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The Media Are The Enemy Within


faine and iraqABC’s Jon Faine (L) and Iraq war (R)

By Dee McLachlan

Comments by Ned and James (and others) to my April 4 article about journalist Andrew Rule have inspired me to push further. How can it be that we live in a “democracy,” whilst the major newspapers and broadcasters protect a gang of criminals? I refer to those criminals who foist on us their irrational explanations about 9-11 and Port Arthur.

The result of the media propagating the “official story,” as in the case of 9-11 — has, as Ned commented:

“…led to the deliberate and planned killing of millions of innocents and the destruction of whole countries. Add the unnecessary killing of our soldiers…”

Is the media helping conceal the most egregious crimes against the Australian people — and against humanity?

To answer the question, the argument below develops these 5 FACTS:

  1. Governments kill good leaders, and destroy nations for resources or power.
  2. The mainstream media suppress evidence of criminality by government.
  3. The mainstream media assist government in propagating the “official” theory.
  4. The mainstream media deliberately manipulate the outcome of criminal events.
  5. Media personalities will not discuss the facts — but revert to name calling and denigrating the questioner (as when Andrew Rule recently called us types “mouth-breathing morons”).

It would be ridiculous to claim in 2016 that governments don’t destroy other countries or kill rivals. As I am from Africa, let me start with a mention of Patrice Lumumba.

Patrice Lumumba

Lumumba was the democratically elected prime minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 1960. At the ceremony to celebrate the Congo’s independence, Lumumba spoke of the Congo’s colonial unjust past, then said:

“Together we shall establish social justice and ensure for every man a fair remuneration for his labour…make the Congo the pride of Africa…see to it that the lands of our native country truly benefit its children….revise all the old laws and make them into new ones that will be just and noble. We shall stop the persecution of free thought…and we shall ensure for everyone a station in life befitting his human dignity and worthy of his labour and his loyalty to the country.”

His ideals for the Congolese was not to be tolerated. There were others interested in the country’s wealth. He was assassinated shortly after in 1961.

The Guardian, in 2011, got around to saying that the assassination of Patrice Lumumba was “the most important assassination of the 20th century.”

“This heinous crime was a culmination of two inter-related assassination plots by American and Belgian governments, which used Congolese accomplices and a Belgian execution squad to carry out the deed.”

I guess by 2011 it was ‘safe’ to come clean about this covert operation.

FACT 1:  Governments kill good leaders, and destroy nations for resources or power.

The question to be asked here is: whom do the governments do this for?  It seems a strange concept that politicians — who are only in short-term (re-elected) positions — would operate like this. It seems only logical that they must be working for someone else — and definitely NOT for the people. Imagine if you had a referendum to determine whether a foreign leader should be assassinated.

The Assassination of JFK

Put simply — The assassination of JFK changed the course and the power reality of American politics. James O’Neill made a comment on Kennedy, which I quote in part:

“In the Kennedy case …we now know that there were two “official” versions that had been prepared. The Oswald as lone nut gunman version was Plan B…For those who bother to study the Warren Commission’s 26 supplementary volumes, there is a wealth of material that contradicts the official Report itself. Since then of course there was a Senate Inquiry, the House Select Committee Inquiry (that concluded there was in fact a conspiracy) and most importantly the Assassination Records Review Board that led to the release of millions of previously classified documents. Yet the media still report the JFK hit in terms of that original Warren Report. That cannot be by accident.”  [Emphasis added]

FACT 2: The mainstream media suppress evidence of criminality by government

Why does the mainstream media suppress publications and evidence that have emerged over the past 53 years that directly contradict the “official” Oswald story?

Many mainstream journalists are highly adept at analysis and writing. So it must be that there is a conspiracy to suppress the truth in regard to various critical, dare I say game-changing, events.


The big one in our lifetime is 9-11. The attack on New York and the Pentagon ranks as the boldest and most brazen of all false flags. I shan’t go into the evidence or the machinations of the “plot” to bring down the towers, destroy part of the Pentagon, the stand downs, the drills, etc. — but it is clear to the unbiased viewer that something is horribly amiss with the official story.

