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Larry “Pull It” Silverstein Admits Design Meeting For Building 7 in 2000


silversteinLarry Silverstein (L) and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (R), (13/11/13)

By Dee McLachlan

Blinking and chewing, Larry Silverstein has apparently admitted on camera that he planned to build an entirely new World Trade Center 7 (WTC-7) building a year before the 9/11 attacks had occurred, MintPress and Veteranstoday (VT) report.

Silverstein says, “…We got the designs (chew).  And the first design meeting (chew) was in April of 2000 (chew). And construction began (chew) shortly thereafter, in 2002.”

Readers will have gathered that Building 7 is one of my bugbears, and thus I can’t overlook the recent reports. This report from Veterans Today is shocking, but I will be trying to find out more details about the meeting and confirm the source of the above video (posted by Health Plan). This from VT:

“…If he hadn’t been planning the illegal, un-permitted, homicidal demolitions of WTC-7 and the entire World Trade Center complex that took place on September 11th, 2001, there would have been no point to any such design meeting back in April, 2000 … and no opportunity for beginning construction of a new WTC-7 in 2002.

“…Silverstein breezes over the demolitions of 9/11/2001 …instead going straight from his new-WTC-7 design meeting in April 2000 to the beginning of construction in 2002.”

The original Building 7 was completed in 1987, and destroyed (demolished) in September 2001. The new 52 story building started construction in 2002. It has a slightly smaller footprint than the original and opened in 2006. Both buildings were developed by Silverstein.

Despite video proof of Silverstein discussing “pulling” (demolishing?) WTC-7, he evaded the law. That Silverstein is not the subject of an investigation now proves beyond all doubt that the powerful elite can say and do what they like with complete impunity.

It is extraordinary that he has not been arrested.




  1. 9-11 was New York’s Port Arthur.
    Which nation — Oz or US — will overcome its impunity problem first?
    Remember, ‘impunity’ is not someting the wrongdoer does. Impunity is down to me and thee.

    The legal Dictionary of TheFreeDictionary.com defines
    “IMPUNITY: Not being punished for a crime or misdemeanor committed. The impunity of crimes is one of the most prolific sources whence they arise. lmpunitas continuum affectum tribuit delinquenti. (Impunity offers a continual bail to a delinquent.)”

  2. Hey, Jonathon Faine of the Australian Broadcasting Commission on about $350,000 of our money per year.
    Nothing to debate?

    Well Mr Liebmann from radio 2UE, still calling kevin Bracken a GOOSE?
    Hey Josh Frydeberg MP and J Gillard, ex PM, questioning 911 is ‘stupid and wrong’ is it?

    If so, try this:

  3. Faine, Frydenberg, Silverstein, Lowry….I’m really trying not to see a pattern here Mary, and I haven’t even thought about the original Neocons, let alone our five excitable dancers with cameras ready just in time for the first hit (who of course were only there to “document” the event, as they later said from Isr….that other place).

        • Ned, the opening statement in the article you provide is:

          “A Mossad surveillance team made quite a public spectacle of themselves on 9-11.” That’s as much as I am willing to read.

          I didn’t mean ‘cover story. I meant red herring or something.

          Paul, we don’t need there to be an Israeli cause of 9-11. Every damn Congressperson — all of whom are by law Amercian — voted to go to war. “The US did it” not “Israel did it.”

          • Perhaps if you were to read on and also listened to their own words in the interview on a tv talk show in Israel, you may be more obectively informed?
            The US went to war on the basis that Bin Laden did it, thus they bombed Afghanistan because ‘ the muslims did it’.
            Pray tell, why not look at the evidence?

          • And celebrate the horrendous murder of a few thousand innocents , many whilst their kin and spouses watched on television. Must have been a real hoot.
            Pity that they did not warn anyone whilst selecting a good site, travelling there and setting up their video equipment.

          • Yes, in time to catch Plane no. One. I think they just got over-excited, as you would at the culmination of something so big.

