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Tsarnaev’s Written “Confession” – Part 2 of the Boat Scene


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By Cheryl Dean

There have been many written confessions to crimes over the centuries, but this is perhaps the first one that used a boat-wall in lieu of paper. The phrase “any port in a storm” comes to mind.

Confessions are very important as ways of persuading the public that there is no need to delve deeply into the case.

The public of Boston does in fact think that Dzhokhar (“Jahar”) Tsarnaev confessed, but that is incorrect.

How Can Jahar Prove He Is Innocent?

Jahar never pleaded guilty to any aspect of the Marathon bombing or the killing of MIT cop Sean Collier. His lawyer, Judy Clarke, announced “It was him” but I think she did that without any approval from him. Remember, a lawyer is supposed to take instructions from a client, not the other way around.

It would have helped the Prosecution if there were a confession. It would even have been nice to have a written one. This could be displayed in the event that “the gunman” got killed in a gunfight – or as is said in many cases “turned the gun on himself.”

Let us recall how easy it was for the FBI to arrange for the Marathon case to record a “confession” from the older brother Tamerlan, who is now deceased. They said he made his confession (in the Confessional of the front seat of a carjacked car) to a student, Dun (“Danny”) Meng. (The “defense team” could have cross-examined the daylights out of Dun Meng but did not!)

As for the younger Tsarnaev, Jahar, he did his confessing – apparently addressed to the public – by writing it on the wall of a boat. In pencil yet. While very injured and bleeding. Is there no limit to what people are asked to believe?

According to the official story, Dzhokhar had just been in a gunfight with police, around 1.00am on April 19, and had done the astonishing thing of driving over his brother Tamerlan, perhaps killing him. But “he escaped”.  (Think about it: could a 19-year-old successfully run away from dozens of cops?) I note that a movie called “Patriot’s Day” is now being made to further “record” the history of these things.

What the Jurors Saw

What is the actual evidence that Dzhokhar wrote a confession on the boat wall? Let’s look at what testimony was provided in court, and various exhibits.

According to the prosecution, Jahar found a tool box, and began carving and writing messages. They say he carved on the wooden slats beside the fiberglass panel. The message on the wooden slats is:

“Stop killing our innocent people and we will stop”


The tool kit (below) looks very clean as though it had never been used (or recently bought). The owner does not recall if the tools were lying visible or if he had closed the box before storing the boat, with the tarpaulin cover, for northern winter.

boat jahar 3

There is also a pair of sharper nosed pliers that are out of place. You might expect these pliers to have some wood shavings or blood on them, or the bottle.

The prosecution claims that “the suspect” also wrote a note — with pencil — on the fiberglass panel.

boat jahar 1This picture was taken the day after Jahar was pulled from the boat

Among the court exhibits was the pencil allegedly used to write the “boat note confession.”

boat jahar 2The pointy pencil that never became blunt

That sure looks like a very sharp point for a pencil that had just written a long note on a surface that would be extremely hard to write on (if even possible)!

Also the blood still looks very red. (As blood dries, it turns a brownish color).

In the note Jahar indicates that his bro has gone to heaven. But how did he know that Tamerlan was dead? – they had been together hours earlier.

Many critics have said that Jahar could not have known, when he was in the boat, that his brother had “died.” (Or was killed in custody, as the case may be.)

For me, this ‘error’ suggests that the note is not genuine. And what is even more compelling is that these boat notes were not revealed to the public until May 16, 2013. This was after the alleged hospital “confession” was deemed not allowed to be used in court. The prosecution desperately needed something else. Need I say more.

Well, yes, I will say more. I think it is reasonable to be suspicious of the testimony given by FBI agent Michael Nealon who was in charge of the Evidence Response Team, no less.

Prosecutor Nadine Pellegrini: Were you present when they (the wooden slats) were removed (from the boat)?

Nealon: I don’t recall if I was there.

Do you agree that that  is very odd —  that in the biggest terrorist case since 9-11, this guy doesn’t know if he was there when vitally important incriminating evidence is found and removed from the boat?

Another major doubt is raised in my mind by the condition of the toolbox. We can see the power and force of the stun grenades when they were lobbed into the boat (in the video I described in Part 1).  So we should expect that the toolbox would have suffered. But it remains very clean with nothing out of place including a spotless white plastic bottle.

The Content of the “Confession”

The wording of the item, interrupted by the occasional bullet hole, is:

I’m jealous of my brother who

ha [hole] ceived the reward of jannutul Firdaus (inshallah)

before me. I do not mourn because his soul is

very much alive. God has a plan for each person.

Mine was to hide in his boat and shed some

light on our actions I ask Allah to make me a

shahied (iA) to allow me to return to him and

be among all the righteous people in the highest levels

of heaven.

