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Is the CBS “60 Minutes” Exposé on 9-11 a MacGuffin?


60 minutes bob grahamSenator Bob Graham in the trailer for the 60 Minutes program

By Dee McLachlan

As a screenwriter I am familiar with sub-plots designed to attract attention from the central theme. In story terms, this sub-plot — usually used in a thriller — is called a MacGuffin.

The MacGuffin is a plot technique that helps the main story, or the journey of the protagonist — but in the end has no importance. It is a story device.

Alfred Hitchcock was a master of this plot device, and in Open Culture they write of Hitchcock:

“Perhaps the most important thing to remember about the MacGuffin is that it contains the word ‘guff,’ which means a load of nonsense.”

So — is the release and exposé of the 28 pages in the upcoming CBS “60 Minutes” report a McGuffin?

28 Pages of Distraction

With fingers pointing to Saddam Hussein, the Bush administration delayed the release of the 838-page investigation into 9-11 until after invading Iraq. They redacted 28 pages — and kept them secret, but these allegedly contain damning information on the events leading up to the attacks on 9/11.

Long after Iraq had been destroyed, Senator Graham pointed to the Saudis as being possibly implicated in 9-11.

Now last Saturday, CBS News released a preview for an upcoming episode on 9-11 (view here). They are interviewing Democratic U.S. Senator Bob Graham, who says:

“I think it’s implausible to believe that 19 people, most of whom didn’t speak English, most of whom had never been in the United States before, many didn’t have a high school education, could have carried out such a complicated task without some support from within the United States.”

And allegedly, Graham, the onetime chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, will implicate US ally — Saudi Arabia — on national television.

Why now? Most likely this is a very carefully orchestrated plan to keep deflecting the truth.

Matt Agorist writes in The Free Throught Project:

“Until now, anyone who questioned the highly suspect ‘official’ narrative on the 9/11 attacks has been labeled a conspiracy theorist or a kook. But when current and former members of Congress, U.S. officials, and the 9/11 Commissioners themselves call for the release of these 28-pages, which tells a different story of what happened that fateful day — people will listen.”

Zerohedge writes about Protecting incompetence:

“The claim of secrecy is routinely a cloak for incompetence. As former Senator Graham said earlier this year, ‘Much of what passes for classification for national-security reasons is really classified because it would disclose incompetence. And since the people who are classifying are also often the subject of the materials, they have an institutional interest in avoiding exposure of their incompetence.'”

I’m sure the CBS report and the 28 pages are not really about exposing incompetence. Much of the incompetence was “planned.”

So is this 28 page revelation just a distracting sub-plot? And will the CBS report distract blame away from the real culprits? This seems to be just another firewall protecting the real criminals.

I re-publish the Gumshoe onion.


Donald Spoto, the author of The Art of Alfred Hitchcock: Fifty Years of His Motion Pictures, writes:

“…watch out for the MacGuffin. It will lead you nowhere.



To put the 9-11 investigation into perspective.

  • US$15 million was given to investigate 9/11, and
  • A$20 million was given to the Royal Commission to investigate the Home Insulation Program (pink bats).

More on explosions here, and how Joseph “Joe” Lieberman manages to ignore Building 7 (below).



    • As for the link at Ned’s comment, all pathos, no bathos:

      “The aircraft is capable of simultaneously dropping 32 tons of bombs and can carry a nuclear warhead payload.

      The B-52 Stratofortress will start its first bombing campaign against ISIS [in Syria] in April, according to the Air Force Times although it’s not clear how many B-52s or airmen will take part.”

  1. The B52’s are baaaaaack,………….?
    Last time, the US bombed Afghanistan for doing 911 and the US is still there; “….. all covered in poppies……. tra la la”.
    Ooooppsie, Ah Ha; what if it was Saudi Arabia, not Afghanistan that did it?
    Who cares? Pity about our 40 plus soldiers sacrificed in Afghanistan.
    So what are the B52’s for? Right, they are going to carpet bomb Syria looking for the badies financed and armed by the US Turkey, Saudi Aabia and Co .
    So annoying that we keep geting reports that the US is dropping arms and supplies to the ISIS mob.
    SSSh! don’t tell our controlled mass media, Malcolm and Julie…………..or Julia, or Faine or Frydenberg or our gaggle of shock jocks, it might be embarrasing if someone actullay raised some ‘who did that?’ questions about the mass murders on 9/11 and the government flat earther’s 9/11 conspiracy theory.
    As for ther Saudis, well it seems they provided some, if not all, the hijacking false trail patsy hijackers, per the kind assistance of the CIA.

    Nice if the planners can implicate many players to obfuscate the search for the real culprits who planned the whole mass killing and bank heist.
    So why have the innocent peasants in Saudi Arabia not been bombed. Oh well, Yemenis will do and after all, the US NEOCONS still have plans to do 7 countries in 5 years. Bit delayed since 2001, but Syria and Iran have to be taken out per the plan.
    Lovely set up: Dee’s onion says it all and our politicians and shock jocks are part of the whole ‘firewall’ onion scene.
    Love B52’s, if in Darwin wander under the bomb Bay of one at the air museum. Awesome and just think of all those little viet congs it cleaned up.

  2. Christopher Bollyn writes: “9/11 and the Secret 28 Pages on “60 Minutes”
    When we consider the report about the 28 top-secret pages that aired on 60 Minutes last night, we need to consider a few things: the source of the report, and its content.
    First, consider the content: The report focused on the 28 pages that seem to show Saudi support for two of the alleged 9/11 hijackers. These pages have been classified for 13 years, why are they an issue now for “60 Minutes”?
    Secondly, the two alleged hijackers, Niwaf al Hazmi and Khali al Midhar were supposedly on American Airlines Flight 77, which supposedly hit the Pentagon – but there is absolutely no evidence that a large Boeing hit the Pentagon, so the discussion of the 28 pages only serves to support the official myth, which has already been proven false.
    Thirdly, consider the source: “60 Minutes” is a product of CBS News, which is headed by David Rhodes, whose brother Ben Rhodes, is deputy national security adviser for strategic communication for President Obama. The Rhodes boys are dedicated Zionists, the sons of a Jewish mother, Jane Janover Rhodes. David Rhodes came up through FOX News, a news editor working for Rupert Murdoch.
    Ben Rhodes is the “driving force” behind Obama’s foreign policy, which he himself describes as very pro-Israel.
    Rhodes told Ha’aretz last November: “Barack Obama has been an enormous supporter of Israel. He has done more for Israel’s security than any other president, and he understands Israeli history very well. He has been and can be an enormous asset for Israel. He believes in Zionism. He believes in how just Israel is as a Jewish state and a democracy, and he can make that case to the world. He is more than happy to go around the world and defend Israel and Zionism.”
    The parent company of CBS News is CBS Corp., which is headed by Leslie Moonves, the great-nephew of David Ben Gurion, the founding father and first prime minister of Israel. A closer connection to the Zionist state of Israel would be hard to imagine.
    So, why are the Zionists coming out with the demand that these 28 pages be released now, 13 years after they were classified?
    In my opinion this is a Zionist ruse to lead the public into thinking that Saudi Arabia was behind the 9/11 atrocity and to play this up as much as possible during the presidential campaign. It is yet another layer of deception being played by the Zionists seeking to deflect blame away from the Israelis and Zionists who, the evidence shows, carried out the 9/11 atrocity and have engineered the cover-up for the past 14 years.”


  3. Whoopi Goldberg and Charlie Sheen might reveal more serious stuff in the new Movie “Nine eleven” !!!who knows?????

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