      • I don’t think it was a cover story.
        I think certain Mossad people were there along with other secret agencies. This lot – the Israeli “dancing” troupe were actually “caught” and locked up for quite some time. I definitely don’t think they were a cover as they were a problem and embarrassment and eventually quietly deported. I have posted before the picture of the “art students” with the cardboard boxes in the tower.
        They probably had 10 to 20 groups of people coordinating certain things… and this lot were reckless and were nabbed. As they were foreigners, they stood out a lit bit more than US people would.
        They were I believe just another cog in the big wheel that demolished those buildings.
        But what the painting on the van imitating the planes is a mystery to me. Arrogance?

  4. Ned, as I said, the opening statement is “A Mossad surveillance team made quite a public spectacle of themselves on 9-11.”
    I don’t get it. Since when does a secret agency perform a huge attack and then make a spectacle of their involvement? I can’t think of a single real example.

    I realize I hold a minority view in regard to Sandy Hook and other events where there were crisis actors. I don’t think the presence of such fakery proves that there were no deaths. I think the name of the game is “Confuse everybody to the point they will walk away in disgust.”

    Who, pray tell, provides those clever videos of the events, e.g., at Boston, catching a man who has fake bodily injuries? These vids sometimes appear very shortly after the event. Peekay did an “exposee” of the Ottawa Parliament House shooting before the ink was dry.

    To me, that means there are people on the payroll, instructed to show us these “telltale” happenings (including the Israeli dancers?) that aren’t really telltale. They are just distractions.

    I can’t know if Mossad did or did not make the Towers collapse. (It is reasonable to think their experts played a part.) But if they did, they needed massive assistance from the US military, the governor of New York state, and others. It could hardly have been a folksy little deal run from “back home in Tel Aviv” replete with Israeli dancers posing on top of a van to show joy.

    Does not make sense to me. But I am absolutely willing to be persuaded!

    If someone would please read my book “Fraud Upon the Court,” they’ll see my argument that World Government runs the whole show. Dee’s essay Predicting the Future is an essay on How the Biggies will design everything. I can’t go along with Paul’s belief that Amish Eskimos, i.e., Jews, do it all. It’s more likely a species thing than an ethnic thing. We humans are tricky bastards.

    When Dr Day spoke, he spoke from Rockefeller territory. Please see “Thy Will Be Done” as to how Nelson Rockefeller controlled all of South America (with the aid of Evangelical churches). Or see “Behind the Nylon Curtain” as to how the Duponts poison the planet.

    I’d like to get Martin Bryant and Jahar Tsarnaev out of prison. To whom do you suggest I should apply? Who has control, today, of decisions about those men’s fate? That’s what I try to concentrate on. Structure, structure, structure.

    Please recall that Aunt Maret Tsarnaeva swore that the US government lawyers admitted to her family that they know Jahar is innocent, but they were under pressure “from above” to convict him.

    When Judge O’Toole received that affidavit from Aunt Maret, what did he do? He did sweet FA.

    • Agree that there are elements planting disinfo all the time. As a distraction.
      I reckon the show is run by groups of interlinking secret societies. From Skull and Bones to Zionists to whatever. And Rothschild / Rockerfeller funded groups. And entities above that. And tall groups as Mary says are happy to disrupt the law.
      Of course they are organised. But if you ask any parent – you can’t control all your kids all the time. There are by natural selection going to be underlings that are loose cannons. – and I think the dancing Israeli’s were that.
      I think we need to start identifying disinfo from mishap. e.g. I’d say Iraq came out differently to what was planned by them – It is impossible for these power structures to run 100% perfectly.

