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Wireless Wake-up Call



By Dee McLachlan

Most homes in Melbourne now have smart meters (not mine). There are about 2.8 million of them in the State of Victoria, Australia.

Back in March 2015 I wrote about the roll out of smart meters, and my personal experience of how it effected me, when returning from the Namib Desert in Africa.

Last year, on a government website, they reported that electricity distributors will be able to recover the costs associated with running a separate meter from the small number of customers who continue to refuse a smart meter. I am still waiting for the bill.

And Victoria’s Chief Health Officer (Australia) still endorses the advice of the Victorian Ministerial Radiation Advisory Committee, which states, “The scientific evidence does not support that the low level of RF EMR emitted from smart meters causes any health effects.”

I would not normally post a TED Talk as I am sure they will never allow a talk about false flags. However, I have posted this talk by Silicon-valley engineer turned technology health advocate — Jeromy Johnson. It is alleged that this is the first ever TED Talk on wireless/EMF/smart meter health effects. Mr Johnson warns us about smart meters and Wifi — but also provides solutions, including fiber optics. He is worth listening to.





  1. I don’t use WiFi, I have a cable on my home computer. I also have ONE mobile phone that I only use on rare occasions when traveling. No Smart Phone, no I Pad, no ‘must have’ electronic trinkets of the Facebook crowd.

    I also only use a credit card about once every three months. Call me ‘old school’, but I grew up without all the crap and get around quite comfortably without it.

  2. Have to agree with you Terry, on this issue. I do have a mpbile phone, which rarely, if ever gets used, and then only for emergencies. Telstra must hate me something awful, as I refuse to accede to their wishes to change my plan which currently sits at $20 a month. W.F. is IMHO, over rated, as every time my son visits, his laptop cannot connect with my modem for various range reasons, a good cable solves that issue and ensures security at the same time. I agree whole heartedly, e can survive quiet well without the crap we are being told today, is essential to our survival today.

  3. I had solar panels put on a while back.. with the top level payment for extra energy from the govt and the electrickery supplier until 2029 if im not mistaken..

    anyway.. it was a rush job, I was going away, and I got a mob to do the job that had cold called me right as I was flicking through the yellow pages.. it was a rip off.. didnt get what they said I would, had to replace the inverter after a few months.. blah blah blah

    anyway.. I got a new mob in, and they showed me all the faults with the previous installation, but the point of my comment is this..

    I was told that I should consider myself lucky, because the meter I had was a version prior to a system that enabled the suppliers to stop any extra electrickery I was producing, from going back into the grid, and as a result, stopped any credit that was due actually being credited to me.

    It seems that at times, because every man and his dog these days has a solar panel on their roof.. the amount of energy going back into the grid can overwhelm things, so they shut down certain input.. I wonder if they have certain ones they shut off before others, or if it is evenly spread?

    as for wireless.. i only just got a mobile phone.. but i have computers online all round the place here.. cables are not an option. Can anyone else hear that ringing in my ears?

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