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Herald Sun’s Andrew Rule – vs – the “Mouth-breathing Morons”


andrew rule 1Andrew Rule’s headline, and my coffee (R)

By Dee McLachlan

I’ve been called a few names in my day but not a “mouth-breathing moron.” Makes you wonder who the Herald Sun thinks its audience consists of, that readers would take Andrew Rule’s advice to avoid (moronic) Gumshoe-type information about Port Arthur.

In his article this morning, entitled, “Conspiracy whackos insult the memories,” Rule predictably tries to use the notion that to interrogate the evidence, or question the official story is hurtful, or is an insult to the memories of the victims.

I point to two family members of the WTC destruction on 9-11—who have told of their thwarted efforts to be heard. When I tried to bring up 9-11 with ABC radio host Jon Faine, he replied in an email: “It is an insult to the dead to play with this”.

Wrong. It is an insult to those victims if the truth of their demise is not disclosed.

Bobby McIlvaine’s son was killed by an explosion in the foyer of the North Tower, and he has been fighting for justice for more than a decade. You can watch one of the most moving speeches I have ever seen – HERE, but mainstream media will not interview him. He has spent over a decade researching the death (murder) of his son and concluded that Osama Bin Laden was not responsible.

Another bereaved – and angry – person is Matt Campbell. His brother was killed when the tower fell. He has contacted Gumshoe to thank us for trying to expose the facts, and contributed articles on Gumshoe. He continues to fight to be heard by the mainstream media.

Open Letter to Andrew Rule

Mr Rule, it is classic tactics to avoid discussing the evidence, and just denigrate the opposing view, by name-calling. You lumped those questioning JFK and 9-11 in with Port Arthur,

Why diffuse your Port Arthur article with the “grassy knoll” and 9-11?

It has now been proven that there were multiple shooters in preparation, and in action, on that day Kennedy was assassinated.

And do you honestly believe 19 Muslims (of which 7 were still allegedly alive, as of 2002) brought down THREE skyscrapers with TWO planes – and then circled and penetrated the most guarded building on the planet, ten  minutes from Andrews Air-force base? Obviously you do.

I quote your article where you conclude:

 “…if the good guys want mainstream Australians to back them, they should stand well away from mouth-breathing morons gibbering that Martin Bryant didn’t do it.” [my emphasis]

andrew rule 2

Mouth-breathing morons“?  We all breathe through our mouths (and noses) — and on Gumshoe we have article contributors and commentors who are very educated, including barristers who know what “evidence” consists of.

Andrew, maybe you should divorce yourself from the emotive spin and propaganda created by your employer – The Murdoch Press – and reflect on the evidence. Whether Martin Bryant was the actual killer, or whether he was set up as a patsy could have been determined in a coronal inquest and a trial. There was neither. We found out recently that there was an inquest in process, but it was halted when John Avery got Bryant to say he was guilty.

In Mike Willesee’s latest Channel 7 documentary, we are shown for the first time, Martin Bryant during his interrogation — and how Avery, openly admitted how he managed to manipulate Martin Bryant to change his plea of innocence to guilty. (That documentary actually provides a legal basis for Bryant’s innocence!)

WHY was Martin Bryant, who had a guardian since 1994, subjected to solitary confinement and interrogation without any guardianship protections? It is well established how easy it is to bully a vulnerable, innocent person into a guilty plea. That can be achieved within 8 hours. And you should read Mary Maxwell’s “Fodder note” and on Bryant being a “patient” of Tavistock.

You write about some inexperienced kids successfully shooting down clay targets – supporting the proposition that Bryant could have easily shot 12 people in the head in 15 seconds. This was obviously to rebut those that claim this could only have been done by a trained marksman. Be serious. A retired chief of SAS said he himself was not that skillful.

A trial could have determined this. But there was NO trial.

The very fact there was no trial should have raised a red flag. It is obligatory to have a Coronal Inquest into a death – let alone 35 deaths. And it is normal practice to have a trial to convict the alleged offender in a murder case, even if he pleads guilty. The public needs to know what really happened, and to be sure the accused was not coerced to plead guilty.

