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Who Is Henry Caboodle?


richard and maryRichard Preston of RedPillShow.net (L), the interviewee (R)

By Mary W Maxwell

Last month a very nice — and savvy — local fellow, Richard Preston, came to my house to interview me about Martin Bryant for his podcast media, which is called The Red Pill Show.

I told him I wanted to talk about the Port Arthur matter, but not about the “Martin Bryant” case.  After all, if MB did not do the thing, and was not even at the Broad Arrow Café that day, why should we waste any time talking about him?

Identification Is Part of One’s Brain Process

I warned Richard that if he asked me questions about “Martin Bryant” I would steer the conversation in the other direction.  After we discussed the case for a while I found it tedious to keep on referring to some nameless person who actually did do the shooting.

Believe me it is awkward to keep pinning the blame for 35 deaths on someone you can’t name, so finally I named him.

Of course I don’t mean I named the killer. I mean I NAMED the killer. I named him “Henry Caboodle.”

In the Boston Marathon case, it does not have to be one individual that arranged for bombs to go off. That could have been worked on by a whole committee. I really have no idea what kind of explosions took place.

I don’t even spend a minute thinking about the Craft International mercenaries who were running around the Copley Square area that day. It’s all beyond me.

But in the Port Arthur case, it is indisputable that one human being, of young age, ordinary size, probably male, killed a lot of people by shooting with his gun. There was such a person. There was a “Henry Caboodle.”

Was It David Everett?

The poor thing must have been under the control of others. He may even still be alive today. If so, he most likely is so brain-controlled that he’s not consciously aware of what he did.

At one point last year – actually at two points, Kevin Woodman and I talked about possibility that the shooter was the late David Everett, an SAS man. Woodman had thought so since the very day the massacre occurred.

To see the interview I did with Kevin, please go to my Youtube channel, Mary W Maxwell.  The main “evidence:” Kevin offers is that the SAS had ferried across from the mainland a few days before the massacre.

Even if Henry Caboodle does turn out to have been David Everett, though, we would not for a moment say that David is the truly guilty party.

The guilty party would be those who instructed him to do it and those who covered up for him immediately afterward by directing the nation’s attention to Martin Bryant. (There. I said that name.)

Here, Have a Maxim

It is a maxim of law that the guilt lies with the thinker-upper.  Here are a few relevant maxims of law.

  • The instigator of a crime is worse than he who perpetrates it.
  • He who does not blame, approves.
  • He is clear of blame who knows, but cannot prevent.
  • No one is to be punished for the crime or wrong of another.
  • No guilt attaches to him who is compelled to obey.
  • In offenses, the will and not the consequences are to be looked to.
  • It is to the intention that all law applies.
  • Every act is to be estimated by the intention of the doer.
  • Take away the will, and every action will be indifferent.
  • Your motive gives a name to your act.
  • Those sinning secretly are punished more severely than those sinning openly.
  • If one falsely accuses another of a crime, the punishment due to that crime should be inflicted upon the perjured informer. [Deuteronomy 19:18]

(I got these from the website ecclesia.org, but the maxims are considered secular. They are high principles of law.)

Henry Caboodle Is Not Really Henry Caboodle

I now realize that although it was convenient, during my talk for the Red Pill Show, to say a name for the gunman, that “gunman” is probably no more guilty that our friend MB who was at another location altogether.

And now I want to say whom I consider guilty of both the Boston affair and the Tasmania affair. If you are an old stalwart at Gumshoe, you know whom I am going to pin it on. It is like a mantra with me.

I don’t know if there is a soul anywhere who agrees with me, but I say the guilty party is: all of us.

I say the guilty party for the invasion and destruction of Iraq, Libya, and other places is even more our fault than our fault for the Boston or Tassie killings. We had no clue that the Broad Arrow Café was going to become the death scene for many people, but we had every possible warning of the invasion of Iraq.

The Parliaments of This World

If I recall correctly, the US Congress voted for it by passing a shamefully let’s-squirm-out-of-this-later piece of legislation called the Use Of Force Act (or something like that) that threw the decision-making unconstitutionally to GW Bush.

I clearly recall that in mid-March 2003,  Canberra – by which I mean our reps from 6 states – said “Go for it.”