        • Your comment is trite, there is plenty there, including their demeanor and excuses, what was found in their van and reports of explosives in other similar vans. Not to mention their employer scarpering off that or the next day.
          Try at the end of the article:
          “Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It’s classified information” [US official in Carl Cameron on FOX News]
          I suppose there is nothing here also; Mossad sprung in an attempt to blow up the Mexican Parliament in October that year? With the intention of blaming (again!!) Bin Laden.
          Sorry Mary, I do not accept that you are credible when it comes to questioning all those involved in the mass murders on 9/11 and can only wonder why. Especially when you are so keen to examine evidence and material in regard to other suspect events, such as the Boston and Port Arthur events.
          You do not appear to be consistent as a degreed lawyer, in your application to research and evidence, so far as 9/11 is concerned.
          I have previoulsy referred you to the extensive three reports by E. P. Heidner; ‘911 Commission Report revised December 2008’.
          Heidner clearly implicates many players with motives. Have you read the combined 381 + 56 + 53 pages?
          If not, I suggest that you do and note the implication (as an example) of Nugan Hand Bank that was In Macquarie street Sydney………so far as the history (of 9/11) goes back to prior to the 1970’s. One of the most wanted from those days was found recently by the SMH living in Florida, still using the same social security number!!!!!!!

          • No point your dressing me down as a lawyer, Ned. I ain’t no lawyer and i never claim to be. “My love is otherwise.”

            BTW, when I go bananas about Boston I do so as a citizen.

            As I said, I am educable. I’ll look at the Heidner. Truly.

            But Ned, I want to clarify the dancer situation. Is it your theory of the dancers that they were happy and got carried away and were reported (against their wishes) by an onlooker who just happened to see them?

            Dee says they were there “to document the event”. Let’s call that the Dee version of the event, since she “thinks camera.” The dancers were on assignment to film the burning of the WTC. They were not intended (in this Dee version) to get caught.

            In the Mary version, if the van incident did happen at all (and since the caller was only named as “Maria” i do not know if it happened) the dancing and prancing was thrown into the mess of chatter about 9-11 in order to prevent our focusing on the MAIN DEAL.

            (I suspect the same of the Port Arthur bit about a naked lady running around in back of Seascape cottage.)

            The MAIN DEAL is that someone – including at the very least Larry Silverstein – arranged for the towers to fall, and for that matter arranged for many denizens of the tower to die a fierce death.

            No wait, even that is not the main deal. The desired outcome – which was in fact achieved — was to “change the world” into thinking that there is a hidden group of Islamists (people, as Alexander Downer said, who want a world caliphate – honest he said that). We should thus have to submit to panty inspection or whatever at airports, and we should welcome dictatorship.

            Ned, I await clarification. Do you hold the Dee version (those Mossad juniors got caught red-handed) or the Mary version – they set out to get caught?

          • No – MY VERSION is NOT that they were to document the event. They were “part” of the scheme, but I don’t know what they were doing. That is the dancing Israeli’s excuse. And I don’t think for a moment they were supposed to be caught. They were attempts to “push” that whole episode down.

            I say they were another cog in the wheel. I’d say they were not a distraction, but were caught out and had to be side lined.
            Larry S slipped up with his “pull it”
            And others slipped up too.

            But all in all – those people involved got what they wanted:
            From a gold heist; stock heist; killing off bond investigations; pretext for war; hiding $2.3T; enhancing security industries; more control over government; freaking the people ETC ETC.,
            So much was done and achieved – stuff we are probably not yet aware of.


          • Not to forget the otherwise un-do-able demolition of two inconvenient buildings that had been condemned by the NY Port Authority due to their asbestos load and their tendency to drop bits of their aging structure into the street below. Add to that their declining relevance as a business hub and thus their decreasing rental value relative to the cost of their upkeep. 911 was in so many interests, and yes, not all of them Israeli (assuming Silverstein and Lowy weren’t playing just a little for the team that time), nevertheless it certainly kicked the Yinon Plan along though didn’t it.

          • They were caught red handed.
            An Israeli spokeman explained them away claiming that they “were just buffoons’.
            Right: Buffoons who cruely knew what was to happen and set themselves up in time for the first aircraft strike.
            You question Maria’s account? I suggest that you look at all the reported circumstances including the arrest and the reported pictures on their video/s. ………………… corroborates Maria’s observation and their expressions of inhumanity.
            So they set out to be caught? I suppose they just purposely wanted to embarrass and implicate Israel, their country, I take it that you suppose!!!
            As for ‘documenting’ the event. That is what one of them claimed on tv……listen to the interview.
            Perhaps they were there videoing to celebrate the success of an operation , or part thereof, that they were aware of??? (or took part in)
            Being there to ‘document the event’ does not exclude; ‘to celebrate the event’. Clearly they were ‘celebrating/happy/high fiving!!.
            They were in custody for some time, claiming being tortured and released via Chertoff. Why has any information gained from them been classified and hidden from the people of the world.

