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The Tagging of Humans – Was this Agenda Advanced by Brussels Bombing?


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By Dee McLachlan

The Brussels bombing may have been a false flag, or it may have been “the real thing.” Either way, it will lead to more legislation to tighten the government’s control over all individuals. As I reported a few days ago, “chipping” is on the increase and is expected to become universal.

On March 17 (5 days before the bombings), Wakingtimes reported that the UN had announced a plan to biometrically track every citizen on Earth. They want to collect and store all the information about our facial features, fingerprints, iris codes, DNA and anything else that might be useful… “to improve our lives.” 

And they are starting with refugees. This from Findbiometrics.com:

“The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is moving forward with its plans to use biometric technology to identify and track refugees…  Accenture… has won out in the competitive tendering process and will oversee the implementation of the technology in a three-year contract…”

I remember when I was growing up in the Apartheid regime in South Africa. People classed as black had to carry “pass books.” It was an appalling system of human control and dominance.

Now the EU is moving towards that.

With Brussels being the de facto capital of the European Union (that’s where the European Parliament meet) — this attack not only strikes fear into all Europeans, but it alerts the EU’s politicians in Brussels (and beyond) to take any action required to keep Europeans safe.

The millennium report writes, “Every False Flag Terror Attack Has An Explicit Purpose… Especially When They Are Perpetrated At Key Landmarks In Europe.” The report concludes with:

“It was bombed by the World Shadow Government, which looks to the EU as a critical cog in the upcoming One World Government that has an integral role in the global implementation of the New World Order agenda…” 

Biometric Dominance of the Human Race

The Brussels bombing strikes me as a way to hasten that agenda specifically in the EU. After all, this capital city of Belgium is home of the European Parliament and the Council of Europe. And EU decisions will be made there about the increased use of biometrics (and the “tagging” of humans).

Mainstream media have described the Brussels event as a “perfect storm.” The Australian says “Europe is at crisis point, with a “perfect storm” of failed migration policies, open borders and chronic dysfunction across security services­ allowing Islamic State-inspired­ terrorism to flourish…”

Maybe this is intentional.

We know the Neocon gang had cooked up the plan to destroy 7 countries in North Africa and the Middle East before the September 11, 2001 attacks. They annihilated Iraq and were intent on doing the same to Syria. Maybe the flood of millions of refugees into Europe was part of the overall plan.

For “World Government”, the recent events in Europe have been most fortuitous.  The migration of refugees and ISIS-inspired terrorism have provided ideal conditions to start implementing total biometric dominance. I am suggesting that this has been long in the planning. In the end, this will lead to a form of enslavement.

It will probably unfold in stages:

Stage 1: Biometrically “mark” every refugee in Europe (already in process).

Stage 2:  The politically correct brigade will then intervene and say “You cannot discriminate between against one group”, thus, everyone will needs to be biometrically “tagged.” After the bombings — and maybe more bombings, a traumatised population will welcome any move to make them feel safer.

Stage 3:  Any visitor to the EU will also require tracking. I can imagine in 10 – 15 years time, as you enter customs in the EU, one will be “pricked.” They will instantly insert a miniature tracking device under your skin – and you will be tracked.

There are many systems being set up around the world that transfer more control from the people to governments. For example:

Sesame Credit

China recently announced a system called “Sesame Credit”. It provides “good” citizens special privileges — like cheaper hotel visits, discounts etc. Wakingtimes reports that the sesame credit score “aims to create a docile, compliant citizenry who are fiscally and morally responsible by employing a game-like format to create self-imposed, group social control.”

Will this system penalize non-compliant citizens and create intense social pressure to conform? Regardless, the system will be mandatory in 2020.



Blame it on the Brothers

brothers brussels

As a side note, it is just another set of brothers. This time it was Ibrahim and Khalid El Bakraoui who both blew themselves up on March 22, 2016 in Brussels.

Recently before that: Tamerlan and Dzhokar Tsarnaev were blamed for the Boston Marathon bombing, April 15, 2013; Saïd and Chérif Kouachi for Charlie Hebdo Paris attack, January 7, 2015; and Salah and Brahim Abdeslam for the Paris staduim attacks, November 13, 2015.  (my article “Brothers in Arms.”)




  1. What someone should do is track Australian nationals – often dual citizens – who are trekking around sites that experience bombings, such as a few days ago in Turkey and Belgium, then a picture will emerge that may shock those naive enough to believe that such acts of terrorism are random, are a new development in global politics that had its genesis only since 9/11. Transpose such behaviour to the local domestic sphere and one can soon detect individuals who cry out against “bullying”” and terrorism”, then give themselves away as undetected perpetrators waiting to set up the next event. The recent light show in the city centre of Melbourne and the proposed one in Sydney enable such individuals to gain a detailed knowledge of buildings and surroundings. Now is the time to focus on those who are officially fighting terrorism and to ascertain where they are at home and what nationalist/internationalist policies they are pursuing.