It would be so simple to solve — for example — the “conspiracy” of Flight 77 going into the most guarded building on the planet — the Pentagon. Just release the tapes of the many CCTV cameras. ABC radio host Jon Faine, however won’t dare go there.

I remind Mr Faine that when ABC employee Jill Meagher was murdered in Brunswick, Melbourne — CCTV footage was used from various shops and businesses to eventually track the murderer.

During the live reportage of the WTC hits, that morning in 2001, many TV hosts and reporters on the street talked about “explosions” in the buildings and that it looked like “demolition” etc. But any talk about demolition, explosions or anything else that might damage the official Osama Bin Laden story soon ceased to play on mainstream television.

FACT 3: The mainstream media help governments propagate the “official” theory.

We have to conclude that there must exist an entity that orchestrates this silencing! It has to deal with a range of conflicting points of view — across several media groups.

In 1983 in the US there 50 companies – now 6 media giants control 90% of the news. In Australia it is even more conglomerated. The merging of media giants has allowed the control of information — i.e., has allowed the suppression of information.

Therefore, if it’s proven that the government orchestrated a crime (such as murder or, in the US, treason) against the people (i.e. 9-11, or the Port Arthur massacre) the mainstream media could be implicated as an accessory after the fact for aiding the government entity.

The Port Arthur massacre is a clear example of media’s colluding with the planners.

FACT 4The mainstream media deliberately manipulate the outcome of criminal events. 

A seminar in Hobart had been arranged for 500 or more reporters from 17 nations around the time of the massacre. But let’s not consider that to be collusion. The media was instrumental in cultivating the idea that Martin Bryant would be the culprit from the get-go.

Note how when the media is dealing with a run-of-the-mill homicide, they are wonderfully cautious. Yet here they put all journalistic protocol aside — by immediately convicting Bryant for the murders.

With regard to 9-11, the media in Australia pushed the Osama Bin Laden story unquestioningly — and Australia went to war.

If the media challenged the facts around 9-11, exposing details of the 9-11 drills, the put options, and the way in which three buildings collapsed, the government may very well have thought twice about assisting in the destruction of Iraq. In fact, I believe honest politicians across the Western world would have tried harder to stop war.

It could be said that elements of the mainstream media were chanting for war.

As we now know, the destruction of Iraq was planned before 9-11 — and the media helped make it happen.

As a side note, let’s follow the money — as they say.

One would imagine the media would benefit financially if they aired all possible culprits and outcomes. Right? Imagine the protracted news that would be generated if there were several theories that had to be played out over months and months. The “who-dun-it“debate in the papers would be endless. The financial windfall for the press would be huge.

But the mainstream media push the official line to persuade the public — then shut the story down. In other words, certain topics become “verboten”.  Therefore, one could conclude that there has to be an entity more powerful than the media groups, and that they are being dictated to as to what they can or cannot say.

FACT 5Media personalities will not discuss the facts — but revert to name calling and denigrating the questioning view.

Jon Faine refers to those questioning the official story of 9-11 — as the “lunatic fringe.”

In an exchange between Gumshoe’s Christopher Brooks and Derryn Hinch, Christopher wrote in reply to Hinch:

“…The chanting mob usually join the crucifixion. Sorcery only works on people and in places where power and fear rules, and reason and logic have been suspended. Some people even hold the attitude that by calling an idea a ‘conspiracy theory’ they become superior and automatically assume their opinion is correct.”

The problem here is — these media personalities are leading the “chanting mob” away from the (criminal) evidence.

Is this like a wife washing away the blood on her murdering husband’s overalls because she doesn’t want the status quo of their family life to change? Like such a wife they could be called  “accessories after the fact” and may be held liable for obstruction of justice.

It would be so simple for a media personality to avoid acting an accessory. Just allow discussion of rational thought and allow the facts to be aired.

We keep asking on Gumshoe: why are intelligent, educated (and often highly paid) media personalities unable to tackle the realities of events such as 9/11?

fear and favour 2Adapted from The Age editorial, December 2014

What to do

I have been trying for some time to make sense of the mainstream media’s actions – which could be seen as a tort of deceit — fraudulent misrepresentation.