Maybe, in your article, you should have mentioned just a few items, such as:

  • Jim Laycock saw one of the shootings that day. He had known Martin as a boy and as an adult, and said Martin was not the shooter.
  • Terrance Hill said he had confiscated Bryant’s gun before the massacre. Why did Damian Bugg hold up another gun as belonging to Martin?
  • Why did the DPP not allow Wendy Scurr to provide a statement? She was assisting at Port Arthur all day on April 28, 1996.
  • Anthony Nightingale (possibly ASIO) shouted “Not here” when the gunman started shooting in the Broad Arrow Café.
  • Bryant – with an alleged IQ of 66 – was not provided assistance by his guardian.
  • The coroner Ian Matterson had the foresight to order a large mortuary truck before the event.
  • The gunman’s identity via fingerprints on the drink can was ignored by police “forensics”, and
  • Many of the Port Arthur management was taken away that day to an outside “event.”

In your article you refer to a conversation you had once had with a friend from Hobart that predicted:

 “old Van Diemen’s Land being a likely place for a crime of Gothic savagery.

How extraordinary. “Gothic savagery.” Your friend must be psychic to have had such visions. Interestingly, Barry Unsworth, NSW Premier, at a December 1987 conference in Hobart, said:

 “There will never be uniform Gun Laws in Australia until we see a massacre somewhere in Tasmania“.

Here at Gumshoe, we are not paid to write – as you are. At this point in time, all our articles and investigations are done pro-bono. We investigate the truth — even if it points us to answers we don’t want to hear.

I note your sub-headline is: “Andrew Rule – IN THE REAL WORLD.” I would suggest you are in the Murdoch world, which is designed to indoctrinate us AWAY from the real world. The mainstream media is presently trying to train us into obedience and conformity, and to discourage us from thinking differently or from asking any creative questions. In many respects, the Murdoch press is there to cover up the crimes and corruptions of “governments” (or shadow governments) in an effort to keep people in the dark.


Dee McLachlan

(Mr Rule’s email is andrew.rule@news.com.au)



    • “Insult the memory” – I never understood who would fall for such a bogus argument. The memory of the person is who they were before they were killed. Whether X killed the person or Y killed the person, the memory of the person is still the same.

      It’s typical of the MSM, just dish out illogical emotive BS and expect the ‘morons’ that read it to spoon it up. It really is an insult to the readership of the rag.

      • going by the comments on that article, I think the readership insult themselves, not only do they lap this stuff up, they ask for more..


        I know I have said it before, but if gumshoes included a few hashtags ( # ) into their tweets, Im sure it would help spread the truth. Id do it myself if I had twitter, but now to sign up they want a phone number.. pfffft.

        if you just include the following to all your tweets, #auspol , #portarthur , #911truth , #anythingrelevant 🙂

        that would mean it automatically show up on these pages

        and anyone with an interest in the subject that subscribes, would get a notification and then retweet to their followers.

        you can also see what twitterverse is saying live on these subjects, at the moment, so much funz!


          • Thats what I meant about the hashtags Mary, they cover a lot of articles all on the same topic, there are so many.. by using them, you could give the other side of the story.. if your tweets had the same hashtag, ie; #portarthur inclided into the tweet, your news would reach so many more people.

            if you can get a hashtag trending, by crikey.. then youre really cooking with gas!

            even if people disagree.. and retweet it because they want to say, hey look at this conspiracy nut!.. it still helps spread the word, and most reasonable people will see they are being lied to.. if youre going to use twitter, may as well get the best out of it.

            if you look at the live link, youll see people are using that hashtag as we speak.

      • Jeepers, Terry, I never heard it put that way before.

        I do know there was one man whose wife, Elizabeth Howrard (an employee at the Port Arthur Historic Site) died in the Broad Arrow Cafe. He (Stephen Howard) was in a fury that the Inquest was closed down. I’m sure I would feel the same way. I would want to know in detail what happened to my loved one.

        Interestingly, in reply to Ray Groom calling off the Coroner’s (Ian Matterson’s) inquest, Stephen noted that the reason given was that the findings were not allowed to conflict with the Court’s finding of Bryant’s guilt. Stephen logically stated that if the inquest had to end because it would conflict, then the work already done by Ian Matterson must indeed have shown somehing OTHER THAN Bryant’s guilt.

        (I think I got that info from blog. aractus.com).

