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Henry Caboodle and How To Give Evil the Flick


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by Mary W Maxwell

This morning I published an article “Who Is Henry Caboodle?”. It was intended as a bit of levity, following Dee McLachlan’s heavy piece on the media yesterday. And I do mean heavy. Mine opened with a comical picture of moi, taken at the Fringe, laughing.

The First Two Parts

First, the article made an epistemological point about how the brain needs to envision a specific person as the killer at Port Arthur, not just a vague concept.

Then I mentioned Kevin Woodman’s theory about David Everett as the likely gunman. That led me to search for a law maxim about “blaming the right person.”  I listed several maxims from ecclesia.org. These reminded me that it’s the person who gives the order, not the person who pulls the trigger, that’s supposed to get the main blame.

(It’s also legally correct to blame the gunner, but as I was using the example of a very mind-controlled gunner, I had to let such a person off the hook. Manchurian-candidate types are unable to act freely or rationally. Their moral compass is suppressed.)

Switched Horses Midstream (Sort Of)

Third, I then switched horses and said we are all to blame. You could say I was moving from epistemology to ontology.

Since I had called the unknown killer at Port Arthur “Henry Caboodle,” I made the sweeping statement that we are all Henry Caboodle. Not Henry Caboodles, plural, but that our society was the Port Arthur killer.

Generally I believe that if you are a part of a society you – and the others – are responsible for what it does. Sure, I realize very few Aussies planned the massacre. But I did claim that parliament’s vote for Oz’s joining the Iraq war was the fault of all of us.  My rationale is that a society does many things as awhole.

Speaking personally, I draw plenty of benefits every day from Australia.  I don’t plant or harvest food but I eat it.  I don’t drive a car but bus drivers transport me. I am part of a system, a society. No Robinson Crusoe lifestyle for me, thank you. Therefore I should pull my weight.

It’s Not Like Maggie Said

Consider Melbourne resident John Finch, who says he is regularly tortured (as a “Targeted Individual” — look it up). He would naturally expect society to help him. You would, too, in his shoes. Humans in trouble always expect others to take some steps to assist them.

If we have forgotten that, we have really been brainwashed by Maggie Thatcher. Recall her asserting that “There is no such thing as society.”

John Finch has asked many organizations for help, such as the courts and Amnesty International, but he gets the bedbug letter every time. Come on, it’s our duty to gang up on the bullies who are doing it.

The Moffitt Position

Responding to my “Who Is Henry Caboodle” article this morning, Terry Shulze referred to the late Justice Moffitt who ran a Royal Commission in NSW. (Moffitt’s first name was, amazingly, Athol.) He wrote A Quarter to Midnight – a very telling title, no?

Moffitt’s book says that we have a far greater organized crime structure than is acknowledged. True, but even he did not know the unbelievable way in which large numbers of Australians who are psychopaths go about the deliberate business of harming many other persons.

Recently two women – Fiona Barnett in NSW and Wendy Hoffman in America – have pinned the story down. I can’t cover it here but I say again: they have pinned the story down.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are at a major turning point in history.  For centuries there have been a bunch of utter Bozos going at the human race in many very well-concealed ways. It was frequently rumored that they want to do evil. I used to think, when I heard that, that it was an embarrassingly silly theory.  But I was wrong. The whole affair is now OUT IN THE OPEN.

Evil Is As Evil Does — and It Does!

Evil is the name of the game. Oh, serendipity! It’s 5pm in Adelaide and a commenter named “56” has just posted this under my earlier Henry Caboodle article:

“Only we the 99% can stop this psychotic insanity. Everything created on this earthly paradise is good. The only thing the 1% know is how to blow it up.”

My reply was:

 “Yes, earth is Paradise. Yes, psychos are ruining it. And not even by accident or as a symptom of greed, but as THEIR PLAN.  Jayzus! We gotta stop this from continuing.”

So, thanks to 56, I now blurt out these basic themes:

  1. Life, the biosphere, is beautiful.
  1. Some persons who are looney-tunes to the nth degree are actually set on wrecking our habitat.
  1. What other option do intelligent humans have but to beat the bloody brains out of those guys?

So please allow me to modify, and strengthen, my “Who Is Henry Caboodle?” argument.

Structure of Social Relations

Humans live in societies.  Thanks to evolved traits, all members of our species have to get resources, have to compete, or do whatever they must for survival.

This has always resulted in some malice and cruelty, but often the larger group finds ways to counteract the most predatory individuals. Anger is often a sufficient tool to use.

During my generation’s lifetime, the situation changed. It became hard to make “the justice system” work. This is because words were adhered to — the justice people pretended to be doing their normal job — but many were answering to SECRET forces.

We couldn’t quite ken what was going on. We didn’t imagine that many persons would relish cruelty for cruelty’s sake – rather then cruelty as a means to some selfish end.