On one occasion, I interviewed Professor Jonathan Barnett who claims to be part of a scientific group that looked into the collapse of Building 7 at the WTC. I was shocked, and I got the impression that (as Mary W Maxwell is always saying) these people are under mind control.

Barnett said several times that the group had no agenda – and that it is no conspiracy. He said they were “the best minds in the country” coming together to investigate causation. I said to him, “But Building 7 looks like a perfect demolition.” He agreed, but replied with great sincerity, …but There was no need to investigate for explosives“. I suppose this group was in some way mentally instructed to close their options and look away from the obvious.

The once Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO (1997 to 2000) General Wesley Clark revealed in 2007, that there was the plan’ by Neocon factions in the Pentagon to destroy “7 countries in 5 years…. starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.”  This extraordinary revelation has never been brought into the mainstream debate over the last nine years — even while these countries were being destroyed.

Similarly we have tried at Gumshoe to get several media personalities (e.g., ABC’s radio host Jon Faine, and Fairfax media’s Derryn Hinch) to be open and discuss — but they revert to insults and name calling. Both men are highly intelligent and can analyse evidence (Faine was trained as a lawyer). They both take pride that we are a democracy – yet they are willing to forgo all legal avenues when debating these topics.

When it comes to false-flag events — analysis and honest reportage is completely ABSENT.

It has taken me these two years, and with prodding from Gumshoe’s audience, to face up to the reality of Australia’s mass media. They are the enemy within.  They harm us every day and their actions must not escape punishment. They are conspirators par excellence. 


Adapted photo: Photo by Jim Eddie (L), usatoday.com (R)



  1. Not only do mainstream media lie and collaborate with the murdering ruling classes, there is a quiet conspiracy of silence among the entire ‘left wing’ media.

    • Simply because the fascist riff raff, run, finance and control each end of the left-right spectrum. They have skin in all political parties, be it that the Greens, for example, are too raw to realise it.
      Same modus operandi applied in controlling some left wing media and known shock jocks.
      There is a test to work out who the traitors are. It is the 911 credibility test. If they cannot understand and promote the scientific facts as applied to the collapse of three buildings with two planes thay are traitors to a democratic Australia and just “fifth army columnists.’
      As Rothschild exclaimed; ‘ so long as I control the money, I care not who runs the government’.
      One has to be a drongo not to realise that the same principle applies and is applied to control of the mass media prostitutes and political dupes.

  2. Come on up; Murdock, Faine, Liebman, Willisee, Rule, Hinch, ABC, et. all., Turnbull, Shorten and all the shock jocks and the rest of the high end society media hypocritical anti-Australian riff raff……..our ‘democracy’s enemy within’.
    Explain yourselves.
    The bankers and New World Order global corporate fascists have you by the …… is so obvious.

  3. Great expose on western main stream media can be found in “Flat Earth News” by Nick Davies (2011) which demonstrates HOW news information is controlled and spread.
    The journalists are just patsies, trying to earn a living, pay off a mortgage etc.
    The puppet masters are the western intelligence agencies ( like the CIA, MI6, DGSE, MOSSAD, BND) which are nothing less than fake military structures using propaganda for control when weapons are too expensive.
    These agencies get their staff from the military, and place them in politics and multinational organisations. ( Banks, Oil, Health, Building, Finance, Communications, NGOs)
    From there they become attached to news organisations…”assets”, in CIA talk.
    No point exposing patsies…..just expose the Chairpersons and Directors. “Power attracts the corruptible. Suspect any who seek it.” (Frank Herbert)
    Unfortunately for Andrew Rule, his article criticising you has only unmasked what a massive impact this web site and others are having on Australia’s MSM….. You don’t think he just decided to write his article off his own back, do you!

    • “The journalists are just patsies, trying to earn a living, pay off a mortgage etc.”