          • I apologize for saying Dee said they were there to document the event. Instead of calling anything “the Dee version” i should have called it “the dancers’ version” (as THEY said they were ‘documenting the event.’)

            As for me, my love is otherwise and i won’t spend any more time discussing what I CONSIDER to be a distraction.
            Does this not all distract from the job of arresting Larry-boy?

          • I sugest it is not a distraction to follow a line of inquiry into any role the celebrating Israelis had by demonstrating that they had fore knowledge of the time and place of the murder of thousands of innocents.

          • The Israeli involvement in 9-11 is old news. I figured it out probably in the first 4-5 weeks after 9-11. About 6 weeks after 9-11 I was having lunch with a mate of mine who was a Colonel in Australian Intelligence.

            We were dancing around the subject and finally he just asked “who do you think did the attacks?” I said Israel, and he laughed, “By deception shall ye do war” was his reply.

            We then started discussing the evidence in front of our confused wives and his wife interjected, “This sounds like a “Tom Clancey novel”. – No, just a dose of reality…

          • Years ago I was told a story by a good friend. The subject of her documentary told her that he had trained special forces in the US. One of the ‘soldiers’ called him up in Australia and said “switch on your TV something big is ABOUT to happen”. And then it did. “Everyone” was in on it.

            I re-post my ONION – the Saudi’s, the Israeli’s, the what-ever are layers in the firewall to protect the “core” (I reckon)

          • Mary, we have discussed the issue of ‘tribalism’ before. You have had experiences with ‘tribal culture’, so you understand how compelling it can be to those entrapped within it.

            There is a thing called ‘sayanim’ (obviously not a word recognized by spell check) that describes the Jewish concept –

            That is where Larry is coming from. He has benefited tremendously from it and is still laughing at the silly goyim (another word not recognized by spell check) that has allowed him to keep the joke going.

  5. Mary,
    I refer you to Terry’s last comment replying to many of yours.
    Adding to Terry; years back a past President of Italy, Francesco Correaga (sp?) (Rip) was reported in Italian press as claiming that, paraphrased: ‘the day after 911 all the world’s intelligence agencies knew that 911 was a CIA-MOSSAD job’. (Except of course our intelligence services)
    Where have you been?
    Francesco also exposed the mass murder by intelligence agencies of about 80 innocents when Bologna railway station was bombed by NATO operatives with a false flag murder event. Look up operation Gladio.
    So again I ask, where have you been?
    ‘Distracted’ perhaps by Port Arthur and other operations requiring your hours of attention but ignoring the elephant in our midst.
    If Bryant is a victim, he is only one victim of about 2 million killed on the justification of 911 to destroy 7 (?) [See General Clarke’s exposure of the pre 911 plan to take down 7 countries in 5 years, ending with Syria and Iran] countries in the Middle East.
    Please notice the elephant and overcome ‘distractions’.

    • I hope I can find one friend somewhere, probably a zoologist, to understand what I mean.

      I believe that the bad guy that did 9-11 is NOT A COUNTRY. It is world government, a coterie of men who have made vast decisions for centuries. Their ethnicity is not known to me.
      I would be surprised if the team lacked a Jewish component. I would be amazed if the team was all-Jews. I don’t care if it is mostly Brits or mostly Japanese. The effect is the same. They have power, via deceit and via appealing to our selfishness and fear, to run our lives. They DO run our lives. Damn them!

      I want Larry arrested right now. He has just admitted that he wrote the plan for a new WTC-7 in 2000. Anyone in OZ with balls can arrest his partner in the development company of WTC, namely Frank Lowy. No balls in Oz? OK then we are stuck with our fate. As Solzhenitsyn said, you get what you pay for.