    • I think that this is a little boy in a mans body, but not the creative playful fun type, and it could have something to do with the surname “Rule”. That is looking like a kind of curse for this confused man child, ive seen it before?

  1. Wow, Andrew Rule. Thanks for sending me on a little trek thru Youtobe to check on Bobby McIlvaine. That led me to Russ Baker, whose website WhoWhatWhy.com has covered the Boston Marathon affair admirably.

    Guess what he mentioned, which I had never heard before. He said that the story of the” boat confession” came from CBS reporter John Miller, and that it was also John Miller who got the “exclusive interview” with the all-important carjacker, Dun Meng.

    So I goes to Wikipedia (thank you, CIA) to check on John Miller and what do I find? —

    “John Miller is the Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence & Counter-terrorism of the NYPD. Prior to that, he was an Assistant Director of Public Affairs for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), where he was the bureau’s national spokesman.
    “Miller is also a former ABC News reporter and anchorman, perhaps best known for conducting a May 1998 interview with Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan. John Miller was named a senior correspondent for CBS News on October 17, 2011.”

    Jeepers, Mr Rule, thanks for all the goss. Just think, Bin Laden and Dun Meng now have something in common: John Miller.

  2. when I clicked the link Dee provides in the article, it leads to a herald sun paywall.
    for any others with the same issue, getting around the paywall is easy. Smply copy and paste the title “Conspiracy whackos insult the memories” into google, and then click on the google link.. voilà.. no paywall.

    Another way to beat some paywalls is, some browsers offer things like incognito mode, eg: if you use firefox browser, you can often right click a protected link, and select, “open in new private window” and all will be revealed! 🙂

    no way anyone should pay to read what that shit eater writes.

          • Can someone please post these comments, packaged with some sardines, to Messrs Rule and Faine. Fish have been reported to contain ‘brain food’ and assist in brain fuctioning, a deficiency that exists in most of our mainstream jouno’s diets.
            It seems that their masters have been feading their seals crap ….. oops! I mean carp, they actually taste like mud because they are bottom feeders.
            Well, that explains it.

    • Goody. I hope that works for the Boston Globe, too. They are always shutting me out for want of a 99-cent fee — but I can’t bring myself to pay the buggers 99 cents.
      Mind you, The Globe used to be a good rag. I can hear my mother now (looking for sympathy, but I didn’t get the point) saying at around 4pm “Well, I’m going to sit down with my Sunday paper now.”

  3. Dee, I clicked onto the Herald Sun with the link in your article.
    They want me, it seems, to subscibe to the ‘HS’ (Heaps of Shit) and pay them for it.
    Someone kindly tell Rupert and his wombat ‘journo’ that they are ‘dreamin’ , if all that they can print is crap that does not consider the evidence and questions, then obsufcates consideration of a topic with irrelevant material relating to other topics.
    Poor Rule, he should keep up with gumshoe news and other enlightened news sources where he can examine evidentiary and obvious official lying material on diverse matters. Try also http:///www.whatreallyhappened.com/ .
    HS readers, be informed and pocket your money, that is otherwise wasted on deceit, habitually used to ‘justify’ going to war for the mass media masters that only want to invade some country, kill the citizens, steal the resources and destroy the infrastructure so that the bankers can lend the country finance at interest to keep the citizens enslaved with permanent debt.
    Mr. Rule; how many wars have not been started/’justified’ using a government ‘flase flag’ attack or event?
    Perhaps the SH journalists shoul look up; ‘All Wars are Banker’s Wars’ by Mike Rivero. See also the short citation; ‘War is a Racket’ using the address by General Smedly Butler from about 1933.
    Mr. Rule and most other Rupert wantabees like some at the ABC, stay away fron jury service, you do not demonstrate a capacity to imparially, without prejudice carry out such a essential dutiful function in the administration of justice under Australia’s democratic system, by examining the evidence produced, particulary in the numerous ‘conspiracy trials’ heard every week.
    If one must read ‘SH’ crap, read it in a coffee shop and spend the saving for the benefit of the small shop proprietor. Do not feed News Limited ‘whoremonger’ rubbish, support the genuine Aussies.