      I would agree with all you say, when it comes to nondescript talking heads that call themselves journalists because they read the script given them at 6 oclock every evening….

      but then you have the likes of .. Faine.. et al; ( see Ned for complete list )

      they know exactly what they are doing. There is no way they are simply patsies, no matter how compromised, they are truly evil. They can not escape accountability by saying they were simply following orders.

  4. We really have to get over the idea that journalism even exists within mainstream media. There is no journalism. There is only propaganda controlled through the CIA, which disseminates “orders” around the world. At the same time, these people have infiltrated some of the non-mainstream, or alternative, media sources and, of course, there are many people whose only job is to disparage, ridicule, deride, and denigrate legitimate truth-telling media. So everything we hear and even what we see must be taken with a grain of salt and a whole lot of discernment.

    I’m not saying we have to learn to live with it or something like that — we just need to know how things are while we work out how to fix the broken machine.

    • Hi speculator247,
      We already know how things work, for years.
      You cannot “fix” this machine as the corruption is far too entrenched.
      As J.F. Kennedy was quoted as saying (http://www.commondreams.org/views/2009/12/22/break-cia-two) according to Ray McGovern – he wanted to tear up the CIA into a thousand pieces after the Bay of Pigs fiasco.
      Public exposure of the wrong doings will cause such dangerous organisations to disintegrate on there own….. More and more and more public exposure.

      • Thank you, Con. i quote Dee’s Feb 16 article “Who Appointed ABC the Keeper of the Official 9-11 Story?” as follows:

        And when I brought some Gumshoe articles to Mr Faine’s attention, he wrote back:
        “And your point is…… That the internet is full of rubbish? And this is more of it.”

        • I am reminded of a story from the Soviet Union. The propaganda on television was so bad that a fellow would always take his dog for a walk when the news came on.

          One day he noticed there were lots of other people taking their dogs for a walk at the same time. He started talking to them and found out they were all doing the same thing. Rather than listen to the nonsense, they would use the dog as an excuse to leave the house.

          It became a cultural ritual at that time of the day and they could use it as an aid to judge who in the community was awake to the deceptions.

        • Hi Mary,
          It really doesn’t matter what Mr John Faine says or thinks. In fact focusing on him would be part of an MSM (long con) strategy of divide and conquer your critics.
          Ignore him…go straight to the head/owners of the ABC. THEY are responsible as well as irresponsible!

      • Didn’t we used to have journalists who hung out in the police station and even followed the cops around as they did their investigation? Dear Journalist Students, think how much fun it would be to follow a cop like Andrew MacGregor all around Port Arthur and Hobart (and maybe into darkest Canberra) to solve this “little mystery.”

        • That tape of Bryant talking to McCarthy about the police sniper using night vision brings up other issues regarding the night vision equipment in Seascape being used by the perps.

          Firstly, Bryant was informed of the night vision equipment outside – so who was informing him and who was in charge?

          The reason the perps wanted the night vision equipment shut down was that the Police sniper had moved up close beside the boat shed and was using an IR illuminator on the scope to view Seascape. This in turn blinded the night vision equipment being used INSIDE Seascape.

          The night vision equipment inside Seascape was Gen III and above (probably Gen V) as it didn’t require an illuminator to be used with the scope. Gen III and above scopes are illegal in Australia except for Police and the Military use.

          The Police knew there was night vision equipment inside Seascape as the shooter was shooting at the Police moving around in the dark. However, when the Police went through the remains of Seascape they found no night vision equipment – it had to be taken away as it was Military grade night vision equipment, something that civilians don’t have.

          • Geez, Terry, this gets more amazingg by the minute. You say
            “Gen III and above scopes are illegal in Australia except for Police and the Military use.”
            Zat mean they were using it LEGALLY?

            Oh what a tangled something-or-other they wove.
            Yay Terry. Yay Andrew. Yay all the journos who at least tried.

            Hope not too many of them are pushing up daisies.

  5. And for proof of CIA involvement in controlling editorial content of just about EVERY MSM outlet in “Free World”, Dr.Udo Ulfkotte from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung(FAZ) the largest newspaper in Germany.