Thousands of powerful people were trained from childhood to carry out “Lucifer’s” wishes. They think evil is good. No wonder we have fracking and dumbing down and    all those other man-made disasters.

If you read Wendy Hoffman’s intricate books: Enslaved Queen, and White Witch, you will learn how a child can be twisted – and yet her “front personality” will look normal and not raise any alarms. I can now understand what this is all about.

Giving Evil the Big, Fat Flick

Let’s shortcut everyone’s education about all this. It changes the picture. Until now it was hard to be angry with, or disrespectful of, members of government, science, or religion.  We naturally defer to leaders. But it is urgent to ask them “What the hell are you doing?” (Gumshoe’s bailwick!)

They need locking up, the lot of them. Every officer of any public post needs to be made to answer questions.  If there is nothing wrong, they should be glad to placate us by providing the information we seek, right?


One more thing about the Henry Caboodle factor. I hadn’t meant (this morning) that the term would encompass solidarity. But Commenter 56’s wording about “we the 99%”  has reminded me that that we are a very powerful we.

Here is my revision of the earlier article. I now say: Henry Caboodle did the Port Arthur massacre because Henry Caboodle (Australian society) had within it – and still has within it until we clean it up – some folks who were bent on that sort of thing.

(Yes, some  hands-on persons at Port Arthur may have been  under the tutelage of non-Australians, but that is beside the point. If the hands-on person is Australian he must be held accountable to this society.)

I conclude for now by saying it is quite a relief to learn that there really is an organized group, operating in the shadows, whose behavior and beliefs completely fly in the face of normal human values. Watch the Fiona Barnett Youtube videos for a start.

The new joy is that with this knowledge we can attack the wrongdoers,  (the evil-worshippers) wholeheartedly —  in the name of society.

— Mary Maxwell is a Fringe artist. She also likes to sing.



  1. At the moment the 99% are flooded with Murdoch Press and television that is owned by the 1%…
    So how does one get to put ideas to the 99%

    In the film and music industry we know there is a problem of “CLUTTER”. Millions of songs to compete with. 10,000’s of movies to watch. Hundreds of television channels.

    We have to work out how to compete with the information clutter.

  2. This is a song that Henry Caboodle needs to hear (I mean BIG Henry). I clicked on it because some of the other segments of the Port Arthur series “A Question of Guilt” – notably Number 6 – have a lot of data.

    This one has only a song. I think it’s a war-protest song. (“What Did You Know?”) Please listen to the words and the tone.

    Made me think that what we really need to revise is our standard sense of WHO HOLDS AUTHORITY. Why go crying to a bad leader, telling him he is bad. Shouldn’t the folks stop honoring his legitimacy? What is the basis of his/her legitimacy?

    Whoever answers first will get a punnet of strawberries. (And you have to come to Adelaide to fetch the prize. I’m lonely.)

      • OK, Dee, you can come here or, if you want us to do the Melbourne Fringe, I can go there. It’s not til Sep 15, tho.

        Should any disappointed strawberry contestants wish to know more about it, I can tell you that rego for the Fringe is $315 and you can have a season of 3 or 4 nights. Plus you hire the venue. So far as I know, you can perform WHATEVER YOU LIKE.

        Well, we certainly ascertained that at the Adelaide Fringe!

      • I saw this article today on the illiteracy rates in the U.S. – http://investmentwatchblog.com/dept-of-education-our-work-here-is-done/

        Australia probably isn’t as bad, but likely trying to catch up to the U.S. ‘success’.

        So how do you inform the members of the community about what is going on? They can’t read or if they do their reading comprehension is at a very low level. Trying to convey complex ideas to someone with a 15 second attention span can be a lesson in frustration. They need something like a TV to spoon feed them. – those people don’t read alternative news sites like Gumshoe News.

        We can laugh about the juvenile commentary in Australian newspapers, but the papers are targeting these people and speaking their language.

        The only way I can see to inform these people is to use something like videos to capture their attention. Something like the movie ‘Vaxxed’ may get the word out about vaccinations (if the movie isn’t shut down). Other topics can use the same method of videos to communicate, but the videos must be easy to understand, perhaps no higher than an 8th grade level.

        Of course, where is the money going to come from? Going up against the MSM is really harder than a ‘David and Goliath’ endeavor – David could just pick up rocks to use.

          • Here’s a pretty good short video. It has the leaks of the siege tape in the video. Once people realize what is on those tapes, it can change their perception.

          • Yeah, the tape has some good bits to it, no wonder that McCarthy and Munroe worked to get them out. If you did another article with the tape and some of the police statements of other people at Seascape, it may help to open some minds.

            I can’t remember the names of the police. I think it was Whittle that was watching from underneath the police car as one of the perps was over at the boat shed and then ‘Bang’ the car got hit by a bullet from Seascape. Then there was the police statement of the naked woman being pursued. There was at least one other statement, possibly two from the police of other people at Seascape during this ‘lone gunman’ siege.