    • Forgot the ring master? Master Rupert, one of the ringmasters feeding the captured seals.
      Catch the sardines news ltd. journos? Just line up, clap your flippers and please the patronage for the deadly spectacle and gobble up your sardine.
      Some sardines are yummy, The abc has a a few to be fed to those on $350,000 + for a year’s supply.
      Jonathan, clap your flippers and give the taxpayers a yelp(?) in at least some appreciation and recognition for our bountiful sardine supply to you.

  4. People,
    Firstly, who the f___ is Andrew Rule?? I’m from Sydney & I’ve never heard of this twat. Is he anything like a “Faine”?? The biggest insult for these people is to question the relevance- and then ignore them. For that is all they deserve.

  5. Why on earth would i bite, when a loser reporter for a jewish media org throws barbs without any rebuttal of the points discussed by any doubters of the “official” story? There are so many holes in that story you could sift your flour through it, yet he chooses to just call a few names… he hurts my feelings… LOL.

    • Is it really “a jewish media org”?
      If there be any religion binding this group of (lousy) writers, it can’t be Judaism. There is no trace of Judaic philosophy in it, s’far as I can see. Almost the opposite.

  6. Dee, there is a kind of strap you could buy that would connect your chin to your crown and assure that only nose-breathing takes place.

    However, if the thing that is really worrying the Murdoch set is that we do mouth-breathing here at Gumshoe, maybe we should do as much mouth-breathing as possible.

  7. WHATS A “MAINSTREAM AUSTRALIAN ANYWAY”? (that was rhetorical in case no one noticed) But alas, it is good to see this type blurting in this rag no? Its free coverage that would not have ordinarily been available! Ive said and ill say it again, “its all up side down, back to front, inside out”, its the new game in town, well maybe not so new, but its in overload!

    • A very good point Rick. I have never heard this before. “Mainstream Australians”. Gumshoe and alternative media constantly refer to “mainstream media” – and this must have confused Mr Rule’s into thinking that only mainstream Australians following mainstream news are sane or relevant.

      As a note: I read and listen to a lot of mainstream news so I can understand what “on the agenda”.

      • Yes Dalia, “mouth breathing”,“Mainstream Australians”, what are these people being prescribed by their Phama fuddies? And “gibbering” (to speak rapidly and unintelligibly, typically through fear or shock) well my guess is its a form of psychopathy, not sure what kind but happy to see the article for all that its worth, its valuable!

  8. Reblogged this on tomaz2015 and commented:
    The thought police are panicking. The sheeple are actually questioning the reality the controllers have worked so hard to create. Unacceptable, the sheeple might start thinking for themselves and create their own reality based on logic. That must never happen.

  9. I have not read any Murdoch press for many years and rarely read any mainstream press as I do not believe them. However, I have noticed that the Fairfax media allow readers comments for most of their stories but not for anything to do with terrorism or false flag events. You can almost tell when they are telling porkies by the fact that they do not allow comments on certain reports.

    • John, as you know it’s hard to prove one’s conspiracy theories. But the evidence you have just provided is very telling. It fits what can be used in a courtroom setting as “guilty knowledge.”


    • To know your master, is to know the one you may not criticize! I don’t have no stinking masters, and i will find a way!

  10. Some ‘nervous shivering nellies’ have concerns about those asking questions in regard to 911 and one basis for the shivering may be found here:
    Don’t forget to read the thoughts of many in the comments and note the ‘thumbs up’ levels.
    Nervous indeed! As more people wake up as to why 911 is being covered up, the desperate open attacks, bullying and vilification on those who ask questions will increase.
    Desperation is not confined to those covering up for disgusting paedophiles. There are many in our high end of ‘society’ who are worse; than alleged paedophiles and those who cover for them. They are just masqerading as civilised human beings who seek to justify mass killings, invasions and theft with deceit and lies.

    • Dear Ned, “Desperation” will hardly be the word when the public gets a load of what Wendy Hoffman reveals in “White Witch in Black Robe — Criminal Mind Control.”

      i think we should start negotiating with the perps. They are so deluded they could kill us all.

  11. Andrew Rule’s article has 7 comments:

    This from Claude:
    “I have come across these nutters several times……People with this level of insanity shouldn’t be allowed to drive cars, let alone own guns.”

    “I recall a bloke going on about this a couple of years back. I became very angry and shut him down when I said he was insulting especially since I had a relation killed there. His logic was inane and faulty and as you say it insults those who died and those who did not.”