    And your comments, Faine??? Treason is not nice.
    You disgust me!! (as do the rest of your ilk)

  6. I note that this article has been posted at rumormillnewsreadingroom.com per a post by Mary Maxwell.
    It is possible then that many US/overseas readers will link to this article and they should be acquainted with some background supporting the conclusion in Dee’s article, in the Australian context. In addition it may be of assistance to the remaining Australian readers who remain ignorant of their mass media environment and assist them to realise that the mSM is a fraud and that they are being duped.
    Of those mentioned in passing in the article and comments, I have selected Mr Jonathon Faine as an example, as he is financed in part by my family for his reported $330,000 – 350,000 salary.
    The taxpayers of Australia contribute about a billion per year to maintain the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) (and then there is also the SBS!) and Mr Faine is one of the ABC’s favourite public faces/sounds on Melbourne radio broadcasting.
    Of course the Australian taxpayer has to pay interest on the billion as Australian the government have over-spent and put Australia into debt which forces us to pay interest to the bankers.
    The other reason I have chose Mr Faine is the content of the information that he distributes to his listeners and his attitude as he alleges that gumshoenews is internet ‘rubbish’ as reported in a comment by Mary Maxwell below on 6th April at 6.08. There are other signs of his, that is, the ABC’s attitude limiting information being deceminated to the public. After all, if we pay, we can expect some genuine information and integrity.
    So for the benefit of our worlwide cousins I shall recap just two examples, previously reported at ‘gumshoe’ of what the Australian taxpayer pays for, from ‘our’ Mr Faine.
    Firstly: On the attack by Israel on the USS liberty in 1967 murdering about 30-34 USN sailors.
    If one scrolls down the RHS of this web page there is a complete interview by Dee McLachlan with the Honourable Mr. Malcolm Fraser, a past Prime Minister of Australia (and past Minsiter for Defence) the interview was placed in segments on the gumshoe internet ‘rubbish’ site and that may be seen at:
    One part deals with the ‘deliberate’ attack on the USS liberty.
    The full interview down the RHS cites part of an interview by Mr Faine of Mr Fraser and the mentioning of the ‘deliberate’ attack. Of course Mr Faine passes that ‘deliberate act’ as some mistake and just a missile. Any perusal of the facts and pictures of the USS Liberty demonstrates how much complete and false rubbish, one may hear on ABC radio these days.
    I am aware that Mr Joe Meadors (USS Liberty organisation in the US) took on Mr Faine and provided him with a written statement of the facts, as he observed them during the two hour attack as his shipmates were straffed, torpedoed and murdered as well as there being attempted landing of Israeli troops from helicopters on their ship. Not a word in reply from our ABC, thus the ABC listeners certainly were left with rubbish….. excepting from Mr Fraser.
    Secondly; Well surprise! The questions concerning 911.
    That episode is best summed up in two videos.
    Firstly the start, on 20th October 2010. A trade unionist by the name of Mr Kevin Bracken asked Mr Faine in a ‘phone in’ to answer some simple questions concerning the buildin’s collapses. Well, off went our ABC public face and sound. A critique of the phone in the link here says it all.

    Well, it did not finish there, next we hear what happened in the Australian Parliament following a quesion by Mr Josh Frydenberg MP to the Australian Prime Minister. Mr Frydenberg is presently a Minister of the Crown for something.
    Enjoy the circus.

    I trust that for overseas readers you have enjoyed some genuine rubbish from our Australian Broadcasting Commision and our parliament.
    PS: The Australian Parliamentary question time is broadcast and appears on the internet…..Dear Oh Dear Jonathon, you might have a point after all…………… and so does the ABC news!!

  7. Why has so much journalism succumbed to propaganda? Why are censorship and distortion standard practice? Why is the BBC so often a mouthpiece of rapacious power? Why do the New York Times and the Washington Post deceive their readers?
    Why are young journalists not taught to understand media agendas and to challenge the high claims and low purpose of fake objectivity? And why are they not taught that the essence of so much of what’s called the mainstream media is not information, but power?
    These are questions posed by John Pilger in his article “War by media and the triumph of propaganda” 5 December 2014.

