looks forward to the day of driver-less cars that can be used “Uber-like” along with the wonders of the future tech age. We did discuss briefly what kind of jobs people might have to look forward to.

Yes, life in the future looks “wonderful.”

Dr Richard Day, back in 1969, gave us a glimpse of what the world would look like today (see article). Gradually and quietly most of his predictions came true.

Now a new set of plans is being made and, just as in 1969, we fail to notice what is taking place! It appears that a hidden hand of a group is clearly inventing a new caste system. Parts of a new way are being tried out in Sweden and US, and maybe North Korea for all I know. But definitely Australia figures as a favored experimental site.

So today I am going to make my own Dr Day-style predictions. “Everything Is In Place” – This is how The Lucky Country might look in 15 to 20 years time.

  • The government will be openly operating as a subsidiary of Australia Inc. The Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House will be the last of the governments assets sold off to pay the debt to the Central Banks.
  • By 2035 most all Australia will be privatized and life be run on an efficient user-pay basis. All utilities, roads, parking, ports, travel, recreational areas, rivers, rainwater, housing, and agricultural land will have been privatised, and in the hands of a few multinational giants.
  • The population will be divided into three classes. First class “global” citizens will operate outside the “corporation” rules. The 2nd class Australian citizens (members of the political departments and the security industries) will have certain exemptions not afforded to the majority of 3rd class citizens, who are strictly user-pay members of the corporation. Home ownership for most Australians will be inconceivable.
  • The 4th tier of the population will be not visible as they will be institutionalized, e.g., prisoners, the mentally ill, dissidents.
  • Driving licenses will be obsolete, and so will car ownership. All road transport will be via driver-less cars and trucks and distance traveled will be on a user-pay basis in the new remote Uber-style cars. As all country and suburban roads will be privatized, automated tolls will apply, to make up for the loss of revenue from fines. This will also means all roads and access to anywhere will be centrally controlled via the car, and 2nd class and 3rd class citizens will be prevented from entering “restricted” areas.
  • Australia will be a cashless society by 2022. The single bankcard will have been replaced by “internal body smart-chips” by 2032. This will have a GPS and this will store all medical, genetic, and financial data.
  • Each person will be in jobs that pay-as-you-work. E.g., the time at one’s computer device will be monitored and one will be paid accordingly (at the end of the calendar month). But all expenses, fines, and user-pay utilities will be immediately deducted from one’s “cloud account.”
  • Once a person is deemed unable to pay user-pay debt, the chip will be terminated — deemed as past their “use-by-date.”
  • Much of the 1st class citizenry will have moved towards transhuman technology, and will have had various procedures to enhance longevity and  intelligence. Body and cosmetic surgery will flourish, with people transforming their bodies into enhanced genders and into new, yet unknown, genders.
  • The sporting world will have been divided into two classes, and the present drug-free athletes (as we have today) will have been replaced with new designer athletes — genetically altered to enhance performance in a new entertaining Olympic Super Sports.
  • The word “terrorism” will be outdated. The well-resourced security/police state will have control over everyone. Disruption MAY be caused by “radicals,” mostly intent on disrupting the stability of the government and the multinationals that are keeping the world safe and stable.
  • If caught, these dissidents will be interned in underground bases and used for medical and scientific experimentation.


I drafted the above thoughts about a new user-pay caste system yesterday — and to my surprise this article in the Guardian appeared today:

“Adelaide to become Australia’s first smart city but could lose out on privacy.” 

“The South Australian capital will become a laboratory for internet of things, with elevators that talk to each other, video recognition of masked criminals and more…

” ‘Adelaide is small enough to use as a laboratory but large enough to undertake ambitious initiatives,’ Prof Ali Babar says.

“Initiated eight months ago, key players in the project include the University of Adelaide, the South Australian Department of State Development, Adelaide City council and companies including Ernst and Young, Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, Fuji and Xerox.

“On 3 March, Babar secured a memorandum of understanding with tech giants NEC Australia.”

Adelaide is the beta-test.

Australia is a perfect place for the giant multinationals to roll out their plans, as Australians are complacent about their life in the lucky country.

Excuse me, we don’t have to let this happen. Pay attention to this phantasmagorical, insulting, vision of the future and say, loudly “No, thank you.”





  1. Dee, someday I will be a 4th class citizen (imprisoned for dissidence). But now I am aware of being 3rd class. It does not yet feel bad, as i am not chipped (as far as i know) and i can spend cash on hot-cross buns or a trip to Melbourne or whatever I like. And I can still say “Naff off” to all vaccinators.

    I do see the danger you decribe. The control is getting bigger every day and much of it is via legislation. Please come up with a slogan by which we can tell the pollies to say no to every Act that tends toward this New Caste System.
    Tell them they are not lucky to be in that Second Class, as it has zilch digntiy. It is actually lower than Class 3.

    Don’t those gutless wonders EVER feel embarrassed?

    PS As a graduate of Uni Adelaide I hereby say I am aghast at that uni’s above-mentioned way of bringing in research funds.

  2. Dee, i was just watching question time in parliament (not sure why?) but in reference to the 3rd class citizens, who are strictly user-pay members of the corporation: i was watching Scott Morrison waffling on about tax cuts or rather the lack of personal tax cuts (income tax is not actually lawful or rather is voluntary) and he was referring to us as CONSUMERS!! In fact he kept repeating the word CONSUMERS in debating (or should i say telling) us his reasoning for no tax cuts!!

    Interesting a definition of consumer is:a person or organization that purchases or uses a commodity or service.