    “i do a bit of shooting on the farm getting rid of foxes etc and 1 day a very simple bloke came shooting with me and his step brother and even tho he could barely add 2+2 he is proberly the best shot i have seen(and not just easy shots). people think that someone stupid like bryant cant shoot straight because they lack brain power but it doesnt always work like that”

    And trying to work out Joe’s comment.
    Some of these sound a little “planted”

    • “I said he was insulting especially since I had a relation killed there” – this is another argument you often see from the moronosphere, kinda like “I was at Port Arthur”

      Most people are reluctant to question the person, but being a former Barrister, I just can’t resist. I ask who the person was, the relationship, etc. (the names are readily available). Every time I’ve done it they throw a hissy-fit that you would question them – that’s the giveaway that it is another BS story from a wannabe.

      If it was for real they would want to tell you about the person.

  12. Dee, there is an interesting pattern represented by Mr Rule and his ilk. When major events occur, such as mass homicides, assassinations, terror attacks etc, there is always within a very short time an “official” version. The msm adhere rigidly to that official version, regardless of the facts and evidence that emerge in the passage of time.
    When opposing views are raised, the reflex is to label them ‘conspiracy theories’ intended as a pejorative. That usage, interestingly enough, only arose in the mid-1960s when the CIA became alarmed that many people were joining the dots about the CIA’s role in the assassination of John Kennedy.
    In the Kennedy case, for example, we now know that there were two “official” versions that had been prepared. The Oswald as lone nut gunman version was Plan B after a different plan that was to blame it on Castro with Oswald being an agent for Cuba.
    For those who bother to study the Warren Commission’s 26 supplementary volumes, there is a wealth of material that contradicts the official Report itself.
    Since then of course there was a Senate Inquiry, the House Select Committee Inquiry (that concluded there was in fact a conspiracy) and most importantly the Assassination Records Review Board that led to the release of millions of previously classified documents.
    Yet the media still report the JFK hit in terms of that original Warren Report. That cannot be by accident. Even mainstream journalists are not that dumb, and are as capable of reading such seminal books as those by Gaeton Fonzi, Jim de Eugenio and James Douglass as anyone else.
    There must therefore, be a conspiracy by the mainstream media to suppress from their publications the evidence that has emerged over the past 53 years. Ironic, isn’t it, that it is the msm that are the real conspiracists.
    We see that pattern repeated endlessly, as with the 9/11 case you and some commenters have cited, but also the Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King assassinations and many others.
    How many genuine mea culpas have you read from the msm about their willingness to lie about Iraq’s ‘weapons of mass destruction’ or Iran’s ‘nuclear weapons program’ etc etc.
    It is little wonder that the readership/watching audience of those works of fiction known as the msm are declining rapidly and being replaced by genuine alternative views.
    That Mr Rule feels the need to resort to personal abuse only confirms the intellectual poverty of his article and the organisations that employ him and others like him.

      • James, what you said about commissions of inquiry is universal:

        “For those who bother to study the Warren Commission’s 26 supplementary volumes, there is a wealth of material that contradicts the official Report itself.”
        I think we need a name for this. I offer the name “warrenism.”

      • Sorry Mary, we are dealing with mass media serial criminal behavior by many persons in the mass media, aiding and abetting criminal behavior that in some instances has led to the deliberate and planned killing of milions of innocents and the desruction of whole countries. Add; the uneccessary killing of our soldiers and the social consequences due to mass media and politician’s lies and deceit.
        It can in no way be swept under the carpet by describing their lying reports as the product of ‘intellectual poverty’.
        If they do not realise what they are doing they should have a guardian appointed to manage their affairs.
        After decades, the paedophile protectors are being exposed and are to be dealt with.
        The mass media criminals should keep that in mind whenever they lay down to try and rest……. the internet is on to their criminality.

        • Ned, help me hone in on this. We are talking about the felony of “perverting the course of justice”, right?

          I can march into any police station and file a criminal complaint about any journo who is lying with the aim of …um … what?

          I get it where the event has already occurred (e.g., Port Arthur), we can charge them with perving the C of J, as against the man’s right to a fair trial (e.g., no publishing of photos with doctored, maniacal eyes).