  8. Spot the journos, spot the sheeple (a terrible word but I’m stuck for a better one,) spot the evidence.

    • Tennyson, The Passing of Arthur:

      Then spake King Arthur to Sir Bedivere:
      “Far other is this battle in the west
      Whereto we move, than when we strove in youth,
      And brake the petty kings, and fought with Rome
      …. Ill doom is mine
      To war against my people and my knights.
      The king who fights his people fights himself.
      … Yet let us hence, and find or feel a way
      Through this blind haze….”

  9. Aussies may be a bit thick but they’re not a patch on Bostonians. Imagine believing that a guy who was being shot at by umpteen cops was able to escape in a car, and that in the process he RAN OVER HIS BROTHER and then hid in a boat, being sure to write an Islamic-type CONFESSION on the wall of the boat.

    Or imagine that his bro kept, in his pocket, three days after the Marathon bombing, the RECEIPTS for pressure cookers that he had purchased TEN WEEKS EARLIER. And I’m too embarrassed to say (being a son of Beantown myself) that this 26-year-old — Tamerlan Tsarnaev — left his HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA on the back seat of the car.

    Or that when he desired an “extra gun,” he endeavored to acquire one by popping over to MIT and dispatching a cop to God.

    Even the Australian radio hosts Jon Faine and Derryn Hinch would not have dared to broadcast any of those fairy stories. Even prosecutor Damian Bugg would have seriously hesitated to present that stuff in court.

    But Carmen Ortiz did not hesitate. She said it, and THE BOSTON GLOBE distributed it, and as a result several boys are now incarcerated, and Bostonians have stopped using their grey matter. They have all “gone under.”

  10. They hate our democracy!!!!!!!this is why the CIA since it’s inception,sponsored the 1954 Guatemalan coup.The democratic elected government was overthrown for military dictators,for the united fruit company (Chiquita now)to enjoy full monopoly over bananas.CIA funded,trained and armed rebel army with a full scale phychological propaganda by the father of media manipulation Edward Bernays . Banana Republics & banana empires!!!!It’s the same pattern ,different times and venues for the sake of bananas,oil…….!and they hate our democracy!!!!!

      • Mary,you are all doing a great job exposing mainstream media lies,deceptions & propagandas.They’ve succeeded in shaping the mass perceptions that needs a miracle to recognise the truth.they will continue the destructive pattern of creating a threat,keeping it alive & justifying it with all means till they establish their satanic new world government.
        Keep your faith in God and the truth shall prevail.
        keep up the good work.

  11. Dee, so many good points it would take an article to discuss them all. Can I just add a couple of things.
    Re 9/11. Whatever else people are capable of they cannot defeat the laws of physics. WTC 1, 2 and 7 all fell for part of the time at free fall speed. That is literally impossible unless explosives are used To remove the obstacles below.
    The 9/11 Commission report relies heavily upon the alleged cell phone calls between Barbara Olsen and her husband, the US Solicitor General during which she allegedly described the hijackers. At the trial of Zacharias Moussaui however, the FBI’s sworn evidence was that Mrs Olsen made two attempted phone calls to her husband and they each lasted zero seconds.
    My second point is that not only have the US media companies shrunk drastically in number since the Reagan era, they are now owned by the same conglomerates that manufacture the weapons of war. Ergo, they have a vested interest in what Gore Vidal described as perpetual war for perpetual peace.
    I think it was Sinclair Lewis nearly 90 years ago who said words to the effect that nothing convinces a newspaper journalist more that he doesn’t know something than the fact that his job depends upon him not knowing.
    Nothing has changed.

  12. In defense of SOME print journalists.

    I personally know several journalist who are aware of exactly what is going on and who are as upset as the rest of us. These folks have actually enlightened me to some of the killer stories that they thought were front page news. The problem is their editors and the governments old trick, the D notice.
    See this.

    You will not find these journos being quoted in the mainstream news. It is only in a social environment that they can come out and say what they really think. They know that to critise their masters is a sure way to lose their jobs and these folks have kids and mortgages as well. Most of them end up leaving the profession. Some of them are even advised to leave their country. I’m told that New Zealand is a good place for ex journos who know too much to live.