He who Allah guides no one can misguide

A [hole] bar!

I bear witness that there is no God but Allah

and that Muhammad is his

messenger [hole] r actions came

with [hole] a [hole] ssage and that

is [hole] ha Illalah. The U.S.

Government is killing our innocent

civilians but most of you already

know that. As a M[hole] I can’t

stand to see such evil go unpunished

(You have to guess whether “As a M” means “as a Man” “as a Moral Person” or “as a a Muslim.” Bostonians didn’t spend too much time analyzing…)

  • Cheryl Dean is GumshoeNews’s main contributor to analysis of the Boston Marathon case. To see her other articles, and those of Josée Lépine and Mary Maxwell, click on “Boston” at the top of GumshoeNews’ website.




  1. Is there a 19-year-old anywhere in Massachsetts who even knows the phrase “I bear witness”? — much less:

    I bear witness that there is no God but Allah
    and that Muhammad is his
    messenger [hole] r actions came
    with [hole] a [hole] ssage and that
    is [hole] ha Illalah.

    I’m wondering if the Quantico staff was in stitches writing that.
    Though I don’t know if they could have organized the holes to appear exactly in certain places….

    OK. Maybe I’m prejudiced. Maybe it’s all genuine. Who’s to say?

    Certainly Jahr is not “to say” — as the Bureau of Prisons has “legal authority” to shut him up.

    In Massachusetts in the 1600s it was legal to cut out the tongue of certain people so really, Jahar, you don’t have it all that bad.

  2. Personally, I have no doubts at all. Right from the beginning, the “evidence” was quite clear. The whole “bombing” and everything that happened afterwards was phony. It seems to me the “authorities” may have had a “beef” with Tamerlan (and maybe Ibragim Todashev too) because he/they didn’t allow the “authorities” to pin the Waltham murders on him.

    Dzhokhar is an innocent person (and so was Tamerlan), but we know very well that “authorities” don’t mind prosecuting or killing innocent people. They’re apparently doing the same thing now in Brussels with two other Muslim brothers.

    • Mary, fake blood – so unimaginative (these perps aren’t the brightest bulbs on the tree, are they?)
      and I thought this might be of interest to you. http://bostonbombingnews.blogspot.ca/2016/03/tsarnaev-protected-by-double-jeopardy.html?m=1
      apparently Jahar has ‘signed on’ his new lawyers (actual defense remains to be seen) of course. I sincerely hope that John Remington Graham comes on board to ‘overlight’ and direct these two in proceedings, as he holds both the true fact that Jahar is innocent and knows directly of the ‘bigger picture’. what do you think of Amal Clooney being approached as an int’l human rights lawyer?

      • Jana, if you are willing to take just a personal answer re Clooney, I would say I have no enthusiasm for hiring a famous lawyer. (F Lee Bailey, anyone? Judy Clarke, anyone?).

        Yes I hope Graham elbows in (the defendant should have a say on that!!) — but any graduate of any law school should be able to see that the evidence is way too flimsy to support a conviction.

        Jana, what “bigger picture” are you referring to? The rounding up of Jahar’s friends? the 14 visits to Russia by Judy et al? the similarity to other false flags? the embarrassingness of the Dun Meng testimony? The need to establish a national habit of lockdowns?

        I don’t know if Graham has the biggie, biggie picture re World Government, although he probably does.

        For my money he’s got the Constitutional big picture. I say the federal courts are often ultra vires on their very face. The indictment complaint signed by Officer Genck made reference to the loss of Marathon participation as a potential disruption of interstate trade. No connection is ever too humble for the Commerce Clause advocates…..

        Give me that old time religion! Give me James Madison! Give me George Mason — now THERE was a man. If America had just a handful of George Masons today the nation would be saved.

    • I m 100 percent agree why there was no forensic test on the blood ,why not the color of blood noticed ,it looks totally fake ,why not finger prints on pencil? Why not writing expert .Was defense a baby that general public will teach them how to look into the case ? Defense did not do anything to prove him innocent .

  3. Not sure why they want to impose this boat note on a 19 year old ,who barely moved in The boat till cop fire on the boat ,without movement, without means how can he write ,on top when an inexperience 19 year old scared to death just trying to save his life somehow .
    It’s shocking how someone can misguide public against a young kid writing this fake note .Was there any jahar fingerprints on the pencil ?Or did they forcefully gave that pencil in his hand like crime movies ..unbelievable torture on a young kid .

    • Also want to add ,everywhere he was showed to public like a v matured person who knows v nice phrases to write which no intellectuals even know .For example his last speech before DP as if he is quiet a mature person .
      If no one will think and question this boy has to spend his life in soletaries forever being innocent, desent & simple /respectful in nature he has to pay by his life .

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