            Imagine if a competent lawyer ran this kind of evidence before a jury.

          • Any cop anywhere in the world who will hlep us with this case (as regards only the Seascape aspect), get in touch with me in Adelaide. Just email mary@ProsecutionForTreason.com. The nation of oz will thank you. This whole episode is holding us in chains.

            I am SICK of it. Why are we dancing around the subject? This is major government criminality.

    • At the end of the video I noticed that the Port Arthur Truth Society requested people write to the Law Council of Australia. LOL!

      Yeah, I thought about it myself until I found out the President of the Law Council was Tim Bugg – Damian Bugg’s brother (the DPP prosecutor of Bryant!). As if any correspondence through the Law Council was going to go anywhere but the trash can.

  3. Terry, I will reply to you tomorrow about the Seascape video. For now, and this is admittedly off-topic, I offer this very short video in keeping with your observation that people have a 15-second attention span:

    • Terry, in the video you sent, it says at the 6-minute mark that when Martin Bryant showed up at his “I plead guilty” hearing he was looking sickly. I had never heard that. Any idea who witnessed his appearance (sympathetically)?
      By the way, it infuriates me that Jahar Tsarnaev apologized to “his” victims, thus confirming in the public mind that he is guilty when he is not. I wonder who threatened him with what, to make him say such a stupid thing.

  4. Joe Vialls : “On 28 April 1996 at Port Arthur in Australia , some of the best combat shooters in the world used a total of only 64 bullets to kill 35 people , wound 22 more and cripple two cars. The first 19 victims in the Broad Arrow Cafe each died from a single 5.56mm bullet to the head , all fired in less than 20 seconds from the right hip of a fast moving combat shooter. This awesome display of marksmanship was blamed on an intellectually impaired young man called Martin Bryant , who had no shooting or military experience at all.”

    • Hello 56. Do you have any inside info as to Vialls? They say he was a real person in Perth, but no “pensioner” as he called himself would be able, a few weeks after the Acheh tsunami, to come up with all sorts of info about the Aus Navy participation in laying a nuclear bomb, or whatever.

      So we can rule out that he is an ordiary guy. I thonk we can rule IN that he was a paid dispenser of disinfo, as otherwise he would have been cut off from publishing secret stuff.

      BUt that does not leave us very well off as to knowning which of his stuff was correct. I was surprised to see, in the vid that Terry sent today, that the theory of SAS involvement had already been circulated. I thought Gumhoe was the “owner” of that scoop (via “our” Kevin Woodman). Well I am glad it is not our scoop. If anyone knows about it, they should share that with all Aussies.

      I read David Everett’s book Warrior Soldier, but it gave no enlightenment about Port Arthur.

      Damn those cover-up artists at ABC. Damn them!

      56, Do you know anything of Ben Menasache’s involvement.? Years ago on a website i saw a photo of him standing on the steps of the Broad Arrow cafe with several other “suits.” Can’t find that pic.

  5. You can always do an article on the firearm evidence. I expect you have enough information now to do a fair expose on the fact that neither of the firearms used at Port Arthur belonged to Bryant.

    If you can find a photo of the Blue Bag and Tray left in the Broadarrow cafe you could do an article on the forensic evidence that proves Bryant’s innocence. That tray has the finger prints, thumb prints, palm prints and DNA of the real killer. The Police admit that there was no physical evidence that placed Bryant in the Cafe. So, who’s prints and DNA were on the tray and the contents (Solo can, drinking cup, knife, fork and spoon)?

    You can bet they ran the prints, so they know who the real killer is.

  6. Yes, lm a kiwi who lived in Sydney half my life (62) n l remember the Port Arthur “false flag”, from the start l knew who was behind it. When l returned to NZ in 2003, l had an book exposing the nutcases who were behind it n of course it didn’t arrived so the bastards took it!!! I hv recently found out lm a TI but in hindsight it started in Sydney 15-20 yrs ago. I semi retired to a smallest coastal settlement n was isolated from the start, then ” they” restarted their “work” on me so did another runner to the top of the sth island where they actually used weapons n mind control on my wee beloved, my little female cat whom l love n they know it. This place was worse n she’s safely in a cattery now while l returned to Ak to look for a place to live, l think l feel safer in cities rather than small settlements so here’s hoping we can be united again as the poor wee girl was totally spaced out n didn’t know what was happening. My question is is “they r moving in n having health probs suddenly. If anyone in NZ knows of a support go in Auckland, l wld greatly appreciate it as they hv hacked all phones n can’t even used internet ones without probs n friends becoming less. Cheers n take care n stay in the light as they want our lives n thoughts as they r too dumb to hv their own. Yes, very easy to pick out. Cheers Nettie NZ PS, sorry about spelling n grammar!!!!!

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