  2. Dee, I think you got it! I was wondering what all this ‘refugee’ nonsense was about in Europe. It didn’t make any sense, but thanks to your article, now it does. Nice job of sleuthing.

    The whole biometrics thing hit me years ago when I returned to the U.S. on a visit. I had a valid U.S. passport, but they wouldn’t let me enter with it as they had gone to a different type of passport. They insisted that I be fingerprinted and have my eyes scanned – then they put a 30 day visa in my Australian Passport. OK, if they wouldn’t recognize my U.S. passport, then I accepted their determination that I was no longer a U.S. citizen.

    I wonder how long it will be before the same logic is applied to Australians in other situations – sorry, you can’t enter/get a job/receive medical treatment/etc. as you don’t have a valid chip.

    • Terry, I was shocked to hear on the ABC’s news tonite — EU needs “to step up it’s data program – especially at borders” I can’t recall the exact language. But this is it.

      My impression was that the EU was fairly settled in 2000 and a few years after. There was no way that the population would agree… to being interfered with.
      But now old Europe seems to be over.
      A new Europe has emerged…. and it will require a gigantic effort to stop the trend of disintegration and “control”.

      I think Australia is more compliant. One event will do the trick. That is scary.

      • When I lived in Los Angeles in 1993. Friends worked for Motorola and he was talking about the company having perfected human chips back then. He later got a company electric car. It was amazing. He took me for a drive. It was then later confiscated/withdrawn and crushed.

  3. Well, Dr. Dunegan’s recollection of the ‘NWO’ plans (fascist; papers please fruhlein [sp] ) provided by Dr. Day in March 1969 are on track. [ref:
    NWO exposed by insider March 1969. See also this site where it is laid out for you]
    Enforce population assimilation and abolish countries and borders. Be it that enforced assimilation of cultural characteristics lead to conflict and blood shed as planned to reduce populations. That of course will require a solution enforced by the fascists.
    Problem, reaction, solution. Boring and old fashioned, but still not realised by the intellectually deficient media and our political clown class.
    Now being twigged by plans to ban cash and have all personal ‘cash’ assets controlled by the bankers and be charged for having money in the bank. But it is not yours, you are merely a creditor (now rebranded as ‘a investor’,
    not account holder) of the bankers. Look it up!!!
    After all, the fascist banker might need some of your money and need to be able to take it at will. (Try Cyprus and Greece) That they will and via the ‘chip’, pull your access to funds unless one complies. No compliance! No trade! Then starve. Look up how the Bolsheviks killed 20 million Christians plus, in the Ukraine.
    A complete totalitarian state of slavery is planned under the slave master bankers and their political whores.
    When that is accomplished they will hang the suckered whores based on a ‘debt society’.

      • Boring, my reply dissapeared.
        What am I going to do about it Mary?
        What I am doing now?
        Shirtfronting the spiv politicians and mass media prestitutes who have no idea (?) how they are condeming their children to fascist control, slavery under the bankers and no freedoms.

        • Ned, if they are under some form of mental control they cannot listen to you (or me). They “dissociate” from reality. They simply cannot see how they might be condemning their children to fascist control.

          Some academics whom I have known for decades as clear thinkers, on any subject, have somehow been guided to “not think” when it comes to the issues Gumshoe writes about.

          You have to hand it to persons at the top if they were clever enough to figure out how to shut off the best minds!

          But maybe they did no such thing. Maybe it’s just natural dissociation, based on fear. “Government causing these bombings? I mustn’t go there. Daddy loves me and would not hurt me like that.”

          Well, Ned, I think you do a good job shirtfronting. Maybe you have caused them embarassment. You are certainly consistent in your attacks. Have you ever made a convert? Do any of them come to you for advice? (Don’t answer that in print.)

          Please stay the course.

          • I’m pre-empting Terry. I know he is going to jump in and say they are psychopaths. Yes, I have to agree with that also. Anyone who can sit there and plan a hurricane, or a war, or ways to dumb children down, is very mentally off, and irretrievably so.

          • Yeah, I could go on about psychopaths and the ponerology of systems. I’ve found it difficult over the years to figure out what to do. I tried Law and found that corrupted, I tried politics and found that corrupted, I tried the media and found that corrupted, etc. etc. – Please don’t expect me to show up at a establishment Church and ask for guidance, I don’t think I could take that much hypocrisy.

            I’m spending more of my time interested in metaphysics and it has been helpful to my understanding of many of the lessons I have learned. Essentially, the only thing I can reliably change is myself – to develop my own Quality of Consciousness.

