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Letter from Paul Sylvester to a Commission on Bioethics


blanche 2Blanche Chavoustie, (L), a much targeted individual , in San Diego

By Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

I regularly receive emails from John Finch of Melbourne who is a targeted individual. He sends me copies of letters that Targeted Individuals send to organizations such as Amnesty International, from which they always get the bedbug letter.

I myself am not a TI, but I used to pal around with someone who was one — Blanche Chavoustie   and I saw it happening to her with my own eyeballs (This occurred both in Boston and in San Diego.)

Readers of Gumshoe may know me to be a fairly sober scholar and thus I hope you will believe the TI story, second hand, via me. Beyond doubt there are many persons employed by government as gang-stalkers (they stand around you in a group to an intimidate you; they do not physically attack).

They also send painful hits from a source outside your home. The key writer on this is Mary Gregory of New York. See my write-up of her in Chapter 11 of my 2013 book Consider the Lilies, which is a free download at maryWmaxwell.com.

Today I only wish to call our attention to yet another Bioethics Commission (a ‘presidential commission’ in the US). In 1995 there was such a commission and it gave Claudia Mullen the very valuable chance to tell of her mind-control torture.

That Claudia was allowed to speak at the hearing was due to the fact that it was mainly about radiation experiments on soldiers and she had also been an acknowledged member of that radiation experiment. Her therapist, the late Valerie Wolf, was one of the most valued persons by the survivors of MK-Ultra.

In the following letter from Paul Sylvester there is a mention of the fact that the many employees or contractors who do the targeting are themselves being twisted into sadists. I think it is of the greatest importance to emphasize this.

Here is Paul Sylvester, an American targeted individual, writing to the Commission:

Message to the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues

Greetings. It is my hope that this message be read and acknowledged by this year’s Board of the Presidential Bioethics Commission. Many of my peers have already submitted to the Commission circumstantial evidence detailing our plight.

It is common knowledge, among us who have been called the Targeted Individual community, that the United States Government (and/or certain agencies therein) has condoned and/or funded the clandestine operations of nonconsensual experiments using United States citizens.

In our attempts to expose this ongoing tragedy to the general public, one of the many conundrums we have faced is whether or not the reality of these ongoing experiments can be openly acknowledged by any one of you who is currently employed by the U.S. Government — you who are legally bound to obey, protect, and administer due process of law for all Americans.

Lack of transparency among you places us in the awkward and precarious position of attempting to explain and describe this harassment and torture. It is endured by thousands of us on a daily basis, but we face an officious governmental atmosphere of stone-faced dubiousness and seeming futility.

If I am to assume that this Commission is forthright in its desire to combat and overturn unjust practices, then there is ample empirical evidence to indicate grounds on which to begin an investigation of:

1) certain remote wireless-weapon technologies currently in use;

2) the unregulated, coordinated, “community policing” tactics of organized stalking;

3) numerous other surreptitious acts of sabotage and discrimination that are being utilized against us in a continuous manner.

However, the likelihood that you already have knowledge of these technologies, and of the agencies involved in these sinister activities suggests to me that this Commission is merely one more stonewalling government entity whose intention is to placate and stifle the victims while further empowering the abusers.

The invasion and virtual rape of our lives by covert forces is an activity apparently being given the nod of approval by the U.S. Government. It has become a rampant epidemic of sadistic abuse. It also augments fascist indoctrination and conditioning, particularly among those who are recruited to perform these ritualistic acts of torture and psychological terrorism against us.

This horrible crime is much more potentially destructive to the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness than any other threat before it, and must be recognized as such.

Absolute unregulated power has been given to psychopathic despots perched upon inviolate positions of military bureaucracy;

Here we are, scrambling for a two-minute audience with a curiously impotent Bioethics committee.

The results of this Commission have in the past never initiated a single effective proposal to investigate the credible complaints placed on its table concerning this critical issue.

I implore you to do the right thing this time around by acknowledging the FACT to the world at large that these heinous activities being perpetrated against us are real; and begin an immediate, comprehensive investigation that will once and for all vindicate us and liberate humanity from the continuing proliferation of these heinous activities.

Thank you for your time.

Paul Sylvester


  1. I have been trying to find a video to suit this article, either on Gangstalking or Targetted Individuals. But the Youtube pages on those two topics are cluttered with disinfo. If you know of a good one, please come in.

  2. I think the best coverage of a gangstalk incident involves Patrick Knowlton who saw too much re the murder of Vince Foster. He was then intimidated in a unique way — at least most of us had never heard of it til then.
    The emphasis should not be on the victims but on the criminality of the ones doing it. Here is a link. You need not waste time on the top half re Vince Foster.


    Please comment if you know of any lawsuits re gangstalking.
    There is no question that stalking (even by one person) is a crime in the state of Massachusetts.

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