That was despite Australians having marched in huge numbers the previous Sunday to say “Don’t you dare vote Yes.”

Well, for me that does not put the blame solely on those pollies. I still say we are a society and what we do externally – such as drop bombs – and what we do internally – such as incarcerate the innocent MB – is on us.

You can say it’s not on you if you wish.  I gladly say it’s on me.  Gladly because it puts me in the driver’s seat. I am no spectator – I am participating in public life, thank you.

I need to balance my selfishness against the (also selfish) need to create a society that will be nice for me to live in.

In my opinion, all Australians are Henry Caboodle.

I am Henry Caboodle.

— The author of this article trades under the name Mary W Maxwell at maryWmaxwell.com. She is the assistant editor at GumshoeNews.com



    • Heck, you take responsibility all the time for Australia, Terry. Almost more than anyone I know you get in and fight for the right. That’s what I’m talking about. In my electorate the one man who has the name of responsibility is Christopher Pyne. But surely he is not in charge of the whole district.

      Surely every family in my street is contributing to what we do politically, and that even goes for the decision of No Jab, No Pay. I am part of the society that is about to say (I think the law becomes effective July 1st) “The poor will get thier kids jabbed and the rich don’t have to.”

      How could I possibly live here and enjoy the bennies of Australia and not be a part of the society? How can the society’s actions not be down to me?

    • I tend to agree with you Terry.
      If we lived in a true democracy — then maybe we would all have some part. But we don’t live in a true democracy. So therefore we can say – we are probably not Henry Caboodle.
      We live in a country where the law and media and the system is rigged. If it wasn’t rigged this Bryant affair could easily be sorted. But we live in a society controlled by “gangsters”.
      In a town run by the mafia – anyone speaking out is dealt with.
      In Australia anyone speaking out is labelled a “mouth-breathing moron” and ignored at all levels of the system. Just another way of being “dealt” with.
      What we are talking about is the point in which society can reach a “tipping point” that forces the justice system to prevail.

      • Wha? Wha? Dee, who ever heard of a “true democracy?” Who ever heard of a “justice system”? There’s nobody here but us mice. I mean those ideals are only guides for how we can live with each other.

        Living with each other is the enterprise we are engaged in. So (not that I want to discuss vax here), if there is a vax issue, how am I going to BE the justice system, how am I going to BE the democracy? Nobody else but us mice can be those things.

        Hey, in your recent article that drew 54 exciting comments there were references to the music of the Sixties and Seventies. We who were there all felt a part of that. How is that so? I never went to Woodstock. (I never even inhaled. Honest, Your Honor) It was the artistic creation of people around me that put the music into the air but I “made it my own.”

        That’s what I’m talking about. .

  1. “society can reach a “tipping point” that forces the justice system to prevail” – FORCES the JUSTICE system to prevail? Dee, I think you realize by now the alleged Justice system is part of the overall CONTROL system. So how can you ‘force’ a corrupt system to decide against itself? It’s a good ol’ boy club that protects its own in order to preserve the fiction of an INDEPENDENT judicial system.

    How many judges have gone to gaol for corrupt behavior? Hell, how many of them have even been fined? If the corrupt behavior can’t be swept under the carpet, the usual process is that they quietly retire on their pensions.

    Justice Moffitt wrote his book ‘A Quarter to Midnight – The Australian Crisis: Organised crime and the decline of the Institutions of State’ way back in 1985. What he was warning about is now the reality.

    There’s a very big reason the ‘State’ wanted to disarm the public, you just referred to it – it’s called the “tipping point”.

    • Thank you for joking, Ned. We need jokes. Here’s one I heard the other day:
      Why did the man not want to go to hospital for an operation? Because he saw a sign “Guard dog operating.”

  2. As John Pilger says ” We must challenge the propaganda”. Mary , yes we are to blame . Only we the 99% can stop this psychotic insanity . Everything created on this earthly paradise is good . The only thing the 1% know is how to blow it up . Devolution is pure evil .

    • Whew, 56, you took the words right out of my mouth. I mean you put the words right into my mouth. Um, I mean that was my thought but I couldn’t think how to express it.
      Yes, earth is Paradise. Yes psychos are ruining it. And not even by accident or as a symptom of greed, but as THEIR PLAN.

      Jayzus! We gotta stop this from continuing. Thanks!

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