            I’ve come to the realization that Western society is on a road to collapse, I see no other outcome. It’s happened before in many other civilizations that have come under the control of the psychopaths. – Like a runaway train heading for a burned out bridge, just get off the train.

            The discussions on websites, such as this one, are good to help people realize how corrupt everything is – with that awakening, they can then start formulating alternatives, rather than just ‘staying on the train’.

          • Indeed, most feel safe with their mummy and daddy …….government, they would not hurt me, can be trusted and they protect me from nasty terrorists and invaders and the bankers support me with debt so I can get whatever I want…… right now.
            Please do not invade my mental safe zone, I cannot cope with reality and realise that daddy might abuse me. Even if, I will not tell….. because I feel safe! Until I awake!!! Oh dear, where have I been?

  4. I have been saying for ages now, World events will accelerate until they reach the stage where citizens will be only too glad to have chip inserted to gain shelter, medical aid and food in their bellies. This article goes a long way to prove my belief is dead on.

  5. No question it’s another false flag. To me, it looks just like all of the others.

    We know what the globalists want. Total control. But that’s not how things are going to end up, except for people who prefer to be enslaved.

    • > speculator247, Interesting. Perhaps you might elaborate on how you plan not to be enslaved with the rest of society. With the coming cashless society along with the “tagging”, you will not be able to work, buy anything, sell anything, travel, get medical treatment, etc., etc…. checkmate. And don’t tell me you’ll live/hide in the forest or a cave because the UN’s universal “Sustainability” program will ban growing food, collecting rain water, etc., and will clear huge tracts of land of all human habitation and force everyone into controlled areas. Can’t wait to learn how you will avoid all this calamity on society.

  6. The media will spend a full ten minutes on the surviving relatives of the dismembered victims, but not two seconds on asking rhetorically from where the tens of kilos of high explosive material had come from, as neither you nor I could get a gram of it – not that we’d want to.

    That makes the jew media accessories after the fact, for it is questions like this, if asked, which would prevent the next bombing from happening.

    From where did the high explosives come from ? Not Israel, but a country which Israel controls – can’t have Hebrew script there, ya know, in the event of failure to detonate.

    • Michael, can you give us any more info about the country that Israel controls, or any particulars as to how Israel provides the high explosives?
      I ask this for two reasons. One, it would be useful to know! We need to crack down on all false-flag artists. If Israelis are organizing the false flags, let’s take action against them.

      Two, I am the self-appointed checker of comments about Israel, Zionists, and Jews. I aim to resist quick-blame schemes that could deflect attention from a perpetrator other than Israel (should there happen to be one).

      Some people write to Gumshoe only once in a blue moon and only when they can say “the Jews did it.” If your interpretation of events is that Israel is ruling the roost, why do they do so? I don’t see how “Jews” in countries other than Israel can benefit from all the false-flagism. (Do you?)

      As for Israel, the wars in the Middle East (known on this website as Wesley Clark’s wars) have brought depleted uranium into Tel Aviv’s breathing space. Not nice. And the erecting of an apartheid wall, and the genocidal bombing of Gaza have surely wrecked the hopes that Jewish residents of Israel once had for a happy civilization.

      As for what you call the Jew-media, I used to have shares in News Corp and I’m Catholic. Look at Rupert Murdoch, my absolute nemesis. (Yes you are right about accessories, or worse.) His Mom, Dame Elizabeth, was Jewish so I guess we can say Murdoch is Jewish. But would he in his wildest dreams give a hoot about his Hebrew tribe?

      He never gave a hoot about his Australia-tribe or his America-tribe. Why would he be working for a country, Israel, that he hasn’t even inhabited?

      Just asking. I have no answers here. Please kick in.

      • Perhaps Rupert is thinking of his interests, having been granted with a couple of others, by Israel, (including a Rothschild ?) to prospect for oil and gas in Syria. I.e. Syria’s Golan Heights?
        After all, he probably needs the profits, the Syrians can go find someone in Europe or here, to sustain them.

      • Mary, such information as to which countries supply Israel with explosives for these purposes is probably unavailable.

        However, I am not deterred, since that conclusion can be arrived at by reasoning it through as follows; the media knows (like we do) that terrorists are nothing without their mil grade high explosives, but as the media never put it like that, it means they are wittingly covering for the source of supply, which has to be Israel because all media is Jew owned.

        Another way to affirm the above is to note that whenever there is a shooting in Oz, the media and govt and police all go berserk about guns in people’s hands, and some even opt for confiscation.

        Contrast this with a bombing terrorist act; no aforementioned civic worthy calls for preventing the terrorists from getting explosives in the first place.

        That means they, the civic worthies – as well as the media, want the terrorists to continue to have access to all the explosives they could possibly want.

        • Dear Michael, Please try this one on for size.