          But you keep referring to the Iraq war. I want to see the charge sheet for any major journo. Is their behavior wrong because they have abetted war? Let’s take the easier case of “causing our soldiers to die” (rather than causing Iraqis to die).

          For my taste, the crime there is treason. Or at least it would be under US federal law. Acting against one’s countrymen which ends with their death or disability.

          Do you see another crime? (per common law for NSW, VIC, or SA) or codified law for Q, WA, and TAS.

          I saw a photo of Juila Gillard attending a soldier’s funeral and the other uniformed officers there had their faces pixeled out. Honestly cannot think why.

          • On your journey check out the ‘tort of deceit’: from Wiki:
            The most diabolical deceit is to lie to our soldiers in regard to the reasoning and/or purpose to have them invade some countries.
            The lies may cost them their lives and permanent disabilities, cause them to think that they are moraly entitled to kill and destroy on their mission.
            In due course they realise that they have been deceived; thus that and their experiences can cause PTSD. Look up the suicide rates for veterans, particularly in he US.
            The loss of parents and affect to families has to be consdered.
            In all this the politicians and the mass media wipe their bloodied evil hands of any responsibility and in most cases try and justify their evil lies whilst they enjoy their perks and retirement bounties and now and then express crocodile tears at rememberance ceremonies……… which they are not entitled to atend!!!
            Mary: try and think of any war that was not started wih a ‘false flag’ event, supported by politicians and mass media lying scum.
            For a early example, try Helen of Troy……….being an excuse for a trade war. Detect any difference these days?
            Of course our murderous mass media cannot deect any ifference.
            Well they only have to go back to the Gulf of Tonkin lies, the USS Liberty murders, the Lavon Affair, Hitler’s false flag events and so on.
            Our poor mass media “whoremongers’ do not report those events to their readers who they are defrauding with serial lies.
            Well mass media harlots, try reporting to your readers the experiences of General Smedley Butler cited here: (about 9 minutes)

            So back to the tort of deceit; Can’t wait for our returned military and the families who have suffered, bringing a class action against those of our lying politicians (outside paliamentary privilige) and the mass media reporters and media conglomertes.
            Also, do not forget to listen to Mike Rivero’s presentation: ‘All Wars are Banker’s Wars’ at
            That presentation provides a fair idea for whom our alleged moral upstanding civilised moral, hypocritical journalists and politicians really postitute themselves for.

          • Mary, re Iraq war.. Im pretty sure this “jorno” is Guilty of something – probably many things.. but deliberately selling BS as news.. how is that not a hanging offence?

    • A friend of mine started a 3 year journalism degree. Close to the end of his course, he was disgusted to find that a sixth of his three year course was dedicated to lying without actually technically lying. He gave up his course when close to completion as he realised that journalism is NOT about writing and getting to the truth.

      • John, I wrote about my two friends before, both were going to be journalists and did a ‘work experience’ before getting too far into the field. Neither of them continued their studies after doing the work experience, one of them swore she would never believe anything she saw on TV again.

        Too bad it took almost 3 years for your mate to see the light. Of course, if he had been a psychopath he would have been in his element. Heck, he could have become a notorious talking head making heaps of money.

        • Who was it who exclaimed that; “journalism is writing something about someone that someone does not want reported and the rest is just public relations’.
          Time that the journalist students sued for the return of their fees or transferred to a commercial advertising course.
          Ditto for their lecturers. They are running a fraudulent course.

          • Any student of journalism reading this (or any parental thereof) please ask us for a free copy of our beaut book, “Truth in Journalism.” (It’s also on amazon).

            Better yet, invite us (me or Dee) to give a talk at your school.
            Don’t worry, we know how to behave. We’ve done it before.

  13. It’s settled then…. Let the Port Arthur Coronial Inquest begin!!

    Why is it that when any person is not able to logically and fairly examine an event using basic common sense that they attack those who can and not the evidence/narrative/story/agenda they are trying to defend/push/manifest?

    • The answer is simple, they either cannot answer the issuesas they have no case or are aiders and abettors to the crime/s and are part of the protection racket.
      The serious question is; why are they not in gaol with their criminal controllers?