      If Larry is arrested he can be “asked” how much of a role Israel played in 9-11. But no matter whether some bloke who gets a Mossad paycheck did it, the fact is that all the American institutions that I am familiar with were plainly complicit – the military, the courts, and academia.

      Ned, I am not interested in letting Israel or Zionists off the hook. I don’t care about them. I can only care about my countries, Oz and US.

      (I also care – wait till you hear this – that The Great Republic continue to emanate an ideal that is usable by anyone. Why would such a parochial item as the US constitution be usable by everyone? Because the guys who wrote it were frickin’ mathematicians. The arranging of 7 billion selfish mammal-humans today needs a mathematical eye.)

      Back to 9-11. Your mates who know Israel did it, what do they say of the fact that NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani played along? Or the Bush family and the Clinton family played along? What of Rummy? Those are the guys who need to be strung up – yes I said strung up – as traitors. They watched the jumpers jump from the buildings and laughed. BUT I AM LETTING THEM GET AWAY WITH IT, SO IT IS MY FAULT, TOO. I acknowledge the role that I am playing by my silence.

      I am also aware that John Finch and many others in Melbourne town are being hit painfully everyday and I am doing nada about it.

      Oh pardon me, I’ve ordered a new lawn-sprinkler system and have to go attend to its installation. The 9-11 problem can wait.

        • “I believe that the bad guy that did 9-11 is NOT A COUNTRY”

          That’s it Mary. I was asked once early in the piece by someone as to why the American would “attack their own”. It was some time after when I worked out the answer. They didn’t attack “their own”. “Their own” were conveniently out of harms way on the day. Lucky Larry and his daily breakfast on the top floor that he didn’t turn up for that day, the Secret Service that knew there was no rush to get Bush to safety, The Odigo messaging warnings on the day to subscribers to stay away from the WTC. The elites (of whatever stripe) don’t see any of us as of “their own”.

          Always wondered though about the story of Mossad hi-jacking expert Danny Lewin being on one of the NY planes and supposedly being stabbed by the “hi-jackers” (as reported by one of the Stewardesses on an air-phone). I wonder at what point they realized the plane wasn’t going to be turning around?

  6. Dee,
    Thank you for reminding us of the great onion firewall represeñtation logged on the 18th below.
    The second layer of the onion, categorising political spin, mainstream media (add the ABC and SBS) as part of the firewall to protect and give aid and comfort to killers and thieves, is spot on. The evidence is in our face; to deceive Australians with serial lies for the last, at least, 15 years.
    Those partaking in the firewall of deceit and omission are the scum of AustralIa. They are below those who have protected child abusers, they are complicit in killing children, maiming them, orphaning them, destroying their societies and reasonable expectations
    The evil in our midst is that they hold themselves as being civilised honest members of our Australian society. (Just like some clergy abusing their position and trust to destroy innocent children)
    They are not civilised, they assist in killing innocent people in lands that we have no reason to be involed in.
    Most of us know who you are!

  7. I think most of the above discussions are pure disinformation. I can only guess why, because I don’t know why.
    Many are based on previous experiences or what others have said.
    In an open court of law of the investigative type ( not the adversarial type we have in Australia) the Judges would throw out all these ideas because of lack of evidence.
    Don’t be afraid to ask “where did the towers go”……
    Has anyone considered the WTC building 7 destruction is actually distracting us from what happened next door, after all if Siverstein did demolish it, it was his building, wasn’t it. Can’t he do want he wants with it???? I’m not aware of any deaths attributed to its destruction, anyone ? At worse…. He forgot to get permission !!
    Meanwhile the elephant in the room sits next door in a pile of disintegrated matter about the three stories high out of 110….. How I love these false flags…. Everywhere!

    • His building!
      Yep and we are stuck with his insurance premiums.
      Plus the insurance payouts for TWO (per his policy) terrorist’ attacks on bodgey towers that he leased in July 2001.
      Lucky is Larry!

    • As for deaths in building.
      Have a look at the video below; ‘911 a conspiracy theory’ and note the reference to the large african American (Jennings ? From memory )
      He stated that when exiting 7 he stepped over bodies.
      Then he died due to a heart attack.
      Could be Barry Jennings, as comes to mind after ten years on this subject. Welcome to your iniation.

