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Update: Robert De Niro and the Documentary VAXXED


vaxxedRobert De Niro in VAXXED controversy

By Dee McLachlan

Fourwinds10 find new details about Robert De Niro pulling the film VAXXED from the Tribecca Film Festival in an article entitled:

Robert De Niro was clearly threatened by the vaccine establishment to censor the VAXXED documentary from Tribeca” They report:

“The entire mainstream media waged a coordinated, simultaneous attack against the Tribeca Film Festival to censor a film none of them had even seen.

“…That film, of course, is called VAXXED: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, and it documents the admission of the CDC’s Dr. William Thompson, who admitted taking part in a massive scientific fraud to conceal the truth about vaccines causing autism.

“This is the first time in the history of film and media that the totality of the media establishment has condemned a film that none of them have ever viewed, desperately trying to make sure no American ever witnesses the hour and a half of film footage that is now “forbidden” to be viewed in a nation founded on free speech.

Other films at Tribeca “37 USES FOR A DEAD SHEEP”, “TICKED-OFF TRANNIES WITH KNIVES”, but “VAXXED” is too dangerous for the public to see.

It is clearly obvious that there is an orchestrated campaign to shut down conversation about vaccinations.

I wrote in The “Raging Bull” of Pro-Vax Groups – Is This Censorship in Action? that they got to Robert De Niro. Fourwinds10 wrote:

“…Robert De Niro and his wife spoke directly with U.S. Congressman Bill Posey for approximately one hour on Friday, during which De Niro was given numerous assurances by Congressman Posey that the CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, really did confess to taking part in massive scientific fraud to conceal the links between vaccines and autism..

“But hours later, somebody got to De Niro. Somebody powerful and connected whom we believe threatened Robert De Niro into silence…”

VAXXED, it turns out, is dangerous because it is credible.

Below is the full UNCUT interview that ABC (American Broadcasting Corporation) World News conducted with Del Bigtree, the producer of “VAXXED”. They only used 5 seconds of the interview in their program about VAXXED being pulled from the festival. (Starts around 2:00 minutes.)




    • ‘Banned in Boston’ – LOL, that’s nothing, how about Banned in the U.S.A.

      Talk about free advertising. If they had let sleeping dogs lie then hardly anyone, other than those at the Festival, would have noticed the film. Then they still could have edited any references in the controlled MSM to keep a wrap on the subject, but NOW. Good Gawd, people will be queuing up to see it.

      De Niro must be laughing himself silly.

    • If De Niro really felt serious about this film he would first accept it and then back flip! Its the best way to gain attention these days because everything is upside down, back to front and inside out. It spoke to me in that language as soon as i heard it! Orwell talked about this a lot, and it what the establishment have employed so successfully on so many occasions, so now, although as disturbing as it is, the fringe, the watchers unfortunately may need to employ these establishment tactics against the original perps!

  1. The owners of this film could easily make it available worldwide by tomorrow, on pay-for-streaming services, and places like iTues and Google Play Store.

    Are we supposed to buy the myth that The Pharma Establishment are preventing us from seeing this film, when the film’s owners could allow us to see it literally hours from now if they wanted to?

    There is no-such-thing as banning a film from being streamed on the internet in some way.

  2. If these people are willing to murder natural holistic doctors, they’re not going to be shy about pressuring DeNiro to pull it from Tribeca. If you’re not familiar with these deaths, you can search for articles and videos by Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News.

  3. ” It’s a small club …..” . New York University Child Study Centre has , recently , been given over 5 million dollar grant for vaccine development . The donor is a infamous property developer known as “Lucky Larry” Silverstein . As the plot thickens we realise that there are not many main players on the agenda . Always the few that are above the law .

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