  14. In a reply to Mary somewhere below with a few typos, I refer to the tort of deceit as related to the lies of politicians and journalists used to falsley commit our military into invasions and killing etc.
    I refer to the false flag events being used to DECEIVE the populace and military into wars.
    Some simpletons have the view: “Ah ,our mummy and daddy government would not do that, they protect us and keep us safe”…….blah blah, “would our upstanding civilised politicans and “walkley award’ candidates lie to us.”….blah blah.
    Well, those who believe in fairies and a flat earth should just scroll through these admitted governmment murders and false flag attacks at:

    Wakey wakey; Messrs Faine, Rule, Hinch and the rest of the dupes. Your days of suckering the thinking public into wars are numbered….. even the dodos are awakening.
    I also referred readers to Mike Rivero at http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/
    Coincidently, Rivero’s cited thought for the day before his news items is:
    Well, we at Gumshoe know what to do about that!.

  15. Dear Cherri, Christopher, Davo, Dee, Fair, Glenn, James, John, Mary, Ned, Phil, Rick, Terry, Tomaz, Xbarra. Well there are 15 of us here at the moment. This is quite a thread. And not a troll in sight (I think they have learned their lesson at Gumshoe.)

    Can we form a club? The media-killer club or something? We all seem to be in the same state of anger and not-going-to-put-up-with-it-anymore. No dues to this club, no minuted meetings, just some sort of concerted effort to stick with the issue.

    • dammit girl.. im going to join twitter.. ill hand over a phone number.. im going to be tweeting like theres no tomorrow.. hold onto your hats.. the stats are going to get phat! not sure i really want to join a club where im wanted as a member though,,, i do have some standards.. but im not against all being under the same umbrella..

  16. Good friends , Malcolm lives next door to Frank . It’s a private club and we the 99% are not in it. 40 aircraft bombers at 6 billion purchase price each. That’s 240,000 million dollars just to buy these planes. Then add maintenance costs. Even the bombs are like $50,000 each minimum. Our leaders are war criminals and our media are sluts for the military industrial complex. Liberal and Labor should unite and call themselves Liebore. Seriously our votes mean nothing. For 50 years we have voted with pencils and now we have on line voting as well. Voltaire said ” You know who your rulers are when you dare not mention their name”. OZ in 2016 , mostly good people led by a pack of wolves.

      • these planes are an international joke apparently. you need to keep rebooting the software to keep the thing in the air I heard.. Im not even sure it can even fire any ammunition regardless of the price. No wonder other countries have pulled out..

        Maybe this is why this Jensen fella, lost preselection.. he actually spoke some truth and they didnt like it?


        • Omigorrrrd.
          “Jensen cited a RAND Corporation assessment of the F-35 as a fighter that “can’t turn, can’t run, can’t climb.”

          (Reminds me of Elizabeth Ray who was on a US senator’s payroll as a secretary despite the fact that “I can’t type, I can’t take shorthand. I can’t even answer the phone.”)

          omigorrrrd. It says 10 percent of US arms exports go to Oz.
          omigorrrrd. Thanks, Fair.

          • We the Aussie taxpayers have to borrow from the international bankers to pay our tithes to the great US Caesar.
            Remember all the second hand Abrhams tanks dumped on us for about 260 mill!

          • I read one pilot’s view of the F-35 – “What do you call an aircraft that can’t out turn, can’t out run and can’t out climb your aircraft – a KILL!”

            The F-35 is the logical outcome from a corrupt military/industrial complex run by psychopaths. Russia on the other hand has some brilliant new armaments and support equipment that they have demonstrated in Syria.

    • F35 = 400km fuel before running on empty! The MIC suggests that re-fueling planes fly with them if you want to keep them in the air! The men who helped design them said they were absolute “DUDS”. The list is astonishingly shameful, and the cost even more so. I sent an email to the PM explaining all of this, but you may have guessed it, he is not running f^ck all, at least not until the next leg of who’s gonna be seen runnin the farm” show has rapped up, but even then, the banking cabal will, with their many sophisticated ways, terminate anyone, and i mean ANYONE that steps out of line. Malcolm enjoys life way to much to risk it on helping this country get out of the now very obvious quagmire it sees itself in. I could be wrong, but trends is trends and greed is a disease!

  17. Sorry about the incorrect figure , on the cost , of the new bombers . I heard , the 6 billion each figure , on msm tv news networks a couple of years ago . Should have checked . Giving wrong information was not my intention .

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