  3. Erdogan calls for ‘redefining’ terrorism
    ‘Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called for his country to “redefine” terror and terrorists after a deadly blast rocked the capital Ankara.​

    On Monday, Erdogan announced that the new definition would expand the country’s legal scope to encompass journalists, activists, legislators, and academics.

    “Either they are on our side, or on the side of the terrorists,” he said, adding that there was no difference between “a terrorist holding a gun or a bomb and those who use their position and pen to serve the aims” of terrorists.’

    found at:

  4. Stop using credit cards and use cash wherever possible, they cannot bring in a cashless system if it is not used.

    It was not long ago people were dumbfounded about what the mark of the beast mentioned in he Bible could be. Well here it is, ‘the chip implant’. If you take this chip you will be lost to God, you will belong to lucifer.

    • Yes they can and will, if the populace does not wake up to the plan by the bankers to control all saving, expenditure (debt) and charge for the privilege to control all finance and livelihood.
      Then they will ‘bail in’ your money (actually their money as the ‘investor’ is just a peasant creditor. See the new definition of ‘account holder’) at will.
      One excuse to ban cash will be to?
      Catch terrorists of course!!!!!!
      Time to dispense with the usual lot selected for parliament and elect the family dog/s who will be loyal to their owners…….the people.

  5. Dee,
    It would be interesting to know if your old school friends had any concept of their’s and their children’s futures, as planned by the fascist globalist control freaks and their duped (?) aiders and abettors in our parliaments and amongst the mass media intellectuallty deficient.
    Not a ‘hope in hell’, I suspect.
    Many readers noting your article will not even bother to read the article on Dr. Day linked in your third paragraph.
    One future development to add to your list is the matter of entertaining and distracting the masses of the third class.
    The Roman aristocracy had that problem solved; ‘bread and circus’, that included lions feasting on some samples of the useless populace.
    Dr Day suggests sport will be the new world replacement for the lion’s mealtime mass entertainment.
    I keep wondering why our governments are intent on building so many huge sports coliseums, even replacing present structures.
    Well, for an answer read the role of sport in the future…..well, actually it has started; just note the rediculous amounts paid to the grunters and sweaty brigades.
    See in Dr Dunegan’s account in the linked article (3rd paragraph in the report above) the following;
    paragraphs 72-75, 77-78. (with the help of paragraph 80 on promoting violence……….Sorry I won’t be around for more lions.)
    Oh, and where will the audience/s be found? From the poor and miserable peasants created by being made jobless and under control due to permanent debt. See:
    paragraphs: 70, 98-102.
    The plan is being forced upon governments by………….????
    Guess what!
    Controlled terrorism!!!
    Suckers!!! See paragraph 97.

    (Dee if you are still there, your next old school renion invitation is here)
    Notice to scholl alumini. First April 2035.
    Our thirty five year student’s reunion will now be held at the MONSATAN COLISEUM at Olympic Park.
    Entertainment and food will be provided in banquet style and paid for automatically from members own bank accounts.
    Entertainment will be spectacular; lions developed from the cloning programs will take on Big Brown cloned bears.
    Bets on surviving animals may be placed on site.
    Going to be greater and more spectacular than anything ever seen in Rome’s Colosseum.
    Next season; there will be more spectacular events. ‘Demise Refusniks’ and ‘Unapproved Thinkers’ will be pitted against your government teams of “Anti-Authoritarian Malcontents”. A great opportunity to attend and place a famly bet on who lasts the longest!!
    Great Bloody events are assured, so Book early for the spectaculars.

  6. How do we know that we have not been chipped ,unknowingly when staying in hospital for any operation.Pets have been tagged for nearly thirty years. Maybe all children, born in hospitals in the past 25 years have been chipped. Who knows?

      • Gremlins?
        No, the whistle would have been blown.
        Chips will be introduced by political (nwo) stealth based on media and prostituted political propaganda demanding chips for necessity and convenience……. financed by the bankers.

          • ‘Defo’? Not understood.
            If I would be a NWO chip supporter, leaving aside financial excuses, I would commence at
            societiy’s underbelly. The children.
            Try a increase in children’s disappearances.
            Parents will willingly chip their children to track such.
            Reports of finding children will be promoted by the media.
            Next, as the generation progresses, the next
            Generation will be use to chips and be suckered
            into the program for life.
            NWO: my fees are very reasonable.

          • defo=definitely. I thought it was a very Australian expression as I got it from Cherri and she’s the most Australian person I know (though I’m sure you are way, way up on the list too, Ned, or at least you were till you applied for that tender at the NWO).

  7. 0z is the launching pad. If they are doing it to animals then for sure the implants have been here for a while. None of this cyberspace enslavement would make any sense if the chip was not at the centre of it all.


    Ms Bonney was in Tassie today and she — wait a minute, reaching for Roget’s Thesaurus here — surrendered, renounced, yielded up, handed over, or generally speaking transferred to the government of that dear State her much-signed petition for an inquest “for Martin Bryant’s and all our sakes.”

    Yay Cherri! Yay Premier Hodgman! Yay Australia! Yay MB!

  9. Soon we wont be allowed to drive
    But at what cost and risk?
    Self-Driving Cars Programmed to Sacrifice As They Hit the Road: “Someone Is Going to Die”
    Google has come up with its own Laws of Robotics for cars: “We try to say, ‘Let’s try hardest to avoid vulnerable road users, and beyond that try hardest to avoid other vehicles, and then beyond that try to avoid things that that don’t move in the world,’ and then to be transparent with the user that that’s the way it works,” Urmson said.
    found at: http://www.activistpost.com/2016/03/self-driving-cars-programmed-to-sacrifice-as-they-hit-the-road-someone-is-going-to-die.html

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