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Why Didn’t the Police Investigate the Inconsistencies at Port Arthur?


by Mary W Maxwell

The title of this article is part of a rap song. At 3.30 minutes into this excellent video we hear “If Martin Bryant really did do that killing spree, why didn’t the police investigate the inconsistencies?”

At the end, Wendy Scurr says “We need help.” What an appropriate comment.  (She was speaking in 2001!)

HELP!   It is now 2016.    HELP!

The video was discovered by Terry Shulze. I wonder what else will pop up in the next 17 days… We have had an email from a Tasmanian who is hoppin’ mad.

Please be hoppin’ mad, everybody.

And Mr Greely, congratulations. What a good rap song. Here is one of the comments (from a year ago):

“One Tassie boy 2 another… every word of that has needed 2 be said for so long mate. I hope the families hurt by this tragedy find a reason 2 smile, knowing not all of us have just forgotten so many inconsistencies. Top job bruv, lovin the new stuff.”



  1. I left this comment in another article, but thought it could also be a comment to this article – that is, inconsistencies to be investigated.

    You can always do an article on the firearm evidence. I expect you now have enough information to do a fair expose on the fact that neither of the firearms used at Port Arthur belonged to Bryant.

    If you can find a photo of the Blue Bag and Tray left in the Broadarrow cafe it could make a great visual aid to an article you could do on the forensic evidence that proves Bryant’s innocence. That tray has the finger prints, thumb prints, palm prints and DNA of the real killer. The Police admit that there was no physical evidence that placed Bryant in the Cafe. So, who’s prints and DNA were on the tray and the contents (Solo can, drinking cup, knife, fork and spoon)?

    You can bet they ran the prints, so they know who the real killer is.

    • I’ve personally conversed via email with Terry Hill [the tassie gunsmith the cops tried to frame] – he swears he saw and held Martin Bryants firearms license, issued by Tasmania Police Farce.

      He specifically remembers this because Bryant came into his shop one day with a fully loaded AR-10 rifle that had a jammed action [innocently of course, Bryant had NO IDEA about how to safely use or store this firearm.]

      I still have an image of the conversation where he talks about the lies from MSM journalists and how the Police tried to cover up the fact they gave Bryant a full Category D Firearms License – that allows the ownership of Military Style Semi Automatic firearms.

      Just found out that Terry Hill died in August 2014 🙁 He used to work for SSAA tassie deerstalkers. I conversed with him in 2011.

      • I didn’t know that Hill had died until quite recently. He was a true hero of the Port Arthur Massacre who tried to get the word out. He would have died without knowing that the winds had shifted and that he was now considered one of the ‘good guys’. The last conversation I had with him he was sick of what happened and bitter, he felt the morons in society deserved everything that was going to happen to them.

        The SSAA shares a lot of responsibility for his bitterness.

      • Before Port Arthur you needed a firearms license but did not need a special category endorsement for semi autos.

  2. Dee, if we can track down this rapper, maybe he would perform in our putative Melbourne Fringe show in late September.

    Am I suggesting that the PA issue will stilll exist then? Well, I hope not but I reckon so. And there are other issues that can be rapped about. He is sooo good!

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