    • I would be very surprised that if matters raised in this article and the comments were subject to the government censors imposing a D notice. A D notice for mass murders in foreign countries?? Hardly.
      The censorship is as self censorship by the journalists and/or commercial pressures by the owners of the establishments.
      ‘You want advertising’? ‘Then be good media and don’t displease us with anything we do not want known’.
      And; ‘those contributions to your party. Be a good party and do not mention that which we desire not to be mentioned ……… pass the message down’.
      Now they have a problem, too many independent internet media
      souls just tell em; ‘your dreamin, stuff your advertising’! And all they can do is; ‘rubbish”, vilify and bully, to put off readers.
      Well, they are failing because most do not care for liars and criminals and are learning to question government fairy tales.

      • Ned, it says the D-Notice system is voluntary.

        Interestiing that these D notices are in force:
        • D Notice 1 – Capabilities of the Australian Defence Force, Including Aircraft, Ships, Weapons, and Other Equipment;
        • D Notice 2 – Whereabouts of Mr and Mrs Vladimir Petrov;
        • D Notice 3 – Signals Intelligence and Communications Security; and
        D Notice 4 – Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS).

        I promise not to tell if I find out where the Petrovs are. As for saying that the bombs don’t work well at $50k per, I suppose that sort of chatter could alert our enemy to a weakness.
        If anybody knows who our enemy is, please advise.

          • In 1959 in Johannesburg alone there were 3228 murders. I was there and I read it in the Jo-burg Daily. With the way I can shoot my mouth of at times it’s somewhat amazing I didn’t become the 3229th.
            I wouldn’t recommend NZ either.

          • Kevin, John Howard, in a recent talk, is taking credit fot the fact that there were many mass shootings in Oz up until 1996 but none since.
            Oops, what have I said!

          • Mary,
            I agree with more African stuff such as this but your showing your age with Billy Joel.

            Can I show my age with this.

          • Sure, John, I’ll bet you pre-date me. Thanks for making me remember that Yoko Ono gives grant money to anyone who applies for it. Dee needs “funding” for this website so she should try. Oprah does the handouts, too, but I doubt if Her Bossness wants to go there.

          • Mary,
            Those were the days. A full tank of Gas, Peter Tosh or Mick Jagger on the eight track, My gal beside me and u huge J.

            It seems like a long time ago. I’ve often wondered when life changed. Was it really so innocent then without all the corruption we see nowadays. I’ve noticed that many ‘enlightened’ folks are older. I think this is because we have seen so much BS in our lifetimes and the same excuses trotted out from lone gunmen to the terrorists leaving their passports behind to ‘he used to be on our side but he turned bad.’ You would think that the powers could find some new believable excuses for their actions.

        • Dear Ned, I have just been reading Wendy Hoffman’s two books about her extremely cruel childhood. On so many occasions she fell for the BLUFF of the masters. They would stick a gun in her ribs, on a train or bus, and say “If you don’t do what we want, we will kill you.” Only in later life did it dawn on her that they could not possibly have taken the risk of shooting her in public.

          Could it be the same for all of us?

          • More sophisticated these days.
            Now they can hack into you vehicle’s computer system.
            Increase the accelaration, stuff the brakes and manipulate your vehicle into a wall. If you survive a kindly ‘passer-by’ will lean through the driver’s window and snap the neck.
            Sophisticated they are these days,
            Expect more examples until the sheeple wake up, then the msm will exclaim; Oh shit we did not know that!
            Think I am a J. Faine conspiracy theorist?
            Well look it up, the science and demonstrations have been around for a couple of years.