          In Boston someone provided an explosive device and the means to make it go off at a certain time. I assume it was the hidden government, which works thru such taxpayer-paid fronts as FBI and DHS (but I don’t know that for sure; maybe it’s General Motors or Israel, or anybody). If it was Jahar Tsarnaev I’ll eat my hat.
          Now you say we are to know that it is the Jews because they own the media. You say, and I agree, that the media obviously protects the baddies by NOT saying important things. I, in fact, take the media to be part and parcel of “the baddies.”

          But I still question your connecting this to the ethnic or religious status of the baddies. Take Kevin Cullen, editor of a major US newspaper, the Boston Globe. His handling of the Tsarnaev case has been scurrilous.

          You know Kevin Cullen is as Irish as Paddy’s pig. So what’s the deal, per your scheme. Before he launched into his career of inculpating Jahar for the Marathon crime, did he get an injection of Jewish DNA? How does it work?

          You sidestepped my qq abut the chain-of-custody of the explosives. I’m OK with that. But please come in in a chain-of-custody thing re the Boston Globe. How does some aspect of control in the hands of “Jews” make its way to the behavior of Kevin Cullen.

          Michael, when I went to look up who might be the Brussels bomber I googled simply “MI6.” There I got a most surreal conversation. I offer it to anyone who wants to freak out on these things:


      • Mary, such information as to which countries supply Israel with explosives for these purposes is probably unavailable.

        However, I am not deterred, since that conclusion can be arrived at by reasoning it through as follows; the media knows (like we do) that terrorists are nothing without their mil grade high explosives, but as the media never put it like that, because all media is Jew owned, it means they are wittingly covering for the source of supply, which has to be a western ally of Israel in case of failure to detonate, or being caught beforehand.

        Another way to affirm the above is to note that whenever there is a shooting in Oz, the media and govt and police all go berserk about guns in people’s hands, and some even opt for confiscation.

        Contrast this with a bombing terrorist act; no aforementioned civic worthy calls for preventing the terrorists from getting explosives in the first place.

        That means they, the civic worthies, want the terrorists to continue to have access to all the explosives they could possibly want.

  7. Terry, re you 25.3.16 below.
    Many are searching, it can be fun.
    Try David Schwartz; ‘The soul’s plan’,
    For me he provides a possible explanation for genuine prophesing abilities. Been there!
    Another line may be found at victorzammit.com. I have known him professionally for 45 years. He is a bit ‘in your face’ etc. But concentrate on the message.
    Basically, we chose and are here for the fun of the experiences and challenges, so relax and enjoy, it is at a max’ of about 100 years in billions.

    • Ned, I have a preference to physicist Thomas Campbell’s work. I have a background in computer science, so I related very easily to his metaphors. – As compared to something like various Eastern religions with the multiple arm entities and elephant heads, that just doesn’t work for me.

      There are many paths, we each find our own.

  8. Glad to see such awareness and thirst for the truth among the sheeple masses.I am a Muslim searching for the truth in the ocean of lies and deceptions.I get frustrated to see people brainwashed by main stream media,even among my family.People are already programmed to’ i’nslavement,just watch them enslaved to the i ‘phones,tablets,…’,they don’t want to search,question,doubt,or analyse the media- twisted news.
    those psychopaths who created a monster for their twisted agenda are enjoying and celebrating human suffering behind the scenes.I wish to live to witness declassifications of 9-11 ,the biggest lie in history.Guess what?the secrets might be in the time capsule buried under the masonic capstone in the weird Denver International airport,to be opened in 2094!!!!!

    • Oh come on Fair, you know only the psy-ops get selected for broadcast 24 hours a day for days on end. God Gawd, that’s the first indication it IS a psy-op.

      Allegedly these are COMMERCIAL stations, you would think after the first couple of hours that the viewers would be switching to some other channel to watch re-runs of ‘Friends’ or something – and a genuine commercial station would take advantage of that fact.

      I wonder when the PTB decide they have saturated the dumbed-down masses enough that they can go back to the regular programming. Maybe they monitor something like social media to see when saturation is complete. They must use some indicator.

  9. Thanks Terry and Falastine.

    Regarding chipping and sesame credit.. no screams of outrage when the government picks on the disadvantaged..


    the good ol Aussie “Im alright Jack, up yours” alive and well.
    a cashless society coming to us all, where we dont even have a card.. all our credit is stored on our chips, we pay for our groceries with a wave over a scanner. how convenient.

    Total control for the government then, any dissident, or anyone considered unfavourable by the overlords, will have their account wiped at the press of a button, alarms going off everytime they pass too close to a sensor.. marched off for an extended retraining course, for all our sakes.

    • Maybe we’ll be lucky, there could always be an electromagnetic pulse that would wipe out the whole system. If not intentionally, then perhaps another Carington event.

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