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Aunt Maret Tsarnaeva’s Affidavit – the Spanish and Catalan Translations


12651088_10208892204765108_5590147316294664402_nMontse Alarcón Flix

Gumshoe was happy to receive an offer from a lady in Catalonia, Montse Alarcón Flix, to translate a very important item in the Boston Marathon case. On August 20, 2105 I published “There’s Movement at the Station” about Aunt Maret’s amazing affidavit.

You may recall that Mary W Maxwell then made a Youtube video about this, into which I inserted the “Podstava” video made by a resident of Watertown. It shows how Tamerlan was captured alive and well by the FBI and therefore he did not die in a shootout — as is claimed in the official story.

Boston has many Spanish speakers, so this material may prove very useful to them.  Granted we are down here in Australia, and the translator lives in Europe, but such is the power of the www. I’ll now link to the full text here, first in Spanish and then in Catalan. Anyone may link to it or lift it.

This video:

The Spanish and Catalan PDF files are available here and here.




  1. The word scurrilous does not do justice.
    I have just located the NEW YORK TIMES report of april 24, 2013. I don’t want to waste your time with this, but in light of Gumshoe’s several articles about the death of Officer Sean Collier, just see this:
    “While there is video of two men approaching Officer Collier’s car, three law enforcement officials said, it does not clearly show their faces. But investigators now believe the brothers killed the officer to get another gun.”


    “Now believe”, folks. And the educated readers of NYT don’t question that?????????

    How about “The men killed Collier because they had made a fifty-dollar bet with their pals that they could take a gun off a cop.” Isn’t that just as reasonable a motive?

    Or how about “The men approached the cop [sorry “the tiny figures approached the cop”] to demand money which they wanted to give to the RSPCA as they hate the way stray cats are mistreated…”

    I mean really, the NYT can say anything.

  2. I’m glad to know there are supporters world wide and I’m grateful to all who have the courage and skills to participate in this effort. As the truth comes out and people begin to understand what really happened, the number of supporters should increase. I believe these efforts will eventually be successful and Jahar will be exonerated.

    • Thank you, Speculator. Your comment makes me wonder if there is a way to involve the many marathon runners of this world. After all, a 26-mile jaunt takes quite a bit of stamina, and this
      “truth mission” definitely requires stamina.

      “Runners for April 15th thruth” anyone?

  3. Mary, here are Paul Craig Roberts’ latest articles –
    03/26 US by any definition is a tyranny http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2016/03/26/does-the-united-states-still-exist-paul-craig-roberts/
    03/29 and the ‘role’ of the movie to cement the cover up of the Boston Marathon Hoaxathon as factual
    with John Remington Graham’s statement on the miscarriage of justice (incl. his email contact). Would you consider writing to him to see if he is willing to ‘overlight’ Jahar Tsarnaev’s new legal team – pro bono, at this point? Millions of us would greatly appreciate it if you would…

    • Jana, since it’s only a day ago that I broadcast to the whole world that i did not know what “download” meant, i’d hate to admit that i also don’t know the meaning of ‘overlight.’ So let me sidestep by saying it’s clear that both PCR and JRG feel compelled to assist the prisoner, thank God.
      As for the new lawyers, i just can’t relate to the concept of an appeal. Why arent they demanding that the case be thrown out?

      If you know anyone in US who wants to hear my thoughts on Jahar, please just give them the new Port Arthur book. The cases are, for all intents and porpoises the same. The prob is not in the facts of what happened. It is in the bigger issue of the judges and other officials being determined to break the law!
      (I know you realize that, too, Jana. I am ranting.)

  4. Dear Gumshoe friends, Here is a translation of the narration. May I please hear from a native speaker of Spanish who is willing to read it against the visual from Dee’s video? The aim is to have something on Youtube to be seen by Boston’s many Latin Americans.

    Jahar ha sido condenado por el atentado de la
    Marathon (de Boston), pero mucha gente en todo el mundo sabe que él no lo hizo.

    Tiene grupos de apoyo en Quebec, como Josee Lepine, que guarda las transcripciones del juicio,

    y, en Cambridge, Masachusetts, donde Jahar se convirtió en ciudadano estadounidense,

    en el Kirguistán donde nació,

    en Chechenia, donde actualmente reside su tía Maret,

    en Toronto, donde Ella vivía antes,

    en Melbourne donde Gumshoe edita su pagina web de noticias, en Florida,

    el lugar donde reside Elena Teyer quien consiguió 7.000 (siete mil) firmas por Jahar,

    y ahora—… En España.
    Montse Alarcón Flix ha traducido un documento crucial en dos idiomas, Español y Catalán.

    El Catalán es la lengua hablada por millones de
    personas en el Nord-Este de España. La ciudad más grande és Barcelona.

    Paul Craig Roberts amablemente publicó un informe que la Tía Maret había enviado al juzgado federal de Boston,
    destacando que la mochila del terrorista de la Maratón

    era negra — mientras que la de Jahar era blanca.

    El letrado Pro-bono, Jack Graham, explica que
    Judy Clarke, la abogada de la defensa de Jahar,
    dijo a la familia Tsarnaev en Rusia que sabía

    que Jahar era inocente pero todos estaban bajo presión “desde arriba” para declararlo — culpable.

    Gracias, amigos. mary@maryWmaxwell.com

  5. Here is the Podstava video, embedded in my talk. Dee and I both swear it was of better quality when we made it, but has mysteriously degraded. (I am referring to our ability to see Tamerlan’s face.)

  6. Here in the US we had to endure another Boston Marathon Hoax anniversary. It’s disgusting the way they shove this down our throats. Also this week, the Sandy Hook Hoaxers drug the children out to do a play of the day of the shooting so they can heal. What is really going on here?

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