          • The snap-the-neck routine (after an “unsuccessful” car crash) must date back a way, as it is said to have been done to General Patton in 1945 who was not a team player re Yalta.
            I wonder if it happened (the remote control of the car, not the neck thing) to Bob Ferris, news editor at the Canberra Times. He was the former husband of SA’s Commonwealth Senator Jeannie Ferris. Jeannie was my friend in the LIbs. She had just died of cancer (she too had been a journo, from NZ). They were divorced but friends. Bob was preparing a speech for her funeral, but died in a one-car crash. I’ll bet it would have been quite the speech.
            The April 5, 2007 SMH.com.au said: “Bob Ferris died when the car he was driving left the road and ploughed into a tree in the southern Canberra suburb of Narrabundah.”
            Left the road yet. Fancy leaving the road. Have you ever left the road?
            Forgive me, Jeannnie, if I make a joke. I don’t know how else to bring it up. Ned inadvertently furnished the opportunity. I am so sick of talking about all this wickedness. So damn sick of it. We’ve got to think of solutions.

    • A solution: Looks like all the evidence discloses that the “news” we are given by the MSM via their journalists is a coordinated construct primed and pushed by their employers.
      Let’s address THEM. Yes, the Owners and the CEOs and the Board of Directors, of all our media outlets ( afterall, there aren’t that many in an oligopoly!) and their respective associations with emails but preferably letters of complaint.

      I for one am starting TODAY! I would recommend this not necessarily as the solution, but as ‘a solution’. It has the ability to create change because big business just hates the light being shone onto its leaders, because they are then e x p o s e d.

  13. Fairfax controlling interest??

    HSBC Custody Nominees (Australia) Ltd 472,487,566 19.82%
    JP Morgan Nominees Australia Limited 415,511,287 17.43%
    National Nominees Limited 400,660,205 16.81%
    Citicorp Nominees Pty Limited 400,232,084 16.79%

    70.75 % controlled by the banksters. Say no more!!

    BTW, same for all our banks, in the same order. Coincidence??

    • Phill, appreciate that information.
      Serious lot of foreign interests listed as Fairfax owners!!!
      Next, if someone has the time; what does Fairfax Media Lt own or have a interest in. Last I heard they had radio 2 UE in Sydney and recently managed to acquire some interest in radio 2 GB also in Sydney.
      Ever heard any ‘shock jock’ from either of those two stations inform their listeners of:
      *Questions being raised about 9/11.
      *General Wesley Clark’s exposure of the pre-911 plans by the US to go to war and take down 7 countries in five years…….thus why the hell are we involved for the corporates in the Middle East.
      *Have they ever broadcast General Smedley Butler’s ‘War Is a Racket’ speech from about 1933?
      Nah! No way, they are controlled puppets and the advertising rolls in.
      (Brian Wilshire was the only exception that I am aware of)
      Seems that a lot of information filtered and then desseminated to the NSW public comes via a serious gaggle of bankers.
      The Fairfax share price is pretty level over recent times at about the 80 cent mark.

          • Phil, I heard that the US military only realized late that they had mislabelled their seven “commands” such as NORTHCOM for Northern command and PACOM for Pacific command — without saying USPACOM, thus giving away — in my estimation — that it really isn’t American anyway, it is world government.

          • I see that USAFRICOM website says:

            “Along with regional partners, U.S. Africa command conducts military operations to disrupt, degrade and neutralize violent extremist organizations that present a transnational threat.

            Operations set conditions for continued partnering to help African partner nations build the capacity they need to secure the region.”

            I didn’t make that up, Phil. That is actually what it says.

  14. In relation to useful idiots (as Lenin called them) like Hinch and Faine –
    Take false-flags like PA or 9/11 – we plebs cannot know EXACTLY what happened – but we do know that the official story is nonsense as it is illogical and incredible.
    So if we are honest as reasonable people, the best that can be said about them is that – that we don’t know what happened but we know it was NOT what the official story said.
    Yes we can speculate a bit but we must make clear that we are speculating.
    So how is it that allegedly intelligent people such as Hinch and Faine are convinced by and reiterate the ridiculous, illogical and incredible official story?
    If they want to have even a shred of credibility they should be saying “I want to trust the official story but close examination reveals many holes in it so the best we can say is that we don’t really know what happened.”
    But their blind, sycophantic allegiance to the mainstream narrative reveals them to be the cowards and traitors that they are.

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