        • Hi Ned,
          In response:
          1.http://www.lege.net/911.lege.net/Collateral_Damage_911_4x.pdf …….. Makes no reference to any deaths in WTC7. Can you provide any alternative proof?
          2. https://wikispooks.com/wiki/Barry_Jennings This referenced article makes no reference to any deaths in WTC 7. Can you provide any alternative proof?
          3. In the article: (http://www.scribd.com/mobile/doc/9442970/Collateral-Damage-U-S-Covert-Operations-and-the-Terrorist-Attacks-on-September-11-2001-28062008. AND
          http://www.israelshamir.net/Contributors/Collateral_Damage_911.pdf) the author E J Heidner signs off with the statement that “he cannot vouch for any of the sources”
          Wow Ned, did you know that!
          None has anything to do worth what caused 9/11, none. Just speculation as to why. You really need to know WHAT happened first, because that is called evidence. The rest is speculation and misdirection….. Joseph Goebbels was good at it (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Goebbels). Mmmm it’s called propaganda.
          For evidence, go to Dr Judy Wood..

          • I have to go back ten years of recollection for the material you refer to and at the moment and for a week I do not have access.
            ‘Proof’ is a moveable feast. I recall Jennings reported he had to step over bodies when he was assisted down some stairs in number 7. If it is not mentioned in some reports it does not conclude that there were no deaths. As you opine there is much disinformation, much of it by design by those muddying investigation and inquiry. Just look at the videos posted at the commemncement of the comments as examples of vilification to protect the real mass murderers by heaping scorn on those who have questions.
            As for Heidner, I am aware professionally of the accuracy of parts of his report and some that he missed, being relevant to Australia.
            Another aspect he does not mention(?) from another source is that an assasination team cleaned out personal from some entities before the plane landed a direct hit. Nothing left to chance for some!?
            As for Wood I understand she refers to a nuclear device/s. Who cares how the towers and 7 were blown up if they were blown up. I accept that they were be it with something big to bring down the central lift wells and also to bring down the perimiters with something different.
            So who arranged the mass murders, is the isssue.
            That is why there should be a proper investigation to expose the real mass murderers. No line of inquiry should be omitted, even examining those with fore knowledge to track down how they knew and importantly, who profited on the put options for the two weeks before 911. See the reference in the video ‘911 conspracy theory’ early in these comments.
            By the way, how is the KSM hearing faring, after all he is reported to have planned 911 from A to Z ………… years ago!

          • I detect that you may have a similar modus operandi as Fetzer. I went through it all with him years ago. He nad the simple idea then that before any proper investigation, one should have all the answers.
            Tell that to a homicide squad investigating a murder without havin found the body/victim.

          • Con – regardless of the cause and effect, I think only a transparent investigation will suffice. Otherwise we just become part of the problem. The release of confidential files, videos, and putting all the players under oath would be start. Your “For evidence, go to Dr Judy Wood” — great. But evidence needs to be presented to a legal accountable forum which can charge the potential wrongdoers – and so we have to work out how to move from talkie talkie to charging people for murder.

    • IMO, the main point about WTC 7 is that it was rigged for demolition. That takes a lot of time to do, not something that could be arranged on the day of the attack. It shows previous knowledge and planning for the event.

  8. Below somewhere in reply to Mary I referred to the possible enjoyment by her of Heidner.
    My ‘reply’ evaporated.
    So for the unitiated I shall explain.
    E. P. Heidner produced three reports under the titles:
    ‘911 Commission Report Revised December 2008’,
    ‘911 ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,, etc, collatteral’,
    ‘911 ………………………………….etc collateral 1’
    They may be found by a search at scrib (?)
    Read the collateral reports before getting bogged down in the main report after 30 pages.
    For a easy synopsis search: ‘Gold Eagle gold bullion Trust fund’
    Have fun, enjoy the real “novel,
    911 was a bank heist!!! And those responsible have unlimited funds to sucker our dupes and prostitutes to cover it up.
    Mary, you want to go out and arrest them?

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