Two 9-11 Cartoon Competitions

NIST Math: 1+1=3

And Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth are holding a  competition to see who can come up with the best caption for this NIST cartoon.

So far we’ve had these submitted (via email) from Australia. Write your own ideas in the comments below and we’ll forward then on – or email them directly to So far:

“And that concludes NIST’s summary of Newton’s laws of gravity”.

 “Now repeat; ‘NIST government 911 conspiracy theories trump science always’.”

“NIST… Never Investigate Silly Theories”

“2 planes equals 3 towers”

“I thought we were at Nana’s bake-off”

But Gumshoe has decided to run its own cartoon competition.


Do you remember this photograph (above). While the towers were burning, Richard Bruce Cheney, generally known as Dick, was posing for a photographer. The photographer took pictures from several angles while Cheney – with his foot on the desk – watched the disaster unfold at around 9:33 – 9:38 (as per the timing on the television). But maybe this was taken later while watching a playback (my article). Dick then, as Norman Mineta testified, ordered a stand down.

As Wikipedia describes the 46th Vice President of the United States: “During Cheney’s tenure as Vice President, he played a lead behind-the-scenes role in Bush Administration’s response to the September 11 attacks and coordination of the Global War on Terrorism. He was an early proponent of the Iraq War and defender of the Administration’s record on terrorism.” [He surely was]

So the DICK cartoon competition today is: What was Dick Cheney saying on the phone while the towers burned?

foot on desk2

Write your submissions and suggestions in the comments for the:

  1. NIST cartoon, and the
  2. DICK cartoon.




  1. What this shows of course is that Cheney was not in the PEOC when the plane hit the Pentagon. Oh dear……

  2. Falastine says:

    Dicky with his long-term vision,the two towers sparked a nickname for a future cult:
    A nickname with two I’s??????????IsIs !!!

  3. Nincompoops In Somnambulant Trance

    • “Somnambulant Trance” two things i can count on 1) the only constant is change, 2) there is always a new word to be learned! Ta Mary. Even had to add to the computater’s “Dictionary”

  4. Hands up; who will contribute to get Uncle Dick appearing on the Australian taxpayers one billion per year Australian Broadaster (‘our’ ABC) ‘question and answer’ program moderated by Jonathon Faine, (sorry Tony, you are not up to it!) With Joss Frydenberg MP. and Julia Gillard.
    [Search Australian parliamentary question time 21 (20) october 2010, ‘911 Gillard stupid and wrong’]
    Look forward to NISt expIaing to the ABC panel that 1 plus 1 equals 3.
    On past form the ABC will accept that 1 less 2 equals a double dissolution for a third Prime Minister.

  5. N.I.S.T.
    Nationally Instituted System of Terror.
    New Intergovernmentaly Structured Tyranny.
    New Illusions Stand Tall.
    Now Insanity Stands Tall.
    No interest in Straight Talk.

    These NIST Standards must be aligned with the Common Core Standards!

    • I like No Interest in Straight Talk.

      • Terry Shulze says:

        I do like ‘No Interest in Straight Talk’, but as a caption for the cartoon here’s mine –

        “I was wondering how they were going to explain Building 7”

      • Straight talk tends to send the Somnambulant Trance’d into a tail spin, shit have we got a long way get home!

        • Oh-oh, Rick, an utterly disgusting book about the Marathon bombing published by Boston Globe personnel is called “Long Mile Home.”

          Here is a typical review from Amazon:
          “My daughter had asked for this book for Christmas. She is half way through reading it and says it is very interesting and informative about all that transpired on that horrific day.”

          Oopsie, oopsie, oopsie.

  6. N.I.S.T.
    Nationally Institutionalized Sucking of Tit. Now Its Silverstien’s Turn. Nuclear Infused Steel Towers. (this could go on for hours)

    Any moment now, what a fu%king power trip, i gotta do this again sometime, while thinking (watch that ticker Dicky boy, watch the ticker)!

    • I like Now It’s Silverstein’s Turn.


        • Nice, Rick.
          I looked up “level playing field” in a thesaurus [] and got:

          1 as flat as a pancake, consistent, even, flat, horizontal, plain, plane, smooth, uniform
          2 aligned, balanced, commensurate, comparable, equal, equivalent, even, flush, in line, neck and neck, on a line, on a par, proportionate
          3 calm, equable, even, even-tempered, stable, steady

          — probably not what you had in mind….

  7. “Well Mr Jonathon Faine, just stick with the one plus one, equals three… questioning of the maths.”

  8. nist: “And that’s how babies are made”

    dick: “so…. what you wearing?”

  9. NIST
    Hey, I heard these were the guys behind Common Core!

    ah, that reminds me dear, would you mind picking up a pack of Chesterfield, on your way home….er, just avoid the Twin Towers area!

  10. Dick.
    “All done, drop the goat and get your arse back here, NOW!”

  11. Hi Mom, this is Dick Cheney.

  12. For NIST.
    “Nah, that is all rubbish, that fellow is really a CBA investment adviser”

    For Dick.
    “General, are you bombing Afghanistan yet”?

    • Dick:
      Get Paul Bremer and Jerome Hauer on TV soon. We need Bin Laden’s name mentioned in an hour or two”

  13. DICK:
    “I’ll have extra cheese… and stand down on the chili”


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